It Was Waiting To Happen


This is purely a fictional work. This does not reflect any alive or dead person. Any person or event, if it can be construed to identify in some form in wildest imagination with real ones, it is purely coincidence. It is intended for mature, grownup adults who have the wisdom to read and enjoy but is not intended in anyway, to either compare or reflect on living persons nor to enact the story. This is in no way intended for children in any shape or form or even as extracts.

I always wanted to write a story and here is my first one. After reading thousands of them, I thought I could do better. Only when you write one yourself, you understand the difficulty of the task. My thanks to the hundreds of the writers whose thousands of stories that I read which resulted in this story.

* * * * *

It was waiting to happen

The announcement was nothing new. It has happened in the past.

It said that the flight is being diverted to Indianapolis since there are thunderstorms in Columbus. Surya slouched on the seat and sighed, “Damn it, got to find a motel now.” 45 minutes later he was at the information phone line, got a room in a Hilton close to the airport. With a sigh of relief, Surya started rolling by baggage towards the terminal to catch the shuttle. He was thinking about dinner. As he was walking, he heard, “Hi Surya.” He turned to find Anika rolling her bag 10 feet behind him.

“Hi Anika, how come you are here?”

“Damn it Surya, I was on my way back from St. Louis and got diverted here since Cincinnati has bad weather. I was not sure if it was you walking ahead of me. I am surprised to see you here.”

“Kind of same story here, Anika. I was going back home after my trip to Kansas City, and bad weather in Columbus too. So how are Gopi and the kids? I did not know you were traveling these days”

Although they are all from India, the acquaintance developed when a mutual friend introduced Surya and his wife Lakshmi to Gopi and his wife Anika. Surya and Lakshmi used to go to Cincinnati frequently when they moved to Columbus 6 years ago. They use to spend weekends at either at Cincinnati or Columbus, but since the last three years both the families got busy with work that they hardly find time in the weekend to meet friends.

“Oh, Gopi is fine and kids are doing great. They hate to see me travel but I need change and challenge too. Anyway, Gopi needs to learn to take care of the kids, it is just not my job you know.” “May be you are right,” said Surya.

Since the last six years since he met her, he always had some sense of attraction towards her, he can’t explain whether it is her petite figure, her little flirts around him. As years passed by, Surya started imagining having a good time in private with Anika especially, after he saw Anika lean over and her dress was low enough to see her breasts in full, and even the dark pearly nipples.

She too was glad to see Surya. When she first saw him, she was struck by his masculinity. But a small talk made her feel he was an arrogant. However, after a few meetings in the weekends, she started liking him. Many times she had had romantic dreams of him from no where especially after once she saw him working in her backyard without shirt on. That day, when he stopped for a water break, Anika walked up to him purposely to see how handsome he was and could not help stop starring at his crotch, which had a huge bulge over the jeans.

“So how are Lakshmi and kids Surya?,” asked Anika.

“They are fine. Lakshmi… ” Before he could finish, Anika interrupted….”so Surya, where are you staying tonight?”

Surya always had a feeling, that Anika did not care much for Lakshmi. Even Lakshmi was not very friendly of Anika and she hated her more when Anika flirts with Surya. But Surya and Anika had never got any closer than looking at each other or some flirtatious comments. They were always aware of Gopi, Lakshmi and children being around.

“I got room at Hilton, how about you?”

“I am in holiday inn Surya, that is where my company has an agreement with.” There was some sense of disappointment for both.

They together crossed the road to get to the shuttle area when Surya said, “how about dinner, can we get together for dinner?”

Anika thought it was a great idea and said, “Hey that sounds good. I need to call home that I am taking the 9 am flight home. After that we can get some dinner. I think there is a restaurant in holiday inn. Or may be eat in my room and talk and watch TV or something”

“This is dream come true” thought Surya, “I already called Lakshmi and let her know that my flight is only at 10 in the morning. In fact, I can drop my bags off in my room and get over to holiday inn in half hour.” He did not want to let go this opportunity to be close with Anika.

