INDIAN SISTER-IN-LAW OR SECOND WIFE CH. 02This is chapter two of my story INDIAN SISTER-IN-LAW OR SECOND WIFE. Do read the first chapter to understand the context and to better relate with characters.After our raunchy romp on a Sunday morning, Viki got bolder than ever. He will not let a chance go to touch me. His touching had become more sensual and less casual. Riddhi was still unaware about our one morning stand as we continued to interact with her normally.One day both Riddhi and I were cooking in the kitchen. Viki says good morning to both of us and gives Riddhi a side hug. I am to his right, and out of Riddhi’s eyesight, so he fondles my hips nicely concealing his erotic touch.Throughout the week this trend continued. He had mapped out the time Riddhi will definitely not be there and used it to live his fantasies with me. As Riddhi went for a bath, he came to me and said, “We got 15 mins” and winked at me.I looked at him and said, “No, Viki control yourself.” But he came closer and said, “You really think I can control myself around you?” I had no answer for that question.He smooched me in their bedroom and right in front of his infant daughter. His one hand was in my hair caressing me while the other hand was fondling my hips. He put his hand inside my leggings and pulled my panties up. As he did this my panties rubbed harder on my pussy and they were bunched in my ass crack. I hated the fact that I was not able to resist him, in fact I was horny and wet ready for him.He whispered in my ear, “I know you like this so don’t resist, let’s keep our secret a secret.”Never had I been so vulnerable to a man, but my loins were burning with desire and I wanted him to satisfy my thirst or as we say in Hindi ‘Hawas’. As I responded to his actions my hand grabbed his erect dick over his track pants. I started to lovingly stroke it over his pants as we continued to smooch and play with each other.He dropped his pants and boxers and his cock was now unshackled and free. I got on my knees and started to shower love on his 6 inch thick cock. I started to lick it, stroke it, and suck it deeply. He was enjoying his morning session with me as I could make out from his face. He had not showered and it was a bit dirty but strangely this was making me more aroused, it was like my innermost hidden carnal desires coming to the fore.I was so much in the flow that I went completely crazy giving him that blow job. I was sucking, stroking him and playing with his balls simultaneously. After a point he was very close to cumming and was telling me to go slow. But I was in no mood to slow down.I grabbed his hips with both my hands and went full on wild sucking his cock. As I squeezed his hips and deep throated him he was not able to last. He cummed like a teenager in seconds, filling my mouth with a bucket load of his fresh semen. I don’t usually like to take semen in my mouth (let alone gulp it) but here I had a strong urge to empty him out, and to suck and lick clean his manhood. As he collapsed on the bed I licked his dick and his balls clean.Our 15 minutes were over and Riddhi would come out of the bathroom anytime. So I exited their room and went to my room. Viki got ready and departed for office.After he returned from office, the three of us would chat and discuss the day and would retire for bed as usual. Riddhi will be the first to retire, Viki and I would watch TV for another hour or so and then go to sleep.Initially it was about soft touch and gradual closeness but now it was more about making the most of the time. As soon as Riddhi left for their bedroom, our cuddling would start. Either Viki or me will sleep in the other’s lap giving the other person full freedom to fondle the person who is lying down in the lap.When I would be in Viki’s lap, he would grab my boobs and play with them. He will put his hand under my t-shirt and press my naked boobs or pinch my nipples. He will also touch my pussy over my leggings or slide his hand inside my panties and feel my trimmed mound. There were no limits now.Likewise when he was in my lap, I would lift my t-shirt and bend over his face, enabling him to lick my heavy boobs which he would happily lick like a dick wagging dog. As he licked me, my hand would roam free in his pants stroking his cock or spreading his pre-cum over his penis head. Grab his balls and play with his nuts.One thing which I particularly enjoyed was the face-sitting. As Viki lied down on the sofa I would shove my crotch over his face and rub it all over his face. Many times I will be in my leggings only (no panties). His nose would rub over my pussy and I would really grind my crotch over it. Then I would slide over his face such that my hips were pressing over his face and his nose was pressed between my butt cheeks. I would almost suffocate him in this position.Somehow face-sitting was very empowering for me. It made me wield more control in our sexual relationship and boosted my confidence watching him whimper. Although I was dominating him, he would get powerful oragsms when I perfomed face-sitting.Clearly after that one hour we both would be charged up and would sometimes end up having sex secretly in my room, a quickie. On an average we will have sex 2-3 times bursa escort in a week, maybe