In the Garage


In the GarageIn The GarageI needed to work on my Cobra Mustang I’d put a newly modified engine in this weekend, a Saturday. I went out to the garage, opening the door, and going in. I’m about to pull the door nearly down to about two feet or so off the ground, when my neighbor buddy hops the fence & comes over. The chain-link fence was by the driveway on his side.“ Need some help?” Darren asks. “ Sure, man, c’mon on in!” I quickly reply.We got under the back of the car to tighten some bolts on the rear suspension. And, we just happen to have our heads opposite the other. He notices this straight away and says, “ you know, we could suck each other’s dicks in this position?”Noticing this myself, I put down my wrench, unzipping & unbuttoning his jeans, pulling them down to just above his knees. Pulling out his mushroom-headed cock & small balls, I take the head in my mouth. His cock is the same length & thickness as mine, but small balls and a big, mushroom head on it. I have big balls and the head is sort of tapered down to the tip. So I start swirling my tongue around his cock head, sucking it as I do so. I love sucking his big tasty cock! Sucking it in and out, letting the big head bounce off the back of my throat, thinking this will feel good to him?I suck it hard, going in and out, trying to give him a nice sucking off, since we were already doing threesomes with Marie. A little bonding time for us isn’t a bad thing, I think? As we lay there, happening to be in a 69 position while working, I continue sucking his big, hard cock. He then pulls my pants down, taking my semi-erect cock in his mouth, really sucking me hard! He always sucked cock like that. Sucking it in and out, very hard, looking up at me as he sucks. I love how he sucks cock like that! Like he really cares enough to do his best?! I started moaning at this wonderful blow job, trying not to get too loud, least Marie hear us, and maybe getting hurt, mad, or both?! We laid there, sucking some serious dick, for some length of time, rock hard and enjoying the feeling. I really want to cum in his hard-sucking mouth this time!Just then, Marie opens the garage door, looking under the car to see us doing a 69! Fuck, busted!“ Oh shit! Sorry baby…it just kinda happened! I…” I stammered, trying to cool the situation.“ Don’t freak out, baby! That’s sexy, seeing you two sucking cock under there! I know you two can’t help yourselves. Got some cock for mamma?”“ Sure do baby! C’mon in & close the door down a bit.” She comes in, closing the door down to a couple feet from completely closed. She then immediately strips naked, as we come out from under the car, quickly seeing her naked & doing the same. We all kiss each other, then she gets on halkalı escort her knees, jacking us both off, then taking turns sucking both our stiff cocks.I like seeing her with his big headed, hard cock in her little mouth. Then turning to jerk his and suck on mine. Damn, that’s hot! We continue for awhile, then I lay down on the blanket we’d been laying on under the car, and had her sit with her crotch in my face, licking & sucking her from her pussy to her butt hole. My buddy Darren sucked my cock a bit, then started sucking her big, full breasts. She moaned at all this attention.She even smiles a little as she lays her head back, moaning low and passionately. She then switches positions, riding his big-headed cock while I slide my big cock deep into her pretty little ass. We all try hard not to moan too loud and disturb the other neighbors. But this was just too wonderful not to moan out our pleasure as we all fuck each other good. It feels really good fucking her, as Darren’s cock rubbed against mine while plowing her ass with that big-headed cock. We sort of keep each other harder than usual, our dicks rubbing together as we fuck my pretty little lady! She’d had a condom in her pocket, just in case, so I wear it while fucking her in the ass. Fucking like this for some time, I feel like her tight ass is going to make me cum. So I pull out, as does Darren. I rip the rubber off, and she took both cock heads into her little mouth, her cheeks bulging as she licked both, as she sucks & licks the heads while jacking both of us off. We both blow our big, long loads of thick cum into her willing little mouth, cum squirting all over her face, in her mouth, and dripping onto her big, round tits. She swallows what she can, Darren & I licking up the rest. We both seemed to love the taste of our man cum?“ Well, baby, good morning to you too!” I say with a wink & a smile.They both laugh at that.“ That was wonderful, guys! I see you two like the taste of your man-cum? I wanna see you two suck each other off! And you both better swallow it all too! Or no more of my sweet little pussy for either of you! Go on, lay down on your sides like you were, and suck those big cocks!” she demands.“ That’s what you two get for not including me!” She derided us playfully.“ Sorry babe, it really did just sorta happen? I still really love you, but we like sucking each other’s cocks as well?” I attempt to explain.“ I know that, baby. I just don’t like not being included, that’s all! Don’t leave me out, please baby?” she replies, serious for the moment.“ Okay, Marie baby. We won’t hurt you like that again…sorry” I reply to her seemingly sincere taksim escort comment.With that, Darren and I begin sucking each other’s big dicks, enjoying it as we suck & lick each other.