Irresistible Ch. 01


“Roger, you’re so naughty!” my beautiful wife whispered in my ear. My arm was draped around her shoulders with my fingers teasing her nipple through her tight t-shirt. My wife is sexy and cute more than she is gorgeous and stunning. She’s 5’2″, soft curves surrounding firm thighs, ass and tits. She has a cute, round face and brown eyes that sparkle with mischief. Her brown hair was pulled in a ponytail. I bit her neck lightly.

“You love it. Don’t lie.” She shivered slightly.

“But my sister,” she whispered back. “She’s staring at us.”

It was true, of course. Stephanie, Laura’s younger sister was sitting in the Barca-Lounger facing us. There was a movie playing, some lame rom-com, on the TV, but Stephanie’s eyes were on us. Four years younger than my wife’s 30, Steph was a bit of a fixture at our place- always over for meals, drinks and company. She and Laura have very similar bodies, but where Laura sparkles, Stephanie smolders. She’s a bit darker and has a bit of mystery about her. Her legs were crossed tightly together under her short skirt and her eyes were locked on Laura’s nipple as it grew under my attentive fingers.

“I know. She’s staring at your nipple, baby,” I said as I gave it a quick, hard pinch. “But I wonder…Is she staring because she wants what you’re getting, or is she staring because she wants to play with it?”

My fingers went from teasing her nipple to squeezing her firm breast. Rubbing my palm over it, then squeezing it and pointing her hard nipple right at Stephanie. Steph’s eyes widened a little bit, but she otherwise showed no reaction.

Laura moaned softly and shifted her body a bit on the couch- pulling her right leg on the couch, knee bent, so she could face me. This pulled her heather gray sweat shorts tight against her crotch. The outline of her sweet pussy lips were visible. She leaned her face in close to my ear. Her hot breath on my neck.

“That’s just naughty,” she said loud enough that Stephanie just might be able to hear. “Wanting to play with her sister’s tits. I’m sure she just wants you, baby. Wants your strong hands on her tits.”

“I don’t know,” I said, pitching my voice so that Steph could hear me if he concentrated. “I think she wants you. I think she wants to feel your tits.” I covered her entire C-cup breast with my hand, her nipple poking out hard between my fingers, and squeezed. She moaned. “She wants your sexy thighs.” My hand dropped to her leg, right above her knee. My fingertips tracing upwards along the curve of her thigh. When they reached the hem of her shorts, they slipped underneath. The feeling of my fingers teasing the smooth, soft skin of her inner thigh made her shiver slightly.

I looked down. The outline of my hand underneath her shorts was clearly visible. I looked across the room at Stephanie. Her eyes were glued to my hand. She watched as my hand inched higher up Laura’s inner thigh. My fingers reached the edge of her panties. I could feel the heat of Laura’s sex radiating through her panties as I delicately ran my fingers over them, up between her lips. Her panties were wet and hot.

Laura leaned her head back and stifled a moan. She took a quick glance at her sister, still watching us intently, then closed her eyes. I continued to tease her, slowly running my index and middle fingers along her slit. Her panties were getting wetter with every stroke. I could smell her arousal and wondered if Stephanie could too. I trapped one of her labia with my fingers- my middle finger encased by her panty-covered lips, my index finger on the outside rubbing along the juncture of her lip and her thigh. She moaned again, a little louder this time, and her hand rose to pinch her own nipple. I leaned in and kissed her neck.

“Is this good?” I whispered. Laura just nodded.

“Are you sure? Because Stephanie…” I let the thought dangle in the air. Laura nodded again, and I slipped my fingers under her panties. She was wet and slick. Her arousal was making a mess of her panties and her closely trimmed hair was matted with it. I slipped my fingertip into her opening and spread her wetness up between her lips to her clit. I swirled a slow circle around her clit and Laura arched her back and moaned.

Laura’s hand found my lap and started caressing my shaft through my slacks. I was already hard and very turned on. We had been affectionate- kissing, grabbing, flirting- in front of Stephanie before, but it had never quite gone this far. We had never talked about it, but we both liked being watched and we could tell that Stephanie liked watching. Laura’s gentle caressing became firmer and soon she was stroking my cock through the tent it had created in my pants.