more if we get alone time.This was in a way my sexual awakening. I was more confident to try new things and would shamelessly do whatever came to my mind. For example once Viki was all ready for office. He works as a senior manager at his office so he was dressed formally. As he said goodbye to both of us, I noticed that Riddhi had just stepped into the bathroom. I knew I had a couple of minutes to have some fun.So I stopped Viki at the door and told him, “I want you to smell my pussy before you go to the office today. So get down on your knees and smell me. Fast we don’t have much time”He obediently got down on his knees and smelled my pussy. I was wearing my usual leggings as he shoved his face between my legs. I held his head lovingly as he smelled my morning wetness. I then pulled my leggings down exposing my naked pussy mound and asked him to kiss me goodbye. Without resisting he kissed me on my trimmed pussy mound.We heard the bathroom door unlatch so quickly moved away from each other. Viki pretended to tie his shoelaces and I pretended to read the newspaper. Riddhi asked, “Still here Viki?”He replied, “Yes sweetheart.” This made Riddhi happy and she said, “someone is in a good mood”. She then approached Viki and gave him a quick kiss. In my mind I was smiling thinking about how Riddhi kissed him goodbye after he kissed my pussy goodbye.Apart from our sexul chemistry Viki enjoyed when I played or took care of Sara. He looked at me affectionately, at a certain level he considered me his second wife!Below I will be sharing some of the most memorable sessions that we had together over the course of the last two months I stayed with them.——-Shopping Really?One day Viki called me around 3 pm and told me to meet him at a nearby mall. He said it was urgent and told me to tell Riddhi that I have to visit a friend.So I got ready and took a cab after informing Riddhi. Frankly I knew why Viki was calling me, it had been three days since we last had sex, and this was more of his urges calling me rather than it being urgent.As I had decided to meet him, I thought to myself why not spice it up. So I had a bath and dabbled my favourite perfume over my body (and intimate areas). I wore a red thong and matching red lace bra. I looked at myself in the mirror and my breasts were looking ripe for sucking and hips were shouting to be touched, in fact I wanted to shove Viki’s face in my hips.I wore a polka dotted black skirt which flowed till my mid thighs and a white stretchable top over it. The top was sleeveless and had spaghetti straps. I put on a shrug as it gave me to cover myself more if required. I informed Riddhi, booked a cab and headed straight to the mall.As I was waiting outside the mall, Viki picked me up in his car and we went to the mall parking. As it was a work day, most of the parking was empty. As you may have guessed Viki had not come to shop he had only one thing on his mind. He drove to the second level of basement parking and parked the car in a secluded corner.He looked around to make sure no one was there and then looked at me. I replied, “Such a naughty boy you have become.” He responded by smooching me.We both were lust-driven and it showed in our actions. As we smooched, his hands went through my hair and he was more affectionate in his touch. I on the other hand unbuckled and unzipped his trousers, and started to play with his cock. I pulled his briefs down exposing his naked cock to fresh air.I plunged down and started to give him a blowjob as he sat in the driver’s seat. This was again one of my fantasies and I was living it. I sucked and licked his manhood as he let out soft moans. My hips were up as he lifted my skirt and started to fondle my buttocks. I was incredibly turned on and horny like never before.After about 5 minutes of non-stop sucking he was ready to enter my cunt. He pulled down my thong and made me sit on his cock. We both were now on the driver seat as I sat on his cock. I was riding him as he put his head inside my top and started to suck on my nipples. This was too much for me as I started to moan his name, “Oh Viki, fuck me baby! Oh my fucking god, oh god!”. I pushed his head over my boobs encouraging him to go absolutely wild. He responded by sucking my boobs harder, biting my nipples and making all kinds of tongue on skin noises.The car windows fogged up with our steamy sex inside. I always wanted to press my hand on foggy windows the way they show in movies, and I didnt let this chance go to waste. I ran my hands on the windows as we fucked moaning Viki’s name.After about 5 more minutes he turned me around and now I was riding him reverse cowboy. He had removed my top and now I was completely topless. If by any chance someone saw us I would have nowhere to hide. This fear was somehow increasing my arousal. Viki was now fondling and pressing my naked boobs as we continued to fuck unabated.Next he lifted me and gently shifted me to the back seat. He opened his door and came to the back of the car. Now he started to fuck me in missionary, it was his chance to set the intensity and he was leaving no stone unturned to remove escort bursa out his sexual frustration of few days.He thrust harder and deeper into me, for me pain and pleasure blended