Jake , Skye


Jake stared at her, especially her legs, from the next table over. He knew she was planning to be here, which is the entire reason he even came to this stupid poetry club, but he had no idea she’d be wearing that! He was incredibly thankful she’d never worn that to class or he would’ve flunked by now!

He rubbed the top of his thigh with one hand and gripped his beer in his other. Feeling very uncomfortable, he shifted in his seat. He loved staring at her. The way she combed her fingers through her dirty blonde curls or how seriously she listened to the performers, no matter how terrible the poem. Breathing quickly, he imagined running his hands up her amazing, curvy legs to where her skirt barely covered her ass.

Skye leaned forward, both forearms on the table, hands clutching her drink lightly. She drew swirly lines in the condensation collecting on the glass, willing Jake to stare like he always did. Every class he would choose to sit somewhere behind her, typically two seats back and one row over. Whenever she could find an excuse to glance his direction, she almost always caught his eye. They would both smile and she would look away, only he never spoke to her. She figured he must have a girlfriend or something or maybe he didn’t like her as much as he seemed to. Whatever the reason, they remained classmates and nothing more. She told herself this was the test. If he could resist her in her “fuck me” skirt and push-up bra, he was either married or gay. He was here when she got to the club, so she strategically took an empty stool at the table in front of his, purposely shaking her ass as she walked. She knew Jake liked to watch her, and she liked giving him an eyeful!

The man speaking into the microphone stopped and the smokey den of the club filled with the sounds of snaps from the audience. Skye joined in, snapping half-heartedly with her right hand, sipping her cherry vodka sour with the other. She hadn’t really been paying attention to his poem. She wasn’t really into poetry, but it was an easy extra credit opportunity, so she was one of the first to sign up. She was trying too hard not to steal a look at Jake to see if he was watching her as she planned. Now that the performer was done, she gave him a sultry look over her shoulder only to find out her plan was working. She watched him finish off his beer, wipe his mouth with the back of his hand and place the bottle back on the table, all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers. Neither of them were smiling this time. She could see the lust in his eyes.

The lights dimmed and the stage turned red as the next reader stepped up. The room quieted down so the pair turned their attention to the poet. A beautiful, curvy black woman lifted her face to the audience as the spotlight centered on her. She had full lips, long, sexy hair and large breasts framed perfectly in a low-cut, v-neck, red dress. The drummer tapped a slow beat and her voice hummed through the speakers saying things like “lips”, “tongue”, and “intwined.”

As she continued, Jake’s eyes turned to the object of his desire. He watched her fingers making small circles on her bare knee and had a flash of what Skye might look like rubbing herself under her skirt, her head falling back while her free hand fondled her breast.

Snapping back to reality, Jake heard the word “plunging” and noticed Skye uncross and recross her legs. He wondered if her panties were lacy like he always pictured and if they would be soaking wet by the time he pulled them from her silky legs.

Skye was enthralled by the poet’s sexy descriptions and found herself rubbing her leg in little circles. Her face was feeling flush. She had to resist the urge to grab an ice cube from her drink to rub along her neck and breasts. Instead, she lifted her drink, tilted her head, and touched the cold glass to her neck.

Skye seemed completely consumed by the vivid descriptions coming from the sexy poet, as did everyone else. Jake took the opportunity to silently slip out of his seat, step around the table and straddle the stool next to Skye instead, his left leg under the table, his right behind her. Her attention was on the stage, her back to him, so his movement had gone unnoticed. Jake leaned toward her, close enough to smell the sweet scent of her hair.

When he walked by her in class, she always smelled of sweet berries. He often imagined that’s how she would taste. It’s a wonder he got any work done with his attention always drawn to her. In addition to being smoking hot in this skirt, she was adorably fuckable on a daily basis. He would smile when she caught him staring, and she always smiled back. He suspected she liked the attention as she would often brush her hair over the shoulder where he was sitting and lean back, offering him her sweet neck to nibble on. At least that’s what he imagined.