I took another quick look over at Stephanie. Her legs were rubbing together and her left hand was toying with her breast. She was still staring at us as I leaned in and kissed Laura. Her mouth opened to mine, and soon our tongues were twining around each other. She caught my bottom lip lightly between my teeth and my middle ankara escort finger slipped inside her hot, tight channel. She was so wet that there was an audible plopping sound as my palm connected with her mons. She stiffened and moaned into my mouth and grabbed my cock harder.

“I want you so fucking bad right now,” she whispered.

“I can tell, baby,” I said. “I want you too. Right now.”

I had begun sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, as much as her shorts would allow- wet slapping sounds accompanied my every thrust. Laura’s hand started for my zipper, then hesitated. She grabbed hold of my rock hard cock again through my pants.

“Fuck off, Steph,” she said just loud enough for Stephanie to hear.

Stephanie spoke for the first time in what seemed like hours.

“I want to stay,” she said. Her voice cracked a little as if her throat was parched.

“Steph, please,” Laura said. “You’re…” She stopped mid-sentence as my hand, finger buried to the hilt inside her ground against her clit.

“Stephanie,” I said. “You’re welcome to stay, but no monkey business. Little monkeys stay on the chair, ok?”

“OK,” she said.

I tool Laura’s hand and placed it back on my zipper. She moved it away, but not far. She was rubbing my cock again. She broke our kiss and stopped rubbing then. She chanced another look at Stephanie and paused for a moment. Then it looked like she had come to some sort of decision because she slipped off the couch and knelt in front of me, between my legs.

Stephanie had a clear side view of us as Laura reached forward and undid my belt. Then my button. Then my zipper. She opened my pants wide and stared at my throbbing cock threatening to tear through my boxers. Laura leaned in and planted a kiss on it. She looked up at me and there was that sparkle in her eyes. She leaned in again and took it between her teeth- giving me a little nip halfway up my shaft. Her mouth was as hot as an oven and I could feel her breath on me. Laura’s hands went to my hips. I knew what was coming and lifted my butt off the couch. She jerked my pants and boxers down. When they were clear of my crotch, my fully erect cock sprang straight up.

Laura wrapped her hands around my shaft, spreading my precum over the head. She didn’t look over at Stephanie, but I could tell she was positioning her body to give Steph an unobstructed view. She bent her head down and licked the head of my cock, tasting my excitement. I was so turned on that my legs were twitching on the couch. I put my hands on Laura’s head and gently urged her back towards my cock.

She took it into her mouth. Slowly and steadily, my dick disappeared into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she took me until her nose was pressed against my short pubic hair. She swallowed then, and the feeling of her tongue and throat working my shaft was unreal. She had never taken me that deep before. Someone gasped. It was probably me, but maybe it was Stephanie. I didn’t look. My eyes were only for Laura at this moment. She drew back a little bit and went back down. She started a gentle rhythm, bobbing up and down on me. Her own hand had snuck into her shorts and I could hear the sounds of her playing with herself.

After a few moments she took me deep again. Deeper than the first time, if that was even possible. Then she pulled off my cock completely. We both stared at it. Hard and glistening with her saliva- a few drops running down my shaft to collect at my balls. Laura stood up quickly, peeling her shorts and ruined panties off as she stood. She pushed me down on the couch with my feet facing Stephanie, and she crawled on top of me, her naked ass towards her sister. Grabbing my cock in one hand she guided me into her tight pussy.

She was so wet that I slid in very easily, all the way to the hilt. I raised my ass off the couch as she ground herself down on to me. When our bodies met, we froze, savoring the feeling. Laura shuddered. It was barely visible, but I could feel her squeezing me. Her pussy contracting around my cock, convulsing. It lasted maybe ten seconds and then abated. I lowered myself back down to the couch. Laura moved herself down on me again. Then rising up and down. It wasn’t gentle, but it was slow. Up and down. Over and over again, her hot pussy sliding up and down on my cock. We both moaned softly every time she bottomed out on me.

Our rhythm increased, and our moans turned to grunts. Laura stopped suddenly and began trembling again. She was cumming hard. She stopped breathing and her eyes scrunched up tight. Her pussy was gripping me so hard- no fluttering this time, just holding me tight. I felt wetness down my cock and balls. Laura often cums like this: her world just stops- everything tightens up- her eyes, her muscles, her pussy- and then wetness and release. She came down from her peak and started fucking me again. Harder this time. I raised my hips off the couch to meet her thrust for thrust. I could feel my own orgasm building. I was close. I closed escort ankara my eyes. I heard a ringing in my ears…

It was my phone. I came back to reality somewhat. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I opened my eyes and said “Steph, be a good little monkey and answer that please.” I guess I do know what possessed me. I knew that a threesome with Stephanie would be out of the question, but I wanted to bring her in just a little bit closer to our lovemaking.

