I was deployed


I was deployedWhen I married my wife we had been living together for a short time and planning to marry around November, however being in the military, things change.I was to deploy with my unit at the end of May for six months to the desert, so we decided to get married before I left rather than wait until I returned.So we married, and two days later I left for the desert, it was a three day trip over with a stop in Germany for crew rest.I was on a small base with about 3,000 men and 150-200 women. All housing was 8 person tents. No permanent barracks had been built yet at this base.Email home was limited to 15 minutes, when an available computer was around, so regular mail was the normal and it was generally two or three weeks behind.My wife had been hinting about how six months was such a very long time to be apart and maybe we should consider some options while apart. We talked some about it on email, but kept most of this on regular mail.She suggested karşıyaka escort we “both” look for someone to fool around with, just for sex until we were back together.There were some women doing that at my base, however with the numbers and my age (42), my chances were better at winning the lottery.My wife asked stuff like how would I feel about her giving oral or just regular sex, what would I think. She said giving oral was very personal, and especially if she were to swallow a guys cum. So she would rather just let him have regular sex.I asked if she would ask a guy to wear a condom. She said really, she would make sure he was safe before that and she would want him to cum inside of her anyway, because it’s so much hotter when it’s like that for both. I was really wondering if I would be okay with this whole idea, I knew I was not going to find anyone where I was for myself.I had not received any regular mail for a couple escort karşıyaka of weeks, and the emails were short and few, I had been gone for seven weeks, close to two full months now.I got some mail, several at one time finally, so I opened and read them as the dates showed them in order they were sent. The first one told me that my wife had “done it” in her words, she found a guy and had sex with him. It was just one line in a long letter about other every day stuff.The next letter I read,went into little more detail.. she met with a guy she knew from before at a bar after some drinks they had gone to the parking lot where she gave him a blowjob. They then left and he followed her to our house where he spent the night with her in our bed. She even mentioned that they had sex 7 times that night, and she had given him a second blowjob also.The next letter was dated over two weeks after the others, she apologized for not writing, karşıyaka escort bayan saying she wanted to but was not sure if she should, then decided to just do it. She told me that in fact the first night with this guy had been only 3 days after I left town, and she had been fucking him pretty regular ever since, even going to see him on his lunch breaks to give him blowjobs(because he loved them).They would rent a room at the casino and spend the night often, because he was also married. She said although she was blowing him sometimes 3-4 days a week, she was only fucking him 2-3 days a week, because he was married. Although they did manage to get away to his family cabin for a long weekend together.When I returned home, she said she would not see him any more.She had a job, and was working 3 nights a week at a hotel in the banquet room.On the third night I was home, sleeping in bed, my wife returned from work, came into the bedroom stripped and climbed onto y face and said eat me, as she pushed herself into my face, she said..can you taste him, he just came in me a few minutes ago, we fucked in our driveway.She said she decided she was still going to see him after all, and she did for the next six months, until his wife got too suspicious..

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