Irish Hospitality Ch. 03


Ireland and Kinsale.

Eileen got them on the motorway, heading south, Tom snoozed for the beginning of the journey, as Eileen and Vera quietly chatted.

He thought his luck had changed, Eileen and Vera were two very attractive women, both a little older than his usual taste in females, their bodies were dissimilar but both were desirable, Eileen was slightly shorter than Vera, slightly curvier, she had beautiful green eyes and long red frizzy hair, her boobs were magnificent, the sight of them enjoying each other sexually was a great stimulation, they seemed comfortably well off, the car must be one hundred thousand or more and they were both sexually charged to say the least, maybe he would settle for awhile.

The journey to just outside Kinsale took six hours. Tom was wide awake taking in the scenery, as they skirted Cork, he liked the look of the bit of the city he saw, he was a little excited and nervous at his immediate future, new country, two insatiable stunning mature women, their expectations of him, his ability to cope, perhaps he might need some viagra he thought.

They turned off the road just before a sign reading Kinsale, they turned into a private metalled drive, with a sign indicating, ‘Kinsale Stud and Stables , Private’, into a canopy of trees that formed an archway over the drive for about half a mile, then the trees gave way to open big sky, the sun broke through the clouds as the fenced fields of Vera and Eileen’s farm opened before them, the fields slopping to the sea in the distance, a large jagged rock formation was rounded and beyond revealed the house and to the right of it a large stable yard. Tom was awestruck, he was surprised at the beauty and size of the place. The large Georgian style house faced the sea and the coast line.

The car was parked at the large front door, which opened almost immediately. As they got out of the car and stretched to flex their bodies from the trip, Vera and Eileen were greeted with hugs and kisses by a woman of around forty and a young girl of about nineteen to twenty years old, both express their pleasure at the return of Vera and Eileen, all four of them were smiling broadly. Tom joined the smiles too, enjoying the pleasant exchange.

Vera introduced Tom to Bridie and her daughter Megan, handshakes were exchanged. Eileen explained Bridie ran the house, Megan assisted her and Tom was told to ask them for anything he needed, Tom was introduced as a friend and guest who was going to be stopping and doing odd jobs around the place. “Put his stuff in the room adjoining ours please and show him it, then the rest of the house Bridie, we’ll show him the estate tomorrow, after we’ve had a meal and some bed.” Bridie and Megan grabbed some bags and Tom with his arms full too followed them into the house and up the wide marble staircase, he marvelled at the architecture, the woodwork, the decor and Bridies and Megan’s beautifully shaped rears. Delights for his eyes everywhere.

On the first floor they led him to the west of the house, to his adjoining room of his hosts, it was massive, a large bed, a sofa, two arm chairs, wardrobe and bedside tables, opulent. Tom couldn’t help beam at his luck. Megan showed him the view across lush fields with grazing horses and beyond to the sea. It was magnificent. Bridie opened the adjoining door, to take her bags to Vera and Eileen’s bedroom and disappeared ankara escort into it. Megan quick as a flash grabbed Tom and kissed him, full on, smiling and giggling as she pulled away, as Bridie her mother, called her. Leaving Tom supprised and interested.

Tom took in his surroundings and the view which was partly shrouded in mist out to sea.. Bridie returned and informed Tom that dinner was served at eight, drinks at seven thirty, dress informal. smiling Bridie left him and Megan followed.

Freshly showered and dressed in jeans and a polo necked black jumper, being the only decent thing he had, he sauntered down stairs taking in the fine details of Vera’s and Eileen’s home, he found the lounge, where everyone was gathered, Eileen, Vera, Megan, Bridie, Eva who was thier business manager, Sal the stable manager, both were introduced to Tom by Vera. Tom notice he was the only male present.

