In The Flesh


This whole situation is, well, weird. What on earth do I think I am doing? I really can’t believe that I am here today – it almost feels as though I am hitching a lift in somebody else’s body, just a passenger along for the ride. I have to periodically remind myself that this is for real, that it really is happening. But still it is hard to accept.

I have thought many times about meeting you in person, but something inside told me that perhaps it would be better just to keep things purely online. But the thought kept returning, each time with more insistence. Our mutual curiosity just grew and got the better of us. So we arranged this meeting, on neutral ground, to satisfy our curiosities once and for all.

The corridor in the hotel is unremarkable, flanked by a line of many doors. As I walk past each I hear muffled sounds behind them – one has TV noises, another has people talking but most are just silent. There is only one door I am really interested in, and I have arrived outside it.

I am filled with doubt. Whatever possessed me to make this trip? So many ways it can go wrong, I mean, real life never lives up to your dreams, does it? You might shudder away from me. The picture you have of me makes the best of what I have – the camera can hide a multitude of sins.

I am terribly nervous. I feel an involuntary shiver in my body. My mouth feels dry and my forehead feels hot. I lift my free hand and form it into a fist. Knock. The sound echoes down the corridor. What seems like an eternity passes before I hear a noise behind the door. The handle twists and the lock gives off a loud click as you release it. The sudden report startles me. The door opens.

Eyes peek around the door. I look into your eyes. You look back. I’m desperately trying to read the expression now forming on your face. Anxiety? Maybe a little. Disappointment? Perhaps.

A smile.

You smiled! Oh yes, a nice, broad friendly smile, not a stiff, polite one either! The corners of my mouth involuntarily move upwards and out. How did you make me do that? You must have magic powers, yes, that’s the only rational explanation …

There is a slight hesitation. I speak – or at least try to. A dry croak squeaks from my mouth. You cover your mouth and stifle a laugh as my cheeks flare into crimson. I don’t feel embarrassed though, you don’t make me feel that way at all.

“Oh, you brought me flowers” you say. Flowers? I look dumbly down at my hand clenched tightly around the stems.

“Oh … yes” I reply – my voice has now, mercifully, regained its normal tenor. I hold them out to you and you take them. As you do so your fingers brush my hand – not completely accidental, I think. The contact causes me to look back into your eyes. We gaze at one another until we become aware that the roses are still hovering between us.

“Come in, you can’t stand out there all evening!” I can still feel nerves and I sense a slight edginess in you too. I step inside, closing the door behind me.

The hotel room is plain, a king bed with a couple of dressers. In the corner a fake plant stands behind an armchair and along the wall there is a mirror and dresser. You are now stood by the dresser in front of the mirror, giving me the chance to study you in duplicate. Although study is the wrong word, it’s too clinical. Admire would be a much better way to describe it. I have only known you from pictures and words online. I now realize that they never came close to conveying your true beauty.

I am feeling much more relaxed and I take the opportunity to slip the travel bag off my shoulder. I walk up to you and look down into your eyes. grup sex porno I take the flowers from your hand and place them on the dresser. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close, pressing your body into mine. You feel simply fantastic in my arms. You squeeze back and we stand awhile, slowly crushing the breath out of each other.

I look into your eyes again. You are making me burn. Hesitation. We’ve only just met and I feel afraid of ruining this first encounter by making a crass move. I want to kiss you. I’ve wanted to for a long time, dreamt of it and then found myself stinging with frustration at not being able to make it come true. And now, in this already unreal situation, I have you in my arms. This is the way I have pictured it countless times.

I lower my face a little – you lift yours closer to mine. Your eyes close as our lips meet for the first time. I have one hand on the nape of your neck, the other has found its way to the small of your back, ideal for pulling you close. You put your hand on the back of my head, where your fingers proceed to play with my hair.

I feel a little more daring. I cautiously slide the tip of my tongue across your lips and I feel them part slightly. I start to open your mouth, my tongue seeking its counterpart. They meet and perform a sensual dance in your mouth.

