Inside the Mom Taxi


This story takes place between two adults in their 40’s.


Another Thursday afternoon, another taekwondo practice. At least it was summer and she was not forced to spend the hour waiting in the small room set aside for parents. She had escaped out to her mini-van for some much needed peace and quiet.

She loved her daughters, but having them around the house all day, every day took a toll on her sanity. For one thing, she was desperately missing her usual afternoon masturbation session. She glanced around. The parking lot serviced mostly industrial buildings and so there was a minimum of traffic. Her van was parked in shade – as inconspicuous as it could be.

She climbed into the passenger seat and reclined. Slipping one hand under her shirt to begin teasing her nipples, the other went down into her yoga pants, under her underwear and found her clit. She let out a deep sigh and cast around her imagination for a fantasy-of-the-day.

Soon she was regretting not hiding a dildo in her purse. She longed for a hard cock pushing up and into her. She was also realizing that she was going to make a mess. Fortunately swimming lessons had been earlier. She climbed into the middle seat, grabbed a towel from a knapsack, set it in the middle of the seat, and then slipped both her pants and panties off.

Resuming her rhythm, she thrust into herself with three fingers… reaching for her magic spot. Her attention turned inward, so that what was real was her fantasy and a pleasure peak was imminent… she cried out with abandon, pumping herself as the liquid squirted out, creating the most delicious sensations as it did. As the last wave crested, her eyes drifted open – and then she sat straight up and screamed again!

There was a man staring in her side window.

At her scream, he raised his hands in a sign of surrender.

After her initial moment of shock passed, she was surprised to discover that she was attracted to that face. Not simply his physical appearance – but more so his expression. He was looking at her with a mixture of lust and… awe.

Acting on impulse… she opened the side door. He beamed at her, and climbed in.

“I would be honoured to help you with that.” he said, in a pleasantly deep voice.

“All right.” she acquiesced.

He got down on his suited knees, on the floor of her mini-van, and started to kiss his way from her knee upwards. She relaxed again against the seat and briefly entertained the notion that she had had a mental break and her fantasy had come to life. When his tongue ran the length of her cumlouder porno dripping slit, she believed he was real.

Teeth… oh… my goodness… he started to nibble and play along her labia. Not since college had anyone been near that area with any sense of creativity or adventure. She surrendered to him completely.

His hands moved up her thighs and slid under her buttocks – cupping them, massaging them, and using them to keep her angled and pressed into his talented mouth. The pressure inside her built again. She opened her eyes and looked down. The sight of him almost pushed her over. It was clear from his expression that he was enjoying servicing her as much as she was enjoying his focused attention.

She tried to compose a coherent thought. She tried to moan out “I want you” – which was both shorter, and more polite than ‘I want your hard cock inside me’ – but was not sure that her vocal chords managed more than another cry of pleasure. But he did rise up, so she thought he must have understood.

She opened her eyes and stared into his. The intensity of his look stole her breath away. She barely felt one of his hands move up to pause at her opening. He smiled at her and said “Cum for me.”, as he thrust his fingers inside.

And she did.

Connecting through his gaze made the explosion stronger. Her vision narrowed to only his intense stare, while white lights danced at the edges. The final peak forced her eyes closed.

She lay moaning as she floated on a cloud of delicious post-orgasm sensations. She heard a noise and her body startled up, pushing herself up to her elbows. She panicked, afraid he was

leaving. She was relieved to see he was only removing his tie. She took a few minutes to truly look at him – and liked what she saw.

As pleasant as squirting G-spot orgasms were, she wanted the deeper, full body orgasm that only a cock could provide. She reached forwards and ran her hands up his thighs – and discovered a beautifully shaped erection. He smiled down at her encouragingly.

“I want this inside of me” She said in a surprisingly husky voice, that sounded unfamiliar to her ears. “There is a condom in my purse…” she trailed off and laughed, as he was already pulling one out of his wallet. He handed the condom to her, then sat on the edge of the seat and properly removed his shoes, socks, pants and boxers – laying each folded on the front passenger seat. He got huge points for not leaving on the socks.