Everyone was happily chatting, they were obviously pleased to see the return of their employers, genuine displays of friendship and affection, confirmed by laughter and general signs of familiarity, touching, hugs and and occasional cheek kisses. Cocktails were sipped adding an air of sophistication to the occasion. During the cocktails, Eileen moved around the room, passing comments to the guests, she also popped in an our of the large Georgian reception room, to supervising the cooks and servers. Tom watched Vera, her eyes followed Eileen everywhere, Vera was wearing a sheer long evening dress, low cut and scooped at the back, giving a view of her toned torso, her bobbed hair style suited her fine facial features and long elegant neck, she wore no bra, her nipples were prominently bumps on display, her medium sized boobs jiggled as she moved.

The dinners were called to the table just after eight, by a smartly dressed blond woman a little younger than Tom, she was dressed in black, her accent sounded east European to Tom, he was struck by her beauty, her willowy figure and her strong blue eyes. Vera organised who sat where, indicating Tom sat between herself and Eileen.

Tom looked at the women seated around the table and was struck by the variety of low cut dresses being worn, each showing ample cleavage and hints of perky nipples, he couldn’t help his self, he noticed the care they had taken in their grooming, hair, make up and nails were immaculate. Olga who called them to the table and another young woman slightly younger by about five years, served the first course of potato and leek soup, they too were immaculate in their turn out.

Tom was peppered with questions about his self which he fielded, being vague and light hearted in his replies, as Eileen stroked his thigh at every opportunity, getting dangerously close to his stiffening cock on each progressive stroke.

Dinner progressed through the courses, potato and leek soup, main of lamb, desert of bread and butter pudding and lots of wine… The talk got louder, more ribald and suggestive. Eileen had unzipped Toms trousers and was slowly wanking his rock hard cock. He was about to drink some wine when Vera said to him, ” be careful not to spill any…” Eileen smiled at her lover and stopped wanking him with him on the edge, just at the point of shooting his load everywhere, he wanted Eileen to carry on, but didn’t want to embarrass his self either.

After a few minutes, Vera took escort ankara Tom in hand and slowly slide her hand up and down his shaft, near to the point of him coming she stopped and stood up. “Ladies, I must say it’s great to be home, to see you all looking so good and dressed for this occasion. I want to introduce Tom to you formally, Eileen and I met him in Chester, asked him if he would come back with us and live here. He’s going to do a few jobs around the estate and for Eileen and myself.” This bought smiles from everyone and embarrassment to Tom as the ladies all looked at him. “A toast, to Tom and satisfaction through endeavour.” Glasses were raised and to a person “Tom and satisfaction”. Introductions were made around the table, Tom found the onslaught of names to much to take in, he would have to write them down. Maybe he would write a summary of each of them when he got to know them better.

The the atmosphere had become edgy. Tom had two hands wanking his hard cock beneath the table, he was close to his satisfaction. Eileen covered his raging cock with a table napkin and they both slid their hot hands up and down his exploding cock as he closed his eyes tight and shot the content of his balls into the napkin, wonderful relief for Tom. Amusement for the watching bright eyed lady diners, his sticky load captured and his rod wiped clean, Eileen placed the open napkin on the table soiled side up as Tom opened his eyes, all eyes were on him and the globs of sperm on the fine Irish linen serviette. Vera nodded to Eva who was near his age and had been introduced as the stable manger, leaned over the table with a graceful movement and licked the globs of fresh come from the napkin, revelling and in the taste as she fixed her stare on Tom, who couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She licked her lips and sat back in her seat savouring the addition course, to the smiles of the others. Eileen pointed to their farm manger, Sal and indicated she should go under the table, she did, the busty mature blond who Tom estimated to be around forty five years old, slipped elegantly from being seated to being gone from view, Toms eyes widened in surprise as a warm mouth closed around his still hard cock. Sal lapped and sucked his sticky tool to clean it, Tom closed his eyes in ecstasy as she felated him and licked his ball sack. He was near again to coming, but Sal stopped and retuned to her seat and shared a hot tongue fencing kiss with Megan, as Eva kissed Bridie, Vera whispered to Tom, “Megan just turned eighteen last week. She’s a hot young girl.” Tom needed to come again, his senses were on overload from what had happened. The respectability of the dinner had been replaced by the ladies sexual appetites being stimulated and by him being used for it.