I’m suddenly aware of pressure and stiffness below. I was so preoccupied with our kiss that I didn’t realize that the rest of my body was acting on its own initiative. I feel a sudden flush of embarrassment, I never realized how aroused your kisses were making me. I’m sure you can feel it since our bodies are pressed so close together. I don’t know what you will think, there’s no way you can’t feel it. You look up at me, smile and hold me tighter.

You pull my head back down and we kiss again, this time with increasing passion. You hands wander up and down my back. And then your left hand drops to my ass … I gasp slightly in surprise and you squeeze – squeeze hard, in fact. I feel your fingernails pinching into my flesh.

Well, I figure that two can play at that game. I slide my hand down, following your neckline, until it comes to rest on your right breast. I give it a firm squeeze and I feel your hand squeeze to reply in kind. This makes us smile again.

You move your other hand around my hips and between our bodies, down to my groin. I feel you place the flat of your palm against my bulge and start to rub, up and down on it. I give out a deep, contented groan from the sensation this is causing and I kiss you extremely hard. You are driving me wild with desire.

I push you back to the wall, wedging you against it with my body. My hands move to your hips and start to gather up the material of your skirt. A part of me still expects, fears resistance but you offer none as I pull your skirt up and slip my fingers inside your silky panties. I take hold of your ass with both hands and squeeze it – you giggle naughtily.

You reach down and unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. You pull them down slightly to the middle of my thighs. You expect to see shorts but your eyes widen in surprise when you see I am in fact wearing a posing pouch. Your caress my growing excitement, making it swell and throb in your fingers. I feel a slight flush of color in my cheeks when your fingers find a damp area on the material, caused by the pre-cum running from my tip. A sly smile breaks across your lips as you trace the damp circle with your fingertip.

My hands are roaming beneath your panties and I decide to explore between your legs. I feel moist heat on my fingers and I run my latina fuck tour porno forefinger along your pussy lips. Your reaction is _very_ encouraging as I trace the groove between your lips. I start to rub you gently, exploring, seeking your firm nub that is hidden in its folds. Another finger teases your opening, making circles around its rim.

You pull down my underwear and take hold my cock. You look into my eyes as your hands explore it, seeking every contor, every ridge, every vein on its thickening shaft. As you do this I eagerly massage your clit, enjoying the sensation of its hardness on my fingers. Your grip tightens around me and you look me straight in the eyes.

I remove my free hand from your panties and gently massage your breast with it. I can feel the sharp point of your nipple thru the material of your blouse. I start to unbutton it so that I can get my hand inside. Now that the blouse is open I can feel warmth emanating from your breasts up into my face.

You are still playing with my cock, occasionally tugging on the foreskin to see what reaction you get from me. I whisper encouragement in your ear as my hand works to unclasp the front of your bra – not easy with one hand so you help me to release it. The front pops open and I slip my hand onto your breast, its fingers homing in on its tight, stiff nipple. My other hand continues to rub between your legs, getting more and more wet as it does so. I take hold of your nipple between my fingertips and squeeze on it. Your moans encourage me to squeeze harder and twist on it.

You lift your hand up to my face in order to stroke my cheek but I quickly turn my head and grab your forefinger between my teeth. I start to flick at it with my tongue and you push it seductively into my mouth. As you do this I seize the opportunity to slip a finger up into your now soaking pussy. Your legs jerk together as I enter you and I feel your cunt walls closing around me. I make circular motions inside you.

I start to suck on your finger and as I do so I slide my tongue around it. I work another finger into you and start to pull open your pussy. In reply you pop another finger into my mouth and I tease that one too, punctuating my sucking and licking with an occasional nibble. I slide my fingers around inside you and curve them slightly back toward me. I concentrate hard on what I can feel on my fingertips – I am looking for a very special spot with them. I push them further up into you, exploring the front wall of your cunt. A little further and I imagine that I can feel something familiar …

“YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!” My head rings momentarily from your exclamation – you were nibbling on my earlobe at the time and I got the full volume in my ear. I gently massage on the spot trying not to over stimulate you. Your cunt has contracted so much that my fingers are tingling from the lack of blood. My hand is being subjected to a torrent of warm cunny honey.

