Indian Wife , the Sea of Lust Ch. 02


Hello readers, this is a continuation of the earlier part ‘Indian Wife & the Sea of Lust Ch.01’. This part contains the sexual part of the story, so please read the earlier part to get a better idea and the gist of the story.

Rakesh was rubbing her bare back giving her goosebumps all over her body. Sheetal whispered in his ear,” I love you too”. It gave Rakesh some different energy.

He kissed her ear, nibbled on it. Sheetal was letting out soft moans while brushing his hair. Rakesh ran his tongue down to her neck. He was licking her neck. He softly bit her neck and started sucking on it. Sheetal’s eyes went up and she let out a hiss. She was going crazy with Rakesh giving her love bites. Rakesh slowly held her hand and put it on his crotch. Sheetal felt something throbbing. She quickly pulled her hand back. She was feeling really shy. Her ears were getting really hot. Rakesh looked deep in her eyes. They were completely drunk with lust. Her face was looking sweaty. Few hair strands were stuck to her sweaty forehead.

Rakesh gently held her face. And gave her a long deep kiss. He was deeply in love with her. Their kiss broke as he smiled remembering her beautiful face. He looked at her, she was taking long deep breaths. He gulped and loosened his pajamas. He let out a small breath of relief, he was having a throbbing hard-on and the tied pajamas were making it uncomfortable. Sheetal was looking in another direction. She was blushing a lot.

Rakesh again held her hand and kept it on his crotch. She didn’t pull it back this time. She just closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She could feel the heat of his dick even through those pajamas. Rakesh slowly slid down his pajamas and Sheetal’s hand was now on Rakesh’s hard dick. Sheetal quickly opened her eyes as she felt Rakesh’s veinous dick. It was not too big, just the average size but he had good girth. Sheetal was just sitting looking at his beautiful organ in her soft hand. Rakesh was going crazy with just the whole sight. He had dark skin complexion and that meant an even darker dick. Her fair hand with a few bangles, with a red nail polish and fading mehendi with his dark dick in her hand, was a sight making Rakesh go crazy.

Sheetal was feeling moist between her legs now. Rakesh had an uncircumcised dick, he took his fingers and slid the foreskin down. A strong musky smell hit Sheetal’s anime porno nose. It was his pre cum. His dick head was glistening with it.

Sheetal slowly started to stroke it. Slow but with a steady pace, she had a firm grip on his dick now. Rakesh was in heaven, her soft warm hands were feeling like butter on his dick. He really wanted his dick to enjoy her mouth, but he didn’t want to scare her away with such a request on their first encounter.

Sheetal moved in closer to him and gave him a deep passionate kiss while stroking his dick. Rakesh started to loosen her petticoat, he couldn’t do it properly as Sheetal was sitting down. Rakesh requested her to stand up. Sheetal stood up without wasting even a second. Rakesh first completely undraped her saree and then loosened her petticoat. He pulled it down and her juicy and thick thighs were visible to him. He was drooling over those sexy milky thighs. He looked at Sheetal and gave her a naughty smile. Sheetal blushed like anything and bit her lower lip. Rakesh with a grin on his face placed a finger on her upper thigh where she had a small birthmark, her thighs were really soft. He slowly placed his palm on her thigh and squeezed it. Sheetal was smiling and was letting out deep breaths. Rakesh bent forward and gave a small kiss on her thigh. Then he started to nibble on her soft thighs. He could smell a musky moist smell coming from Sheetal’s panty. He saw a wet spot on her panty. It made him throb more for her. He slowly slid his hand upwards. His fingers touched the stitching of her panties. He knew the heaven he seeks was just a few inches ahead. He slid his fingers in. He could feel her bush. It wasn’t a lot, but just the way he liked. He could feel her sticky wetness on her pubes. Rakesh pulled down her panties and her beautiful pussy came in sight. she had a trimmed and maintained bush down there.

