I Love You Maria


We slept in again today. We would still be sleeping if the phone had not rung. “Damn! John is on the way over,” Tony exclaims, as he hangs up the phone. He stomps angrily into the shower. After he is clean and dressed, I drag my ass out of bed and head for the shower as well. We will just have to wait until tonight to fool around, since John will arrive soon. Before John arrives, I give Tony a partial hand job. It is just enough to make him weak in the knees. He knows it is a preview of what is to come later tonight.

I want Tony to know that I am eager for action, so I continue to tease him throughout the day. It is exciting to tease him with a guest present and unaware of what is happening. Tony is glancing past John towards me in the kitchen. While fixing drinks, I quickly tongue a cherry before I place it in my glass. I tongue another before placing it in his glass. I see him rearranging his posture to get some relief. I know that his dick is throbbing at the zipper of his jeans. Later, as he walks behind me, I reach back and grab at his crotch, and grasp at his cock firmly. He is breathing heavily onto the back of my neck. I can feel the movement of the hair bursa escort on my neck, and it is tickling me.

I was given another chance to tease him when John went to the restroom. I walked right up to him and sat in his lap facing him. I gave him a deep tongue kiss, while roughing my fingers through his hair, and grinding myself in his lap. He was squirming in his seat, as I jumped off of his lap just before John reentered the room. At dinner, Tony found it very difficult to eat as I ran my toes up his leg, finding my way to his crotch.. John did not have a clue. After dinner, John left. Tony wasted no time snatching me up and dragging me to the bathroom, where we shared a shower. We tickled and teased each other as we got cleaned up, and made our way to the bed still dripping wet.

I was surprised to find that Tony had a toy waiting for me under his pillow. He has been just as eager as me to play. He pulled out an ordinary vibrator. I am not a fan of this vibrator, as I prefer the soft ones of all of the toys in our arsenal. This plastic contraption was a bit too harsh for me.

I told Tony, “It will be more enjoyable for me if we use some of the bursa escort bayan attachments.”

He asked, “Should I grab a few for you to choose from?”

I said, “No, let me show you how I like it.”

Tony’s eyes lit up He turned up the lights so he could see what was going on. He eagerly watched as I began to take control of my own pleasure. He really enjoyed what he was seeing. He watched closely as my body twitched with every touch of the vibrator. Tony closely watched my facial expressions. He spent a little time teasing my nipples and squeezing my breasts as I continued to play with my clit. I was so wet and ready.

“I cannot believe how turned on you are.” Tony said excitedly, “You are so wet and ready.”

I was so ready for an orgasm, that it began to hurt. I really wanted it. I tried to reposition a bit, but that didn’t help. Alas, I could not get there. I stopped playing with myself and began to suck on his dick.

I said as Tony was near orgasm, “I want you to cum inside of me.

I rolled on my back and spread my legs open wide. Tony fit perfectly between my legs against my pelvis. He began thrusting, as I held my legs escort bursa open wide. He continued to thrust and thrust and thrust some more. You could hear our skin slapping together. It was a wonderful noise. He had an orgasm, and soon after, I began the peak of mine. I didn’t quite finish and told Tony that he could watch me finish. I grabbed the vibrator again and got up on my hands and knees. With my ass high in the air I began to stroke myself inside and out with the vibe. I moaned as the pleasure of the vibrations ran though me. I tickled my clit with the tip of the vibe, and squealed with more pleasure. I would tease my clit and then slide the vibe deep inside of me. All of the while Tony was watching my every move. He had a great view of my ass in the mirror on the wall. I felt myself building towards an exploding orgasm, as Tony looked on. I finally reached a climax. It was a painful orgasm, as my body had been throbbing on the edge for some time. With that I dropped down from my knees and onto my stomach in a sigh of relief. I was breathing very heavily. Tony leaned in close to me and gave me a wonderful kiss, while running his fingers lovingly through my hair. We lay there quietly, embracing each other. Tony waited for me to calm down.

Tony leaned in again, and whispered softly into my ear as I was falling to sleep, “I love you, Maria.”

We fell fast asleep in each others arms.

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