If It Ain’t Broke …


(Based on a 1960’s Bill Wenzel gag.)


With slow, determined movements Doris lifted her hips up and down the lap of the handsome, un-shaven fellow, he sitting on a kitchen chair, his hands around the shapely form of the woman who fucked him. His cock, engorged and as hard as rock throbbed within the silky tightness that was Doris’ pussy; she really had a deliciously tight slit.

“I love your cock,” she breathed huskily, sinking down upon his lap, her black stocking thighs brushing against the firm hairiness of his legs. Around his ankles his grey uniform and boots. They were obviously in a hurry. His hands gripped the black with purple trimming corset which hugged her waist, her full, perfumed breasts spilling from its rim. Rubber-like nipples ran down the chap’s bare chest as she steadily rode him, his hands occasionally running from her slim waist to her naked hips.

“Tight slut,” he retorted, parting her cheeks, allowing her wetness to ooze from her.

Doris giggled. “I love it that you call me names,” she said.

“But you are a slut,” he added.

“Oh yeah,” she smiled, playfully, “especially for repairmen with big cocks.”

“And do I have a big cock?” he asked her.

“Fuck, yeah …” she moaned, “the biggest yet.”

Doris was a twenty-something, tall, full-bosomed, long hair brunette housewife with a lethal combination; an insatiable sexual appetite and too much time on her hands. Her husband Larry worked at an insurance firm to build up their savings so that they could move out of the crummy one-bedroom apartment where they currently lived. Because of over-time which he readily accepted he was gone for the best part of the day, leaving the imaginative Doris to fill up those long hours. Considering Larry was seemingly always too tired to fuck her when he got back from work Doris was in the habit of inviting random repairmen over to the apartment to fix things, namely, her ravenous craving for cock. Yes, Doris sometimes felt guilty; Larry was working hard to better their lot and ultimately their marriage, but come on … a girl has needs, right?

And so it was this mid-afternoon that Ray the TV repairman knocked on her door to fix the reception on their television set. One can imagine Ray’s brazzers porno surprise when the lingerie-dressed Doris answered the door and invited him in. Guy thought it was his birthday However, this time the set was on the blink, as Larry had asked her this morning to ‘get someone to see to it’. He hated missing Bilko. Doris gladly obliged, and after Ray fixed the TV she was going to fix him. The poor bastard was putty in her hands …

Climbing off the gorgeously handsome Ray Doris fell to her stocking knees and took his cock into her mouth. She adored sucking cock, and loved the sensation of hot, salty cum splashing the back of her throat. Needless to say, Doris thought, pulling on Ray’s long, thick sticky member whilst sucking on his circumcised dome between her full red lips, she was something of an aficionado with regards to oral sex. Her husband loved his Sunday morning blow-job before breakfast. Alas, it was Sunday only and never any other day.

“Fuck,” Ray groaned, placing his hands upon the brunette’s curls, pushing her head deeper down upon him. Doris allowed him this; she didn’t gag and loved nothing more than to feel a big, fat cock throb and swell within the tight confides of her throat. Holding her own head in place, Doris slurped, then gagged noisily before choking, pulling back and spitting Ray’s engorged prick from between her lips, letting spill a tacky tail of saliva with it.

“Oh my God,” was all Ray could muster, gazing through half-closed eyes at the slutty woman before him, who smiled playfully up at him, her lips glistening, her tongue teasing. Doris repeated her previous act, and as a bonus held his cock in position whilst Ray raised his hips and fucked her mouth. Releasing him again she reached below to lick and suck on his honey-coated balls.

“Gonna fuck me again?” Doris asked him, getting to her feet, turning around to pull him off the chair, he now kicking his overalls and underwear onto the floor. As she pulled him he stumbled, grinning, Doris leading the repairman towards the two-seater couch. Doris then bent forward, offering her curvaceous rear to the excited Ray. She leaned on the arm of the chair on her left hand, turning to face him, slapping her offered cheeks. “Fuck me, you bastard,” she growled.

Ray clip4sale porno stepped into her and immediately drove home his cock, splitting Doris’ wet slit. Balls-deep, he now pounded the whimpering slut, her murmurs soon escalating to deep moans of passion. He reached up and grasped her mane of brown locks, pulling her head back. With his free hand he reached around to palm her left, jutting breast.