“ Mm, you gotta beautiful cock! I love sucking your dick!” Darren admits, going back to enjoying a mouthful of my fat dick.“ I love sucking you too. Fuck me with it too, Darren?” I add while sucking his big-headed dick.Marie was sitting on her knees, legs spread, jacking off and fondling her large, round tits as she watches us sucking each other off. It was hot, watching her pleasure herself, like girls do when they’re alone, it seemed to me? Beautiful sight. I love it when a girl can relax enough to let everyone see them pleasuring themselves like that. The way they’ll finger fuck their furry little cunts while fondling their tits, rolling their nipples hard. Then she moved the hand that had been pleasuring her breasts and stuck a finger up her ass, finger fucking both her love holes at once. Moaning low as that other finger went up her lovely little ass. Darren’s cock gets a little bigger & harder in my mouth seeing her go at it.We go on like this for quite some time, before Darren feels like he’s going to cum soon. He starts jerking and pumping my mouth in spasms…then he came a long, moaning load into my mouth. Squirting, spasming, jerking as he shoots load after warm load into my mouth. Moaning wildly as he cums & cums some more! All this is too much for me, and I blow a huge load in his mouth! He gags for a second, never having swallowed my cum yet, unaccustomed to the taste of it, I guess? But he kept sucking & swallowing passionately.“ Oh yeah! That’s it lover, swallow my hot cum! Oohhh ooohhuhhhhh, swallow!” I moan as he so wonderfully sucks & swallows my entire load of thick cum.I came like a horse in those days. Two very long squirts of thick cum. We’d both got a few mouthfuls of our tasty cum to swallow & enjoy. Then lapping up the dripping remains.“ That was hot! I just had to finger my hot little pussy and fondle my big tits, watching you two Sucking cock and swallowing all that hot cum! I bet you two like the taste of man cum, the way you were going at it, don’t you, you hot cocksuckers!?” She replied lustfully.“ Yes, I did love him cumming in my mouth, finally! But I love it even more, with your pussy juice soaking his cock when I suck it!”I admit freely.“ I actually liked the taste of your cum, Mel! You really cum hard when I suck your big cock! It felt good, the way those long, hard squirts of hot cum hit the back of my throat!” Darren says, looking right into my eyes.“Well, boys, you two gonna give me some cock? I need some cock in my holes, lover boys!” she şişli escort exclaims, still sitting on her knees.So while on her knees, she jerks and sucks our big dicks hard again in a few minutes. She really seems to love having two men to suck off and fuck her any way she wants? And I get my male lover to suck me off and let me fuck him in the ass. So we all get what we want. I love how he gets me hard instantly! It makes me able to fuck Marie more often, after cumming hard, but also proving I like cock as well, getting That hard so fast? Hey, that’s fine with me! Being free-spirited has it’s advantages, I think to myself. Getting rock hard again, She sits on my cock this time, Darren getting to fuck her in the ass for the first time ever. She groans as he shoves that big, mushroom-headed cock all the way up her tight, pretty ass.“ Oh, damn, that thing is big! Shove it up my ass and fuck me hard!” she groans as he starts giving her all of that big-headed cock!We both start fucking her deep & hard! She wanted it, so we give it to her…but not so as to hurt her, be mean spirited or anything like that. She wanted to be double-dicked and fucked hard, so we do just that. But lovingly so, since we were all friends first. I know she needs a lot of dick, so we gave it to her. We’d sucked each other off already, so it was her turn to get pleasured.I do hope he’ll fuck me in the ass later on, though? I wanna fuck his tight little ass too! He really moans when I shove my fat cock up his tight, tiny asshole! It’s making me harder, just thinking about it as I pound my sweet little lady’s pussy hard enough to please her. I love her so much, I really want her to enjoy all this. She deserves it for working hard as a mother & my wife! Besides, she’s just so darn pretty naked with a cock in her mouth, ass or little furry pussy!We all enjoy having such long, sweet fucks together, but soon, her wonderful pussy gets the best of me again. I cum hard in her pussy, as Darren pulled out, ripped off the rubber and jacks off on both our faces. When he finishes cumming, we both lick and suck his big cock clean. Then kiss, lick and enjoy his load of cum together.“ Wow, that was good! I love the gentle way you boys double-dicked me! That was such a sweet fuck! Your big-headed cock felt good up my ass, Darren! Let’s go have some coffee, your wife will be coming home soon.” Marie gushes with a big smile.His wife Katie was rather chunky and her bra-less tits were flat. So Darren wouldn’t let me join them in a fuck when I came over? I guess he didn’t want her to be sure we were all involved together? Oh well. But, nothing lasts forever. I got laid off so long, I lost the house. But not the memories. He still asks me, when we meet on the streets, if I still think about me & him? He admitted he had to get naked and jack off, thinking about how I sucked his cock. How he loved what he called, that beautiful dick of yours. He still wanted us to fuck each other again. That’s a true, close friend indeed. Maybe we’ll meet again some day, somewhere?

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