Back and forth, up and down, my fingertips assault the spot that is driving you crazy. You repeatedly implore me never to stop, pleading, begging. Your eyes are wide open and your cheeks are deeply flushed. I have fantasized many times about making you come and have come to realize just how badly I have wanted to see it, hear it and feel it first hand.

Your arms close around me and crush me onto you as your orgasm tears thru your body. My fingers are being crushed by enormous contractions but continue to work on your spot. Another orgasm comes, overlapped by another. You just seem to be coming constantly, I’ve never seen or imagined anything like it. Watching you makes lezbiyen porno me immensely aroused.

My hand that has been teasing your tits returns to your hips and starts to pull down your panties. I reluctantly remove the other from your pussy to help the other to pull them down over your thighs. As they drop to the floor you step out of them. I crouch a little and hold your body against the wall. You instinctively wrap your legs around my waist and grip me around my hips. I lift you a little so that I can stand up straight and pin you back up against the wall with my torso.

Your hand reaches down and I can feel you guiding my cock into your mound. Warmth and pressure builds on my tip until suddenly the pressure parts and disappears. My tip is slowly enveloped as I slide into you. I feel your legs tighten around me, burying my cock deeper into your cunt. Your eyes narrow to slits as I bottom out inside you.

I now rock my hips back and forth, my cock sliding easily in your well-lubricated cunt. Your hips roll as they find rhythm with mine. Each time I plunge into you, you squeeze with your legs, drawing me in further. You beautiful face is a kaleidoscope of emotion. Your mouth whispers encouraging and wicked words in my ear. You know this drives me crazy. I pump you a little more roughly, spurred on by your words of wanton lust.

I once again reach down between our bodies and resume the attack on your clit with my fingers. It is a lot more swollen now and a lot more sensitive. As I rub your legs become vise-like around me, squashing my hand and also making it harder to fuck you.

Your roll your head from side to side and scream out my name. I feel a fierce clutching on my cock and your legs tighten around me so hard that I feel as if you are going to break me in half. I desperately try to pump you, my hand now crushed between our bodies as you grind your cunt on me.

My fingers are becoming numb again from lack of blood but your clit is so large it is impossible not to feel where it is. I rub you again, timing each stroke with mine. You are screaming at me again, urging me on. Fuck me, fuck me you keep crying. I can feel myself starting to come – a hot tingling sensation grows behind my balls and rises up my shaft.

Another orgasm ravages your body, causing you to thrash your head from side to side. My whole body is shaking as I feel waves of pleasure begin to radiate across thru it. Deep, primal urges grow inside and take possession of me, commanding me on and on. My thrusts becomes so violent that they slam your body back into the wall with each stroke.

With my last reserves of strength I drive up between your legs with everything I have. I am almost oblivious to my surroundings – I am vaguely aware of you screaming in my ear as you come yet again.

My cock swells and hardens in time with the first massive contraction between my legs. We both feel a scalding heat spread from my cock. Oh fuuuuuuuccck I grunt as my spunk burns its way up into your cunt. I thrust again, causing another hot explostion inside you. My orgasm is so intense that I almost feel as if I am on the verge of passing out. My mind is possessed with the single, primitive thought of filling you with my cum. The beast within me urges me to ram my cock into you over and over again.

I become more aware of my surroundings and find you looking into my eyes. Your cheeks are flushed and your brow is shiny with perspiration. And your gorgeous lips form a wide and welcoming smile. I find myself smiling back at you – I totally lost track of my surroundings during my orgasm, utterly lost in a vast ocean of pleasure. I never want to leave this moment that we have created together.

We exchange soft, tender kisses. Once strength, and stability, has returned I lift you in my arms and carry you over to the bed. Removing the remainder of our clothes we slip under the covers to continue where we left off …

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