I was Just A Sex Slave…5


I was Just A Sex Slave…5I was whimpering and crying softly as they talked and could feel my anal muscle rings respond to his penis as it throb. I couldn’t help it as his penis was so far in my rectum. With him on my back and me impaled by his penis I drifted off again into exhausted slumber.As I slumbered I drifted off into deep dreamland, I was kneeling before Bruce, he was the most attractive of the three and far better looking than his uncle. We were about the same age and Bruce body was some what fit and tight.I could see Bruce rigid phallus waving before my face and my lips slip around his bulbous head. I could here moaning as I sucked his throbbing penis.Than I became aware of a discomfort in my bung, it felt like some one had stuck there arm up my rectum. I struggled as i begin to regain consciousness and realized that I was still impaled upon the sex organ of Bruce uncle.I started to panic and heard Bruce uncle breath the phrase ‘…shhh, don’t fight it, you’re doing just fine…’ I remembered I was under Bruce uncle and his enormously huge penis was still lodged in my rectum.Bruce uncle was starting to grind his enlarging penis into me again and I could do nothing about it. He whispered to me in his alcohol laden breath ‘…I remember your little ass now, I caught you and my nephew fucking in my living. Yeah, I got this ass than too, didn’t I…?’Whimpering halkalı escort I tried to answer ‘…huh…huh…yes…you made me do it…’ Bruce uncle laughed and said ‘…I ain’t made you do shit, you and Bruce were fucking on my floor and I caught y’all. You think I’m gonna let you come in my house and fuck and I can’t get none…you must be crazy…’Bruce uncle slammed his penis deeper into my bung causing me to groan loudly. i twisted my head around and saw Bruce laying close to us deep in slumber and snoring gently.With every movement of Bruce uncle penis in and out of my rectum, obscene wet slurping noises were echoing through out the quiet room. I could feel fluid oozing from my butt hole as Bruce uncle would pull farther back and slide deeper into my anus.I had little rest from Friday night to that Saturday afternoon, I was hungry and tired and had surrendered to the fact that I was going to used as a cum receptacle till the two of them released me or Sunday evening and they had to take me back home.This enormous penis slid in and out of my butt as I laid on my stomach. from close to 1oclock till well after three, Bruce uncle was having continuous sex with me. My butt hole was ruptured and so sore that every movement caused me to whimper, whine and şişli escort moan.Bruce uncle stiffen and I knew he was about to unload another huge amount of baby making fluid deep in my bowels. He gripped me about the throat and pulled my head back, arching my body up in an obscene pose as he hunched into my butt.When he did shoot his load it was such and enormous stream that as it struck my insides I trembled uncontrollably from it’s impact. Bruce uncle was breathing very hard now and was almost out of breath.My back was aching as well as my forever stretched bung hole as he emptied his substance into my bowels. Once he was satisfied that he was through he laid down on my back kissed my ear and neck and said ‘…yeah that’s a damn good fucking, I’m gonna get up and fix us something to eat. You better go get your self cleaned up and come into the kitchen before Bruce wakes up. That boy is gonna want to fuck all night long and you need to get some food in you…’I could barely stand and walk to the bathroom, standing in the shower was almost impossible. I managed to get clean and could only find a towel to clothe my self in. As I entered the kitchen, Bruce uncle was pouring some pork n beans in a bowl and took a hot dog out of a pot and told me to ‘…sit down and eat…’I move to the table and pulled the chair sarıyer escort back, just as I sat down Bruce uncle came over to me and pulled his flaccid penis from his pants. I pulled away from his penis and looked up at him, he looked down at me and said ‘…take my dick and suck me off before you get that food in your mouth…’I looked at the bowl of food and back at his flaccid penis. His penis was huge, long and thick. He said to me ‘…look fuck boy, if you want to eat you’ve got to suck me off first…’Hungry, tired and still exhausted, I feebly reached my hand up and took hold of his penis and pulled it to my lips. I started to cry as I open my mouth and started to suck on his old smelly penis. Bruce uncle rested his hand on my head and said ‘…that’s the way suck it just like that till I come, you gonna swallow it all then have beans and wieners for desert…’I was so hungry I sucked eagerly at his enormous piece of man meat, it got semi hard before he started to slid his penis faster and faster into my mouth. Bruce uncle gripped the back of my head almost ramming his penis down into my stomach and erupted in my gagging throat.He ordered ‘…swallow it all, swallow it all, don’t let none of that shit come out of your mouth…’ I managed to push some of his meat from my mouth as I hungrily sucked and swallowed his substance.He must to have shot a couple of pints of his sperm into my mouth and I swallowed it all and kept sucking till he pulled my head away and said ‘yeah bitch, you did good, you did too damn good. Now eat up your food and if you want more it’s on the stove. I’m gonna be in the living room when you finish come on in there so I can hit that ass again…’I was Just A Sex Slave…5

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