Anika was excited and thought, “may be I can ask Surya to move the sofa or something in my room to get a view of his body closer and in private,” smiling she taboo heat porno said, “That is great. I will see you in 45 min ok?” As he was saying, “you got it,” Surya saw his shuttle turn around and hurried towards it.

It was five before eight when Surya entered he lobby at holiday inn and asked at the desk to connect him to Anika’s room. After trying for a couple of times, Anika answered, “Sorry Surya, I was in the shower. I peeked in the restaurant and it was so noisy. So I thought we could have dinner in my room. Why don’t you come upstairs and we can order something?”

Surya was absolutely excited. He strolled over to the bar and got a bottle of wine. He then took the elevator, walked along the corridor and knocked on door marked 512, while sucking his stomach in.

Anika opened the door, smiled, waved him in and turned around and walked to the dresser combing her long hair. He noticed her to have changed her professional outfit to a thin, loose cotton dress. The dress was so transparent, that he could see the curve of her hips and slender legs from through the table lamp. His heart skipped a beat, and she turned to face the mirror and he could see the clear profile of her breasts, and nipples, “not too big, not too small but firm and nice,” he thought. He could feel a stir in is pants.

“I did not know what you wanted to eat, but got a bottle of wine” said Anika as she finished tying her hair and turned around and saw him with a bottle in his hand too. Both smiled and Surya said, “I got a bottle too. We would be damn drunk when the two bottle are empty.” “Don’t worry,” said Anika, “if it happens you can sleep over here and leave tomorrow”

“Oh is that so? And how do I explain that to Lakshmi?” Surya said. “Surya I don’t think we should tell either Lakshmi or Gopi that we had met for the night, that too in my room. When I talked to Gopi I just told him that I saw you at the airport”

“I called Lakshmi before I saw you at the airport. Tomorrow when I get home I will just let her know that I saw you at the airport heading to holiday inn and leave it at that. Now, I am hungry and the shuttle was late to my room, so can you order something and I will have a quick shower?”

Anika picked up the receiver to order food and Surya went to the bathroom, decided to just partially close the door, stripped and got in the shower. After ordering food, Anika noticed the bathroom door partially open and shower curtain drawn and Surya’s naked silhouette. Her heart raced. She felt her heart pounding and felt the heat rushing all over her.

She knocked on the door and Surya said, “come in,” that was enough for her. She stepped in saying, “I have ordered some Italian. Hope that is Ok.” While saying, she could not take her eyes of him. She wanted to pull the shower curtain aside to get a good look at his naked body. Surya pulled the shower curtain aside a little and said, “What? I couldn’t hear you.” Her eyes roaming all over him and fixed at his crotch she repeated what she said. She saw his semi erect penis, which looked like erect, and huge sack below and his firm body. She continued, “These restaurants say it is light, you never know…”

He pushed the shower curtain further aside and asked for the towel. She handed over to him and turned around to adjust herself at the mirror while her eyes was on him and his torso. Surya was noticing her eyes and her body. He could see her erect nipples poking out of the fabric and he could feel his erection too and tried to show it to her while wiping himself dry. Anika was hot and wet. She rushed out unable to handle it while saying “Shall I go ahead and open a bottle?”

Surya stepped out saying “yes, if you don’t mind” and debated what to wear. As if she read his mind she said, “Hey, your clothes must be dirty. You may want to stay with a towel and get your clothes for a rapid laundry service.” Surya got out with a towel wrapped around him, called room service and slid his clothes outside the room in a plastic bag for the rapid laundry service.

His erection subsided now, Surya got the glass of wine from Anika and stepped out into the balcony to get some cold air to ease his nerves Anika joined him in the balcony and they were chatting for a while about their trip. As they were finishing their second glass, there was a knock on the door to deliver the food ordered. They sat at the table and ate the dinner, talking and watching TV, while pondering the next move. When finished, they pushed the chair, got up and cleared the table while she said ” Surya it is so late, why don’t you take the other bed and leave tomorrow?” and her agreed. Upon clearing he stretched his hands up and said “Thanks Anika for the food it was good choice.”

