I will win you..

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I will win you..I entered inside the gate of ** club, holding my sports bag. I was on black trouser & jersey.. there were hardly anyone in cricket ground… maybe it’s because, today is working day.. thank god I am no more employed !! ..It was morning 8.30.. sun was covered by clouds & greenery fresh air gave nice breathing cold climate.. I left cricket ground & went towards backside of club on tennis court.. there were two ladies already playing.. they have nice figure. Look awesome when they bend to hit the ball. I walked aside of court & I sat on bench.. they were playing well. Tough game it is.. I wish I could play like that.. suddenly one girl came closer to net to hit a shot.. I saw her, I knew her, how could I forget her.. bitch !!! because of her I am unemployed now.. she is vinita… she was appointed as an auditor of our company.. she detected my stock fraud.. I don’t know how.. it was cleverly planned.. that fraud lasted for 7 years.. I earned 5 crore in those years & she computed that of 3.78 crore .. I gained. But lost job & I couldn’t get any where.. finally I started business.. which is now successful .. thanks to her… 2 years passed I still remember her face.. she is new here in club.. vinita hits a shot, opponent missed it.. vinita shouted “ I WON “… like she has won grand slam.. foolish !!! Opponent packed her bag & was leaving.. vinita asked “one more match”.. she replied “No I have to leave”.. .Finally she looked at me .. as there was no other in court.. she was walking towards me.. I stood up.. I was looking at her & I went deep .. she is so beautiful.. black straight hair, her sharp eyes, fair skin & attractive reddish lips.. her face is still so attractive and sweet.. she has now become slim.. her breast reduced to normal size & now she has perfect body…“will you have a match with me”.. I got distracted .. she asked again “will you have a with me”.. I replied “do you know me”. She smiled in attitude & said “how can I forget you.. that was my only fraud case of mine that year”, “hey ! but that was not my answer”. she said “I am ready.how many rounds”, I said ”just one”,”why?”,”I get bored”,she said “ok” & she took ball & was going in one end, bouncing her fleshed ass.. I went in another hand in nervousness.. who will tell her, I can’t play well… I lost that game with 40-15.. She came closer to net, smiled and said you lost. I was embarrassed. I said “1 more game? “ she said “this time it will be for a bet. Are you ready for this”. “what you want if you win”.”10,000 rupees.. Not to high for you. What you want. 10,000 rupees? “. I thought for a while ‘demanding 10,000 rupees is not a aksaray escort big deal, she took away my job. There should be something precious’.. I said “If I win.. I will have a sex with you” she responded “what the fuck..!! Are you mad. How silly it is”.”yes I am silly and this my silly demand”. “ NO.. Ask for something else”.”why?? If you wanna play.. Then that is what I want”. She looked at me showing her angry face.. She thought for a while and said in hard voice “Okk.. As if you are gonna win. I saw your game. Keep your 10,000 ready”. she started .. she hits ball hard. It was going in corner end.. I ran but couldn’t touch my bat.. it was ace.. ball was inside the line that she saw.. she said in loud voice “15 points of mine”. Now I stood in right between so that I could get a ball.. Again game continued.. her eyes was left side. She hits the ball .. I ran on left side.. but suddenly I saw ball is moving in middle side.. I ran back on middle I touched ball but couldn’t lift.. She shouted “30”.. I said to myself “come on abhi”. Game continued I hit the nicely 2-4 times she hit the ball on lower part of her bat and ball touched the net. I got 15 points.. Game continued after a while I want closer to net and hit the hard on right side.. she ran, she fell down on her forearm and couldn’t get the ball. Now score 30-30. She was holding her forearm.. I said “are you Ok”. She looked at me in anger and stood up quickly, that made her breast bounce.. I feels fear in my heart as she looked at me.. Though beautiful.. But it was full of anger. Game continued.. She was still managing to play well. I was nervous.. She hits ball hard and it went on extreme left outside.. It was out.. She was again holding her forearm. I was on 40.. I said to myself “good she is giving me free points. Now just a final point to win”. Her beautiful face was now showing sign of pain which she was suffering.. I feel bad.. But it is good for me.. Game continued.. Ball went towards her she touched, but couldn’t lift because of her forearm.. And I win.. Her hand was on her head in tension. I went towards her and said “you played really well”. She said “you won because of my forearm.. You got that.. You have only 15 legal points by yourself.. I am not gonna a give you anything. You keep this in mind”. I feel bad for her, but her arrogance forced me to go for her. I said “victory is a victory no matter how”.”are you serious”. I said “yes I am”. She didn’t allowed.. Finally it took 20 minutes to convince her, That too after winning her.. That’s bad side of indian girls… . I gave first aid treatment to her forearm and amasya escort we moved out on road.. Now her anger had gone. I said Let’s go to nearby hotel”. She