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I’M A SLUTTY CHEERLEADERLast week, while bent over with a cock deep inside me, I was asked if I’d dress as a cheerleader. I’ve been seeing this particular man a couple times a month since January. He’s in his fifties, but looks and acts more like a guy in his thirties. He likes to put on porn while I give him long, slow blowjobs. He has an amazing cock, so when he wants to fuck me, I can’t say no. He had me bent over the back of my couch when he started talking about how great I would look in a skirt. He proceeded to expand on his thoughts and painted a vivid picture of me as a cheerleader with a wig, stuffed bra, and pleaded skirt. As he described it, his cock got harder and pace quickened. He was banging me hard when he finally got me to agree to dressing up for him, and then he immediately exploded. This fantasy obviously turned him on, so I was more than willing to play along.A few days later, he arrived at my apartment with the costume and I immediately went to get ready. There was a padded bra that took a little while to get on and stuff with tissue, but I tried to make it look convincing. The outfit was a little tight, skirt short, and no panties to be found. The top went over my shoulders and down to the bottom of my ribs leaving my stomach and most of my back exposed. As I put the wig on, I felt like I had transformed into a sexy teen girl, though if the skirt were any shorter, the evidence of my gender would have been visible. My new blonde hair came down just past my shoulders. I knew I was in for a good time as I walked into the living room and his eyes lit up.He called me Sarah and told me how sexy I looked. He wanted me to talk in a girly voice, which I did to the best of my ability. He unbuckled his belt as I walk toward him trying to put some seduction in my swagger. He was already rock hard when he pulled his cock out. He sat back on the couch with his erection taunting me. I had a smile on my face, head tilted slightly, and a finger twirling a lock of hair as I slowly dropped to me knees. He looked perfect with his polo and undone khakis. My hands slid up his inner thighs as my face fell on his dick. Within seconds, I was trying to swallow his nearly eight inches. I was hot and ready to fuck; not so much from being dressed as a slutty cheerleader so much as the way he was looking at me. casino siteleri His desires were abundantly clear as I used my mouth to please him. I rolled his balls around in my hand while feeling his chest. I was trying my best to deepthroat him when he told me to slow down. He wanted to edge him a little until he was ready to fuck me. A few minutes and a couple slowdowns later, he was more than ready.He led me to my bedroom while holding his khakis up. I got on the bed and as soon as I bent over, my ass was fully exposed. His khakis and polo were on the floor and I handed him a small bottle of lube. As he quickly applied a small dose of lubrication to my hole, I called him ‘daddy’ in my girly voice and asked him to fuck me hard. He did just that. His cock split me open and I grabbed my pillow and planted me face in it. My muffled moans were all I could squeeze out while feeling the pain of his assault. I didn’t dare tell him to stop or even slow down. This was his fantasy and I wanted him to enjoy it. I just clenched down on the pillow and let out a few girly whimpers.He went deep and called me lots of names. I was his slut, his bitch, his hot piece of ass. He continued to tell me how naughty I had been and that he had seen me staring at him when I was cheering. His fantasy was detailed enough that I knew it was rooted in real experiences. I kept his imagination going with “I’m such a naughty girl,” “fuck me, daddy,” “I wanted you so bad,” and “do I feel good?” He never slowed his relentless pounding as he felt my body all over. He smacked my ass a few times and reached down to feel the tight mounds on my chest. The bra and top were doing wonders keeping them compact and in place. As he neared climax, he started yelling out to Sarah and drove his cock in even deeper. He was usually a very patient, yet persistent lover. This time was different. It was more like a hate fuck.His hands grasped my hips over the skirt as he yelled and began to shoot. He continued pounding me until every last pulsation was done and his erection started to fade. He went right past the super-sensitive post-ejaculation phase and kept trying to fuck me with his slowly softening cock. I fell to the bed as soon as he pulled out and my hole felt raw. He told me that he wasn’t done with me yet, but that I needed to freshen canlı casino up.I headed to the bathroom again and found that I looked rather messy; my