I love me some D


I love me some DIt started innocently enough – I was switching my clothes from the washer to the dryer when I noticed a pair of panties in the dryer. I put the panties in my pocket so I could return them to her after my clothes were in drying. She wasn’t home so I went to throw them on her bed. When I grabbed them from my pocket I noticed how soft they were. I decided to try them on. As soon as I put them on my dick got so hard and I felt sexy. I really liked it. It didn’t take long till I was wearing my sisters skirts, dresses, bras and anything else I could get my hands on. II would go in my room, dress up in anything that made me feel sexy. The sluttier, the better. After I got dressed up it didn’t usually take long till I put on a porno and started playing with myself. One day I put on a porno and started watching but this time it was different. I focused on the guy. His body, his cock, everything. He was hot and he made the girl feel great. I decided I was going to give guys a chance. I bahis firmaları quickly realized I had a strong attraction for males. If I played with myself I always fantasized about guys, even thoughts of kissing or cuddling with men made me happy, and horny.I decided I was going to try a dating site to meet someone. Within 2 minutes I had multiple responses. I ended up making plans they a guy more than twice my age. His profile turned me on more than the younger guys. I was going to meet him that night at a hotel. I didn’t know what to expect because I had never even kissed a man. I was hoping would get to stroke his cock. Maybe even give it a kiss. I had my fingers crossed.I go to his room and knock. He opened the door and told me to come in. I was attracted to him instantly. I was going to tell him he was sexier than his profile picture but before I could say one word he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him. He started kissing my neck and grabbing my ass. I liked how his strong kaçak iddaa hands felt me up. After a few minutes of kissing and feeling me up, he asks me if I wanted to get comfortable in his bed while he got us a drink. I said “yes.” When he was in the kitchen I stripped down to my panties and laid down. He comes in the room completely naked, with a drink in each hand. As he is setting them down I slide over to where he is and grab his cock and put it in my mouth. That’s when I realized I loved dick. I don’t know why but as I was licking his balls I looked at him and told him he could fuck me and boy did he fuck me.He laid me down and slowly slide inside of me. It hurt at first but after a few minutes I was moaning like a girl, telling him I love his dick and to fuck me good. Right after I started moaning, I came. He was fucking me when I came and it felt soo good. After some more time passed he started fucking me harder and faster. I could feel his beautiful cock inside me, getting bigger kaçak bahis and fatter. The feeling is so intense I came again and I wasn’t even fully hard. As soon as I cum, He pulls out and shoots his cum on my stomach and chest Heaven on Earth. I am on his bead with cum all over me and a big cheesy grin on my face.. I told him that he can fuck me anytime. We made plans for the next day. He asked me if I wanted to taste some of his friends cocks. I said yes.I get to his room the next day. When he opens the door I see 5 other men on the couches and floor hooking up. They one guy had 2 dicks in front of him. One in his hand and when in his mouth. I quickly pulled down my shorts and walked over wearing only pink panties. I take the cock from his hand and start sucking it. I really do love when I have my lips wrapped around cock. I get lost worshipping the cock in front of me I didn’t notice a few more people were there. Including a woman. The other guy giving blowjobs is now up and wanting to get sucked. We slept after the sun came up. I fell asleep with on the floor with 3 other naked guys and 1 woman in panties. She and I became good friends. I would go to her house and let her husband fuck me while she watched

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