“I want to lick you,” Ray said suddenly, “I wanna lick your wet pussy.”

“Oooh, I love having my pussy licked,” Doris confirmed.

Withdrawing from her Ray pulled Doris to him and sat her down on the couch, she slouching forward, now parting her stocking thighs. The repairman sunk to his knees and brutishly drove his tongue deep into Doris’ gaping hole; she moaned approvingly as he sought out her clit, now strumming the pink button, sucking on it greedily.

“Lick my cunt,” the horny housewife told him, gripping Ray’s dark hair, “lick it, lick it, you fucker, make me come with your tongue!”

His nose and mouth now sopping wet with her honey Ray continued to lick and suck on the sensitive clit, rolling his tongue around the tiny digit. Doris groaned and bucked her hips, feeling ever lick, moaning when Ray inserted two fingers inside, then three, now frigging her. It didn’t take long before Doris came screaming. She clawed the couch, pulling at his hair, lifted her hips as her whole body was wracked with a mind-numbing orgasm of epic proportions.

“Your cock,” she purred through half-closed eyes, her pussy twitching as he teased her silky wet lips with tongue and fingertips, “I want your cock inside me …”

Ray sprung to his feet and whisked up Doris’ stocking legs under his arm. Pushing her knees back he then slid into her slit once more, he now fucking her as such. He watched as her beauteous boobs wobbled deliciously back and forth against the rim of her corset.

“Sexy slut,” Ray said, “you love my cock, doncha?”

“Oh yeah,” she cried, “That’s it, fuck me, fuck me… oh, I love your cock …”

Cum-heavy balls slapping off her cheeks … she wanted his cum.

“Tell me you’re my slut,” he snarled playfully.

“I’m your slut,” Doris repeated, sincerely, “I’m your fucking slut colette porno …”

Ray’s big cock fucking her, pulsating inside of her; she felt every last fucking stroke. She was his slut, oh yes, a slut, bona fide.

“I’ve got so much cum for you,” he insisted, sweat beading on his brow, his strong arms strained and taut, and Doris hoped that this was not an idle boast. She wanted to taste him, to shower in his cum. She imagined him withdrawing and ejaculating all over her. Oh God …

“Give it to me, give me your cum,” she cooed, wanting it, wanting it so bad. Doris felt Ray’s cock begin to swell inside of her, the tell-tale sign that he was about to come. She felt his eyes devour her breasts, which shook wildly to his intense fucking, his long, hard, fat-cock strokes. The housewife whore Doris licked her lips in anticipation.

“I gonna –”Ray threatened, his thrusts quickening, his pace hurrying, “here it, here it comes …”

“Yes, baby, yes,” Doris cried, as the repairman suddenly withdrew and began frantically pulling on his thick, glistening member. She focused on his fist as it ran back and forth along the slick shaft, impatiently awaiting her reward.

“Fuck …” Ray groaned, before releasing a torrent of scalding thick cum, which splashed and layered Doris’ corset, her breasts, neck and chin, she rubbing his back with her stocking foot, cooing him along, giggling as his magnificent cock continued to drench her with his orgasm. Fuck, there was a lot!

“Yeah … yeah, baby,” he murmured, finally spent, and what more could a good (bad) girl do than to sink before him and clean him off with her tongue..?

* * *

Afterwards, they watched TV. Well, it was fixed, and Larry wouldn’t be home for at least another two-three hours. Doris intended to fuck Ray at least once more before that happened, and –

The apartment door opened and her husband walked in. Just like that. Walked straight past them, dressed in his office suit, trench coat and hat, briefcase still in hand. Later he told Doris that he hadn’t been feeling too well so he took a half-day. He stood before the television, leaving a stunned Doris and Ray looking mouth agape at him.

“Gee, that’s a great reception,” Larry said, his hands on his hips, admiring the clear picture on the small TV set. He peered over his shoulder at the couple who sat on the couch; his horrified wife and the quaking TV repair man, both half naked and basking in their afterglow. “Y’know, the last guy she had round couldn’t fix shit …”


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