He imagined her breasts pressing into his chest as he lay on top of her. Her hands bound above her head and her legs spread. Her lips red and swollen and her eyes looking straight bangbross porno into his. He fantasized about her on a regular basis. In fact, he rarely thought of anything else. In his mind, he had ravaged her on their professor’s desk in front of everyone. She had licked his cock like an innocent school girl in the bathroom with her shirt off and her hands tied behind her back.

He had wanted her since the moment he saw her, however, worried she wouldn’t live up to his fantasies, he never asked her out. Jake was waiting for something – the right time, a sign – but he seemed to recognize both tonight when she arrived, saw him, and, swinging her hips as she went, walked to a seat easily within his view. She perched there and crossed her legs, her skirt naturally rising to the edge of her ass. Then they shared a look that meant to him, “come and get me.” Maybe she was the kind of girl who liked to be chased, pursued. OK. She would get her wish, and hopefully he would get his.

Skye listened intently to the woman on the stage, being seduced by the steamy lines. She could easily picture it when the poet powerfully described how the characters climaxed. Skye was breathing quick, short breaths when the poem came to an end. The room filled with snaps, this time accompanied by several cheers. Skye took a deep breath, gulped down the rest of her drink and set the glass down. Glancing at the next table, she saw Jake was gone. Filled with sexual tension and curiosity, she started looking around to find him.

Jake watched her set down her glass and turn her head toward the empty chair where he’d been sitting. He gave her a second to wonder where he went before lightly stroking his hand down her back. Surprised, she turned to find him very close to her, smiling.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

He let his hand linger on her lower back as he spoke. The shock on her face turned into a smile as she replied shakily.

“… Uh, sure.”

He flagged a waitress, ordered another beer and turned to Skye.

“And I’ll have another cherry vodka sour,” she added.

The waitress walked away to fill their order as another poet took the stage. This woman wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the previous performer and it seemed her poem was about her cat, so Jake leaned in closer to Skye and spoke quietly.

“So, come here often?” he joked.

Enjoying the closeness, Skye leaned toward him as well, her eyes glancing down his chest.

“Actually, I’m not that into poetry. I’m only here for the extra credit.”

The last part was a lie. She was here for him. She wanted him, especially after the last reading, and was wondering if he believed her lie. Jake smirked.

“You seemed pretty ‘into’ that last poem!” Instead of feeling embarrassed, she admitted to it.

“How could I not be? She was so sexy!”

Jake’s heart skipped a beat thinking of her being so turned on by a woman when the waitress arrived with their drinks. Skye turned back to the stage while Jake dug his wallet out of his back pocket and paid for both of them. When the waitress walked away, he wrapped his arm around Skye’s waist and leaned close to her ear, close enough to smell her hair again.

“I think you’re sexy,” he whispered. She smiled and turned to face him, but he had already leaned back to drink his beer. He left his arm around her, so she wiggled a little closer to him, enjoying the warmth of his touch.

Jake chugged his beer wondering if his last statement had been too forward. They hadn’t spoken more than two words to each other the whole semester. He didn’t want to scare her off, but his fears dissolved when he felt her wiggle closer between his open legs. He was glad it was dark in the club so she couldn’t see his excitement growing. A few more inches and she’d be able to feel it!

They both pretended to pay attention to the next few performers, dutifully snapping after each one while they exchanged glances, finished their drinks and ordered more. All the while, Skye wiggled closer and closer to Jake as his hand roamed from her hip to her thigh. She placed her hand on his knee, using him for balance as she finally pushed her ass against his expanding crotch.

She glanced over her shoulder at him, her ass wiggling against his erection, smiled and bit her lip. They hadn’t spoken since he said she was sexy, but he couldn’t speak now if he tried! Jake was blown away by her candor, and he wanted more! He never would have guessed she would be this forward. He had her pegged as a goody-goody, but, then again, the shy ones do tend to be wild when no one’s watching.

He tried to breathe while she settled back against his chest. He wrapped both his arms around her waist holding her close, his beer long forgotten. She placed one hand on top of his and used the other to swirl a finger in her drink. Jake was so focused on what she would do with that finger that he missed the next change of performers.