Tom was not finished with yet. Eileen and Vera gripped his slick hard cock with a hand each as Olga and her assistant removed their chairs as Vera and Eileen stood from the table and Tom followed as their grip tighter on him and he naturally followed them standing. The red angry looking tip of his cock stood out from the two hands of Eileen and Vera, causing their dinner guests to make appreciative noises as it came into view. Olga and her assistant Ashine were offered his cock, both got to their knees and licked and sucked the two inches of cock not in the grip of the two hands. They savoured the morsel in turn, Olga taking ankara escort bayan the lead sucking it, then his balls as her young assistant rolled her tongue around his tender head, inevitably in quick time as both Olga and Ashine lapped on his glans and his hosts wanked him, he shot his load on them, spurt after spurt of his sperm drenched them, covering their mouths and cheeks with his pearlescent essence. Toms eyes were closed tightly as he shot his sperm from the stimulation, he heard all the ladies utter appreciative sounds as he exploded once again. Olga and Ashine stood and kissed and shared his deposit as they swapped the sperm between their mashing mouthes.

Tom was astounded at everything that had happened to him, even more so as then Vera kissed Ashine and Olga kissed Eileen. His hard on unsurprisingly had not subsided one bit as Vera and Eileen still held him and wanked him slowly. The sight of four women kissing was beyond his wildest fantasy. Eileen broke her kiss and so did Vera, they kissed each other sensually as Olga and Ashine recomposes theirselves and started to clear the table. Megan and Bridie left the dinning room with hands full of dishes and cutlery and Sal and Eve replaced the chairs. Vera asked Tom if he enjoyed his meal causing Eileen to laugh. Still with their hand firmly gripping his manhood, they wanked him slowly. “Shall we go to bed now” Eileen asked them both, “I want this inside me” she stated flatly.

They lead him by the cock upstairs to their bedroom, awkwardly wanking him as they went. Eileen suggested “viagra would be less of an hand full and keep you hard all day, what do you think Tom, shall we get some little blue tablets?” Tom smiled at the thought of a twenty four hour hard on… . In their bedroom with a hand on his penis all the time, holding him, keeping him excited, his clothes we removed, then Vera and Eileen in turn remover their dresses, revealing their sensual bodies neither having any underwear on. Tom was rock hard, his libido in full ready for action mode. Vera and Eileen kissed heatedly, still holding him, tongues entwining in each other mouths, lips mashing, breasts rubbing sensually rubbing together, hard nipples brushing, all exciting the two lovers to a sexual pitch. They turned to face Tom each with a hand holding his rod. Vera knelt and Eileen followed her, both their mouths descended on Toms cock and it was licked in tandem. Tom was beside his self with lust, enthralled at his two women’s administrations on his hard as rock throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe the sensation coursing through his veins. The lovers kissed as they sucked and licked his cock head, tongues wrapping around his knob end as they traded it between their open mouths.

Tom erupted, he shot his come into their mouths, he pumped and pumped till he was empty of his hot semen. Vera and Eileen discarded him lost to their love for each other and Toms hot slightly salty spunk as they stirred around each other’s mouthes with their tongues. He sank on the bed, his legs giving away. Vera and Eileen flowed him, carrying on their heated passionate kissing, their naked bodies rubbing over his torso. Both the seemingly insatiable ladies rode him till he had no more, he was drained.

Tom was exhausted he couldn’t respond, to further attempts to get him hard, his cock had softened, he was near to sleep. Soon Tom slipped into a heavy sleep, as Vera and Eileen sucked and licked each others cunts extracting the dribble of come the drained Tom had managed to give them after all his spending in the last few hours, they finished off each other with climaxes, as they did every night.

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