Insatiable at Work Ch. 10: Office


This series may seem chaotic, but it’s all focused on Robin, Julie and Tara (and Bryan). It isn’t completely chronologically arranged. This chapter and the next couple relate to one another; they also help tie things together a little better…enjoy.


So, I texted Tara just after lunch, “Mtg at 5:30?”

A few minutes later she texted back “in boring mtg…lookn forwrd 2r mtg…need bd

At 5:22, I got a call, “Hey cutie, I’m here…wanted to make sure everybody was gone…where are you?”

“Out in the Crabapple Collection, doing some accession work.” I teased her, “Are you ready for our meeting…properly prepared?”

“I can’t wait to show you how prepared I am.”

“Honey, I can’t wait, either…get back her…you still have your keys?”

“Yep…be there in a minute.” She let herself in at one of the gates and met up with me at the base of the big magnolia that stands in the middle of the crabapples.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.” She hugged me, grabbed my hand and looked up at me with a big smile, “This meeting could last a long, long time.”

I reached down and mashed my lips over hers…our tongues locked and I pulled her tight against my body. I thought to myself…fuck, glad the staff’s gone. We were secluded, in the middle of the garden and everything was locked up…but anyone could see the heat between us. I guess it wouldn’t matter, since she doesn’t work here any longer…chill out Rob.

“Honey, let’s go to my office!”

We got to my office, locked the door and clothing just fell to the floor; she was already pulling my shirt off. Anxious and really horny, she pulled my face to hers and told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted to be fucked.

I jammed my tongue into her mouth…we kissed and groped at each other; and her hand moved immediately down, to cup and stroke me. I backed over towards the desk, taking her with me. I flopped down on the chair, dragging her by the hand, “Sweetie, come over here.” I rubbed spit over the head and held it steady, while she spread the lips to get the head past…she’s still tight and struggles a little. I watched as she lowered herself down over me. At first, her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened wide, like she was struggling to pull air or speak…finally she let out a big moaning, “Fuuuck, that’s what I’ve been thinking about all afternoon…that cock…that feeling…fuck! I seriously wanted to call and beg you to meet me in the parking lot.”

“In the parking lot? You are one horny chick…love it.” I laughed, “But, you know, I would’ve been there, waiting. With those gorgeous eyes, brazzers porno (warm hazel with hints of green) I’d fucking do anything for you.”

“I know, honey…that sounds like a plan…maybe tomorrow,” Laughing a little, “I could have my Robbie for lunch!” She wiggled her hips around in an effort to get it as deep as possible; she rode me for a long while…it was fucking heaven, having Tara ride me like that. Each time she slid down over me, she took every fucking inch and she shared her ecstasy with a long groans. At the end of each stroke, I could feel the heat, buried deep inside her body…my dick was throbbing…fuck! “Ride me…fuck yea…that’s good…ride me.”

Her body shook from rubbing on her clit…I knew was probably already close…she was so fucking horny. Aware of the out-of-control pace, I said, “Honey, let’s slow you down…I wanna fuck you for a while…let’s move to the table.”

She climbed off, “That sounds yummy!” (Yes, she 25 years old and uses the word yummy…she’s cute and pulls it off.)

“This’s a first, I’ve never used the conference table for sex (I’d highly recommend it).”

She laughed, “You know, we are in a meeting…its perfect. This’s one of my dirty fantasies…screwing in the office.” I boosted her up and pulled her butt to the edge. “Why haven’t we done this before?”

“I don’t know, but we can have more meetings here. What else happens in your fantasy?”

“Well, my boss goes down on me,” and she spread her legs to encourage my advances.

I was ready to fucking split her in half with my dick, but I really wanted to fulfill her fantasy…and couldn’t resist that pussy. Her lips shimmered with the sex…I fucking had to have some! She’s so tight, but when she’s been fucking, the slit gaps open…an invitation of sorts. I jabbed at it with my tongue, squeezing through the little gap. The girl cream was incredible…licking the traces from her labia, l licked over her lips and circled my tongue over her clit.

“Aaahhh, that’s it honey…I’ve been hard all afternoon…I had a…a clit woody, thinking about our meeting,” she giggled a little. She grabbed at my hair to hold me tighter, between her legs.

“Fuck that’s sooo fucking good…I could never make a choice…you know, one way or the other. I love that tongue and what you do to me…but I love your beautiful cock…too. Mmmm…fuck, I want it all.”

“Sweetie…mmm…yer gonna make me cum…mmmm…yessss.” I knew my Tara…she was already there…on the brink; so, I thrust into her, slamming hard against her pubes. “Oh yeahhh…that’s gooood…best castingcouch-x porno of both…worlds.”

Her legs squeezed tight around my waist and I long-stroked into that pussy. “Yer gonna make me cummmm…yessss…keep it up…just…like that…yessssss.

