I Was Just A Sex Slave…8

I Was Just A Sex Slave…8Charlie started to hunch purposely back and forth till he stiffen deep in my bowels and I felt his penis erupt torrents of his sperm into my bowels.Charlie collapsed down on my back kissing my ears and neck saying ‘…yeah, baby, you are such a good fuck take my jazz, take my jazz I want you pregnant bitch…’ I could feel Charlie penis as it throb and twitch and felt each spurt of his sperm as it struck the walls of my rectum.Charlie slowly pulled his elongated thick penis from my anus till only his penile glans was left in side. His penis throb and my outer anal sphincter muscle ring responded causing Charlie to moan in pure sexual delight.Charlie slowly begin to slide his thick shaft back into me, I arched my back lifting my head up from the mattress as he excruciatingly punished my tender anal opening.Whimpering I begged ‘..Charlie, man if you gonna put it in, put it in…’ Charlie laughed softly saying ‘…you want my dick…let me hear you beg for it…’ I said nothing as Charlie slowly pulled his penis back and slid it in even slower. Each time pulling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his penis back till only his penile glans was lodged just inside my anus, my entire body trembled each time his huge penis pulsated. My fingers gripped the sheets as tight as possible as he punished me. After what seemed like an eternity Charlie begin to pick up the pace till he was ramming into as hard as he could. I thought that he was going to rip me apart as his enormous tube of meat slid deep into me and his pubic region slammed into my buttocks.Charlie rammed as deep into me as he could and I felt his penis erupt and felt the flood of his sperm begin to ebbed from around his thick shaft and my tightly clinching anal muscle ring.Charlie lowered his face to my back and licked the sweat that was rolling down the crevice between my shoulders. His elongated thick penis throbbing with each squirt of his sperm. My entire body shook violently from the tortuous sex session I was put through.I was both glad and saddened by the fact that Charlie seemed to be exhausted perabet güvenilir mi and was sprawled on my back. His breathing was heavily laden as we both gasped for each breathBeing used as a sex object was exhausting in it’s self, having a penis as long and thick as Charlie slid back and forth in my bottom was something I did not look forward too.Eventually we both drifted off into a deep slumber, I was awaken by some one moving me around and the sound of voices off in the distance. I could barely make out some one saying ‘…let the bitch rest, we ain’t through with him just yet…’I was so exhausted that all I could do was barely lift my head and pass back out. I don’t know how long I was out, I came too with the knowledge of something huge pressing against my restraining anal opening.Panicking, I tried to raise up only to hear the mean growl of a whisper of the voice that made me tremble in fear. It was Daniel as he was trying to push his gigantic penile glans into my cum filled bung hole.Daniel said to no one ‘…all the fucking this bitch tipobet has done his ass pussy is still tight as virgin bitch…’ I tried to crawl out from under him only to have him reach under my chest and grip my shoulders and pull me back to him.Daniel said ‘…just where the hell do you think you are going. Charlie got this ass all lubed up for me and I’m gonna get some of this ass tonight…’Up until then Daniel was taking his time now he pulled back and with a powerful lunge, Daniel pushed his penile glans through my restraining anal muscle ring. I screamed out in agonizing pain as I swear I heard an audible pop when his enormously huge penile glans enter my anal canal.Charlie penis is eight to nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. Daniel penis is nearly twice the size of Charlie, Daniel penis is close to ten or twelve inches long and six to eight inches in girth. His penile glans is the size of a tennis ball and he can be such an a****l when he has sex.Girls that has had sex with Daniel would brag as to how they managed to get him to let them suck him off rather than enter their vagina. Those that did let him into their love tunnel was never the same afterwards.The last instances that I had encountered Daniel was nothing I wanted to do again in my right mind. Yet here I was pinned beneath this brute as he ripped my bung hole open. I Was Just A Sex Slave…8

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