I heard Stephanie scramble out of the chair after the phone. I looked back into Laura’s eyes and thrust back into her. She caught her breath sharply in surprise. We resumed our fucking, slower and more quietly than before.

“Roger’s phone,” I heard Stephanie say. A pause, then “I’m sorry, he’s busy at the moment. May I ask who’s calling?”

Laura and I shared a giggle. Her laughter caused her pussy to clench my hard cock even tighter.

“Oh, yes Mr. Adams. Let me see if I can pull him away. One moment please.” Oh shit. Don Adams is one of the partners at the firm I work for. If he was calling me at home, late, it was probably pretty important.

Stephanie walked in front of the couch and sat down on the floor near my head. She handed me the phone. I could smell her own pussy on her fingers.

“Roger,” the voice on the other side of the line said. “Sorry for disturbing you at home, but the SAMCO project in Phoenix blew up and we need you there first thing tomorrow. Jennifer will be going with you. In fact, she’s on her way over now with the files you’ll need to hit the ground running. It should only take a couple of days.”

I had stopped fucking. Laura hadn’t. She was raising and lowering herself onto my hard cock again. She and Stephanie shared a look. Laura leaned back a little bit to give Steph a clearer view of our bodies joined together. My cock was drenched in her juices. It was exceedingly hard to concentrate, but something in what Don said made me come to.

“Wait,” I said. “Jennifer’s on her way over now?”

“Yeah. She lives in your neighborhood, doesn’t she?”

She did. We had carpooled a few times and her house was only 5 minutes drive away.

“Yes. OK, Don. I’ll get ready to meet her then. Bye”

I snapped my phone shut. I should have ended it right away, but I was so turned on that there was no way that I could stop. Instead, I grabbed Laura’s hips and started fucking her as hard as I could. She started moaning loader and loader. I heard Stephanie’s breath get faster. Me, I had stopped breathing. I just needed to cum.

In fewer than ten hard strokes I went over the edge. I exploded inside my wife. Jet after jet of my hot cum shot deep into her convulsing pussy. She was cumming too. And hard. Our combined juices flowing out of her pussy and down my cock and balls.

Normally, I love to savor those moments after climax with Laura. Slowly going soft inside her as she gently squeezes me. No time for that this time, however.

A knock on the door.

“We’ve got company,” I said. “Let’s look at least halfway presentable, k?”

The knock startled Laura into action. She stood up and found her shorts, but was spinning around in circles looking for her panties.

Another knock. I stood up and did up my pants. Stephanie stood too, and we all looked for Laura’s panties. They were nowhere to be seen.

“Fuck it,” Laura said and put on her shorts.

Taking one last look to make sure we were all decent, I stepped to the door and opened it.

And there stood Jennifer in the doorway. The porch light cast a golden light on her. She stood about 5’6″ and was all curves. Those curves were very clearly defined by a pair of powder blue yoga pants and a tight babydoll t-shirt. Her thick, jet black hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she held several manilla folders in her hand.

“Hi, Jennifer,” I said. “Please come in.” I stepped aside and gestured for her to enter. She did and a waft of fresh, clean air came in with her. It highlighted the fact that our living room positively reeked of sex. Jennifer noticed this too because her nose wrinkled a bit as if trying to figure out what it was she was smelling. I saw her inhale again through her nose, and her almond eyes widened and a faint blush colored her honey skin.

“Just put the folders on the table,” I said as I walked her inside. “I’m sorry that Don dragged you out in the middle of the night to bring these over.”

“It’s no trouble, really,” she said. “I was just on my way home from yoga when he called. I already had the files in my car, so it was no big deal.”

“Well, I appreciate it all the same. Have you met my wife? Jennifer, my wife Laura.”

Laura stood up from her seat on the couch. Her cheeks were still flushed and her nipples were poking bullets through her thin tank top. Laura smiled and extended her hand.

“So nice to meet you, Jennifer. Roger’s said very good things about you.”

Jennifer’s eyes moved from Laura’s down towards the ankara escort bayan extended hand, pausing briefly at her erect nipples. As they shook, I saw Jennifer’s gaze drift lower still and her eyes widened again. I followed her look, trying to see what got her attention. I saw it immediately: Laura’s shorts did nothing to hide the wetness. Her thighs were positively glistening, and her lack of panties had allowed a large dollop of our combined juices to slide down the inside of her left thigh.