“Ahhhhhh fuck!” she ground her pussy into me. “Fuck me…fuck me…yesssssss…yesssssss! Cummming…cumming…makin’ me cummmmmm! Yesssss…fuccckkk…yesssssss…yesssss!”

As her orgasm subsided, I kept going, fucking her as hard as I could. I fucked her for all she was worth…I wanted to shoot my load deep inside…I needed satisfaction…soon.

She knew what I wanted, “Sweeti, fuck me…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me!”

I screamed, “Cumming…cumming…m’cumming!”

“Fuck…feel it…I feel it in my pussy…its warm…fill the pussy…fill me…yea, fill my pussy!”

“Wait, wait…I got to keep it…for later.” She put her hand over herself to keep it inside and stumbled over to the desk. She grabbed a mug…yes, my coffee mug. I watched as she centered it and flexed her pussy, to push it all out. The cum…my cum…streamed from her and puddled in the mug.

Flush with memories, I burst out with laughter. I knew that was probably inappropriate, but I really couldn’t help it. My mind raced with questions…I didn’t really know how to explain myself, because it involved a former girlfriend. What do I say…I never talk about past girlfriends with a current girlfriend…good or bad? Isn’t that a cardinal sin? I guess I don’t really have bad things to say about anybody, anyway; and Tara wasn’t really a girlfriend…was she? If she’s a girlfriend that would make Bryan a boyfriend…fuck! She was a close friend that happened to be a fuck-buddy…a very important fuck-buddy. That’s it…she’s a close friend, with (incredible) benefits. We were lovers…that makes more sense. Fuck, Rob, you need to say something…your close…fuck you know her intimate secrets and she knows yours. Your face was just between her legs…fuck, she & Bryan have shared your cock…talk to her.

She looked puzzled, but very serious and said, “I know it looks funny but it really turns me on to have both of you…inside. When I get home, Bryan’s going to fuck me with your seed and top it with his. I’m taking this for lube, to work up inside me. This way, I can have both my men.”

Look, Tara…I’m not laughing at you at all; I think that’s so fucking hot. I just got flashback or déjà vu of an old girlfriend that used to save it for coffee…she even named it, Café Robbé. A couple times I shot directly into her clips4sale porno cup and almost dipped my dick in the coffee…needless to say, I stopped that practice…I didn’t need coffee burns down there.

Tara laughed, “I’m glad you didn’t burn yourself, but I’d like to hear more…and I want some Café Robbé. What was her name?”

“Robin…I’ll have to make one for you.” I made some smart-ass remark like, “If I knew, I could’ve had some sugar to go with the cream.”

“I guess, it’s going to a good cause,” I said, laughing. “But, can you wash it after you’re done?”

She laughed, “Yes, honey, I’ll wash it.”

“Here Princess, why don’t you have a little taste, now?” I scooped some from the top of my dick and raised the finger to her lips. “I know you’ll like this.” Fuck, she had a sexy mouth…deep pink, smooth lips, and a cute impish smile.

“Oh, I know I will,” She licked it from my finger, taking great care to not miss any. “Mmmm…that’s good.”

I know she wanted to get home for round two, but she really wanted to hang out and talk for a while. We liked to talk because we shared so much in common. We had a cup of tea (minus the cream) and walked through the garden. When handing her the cup I smiled, “Honey, I used a clean one, but next time, you might get a little extra shot.”

Laughing she said, “Mmmm…looking forward to that.”

I gave her a few cuttings; I knew she’d like…she was as into it as much as I was. They were some cool begonias, I had come across and set aside. An hour or so later, she got on her way…after, she made me promise to come home with her next time. She said, they both missed me…Bryan had asked what I was up to and wanted to get together. We both agreed a Thunderdome Threesome Night was long overdue and I promised, “…and I got an order of Café Robbé for three.” We both laughed. Anyway, she left after giving me a peck. Carrying cuttings and the mug (of cum), she was excited for what was waiting for her at home…her husband… her other man…another nice cock. I patted her on the butt, as she said, “Call, Sweetie…we miss you!” “And I wanna know more about this mysterious coffee woman.”

Parting at the gate, my thoughts lingered some and it started to make even more sense; she could never make a choice…she didn’t have to make a choice…she had it all. She had two guys catering to her needs; she had everything and liked it that way. I couldn’t see her face, only that hot, buoyant ass; but I knew she was smiling. Fuck, that little, ass, getting into the car…it was tight, round and grab-able…very grab-able. Sometimes, I had a hard time tearing my eyes from its grasp.

Lastly, I guess I don’t have to make a choice either. I have Bryan and Tara. Her cute ass is part of the package. I can hold it, fondle it and enjoy it as much as I want…like Tara, I don’t have to make a choice…I, too, have the best of both worlds.

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