He knelt in front of her and presented himself for the condom. Her brain had cleared enough czech amateurs porno that she was able to pause for a few moments and explore his equipment. Reaching her hand along his shaft, she cupped his balls and rolled them lightly in her hand. His look of pleasure and soft moan brought a different kind of tightening between her legs. She stroked back up his cock, and then leaned down and lapped up the drops of pre-cum that were forming. It was his turn to close his eyes.

Lapping and licking, she continued to stroke down, cup the balls, and then stroke up again. His taste was addictive. She became mesmerized by the rhythm of her own ministrations.

A few minutes later, he growled “Condom – now.”

The tone of his command – the underlying urgency – clenched her inner muscles again. Instantly their priorities were aligned, and she ripped the packet open, and rolled the safety barrier in place.

Hooking his hands behind her knees, he pulled her to the edge of the seat with a strength that was exciting. She needed no prompting to spread her legs for him. He smiled down at her, and brought his cock to run along her opening. It was her turn to moan.

He slipped inside – just the tip – and pulled out. The next thrust he entered more. She frowned and was about to say “More” when on the third thrust he slammed himself all the way home. Instead she was saying “Yes!”

She was wet and he was hard and they were both ready for the final run to the finish line. He set up a steady rhythm of thrusting and she wrapped her legs around his waist, and held on. The pounding was incredible. With every push of his hips he drove himself deep inside her – slamming against all of her hungry, waiting nerve endings. Small explosions of sensation were already bursting inside of her. Instinctively he went harder; faster.

Her yips and mews and higher pitched noises gave him a guide to her progress. Her eyes were sealed tightly again. No fantasy man was needed this time – one had appeared. She would contemplate the magic of that another time… right now the explosions were getting larger – and closer together – they were building and building to something more than she had experienced in a long, long time… ohhhh… ohhhhhhhhh…


Her screams this time were exclusively for him. She dug her nails into his back, and tried to stifle her sounds in his shoulder, but he pulled her head back using her hair and commanded “No – scream for me.”

She did.

Seconds later, as the convulsions that had stiffened her body started to czech casting porno recede, he gave his final command: “Look at me.”

Again she was gazing into his eyes – locked in his intense spell. One, two, three slams… and then he too closed his eyes and lay back his head. She felt him explode inside her – setting off her inner fireworks again. Their bodies pulsed together – he moved to keep the waves breaking against the shore, but shortly the seas calmed.

The beginnings of embarrassment flickered in her brain. She shut them down. She had needed this – and was not going to question how it came about. Part of her wanted to say thank you. She settled on:


His head had come to rest against her shoulder, and he murmured his agreement into her neck – which sent wonderful shivers down to join the aftershocks.

Her phone rang. He chuckled, pulled out and sat up on the bench seat, as she leaned towards her purse and answered.

“Thank you. I’ll be right there. I just had something that needed taking care of”.

She looked back to see that he was already closing his pants and moving to his shoes. She grabbed her own pants, and cast her eyes around for her panties…

“I thought I would keep these for a souvenir” he said from behind her. She looked back. He was holding her panties close to his face, and as she looked he inhaled appreciatively and grinned at her, then slipped them into his pocket. She grinned back.

Pulling on pants without underwear completed her feeling of utter recklessness and meant that it was impossible to dismiss what had just happened as fantasy. She wondered if he had meant her to be reminded.

She watched him deftly re-tie his tie and on impulse reached forward and tightened the knot and straightened it for him. This act for a stranger seemed suddenly more intimate than what they had just done. She blushed lightly.

His hand came up – and for an awkward moment she thought he was going to shake her hand – but he brought it to her cheek, and then leant forward to brush his lips across hers. Leaning back, he said “Thank you for allowing me help a lady in distress.”

Thinking quickly she noted “The lady may be in distress other Thursday afternoons…”

He smiled – but in a slightly sad way. “I was only in the area today – for a meeting – when I heard your … cries for help.”

She nodded. Two vans over she heard shouting. Real life was closing in.

“Your rescue was much appreciated.” She leaned into his mouth for a substantial good bye kiss.

“Farewell!” she said softly, imbuing the word with a light tone of regret.

“Farewell M’Lady.” The sliding door opened and closed – and he was gone.

She shook her head to clear it once more, smiled as she felt the alien sensation of moving without underwear on, and left the van to re-enter the fray of mundane life.

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