Soon, she turned her face toward him, lifted her dripping bangbus porno finger to her plump, red lips and sucked it dry. His jaw fell open, his breath caught in his throat. She smiled, licked her lips, and returned her finger to her drink while Jake continued staring at her beautiful mouth. Skye gracefully lifted her hand again, this time tracing her wet finger down the side of her neck and across to her shoulder.

“Want a taste?” she tempted. Jake pulled her hair back gently with his right hand, grabbed her hips and began kissing and licking the moist trail she’d left for him. Her eyes closed as she tilted her head to the side and exhaled deeply, arching her back and running her fingers through his hair, holding his head in place. He nibbled and kissed his way up and down her neck ending right behind her ear. With her eyes still closed, she could feel his hot breath against her damp neck when he whispered.

“You wanna get outta here?”

Skye opened her eyes, lazily looking into his, and nodded. Silently, they stood together and made their way out of the club hand in hand.

Jake let her lead the way so he could enjoy watching her hips sway as she walked. Once outside, they walked along a side wall through the light of the street lamps toward the parking lot.

After they passed a couple walking past them into the club, he yanked on her hand, pulling her towards him suddenly. Her body turned and slammed into his as he took a step forward forcing her against the wall.

Skye groaned at the feel of his hard cock pushing against her.

“I almost forgot something,” he explained, covering her mouth with his.

The kiss was soft at first. Then he grabbed her hip with one hand, grinding into her slightly while he cupped her face with the other and pushed his tongue past her lips. She let her hands fall to his hips, holding him close and lifted one knee to wrap her leg around his. His hand moved from her hip to squeeze her ass and pull her leg up higher on his thigh. He let his hand slide up her skirt as their kiss deepened, becoming a mutual expression of pent up lust.

His fingers traced the edge of her panties, feeling lace he grinned. His other hand fell down her neck, lightly tracing a line down the side of her breast to her waist. He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers to catch his breath enough to say, “I’m driving.”


Skye relaxed in the passenger seat of his car, a little tipsy, more than a little dreamy and very glad she wasn’t driving! She reached over to Jake and began rubbing her hand along his thigh. He glanced at her, smiled and did the same to her. She was amazed how easy it was to be this close to him. It just felt… perfect, smooth, like it was their destiny to take each other. That thought inspired more and soon she couldn’t wait to get him alone!

“How much longer?” she asked with a pretend pout.

“We’re almost there. Don’t get your panties in a twist,” he grinned, obviously amused with himself. She laughed.

“You might need to help me with that.” Skye lifted her hand from his thigh and placed it on top of his hand instead. She slowly guided his hand along her leg, up her thigh to the edge of her skirt. She watched his face as he glanced back and forth between the road and his hand, desperately trying to keep it together.

She spread her legs slightly and pulled his hand between her thighs. His fingers brushed against her underwear just before she closed her legs, trapping his hand there. She pulled on his wrist and lifted her hips up off the seat insistently. Jake fought to keep his sanity, and his life, as he swerved onto a residential street, stopping suddenly in front of a modest, two story house with a simple lawn.

Urgently, he put the car in park, unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over her. His hand groped at her leg as his tongue explored her mouth. She held his face and spread her legs, thankful they had arrived at their destination.

She groaned into him as he rubbed her mound through the soaked black lace panties before slipping a finger under the fabric. He passed his finger over her curls, trying to resist the overwhelming urge to dip in. There was plenty of time for that. He wanted more space and a decent measure of privacy, but he had to take a sample.

He pulled away from her slightly, then rubbed his finger on her clit in small circles. She pushed her pelvis down onto his hand and moaned loudly in appreciation.

He had to taste her. Had to have her. Devour her in every way possible! His other hand slid to the back of her head and grabbed a handful of silky blonde curls. He pulled her hair just enough to tilt her face up to his as he felt a shiver pulse through her body.

“Let’s go inside. We need more room.”

Jake leaned in, licking her lips until she opened her mouth to him, then probing his tongue inside. He had to feel her, satisfy his urges if only for a second. He slid his finger inside her briefly, indulging in the beurette tour porno warm, wet feel of her and pulled away. Jake let go of her completely and got out of the car.