Jennifer’s cheeks blossomed into a full blush. “It’s very nice to meet you too, Mrs. Banks. I am sorry to have to drop in unexpectedly. I hope that I didn’t interrupt your evening too much.”

“Nonsense,” Laura smiled. “Just a relaxing evening at home with Roger and my sister. Jennifer, my sister Stephanie.”

Stephanie, who had been standing at the far end of the couch, walked over and said hello. I could see a slight look of confusion cloud Jennifer’s eyes. I could almost read her thoughts: Roger and his wife were clearly just having sex in this very room…why is her sister here? Still, Jennifer smiled and shook hands with my sister in law. Standing where I was, at Jennifer’s side, I could smell Steph’s arousal. It was unmistakable, and I was sure that Jennifer would be able to smell it clearly even above the sexy funk that pervaded the room.

Jennifer seemed a little stunned and I noticed that her nipples had begun to show through her tight shirt. Laura, seemingly oblivious to this said, “Jennifer, please have a seat on the couch so you and Roger can go over travel arrangements and whatnot. Would you like something to drink?”

“Just some water, that would be lovely.”

“Coming right up.” Laura turned and headed towards the kitchen. Jennifer and I both watched her go, both staring at the thick drop of cum slowly rolling down her thigh.

Jennifer and I sat on opposite ends of the couch. Steph returned to the recliner and picked up the magazine she had been reading before all of the fun started. The smell of sex was stronger on the couch, but I tried to put it out of my mind and hoped that Jennifer would too.

“So, tell me about the trip to Phoenix. Are our flights booked? Do we have a hotel set up?”

Jennifer snapped out of her thoughts. “Yes, you and I are booked on a 7AM flight and we’re staying at the Hilton downtown. Separate rooms, of course.” She smiled.

“Great. Thank you for taking care of that. And what did Don give me to read on the way over?

“Ah, they’re in the folders I brought.” She leaned to her right to reach for the folders, putting her right hand down on the couch to steady herself as she reached with her left. Suddenly, she froze. She looked down at her right hand and just stared, unmoving. I was about to ask if everything was alright when Jennifer emitted a sharp “Oh!” of surprise. Stephanie’s head lifted from her magazine, and we both watched Jennifer sit back down and bring her hands in front of her. She was holding Laura’s yellow, cotton, soaked panties.

“Ohmigod,” she breathed. “I’m so sorry, I just felt them and didn’t know, honestly, I didn’t know what they were so I just…” She trailed off.

The three of us just sat there. Silence. Then Stephanie started to laugh. Softly, at first. Just a chuckle. It quickly turned into a full-throated laugh. Then almost a cackle. The noise brought Laura back into the room, glass of ice water in hand.

“What’d I miss?” She asked. Then she spotted her ruined panties in Jennifer’s hands. “Oh.” She blushed deep scarlet and looked down at her feet. Then she spotted her wet thighs and the cum on her left thigh. “Oh!” She said a little louder. Her finger drifted down and scooped up my cum. She nervously rolled it between her thumb and forefinger.

“I’m so embarrassed, Jennifer. I can’t even imagine what you must think of us right now. I’m so sorry.”

Jennifer quickly stood up and approached Laura, putting her hand on her shoulder. “It’s me who should be apologizing, Mrs. Banks. I really shouldn’t have just dropped by like this. If I had known…”

Stephanie stopped her cackling long enough to say, “If she had known, she would have come by earlier to see all the action!” She cackled again.

The rest of us just stood there, not knowing where to look anymore. Laura working my cum between her fingers. Jennifer holding my wife’s soaked panties. Me, ridiculously and against all common sense, sporting a rather unexpected erection inside my slacks.

“It’s getting late,” Jennifer finally said. “I should probably head home.”

“I will pick you up tomorrow morning…5:30 sound OK?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I…I should go.”

Stephanie got up and said she would leave with her. She hugged Laura, then me. Before she moved away, she leaned into my ear and whispered, “Thanks for the show. I really enjoyed it.”

Laura and I watched them go and shut the door behind them. We looked at each other for a moment and then we both started laughing. Harder and harder until tears were streaming from our faces. “Let’s go to bed,” she said.

We turned and started walking upstairs to our bedroom when Laura stopped so suddenly that I bumped into her. “What is it?” I asked.

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