said “no one is there in my house. It will be a better place”. We walked towards her car. She made phone call to her maid and said “hello chandra you may take holiday today.. go home”…. While she was on phone, we reached near her car then she disconnected a call and went inside on backseat. I went inside too. Nice car fully comfortable.. Young driver drives car towards home.. While I place my hand on her shoulder.. She looked at me and didn’t said anything. There was no inch of gap between us, that close we were.. After some time I moved my hand little down towards her breast and squeezed it once.. She looked at me with her eyes wide big and lips little opened.. I stared in her eyes and automatically we kissed for a minute.. She disconnected kiss and I began to squeeze her breasts with both hands.. Driver was watching that from mirror in between.. I continued. Finally car reached at her building gate.. We stood out.. Hmm nice building.. as if, it has been made full of glass.. We started walking inside. She was front holding mobile in her hand and I was following her… while we was going in lift, schoolboy passing nearby was staring at her ass.. Well I think it’s quite natural. Her round bouncy ass can attract anybody’s attention.. When we reached near her flat. Her maid came out. She was shocked by looking both of us.. Vinita took keys from her.. . She opened a door, we entered inside.. As we entered, I grabbed her from behind. She said “wait !! Let’s be freshed first. I said “I can’t wait anymore. I took mobile from her and put in my pocket. I began to kiss her neck, while my hands were touching her pussy over shorts.. She touched my hands..feel softness of her hands.. My dick became harder. It touched her ass.. She said “ah haa.. I can feel your dick” I said “you want”. “yeahh”. “then kneel down”. She did while I was removing my dick.. I removed my belt, till then she kneeled. She made my hands aside and began to open my buckle and zip.. Then she pulled my pant down.. She looked at my dick over underwear. She blinked her eyes .. Then she pulled my underwear down and smiled.. She looked at me smiling.. I placed my dick over her face.. She said “how many inches. I said “8”. It was fat and dark brownish dick.. After looking my dick over her beautiful fair coloured face.. I remember scene that I saw on on ‘black on blondes” porn site.. She began to suck my upper part of dick.. I feel Pleasure in my dick and in my chest.. escort bayan I hold her face with one hand and forced my dick inside her mouth fully.. It fitted inside her mouth.. My dick reached till her throat, I removed immediately and again shot inside immediately.. Her mouth was watering. Then I continued it in speed.. She was making sounds “ockk… ockkk.. Ockkkk”.. this last for some minutes. I stopped finally. She looked at me, while licking her lips.. I guided her to stand.. She did.. I hold her injured hand and took her near sofa. She sat on sofa.. I removed her shorts and panty. Her pussy is nice. It has thick and small hair over it.. I opened it.. Pink colour with black border..It is wet… I forced my dick inside. Her body started shivering. May be she was feeling good.. I started with force and speed.. She started moaning in sweet voice.. It made me crazy.. I continued in evil style… she was looking at me with her eyes popped opened.. I smiled and hold her neck and continued. My dick touched whole wetness inside her pussy. It was a awesome feeling. After 5 minutes I stopped. Her pussy has become red.. I guided her to stand. She did.. I went towards her back, kneeled down and holds her ass.. It is fleshy, round and fair coloured… I began to lick her asshole.. She hold my head and said “no one has ever licked her ass.. It feels great”. I licked her whole gap between two buts.. Its yummy!!!. I stood up and put my dick inside her ass. At first shot she screamed.. I hold her tightly and continued in force.. She continued to scream… I was in full of lust, unaware of outside world.. JUst feeling her touch hotness of her body.. Her scream converted into laugh.. Now she was laughing in orgasm like a mad….while penetrating, I started kissing her cheeks from back and squeezing her boobs.. I was in full of pleasure… This continues for little longer duration.. I feel like I am gonna cum. I still continued but this time in full of force and speed.. Her moaning became harder.. I started cumming inside her, I hold her more tightly.. I was moaning hard.. “YEAHHH!!! ”… my body was shivering, my hands became to tap by itself.. As it was saying “I QUIT” I finished cumming… she said “so hot it is”.. I moved her backward facing me and kissed her tightly. I was squeezing her lips with my lips. I sucked juices from her… then I moved down towards her boobs and started sucking her nipples, while fingering her pussy… she started moaning again… her hand was on my shoulder.. I pulled 2 finger inside her pussy, while I was licking skin of her boobs.. As she began to squirt. She hold my face towards her boobs tightly. I let her squirt and continued sucking her nipples.., she moaned hard. “AHHHH”. She finished. She was taking deep breaths. I looked at her. She looked at me and smiled. She said “I am satisfied. Come again in tennis court. I will win you on that day and my demand will be much higher..

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