Sheetal was now burning in the fire of lust. She was letting out moans and her breathing had also become intense. Rakesh pulled her down on the bed. Rakesh started to rub her pussy gently. Sheetal gulped and closed her eyes. The rain outside was pouring down heavily, with loud thunders. Sheetal was now moving her hip with the rhythm of Rakesh’s fingers on her pussy. Her clit was standing up shouting for attention. Rakesh took his fingers and licked them, tasting Sheetal’s juices. Her taste asyalı porno was highly arousing for him. Rakesh took his hand down, again rubbing her clit. Sheetal couldn’t control now and started to let out moans and wiggle as his fingers rubbed her clit. He was gently pinching her clit, in between putting two fingers in her pussy. Sheetal felt something she had never felt before. She felt her mind going numb with ecstasy, her toes curled up. She grabbed the bedsheet with her hands, and let out a loud moan. Sheetal had an orgasm on Rakesh’s hand.

She opened her eyes, for a second she just saw blackness in front of her eyes. She was in heaven. Rakesh was looking at her and smiling. Sheetal got up and gave Rakesh a kiss. Rakesh couldn’t control anymore he wanted to feel Sheetal. He pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her. She was looking extremely sexy. Her messed up hair, her body was glistening with sweat. Her chest was heaving and her Mangalsutra on her bare body was making her look really hot.

Rakesh’s dick was throbbing. He was stroking it looking at his super hot wife. He grinned at her and started to rub it slowly on her pussy. An electric current passed through her body. Rakesh’s was just rubbing it on her pussy and her clit, teasing her. Sheetal was biting her lips and letting out soft moans. Rakesh slowly placed his dick on the entrance of her pussy. He was ready to enter the heaven. He slowly started to slide it in. His eyes went in his skull. Rakesh let out a moan, her pussy was really wet. He was going crazy with that wet and warm feeling.

Sheetal on the other hand was enjoying but she felt some pain and discomfort as he stick his dick inside her. Of course not for long. Rakesh slowly increased his pace. He was steady and gentle. Sheetal’s pussy slowly got used to it and lubricated more. The room was getting purified with the sexual energy. Sexual energy is one of the purest and strongest form of energy according to Kamasutra. They both were completely into each other, pun intended.

Sheetal’s hands were searching for something to grab as she felt one more orgasm build inside her. Rakesh felt Sheetal’s pussy twitch and a sudden increase of wetness and warmness. It was an intense pleasure to feel that. Rakesh was on top of her in missionary position, so he could see her boobs shake with his strokes. Her backroom casting porno breasts were looking heavenly with those hard brown nipples, with her Mangalsutra between them. Rakesh stopped for a second and bent down to suck her tits. He was sucking them really hungrily. Sheetal was running her hands through his hair and on his back.

Rakesh started to thrust her again while sucking her boobs. Her pussy was clasping his dick with her walls. She was feeling Intense pleasure and was having a high of the sexual activity. She locked her legs on his hips , pulling him more in. She was moaning really loudly now. The room was filled with her moans and the rain outside was increasing as well, as if it was getting powered by the terrific sexual energy generated by them.

Rakesh increased the speed of his thrusts. Sheetal felt another orgasm build inside her and she dug her fingers in Rakesh’s back. Her pussy was clenching Rakesh’s dick. It was unable for Rakesh to control anymore, he was about to cum. Sheetal felt his dick grow, she tightened her legs around him. Rakesh increased his pace putting himself into the highest gear. He was literally hammering her pussy now.

The room was filled with her moans and a clapping sound. Rakesh gave one last thrust deep inside her and let out a groan and Sheetal let out a loud moan as they both came together. Rakesh Lay on top of her for next five minutes. They both were breathing heavily. The rain outside had also reduced now.

Rakesh lifted himself and looked at Sheetal, she was looking exhausted. Her hair was completely messed up but that was just making her look more beautiful. She was really sweaty, both of them were. Her weary eyes were looking at Rakesh with love filled in them till the brim. She had a faint weary smile. Rakesh saw the love bites he gave on her neck and on her breasts. Her nipples were still standing hard like beads. Her legs were shaking a bit because of their intense love making. Rakesh leaned forward and gave her a kiss. Sheetal felt complete satisfaction with that kiss, as it was a kiss of love. A kiss that depicted pure love and no lust. Rakesh Lay down next to her. They were really tired and fell asleep in no time. The storm outside had subsided along with the storm of lust within them.

Sheetal woke up in Rakesh’s arms the next morning. The sky outside was clear, the birds were chirping and cool fresh breeze was coming through the window. They both were cuddling in the bed, touching each other, kissing each other. This was just a start of their love life. They had lots of intense and unexpected incidents coming towards them.

To be continued –

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