perfectly to take me to another level. As my moaning was becoming harder, he picked up my thong from the front seat and shoved it in my mouth. That was so fucking hot, a guy fucking me properly like a man, touching my soul, for a moment I wanted him to breed me.In between he forcefully turned me around to fuck me in doggy style. I was surprised by his shift in behaviour from a soft tender lover to a forceful dominant alpha. He was now fucking me in doggy style and I was moaning and singing his name. Almost forgot, I had two orgasms uptill now and was on the verge of a third one.He was going deeper inside me. As his cock thrust harder I could hear the sound of our bodies colliding. It was pure lust, pure carnal human nature coming to the fore. In 2 minutes I cummed. It was so powerful I was literally shivering, I squirted all over the backseat. Viki climaxed soon after and he ejaculated his semen all over my hips. We both collapsed.Viki used my thong to wipe his semen off my hips. So he made me wear cum soaked panties. We smooched each other and acknowledged how good this session was and how we both needed it. We both drove home and I told Riddhi that Viki picked me up from my friend’s place.———Endless QuickiesOne morning I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast (around 7 a.m.) when Viki grabbed me from behind and started to plant soft kisses on my neck. I immediately got goosebumps. His hands roamed freely all over my body. He felt my breasts lovingly over my tank top, slid his hand over my pussy, and squeezed my hips. I was trying to stop him, and also not trying to stop him.It didn’t take long for his hands to go under my tank top as he groped my naked boobs. He whispered in my ear, “Good morning”. After fondling my breasts his hands slid down inside my leggings. As he played with my warm and wet pussy he again whispered into my ear, “You are wet Mahima, naughty girl.” It was like he had got a free pass and he was driving me crazy!Riddhi would usually wake up at 8 am so he was making the most of this alone time with me. He turned me around and smooched me. I also got into the act and grabbed his dick with my hand as we smooched. I was wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps, he pulled one of the straps down and pulled the shirt lower exposing my right boob. He lowered his head and started to lick my exposed nipple and then sucked on my nipple, and hard pressed my boobs. I was aroused and totally in his control.Next he lifted me up and made me sit on the kitchen slab. Then he pulled my leggings down exposing my yellow lace panties. I whispered to him, “Viki what are you doing?”He responded by putting his finger on my mouth indicating me to shut up. He pulled down my panties and started to give me cunninlingus! I was scared if Riddhi saw us like this, but I had no choice. I wanted him to lick me, and in fact getting fucked in the kitchen was one of my fantasies.Viki licked my vulva like a salivating dog. I enjoyed the sensation, it made me feel so empowered and boosted my confidence. He slowly licked my labia and proceeded to toy around with my sensitive clit. My hand was on his head with my fingers running through his hair as he licked me like a good boy. Sometimes I would direct him to my clit when he would stray away. I was oozing juices and he was slurping them up.Within 5 mins we both were charged up and he wanted to hump me from behind. He pulled me down from the slab and made me bend at my waist as he entered me from behind. My hands were resting on the granite as he pounded me like a wild a****l. I was holding my hand over my mouth to control the moaning and to muffle any sort of sound.As he came closer to me, his hands entered inside my tank top from the sides and grabbed both my boobs. He pressed them as he pumped me from behind. This was a proper quickie as he did not slow down but kept up the tempo. In 5 minutes I cummed and soon after he too withdrew in anticipation of ejaculation. He immediately picked up my panties and emptied out his load in them.Obviously I couldn’t go bottomless to my room to wear a fresh set of panties so I quickly wore his cum soaked panties and wore my shorts over them. He kissed me and said, “my good girl, you are too good!” and patted my hips.After our morning quickie we both got busy with our chores. Viki went to the office and I got busy helping Riddhi as usual. Little did she know I was wearing panties that were soiled by her husband’s semen. Rest of the day went as usual. Viki returned in the night but we played it cool and behaved normally as before. I retired for bed early as Viki spent more time with Riddhi watching TV.Suck quickies were quite a regular affair.