skirt was hiked up enough to expose my ass and the head of my cock, the wig was coming a little loose and hair was somewhat tangled, and there was cum running down my leg. The top and bra had kept my mock breasts nearly in place, but the rest of me told the story of being fucked hard. I spend a few minutes wiping myself off, adjusting my skirt, and fixing my hair. By the time I walked back to the bedroom, I looked good as new and ready for whatever he had in store.My lover was on lying on the bed slowly stroking his fully-erect cock and he looked amazing. His cock was glistening with more lube as I walked to the side of the bed. His free hand reached around and groped my ass. I was still just as horny as ever and his touch was electric. He motioned for me to mount him, which I gladly did. I positioned myself above his cock and began to slide down. His head pushed inside me and the familiar pain/pleasure sensation rushed over my body. My head went back and mouth opened as I let gravity pull us together. By the time I was sitting on his hips, I needed to stop for a moment to allow my sphincter to relax. I was incredibly horny, but hadn’t gotten hard this whole time. My limp dick was hidden under my skirt and my lover seemed content ignoring it. I moved my hips to grind his cock and make sure the lube had coated him entirely. As I started rocking myself to stroke his shaft, he began groping my tits and talking to me. He told Sarah that he had wanted her for so long and that her pussy felt amazing. I had never quite been in this situation before, but it was an exciting twist and I wanted him to enjoy it. His eyes were closed and he talk about watching Sarah cheer in her sexy outfit. His hands explored my body as I pleasured him for several minutes. Once he was even more turned on, he started asking if I wanted him to fuck me again. In a soft girly voice I said “yes, daddy, I want you to fuck me so bad.” That was all it took.I was thrown to the mattress and positioned on my stomach. Within seconds, he was sliding his cock into me with an aggressive thrust. I felt his hand on my upper back as he began pounding into me over and over. My hole was kaçak casino starting to go numb, but I could feel him hitting my prostate. The pain was slowly subsiding as I felt myself building towards climax. The combination of him taking control, his cock driving into me, and his verbal slut shaming had me feeling like a true teenage whore. I had dressed like this just for him and it was certainly turning him on. He was calling Sarah a bitch for teasing him for so long. I knew there was probably a Sarah out there somewhere, but I was happy to let him work out that frustration on me. I was getting closer to cumming as he sped up and put his weight on me. I was pinned to the bed and getting drilled deep which only turned me on more.His weight on me was preventing me from taking normal breaths, but I wasn’t worried about it with all that was happening. I was now gripping the pillows as if it would somehow provide comfort. Each small exhale was a girly moan or maybe a whimper. As he continued pounding, I felt a familiar rush come over my body; I was going to cum. By the time my climax started, I realized that it was going to be a big one. Between my girly moaning, which had also increased, I let him know that he was going to make me explode. This got him even more excited and the thrusting increased in strength. He proceeded to call me every nasty name he could think of for a slutty teenage cheerleader, which served to push me over the top.I came hard and the rush hit me like a freight train. I could no longer breath at all and my whole body tensed up, but that didn’t slow my lover down for a second. Every muscle in my body was tight, my head back, and I was being fucked harder than I could remember. Then something happened that was a first for me: I passed out. The thrill of this amazing climax had pushed me beyond what my body could handle. Looking back, it was probably the labored breathing combined with the tensed muscles, but I went limp and don’t remember much after that.By the time I came back to my senses, my lover was lying next to me. I was still on my stomach and I could tell there was a mess between my legs. He told me that he kept going for another minute before he came again. He then told the tale of how Sarah was a cheerleader friend of his daughter. He used to watch her at games and fantasized about fucking her for years. He had picked the outfit and wig to make me look similar to her. I told him that I was happy to do it for him, but the truth is it turned me on just as much as it did him. I’d let him hate fuck “Sarah” any day.

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