Still in a daze, Skye lay in the passenger seat, eyes closed, hands exploring her legs and chest until the passenger door opened. Jake stood there, hand extended to help her up. Luckily, she was smart enough to remove her heels and carry them in with her purse. Her legs were way too wobbly to walk in those… successfully.

At the door, she stepped to the side, waiting for Jake to open it. Instead of stepping in front of Skye, Jake grabbed her waist from behind, pulling her against him. She made a little purring sound and pushed her ass into his groin. While they enjoyed the same closeness they shared at the club, he walked her forward a few steps with him, reached out, keys in hand, and unlocked the door. He walked them both inside, happily kicking the door shut behind them, blocking out the world.

Jake spun Sky to face him in his entryway. Pinning her waist to his with one hand while stroking her face, he kissed her tenderly, allowing his lips to linger on hers.

Skye’s chest burned as he lit a fire deep within her. She pressed her body into his and rubbed her chest against his. Lazily, he pulled away leaving her breathless.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Skye, but I have to know… Did you want me too?”

The look in her eyes seemed to speak to him. After a few seconds, she smirked and replied, “Guess!”

To make her answer as obvious as possible, she pulled his head to hers in a smoldering kiss. She wanted him to feel the fire he was responsible for starting. Once their tongues were busy, her hands fell to his waist, quickly unbuckling his belt. Jake held her face in his hands, his mouth entangled with hers while he anxiously awaited being free of his clothing.

After undoing his belt and button, she unzipped his pants, pushing them past his hips and letting them fall to the floor. Almost instantly, she wrapped her hand around the bulge in his boxers, causing him to growl deep in his throat. She smiled and giggled.

“Wow! Jake, you’re so hard!”

Unable to speak, he stepped out of the pants crumpled around his feet, pulled her shirt up over her head, keeping it wrapped around her wrists and pushed her against the wall. Holding her captive with his body, he kept her hands above her head and rubbed her breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples through her bra. He loved that she wore black lace!

She wore it so many times in his head that feeling it on her soft skin for real made his breath catch in his throat. He could feel his subconscious mind taking over. He wasn’t making decisions any more, no more calculating, over-thinking, wondering. Now it was instinct. In one smooth motion, he pulled her shirt from her wrists, tossed it aside and lifted her by the hips until she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her up the stairs to his bedroom, Skye kissing his face as they went.

Jake set Skye on his large bed. He traced his fingers along the top edge of her bra, pulling at it slightly. “Take this off,” Jake said quietly. He dropped his hand and took a step back.

She flung her bra to the floor and leaned back supporting herself with one hand, rubbing her breasts with the other. She was perfect! Jake slid his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He couldn’t believe how hot she was sitting on his bed, topless, legs spread, licking her lips at the sight of him.

He stood between her legs, his hands behind her knees, and yanked her toward him so suddenly she fell back on the bed. She started to scream, but ended up giggling. He made a mental note that she likes being thrown around a little – something he could definitely work with later! Keeping one hand behind her knee, he slipped a finger into her black lace panties, finding them almost as wet as he hoped for! His cock twitched, as if announcing it wanted a turn instead.

The panties slid off her silky legs easily, his fingers lightly brushing against her skin. He unzipped the side of the skirt as she lifted her hips to help him finish undressing her. He took a mental picture of Skye, lying there naked and ready for him, before kneeling between her legs to plant little kisses along her inner thighs.

Skye started moaning in anticipation of feeling his tongue inside her. She continued to rub her chest slowly, biting her bottom lip. Her breathing was ragged as he lifted one of her legs and put her knee on his shoulder, kissing up her thigh. He sent shivers up her spine when he finally tasted her.

Slowly he enjoyed every inch, her moans and gasps exciting him more and more. She only got loader when he dove in, fucking her slowly with his tongue and lightly scraping her clit with his teeth. Jake felt her grab his hair as she started tilting her hips up to him. Curious how close she was to climax, he wrapped his lips around her clit, flicking it with his tongue. She gripped his head with both hands and bucked her hips.

“FUCK! Yes!”

She was definitely close, but Jake wanted to string her on a bit longer. He wanted to be inside her when she came, feel her ride the waves of ecstasy women were just so damn good at!

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