——–Early Early MorningAs you would have guessed Viki was addicted to my body. Sometimes he would get strong urges for me which would keep him awake the whole night. Masturbating wont help, he had tried it many times. The only solution being to be with me.In such cases, Viki would come over to my room at around two or three a.m. and then go back to sleep next to Riddhi görükle escort around five or six a.m.. We will rarely have sex during the night as all he wanted to do was cuddle with me. It was more of an emotional thing for him, in that moment I would be a nurturing woman for him. I would rest his head between my boobs, he would spoon me and sleep holding my breasts, or we will sleep tightly hugging each other. It is amazing how a man and woman fit together!If the night was more about cuddling, the morning after was all about sex. Both of us would get up early in the morning and we would be terribly horny. Sometimes he would wake me up by entering me!Once I was wearing frilly night shorts that were very short. He got up in the morning, moved the shorts to the side along with my panties and entered me. I was sleeping sideways and he ended up fucking me in the same position. In fact, I woke up to just moan his name softly. He was fucking me as I lay sideways, my pussy was oozing juices as he continued to fuck me at an intense pace. It was a soul fucking moment for both of us as we cummed simultaneously.Then one morning I got up to see that I am topless. As I got up I realized my hands were tied with my t-shirt. I had heard and read about BDSM but never experienced it. I was incredibly horny thinking what Viki had planned for me. But he was nowhere to be seen.I was trying to untie my hands that is when Viki entered. He told me to stop and made me lie down on the bed. Then he put an eye shade on me, so I was now blind. He whispered in my ear, “You have been a very bad and naughty girl Mahima, so now you will be punished.”That sentence just made me so horny, I can’t really explain. Just that helpless feeling and a man you trust taking advantage of you in this way. He touched my breasts and played with my nipples as he called me naughty and then lingered his hand softly over my pussy.Viki pulled my shorts and panties making me completely nude. He then shoved his cock on my face and told me, “Naughty girl your punishment starts now. Lick this like a lollipop.”I did as he said and was shamelessly licking and sucking his cock. It was a completely new experience of doing it blindfolded. Viki would slap my boobs or pinch my nipples as I gave him one hell of a blowjob. He then put his balls in my mouth and I used my tongue to caress his nuts. He was lovingly running his hands through my hair as I had his balls in my mouth.Next he pushed me down and went straight for my pussy. He started to lick my vulva as I was oozing juices for him. Then he circled my clit and played with me as he wished. He put two fingers inside my cunt and licked my clit. I was somehow controlling myself, I was softly moaning but my moans were getting louder. To be safe Viki shoved my panties in my mouth. I was completely in his control, hands tied, blindfolded and gagged!As he continued to eat me for breakfast, I lasted only about 10 minutes before I got a squirting orgasm. I squirted on his face literally, the orgasm was one of the strongest I had got. He again came to my ears and whispered, “my naughty girl, your punishment has just started.”I was now expecting him to enter me (the usual trend) but he surprisingly went to licking my pussy clean. Then I got the surprise of a lifetime, he went below my pussy and started to lick my asshole. I was not expecting this, I tried to stop him but I was gagged.He started to lick my asshole and it was a completely new experience for me. He was inserting his tongue inside my asshole and doing all sorts of stuff! It was too much for me, I was squirming out of control. He then spat on my hole make it more wet and without warning inserted his little finger inside. I gasped, not sure in excitement or in shock. He then went to licking my clit again as his index finger entered my pussy. He was now finger fucking both my holes and licking my clit. I was out of this world. This was beyond soul fucking and quite intense. I could feel the warmth out of my asshole.I lasted only 5 mins or so before I got another orgasm!Viki entered my pussy and started to slow fuck me as he eased me into a new sequence just after two powerful orgasms. Within a couple of minutes he was fucking me like an a****l. He was thrusting fast and wiggling his dick inside of me, then he grabbed and pressed my heavy bosoms, sucking my nipples like a baby. We both were glistening with sweat as he increased the intensity. In just three minutes or so we both cummed and collapsed over each other.He removed my gag and eye shades. I scolded him to try anal without my permission. He said we didn’t do it, I was just having fun with you.————Six months passed like lightning and it was time to go. I had been a great help and support for Riddhi in taking care of Sara, she thanked me numerous times for my efforts. Little did she know I was also her husband’s mistress now. And that her husband loves to lick her sister’s cunt and is addicted to her pussy.Viki was indeed crazy about me. In our lust-driven relationship of four months we got to learn a lot about each other. He was clearly sad about me leaving but his heart was filled with hope.Sequels are always difficult but hope I have done justice to the story. Many people asked me about my husband in the comments section, I will surely include him in future stories.Let me know how chapter two was by adding comments. What else would you like to see Mahima do as a devoted sister-in-law?

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