InspectionShe stands there before him naked, toes curling and flexing nervously. Hands by her side fingers aimlessly tapping her thighs as she waits. Biting her bottom lip, anxious that he likes what he sees. Hair tousled and messy cascading down her shoulders, resting lightly on her breasts, gently caressing her skin with the soft movement of her breathing. He sits there watching intently, drinking in the scene before him. Watching her soft delicate toes as the wriggle, over her legs, watching her soft thighs gently, almost imperceptibly glide over one another as she stands. Following the shape of her thighs to her vulva.So soft and supple, that dark shadow of her vulva pressed together, hinting at the soft, warm pink flesh beneath, his gaze, lingering just enough to make her heart pulse faster, her breath deepening as she looks at his intense gaze.His bahis firmaları eyes lift further over her body, her soft stomach, following the shape with his eyes, every contour and feature. His lips part softly, exposing a soft wet tongue glistening in the light as it glides between his lips to moisten them. Dry from the anticipation, the excitement of having her stood before him. Watching her discomfort at the intense scrutiny.She watches him, sees him licking his lips, her heart almost skips with the suggestion of his pleasure. She begins to stare back, growing in confidence, almost certain that he is enjoying what he sees. Doubt still lingers in her mind, fear keeping her toes curling, fingers tapping. She begins to look at him in detail, her eyes meet his.An almost physical shock explodes through her body as their eyes meet, she quickly looks kaçak iddaa somewhere, anywhere else.Her heart races, pulse loud in her ears, the rushing noise of her blood almost drowns out any other sensation. She retreats within herself, shutting her eyes tightly, refusing to look again, fearing her own reaction. She begins to tremble, hearing her breathing loud in her own ears. She desperately tries to calm herself, she can hear nothing but the rush of blood in her ears and her breathing, sounding ragged, her mouth becoming dry.As he sees her reaction to his gaze, body trembling, mouth slightly open, her glistening lips beginning to dry, her chest heaving as she almost pants for air. A wry smile crosses his face, knowing that she is his to do with as he pleases. To punish or, reward, deny or approve her wants. As he sees her eyes close tightly, her kaçak bahis head lowered. Recognising the mix of fear and anticipation within her, knowing that in her mind she is fighting for control, fighting the urge to open her eyes, to turn and leave. He slowly, quietly begins to lift himself from the chair. He stands there before her unknowing form, head tilting sideways to gain a new perspective of his subject, seeing things for the first time, that went un-noticed before. Her labia proud of her vulva, the dark plump skin, so sensitive, so malleable protruding slightly from her. As he steps stealthily towards her, he can see how she has reacted physically to his gaze. He skin tight, goose bumps cover her body, her soft downy hair erect, adding a soft glow to her skin as the light is softly defused.He reaches out toward her, his hand mere centimeters from her body. Tracing the outline of her without touching. Feeling the warmth of her body. Anticipating how she will feel…….Is this good enough to do more? Or should I save myself the bother? Please let me know.

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