It was almost like she was waiting for it. “Oh, that is so sweet of you. I don’t hear these compliments at home even when I cook and you deserve a hug for that.” She walked up to him and hugged him, closer and tighter than teach that bitch porno she thought she would. Surya wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her into him as much as he can saying “yeah, bear hug.” They held on to each other. The heat was building, their hearts pounding. He could feel her breasts crushing into his chest and she could feel his hard on rubbing into her mound. She became instantly wet. They did not want to let go but longed to go further exploring each other.

She lifted her head off his shoulder and looked into his eyes. Lust and passion were exchanged. He said ” Can I return your hug with a kiss?” and she asked, “Bear kiss?”

Their lips came together closely and gently. They let go and came again to kiss, this time lips parted. He slowly pushed his tongue to meet hers and she responded. They continued to hold close and play with the tongue for a while. He knew he lost control over his hard on which had was already wedging between her legs and she was moving her legs apart and wrapping them around his hard on holding it as close as possible to her mound.

“Is that all? Just a kiss in the lips?” she said. He looked at her saying, “How can I can ever get tired of that sweet lips of yours” and went back to kiss her more passionately. As he did, he slowly removed his right hand from the embrace and moved it to the front and rubbed her breast barely over the dress. She moaned in his mouth. Stroking around the breast he cupped her breast slowly from the bottom and hard.

“We shouldn’t be doing this you know,” she said as she let her hand and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her dress. “Is that so,” he said while gently slipping his hand inside and cupping her bare skin breast for the first time. She moaned again, and louder and longer. He gently squeezed her breast and circled his fingers around her nipple, pinched it and played with it. He slowly let the kiss go, moved his tongue along her neck and chest and lowered his mouth on to her nipple. She froze. She felt his warm mouth engulfing her breast and his tongue wander all over her nipple. He bit her lightly and she moaned. He sucked her hard and flipped his tongue all over her nipple. She was losing it. She moaned multiple times and wrapped his penis around harder to her mound.

He lifted his head and said, “It is not fair to treat one breast and left the other unattended”

She said in broken voice” Then why not do it more comfortably?” and backed towards the bed. He slowly pushed the other side of the dress to expose the other breast. She unbuttoned the rest of the dress and while looking down she saw his massive erection showing out of the towel and saw the wedge between and legs and saw also noticed her wet spot.

As he pushed the dress of her shoulder it fell down and exposed her naked body. He slowly looked at her taking time, savoring every moment and every inch of her body. She tugged on his towel and it dropped to the floor letting her view his nakedness and erection. As he got closer to her, she backed into the bed and lie on her back. He stretched over her and kissed her. She could feel his raw skin and so did he. She felt the erection rubbing over her clitoris and the wet vaginal lips. He slowly lowered his mouth and started sucking on her other breast while squeezing the attended one. She pushed her vagina off the med to feel more of his erection.

While sucking and flipping her nipple, he slowly let his hand roam all over her flat abdomen and lowered it further down to her clitoris and started fingering. She was in ecstasy. She let out a loud moan. He squeezed her clitoris and with two fingers he rubbed her clitoris gently with pressure. She moaned louder and longer. She wanted more. His hand further wandered down to feel the slit and separated the lips with two fingers while letting the third to trace and slowly massage the entrance of her vagina. She moaned heavily. He slowly inserted his finger and started moving it in and out. She was extremely wet and ready. He slowly moved and lowered himself to her side, while his finger was doing the magic.

Now she did not feel his massive erection against her body but felt the successive rhythm of his finger in her vagina and his lips playing with her nipple. She searched to feel his erection. She lowered her hand against his body and touched his erection. He throbbed and pushed his finger deeper into her vagina. She shuddered and came, unexpected, and all of a sudden she came. She came in waves. Moaning heavily she screamed “I am coming, harder Surya, harder….” She let her hand on go off his dick and lifted her hands and held on to the pillow. “More…more…again…again…. deeper…deeper” waves swept through her…and she slowly subsided. He slowed his finger as she was subsiding and slowly pulled it out. As she came out she twitched. He played with the lips. She was lost in ecstasy…and calmed down and looked at him. He lifted his head off her team skeet porno breast and looked at her. They kissed, deep, passionate kiss for a long time. She said, ” I have never been made as I have felt today. You are amazing.” She began to miss his hard on and lowered her hand between his legs. He throbbed when she touched the head. She slowly circled and grasped his hard on. She slid down the erection and held the balls, which overflowed her palm.

“You know, you were so good with your finger but I don’t think I am that good with mine,” saying she started stroking him. He turned and lay on his back. She lifted herself and said, “you know what? I am going to take a closer look at your hard on.” Without waiting for answer she slid down and took a closer look at his dick. It was long and big, much bigger than her husbands, but not as big as the ones she has seen in the Internet. But the head was purple and huge. She kept looking while her fist was partially wrapped around it and slowly jerking, sliding up and down. She said, “Can I kiss?” Before his answer she kissed. And kissed again…and again.

She opened her mouth partly and let her tongue over the head and pulled it back as she closed her mouth on part of the head. He shivered. She again opened her mouth, tongue darting all over the head and lowered her mouth to take the head in her mouth. He throbbed. She kept her mouth and sucked on the head hard while sliding her fist up and down along the shaft. It grew. She opened her mouth wider, and rubbed the head over her teeth and took more of the dick. She slowly perched her mouth tightly around the dick and forcefully slipped in half of the erection until she could feel it at the back of her mouth. He moaned. He could feel the heat building, the rushing in his balls. She could feel he was growing bigger in her mouth. Both felt he is going to explode. She stopped. His cock throbbed just waiting for the last suck to spurt. Both watched as the throbbing slowed down.

“That was very close” he said…”I know, but it is for another time. She moved along him and kissed him. Their tongues met with a wild passionate exchange of saliva. As they kissed they wrapped into each other. His hard on was pressing her vagina lips. She spread her legs to accommodate him. He propped up while she slipped her hand down and held his dick and guided him. It slipped in a little. She moaned. He pushed a little more and she lay on her back and spread herself more. He pushed in more. She propped her knees up and spread herself. Looking at her beautiful face and breasts he pushed harder. She screamed. He was in more. She felt he was in all the way. Her muscles relaxed to accommodate him. He had more to go. He pushed again and she moaned louder and he pulled all the way and shoved in again, but slowly and gently till he hit the dead end. She was in wild passion. She lifted her legs and wrapped around him. She wanted him there, inside, all the way, all the time. . He held and when her legs relaxed behind him he pulled out and slid in again all the way. She held him again, moaning louder. He lowered his lips to her nipple and started sucking. Her breast was beautiful. He sucked the nipple and part of the breast in his mouth. The nipple hit the back of this mouth. He held her breast in his mouth with a gentle bite from his teeth, while his muscles in the back of the mouth with the tongue was playing wildly with the nipple. A wave swept through her.

Over come by that, her legs relaxed, and he pulled out and slipped in harder and quicker. She screamed. He kept moving her wave of heat between her breast and vagina. Slowly he picked up pace, pounding in and out. Every time he pushed in, he wanted to go deeper and sooner. Every time she felt he was at the hilt and was going in more. Every time he pulled out her vagina longed for more. And every time he pulled out all the way to get head to force the muscles of the vaginal lips.

They picked up pace, they were panting. He could no longer get her passion to the breast. She was in flame. She was moving her hips with him. While she was moving up and down, he was moving in and out. He propped his hands on her side and kept burying his face into hers and her neck and her breast. She was pulling him with her arms around his back with passion every time he moved in. There was no talk; just passion was flowing between them. He increased his rhythm. She kept up with him. She felt her orgasm coming, rising slowly and steadily, she started murmuring, “Please Surya, harder, I am coming…faster Surya, “and it hit…. She was screaming…. With the raise and fall of her hip, with his glistening penis rushing in and out, she hit…the wave.

She froze for a moment. Her vagina tightened and vaginal muscles went into spasm. That did it for him, he felt her vagina holding him harder and squeezing his dick and head. Breathing heavy he said, “I am coming…Anika, I am” and when she was in the wave riding high he let go. He could feel his squirt. She could feel the sudden warmth hitting inside. It sent her into another wave. She screamed, and pulled in him harder and deeper inside her. He forced harder and kept slamming into her and was throbbing inside her. It felt like an eternity… wave after wave and took them over. Both didn’t want to let go.

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