Janus and his Mother Anna’s Rosebud Part !


Janus and his Mother Anna’s Rosebud Part !Ah there you two are Janus said as he entered the room. I looked up and smiled and patted the bed beside me and beckoned Janus to sit by me. Janus leaned over and kissed me and cleared his throat. I looked at my son and raised my eyebrows in anticipation of his question to come.Mother, I’ve been thinking he began as he bent down and kissed my forehead. Yes Janus and what have you been thinking about my precious son? Well just because , well um, well just because I have a bigger cock than Brutus, well I should have a special place too.Oh Janus I cried out but you do. I hugged him to me and whispered you can fuck mommy anywhere you like, it’s just that I’m not sure I could ever fit you in my butt, do you understand Janus?, yes he quickly replied but if I licked it and kissed it and probed it with my tongue until you really wanted me there then maybe it would.Brutus spoke up and said it’s her rosebud Janus, that’s what we’ll call her butt hole from now on it’s what our father calls it, and now so shall we. Yes well you’ve had her rosebud, I haven’t. I’m not jealous at all of that fact it’s just I see the look of pleasure on our mothers face when you have your cock buried in her pink little rosebud and I want to give her that pleasure too.Oh Janus you do! Your’s is the largest fattest thickest cock I’ve ever had, and it brings me great pleasure. Come here my darling boy I said as I held him to me. I held his face in my hands and kissed his lips. If it’s that important then I promise to try to let you enter my rosebud. You have to be gentle and if I said no, then we have to stop. Yes of course mother, but you’ll see, I’ll be as gentle as a lamb, but I will penetrate your rosebud and I will also feel the hot depths of your bowels as my brother has. Oh god I do hope so Janus, I truly do, but you’re just so , well you’re very thick and long, but mother will try as promised.I looked over my shoulder and giggled at Brutus as all of this talk had aroused him and I felt his hard throbbing cock probing the entrance of my lubricating tight vagina. I snuggled back against his hard young cock as it slid along my slippery wet pussy lips. I gasped out and sighed as it tunneled it’s way into my vagina.Oh god I moaned out I love when you boys enter me with your strong young cocks. Is he fucking you in your rosebud mom Janus asked. No my love but hopefully soon your brothers hard meaty cock will stretch your mother’s rosebud open. Paving the way for your huge monstrous cock. I visibly shook as I thought of Janus’s cock pressing into my anal passage opening my pink little rosebud until it yielded to the enormous head of his long thick cock.I smiled but felt a twinge of guilt as I realized one of my son’s cocks was burrowing it’s way into my soaking wet dripping cunt as I thought of my other younger son’s monstrous cock trying to open my tight little asshole and plunge it’s way into the deep nether depths of my very bowels.Oh god I moaned out loud and looked at my son, Janus I said please be careful when you try to take my tiny pink rosebud. Promise me you’ll be gentle. I do want to try Janus, I want your cock in me so bad there, but I’m nervous that it’s just not going to fit.Don’t worry mother Brutus said as he lovingly inched his hard throbbing cock into me. We’ll make slow gentle love to you. We’ll cover your lips and breast and thighs and your delicious succulent butt cheeks with tender loving kisses until you are ready to explode with orgasmic delight, then and only then will Janus introduce his mighty and hard cock into your sweet rosebud.Mm I moaned as I lovingly pushed back on my sons cock as he gently cupped my breast and began to kiss the back of my neck as he slowly made love to me. Janus bent over and kissed me, my mouth opened to receive his hot wet tongue.His fingers reached down and soothingly rubbed my hard blood enflamed clit. His warm wet lips trailed down my throat as his tongue encircled my hard aching nipples as he nipped and suckled the hard crinkled tips of my burning nipples.I could feel the buttery soft walls of my tight wet cunt clutching at my son Brutus’s cock as he slowly made love to me. My two young men were now making love to me quite frequently. Cyrus! you bastard I thought.A gentle smiled touched my lips as I realized had it not been for that wretched man I would never have discovered the canlı bahis pleasure of my husband’s sons and their powerful young cocks.Never the less Cyrus must pay I thought as I gasped out as Brutus thrust his hard young cock deep inside my quivering cunt. Oh god yes Brutus I cried out as my thoughts were interrupted uh huh that’s it fuck me uh huh fuck my tight little pussy with your big hard cock.Oh god yes uh huh do it Brutus pound your mothers pussy with your hard thick cock, oh god it feels so good when you fuck me like that, oh god uh huh oh god yes uh huh so good oh god how I love your hard young cock. Yes my goddess of love Brutus replied tonight you surrender your rosebud to the mighty cock of Janus. Tonight you feel the strength and power of his long hard cock deep in the depths of your hot silky bowels. Oh god I shuddered as I thought of Janus’s huge hard cock splitting my asshole wide open.I smiled to myself as I thought of how Brutus was ( trying ) or was taking on the role of his father. Arghhh he roared as he began to pummel my dripping wet pussy with long deep ferocious strokes.Tonight Janus you fuck the pretty pink rosebud of our goddess of a mother. Fear not my brave Janus tonight you shall penetrate the soft pink dimpled rosebud that opens unto the very depths of this wenches bowels.I giggled quietly to myself and hoped his words would soon turn to truth as I thought of the possibility of Janus’s huge throbbing cock opening me up and plunging deeper than any cock I’d ever known in my hot tender bowels.Brutus suddenly rolled onto his back keeping his cock firmly planted deep in my quivering dripping wet succulent cunt. I sat up and reached out for Janus’s massive hard cock and wet my lips as my tongue snaked out and tasted the sweet creamy pre-cum of his cock.I held his cock up and began to slowly lick and nibble at his down covered balls. Snaking my tongue down near his puckered anus. I took his cock into my mouth and coated it with my saliva then gently pumped my hand up and down his thick vein filled shaft.I paused for a moment when I realized my fingers though wrapped around his cock looked to be separated by at least 3 inches. I gulped and cringed a little when I thought of my promise to my son. Maybe I was a little hasty in making that promise? Then Brutus’s words echoed through my mind. “ Fear not my brave Janus tonight you shall penetrate the soft pink dimpled rosebud that opens unto the very depths of this wenches bowels. “ I knew my fate was sealed and I must take my son’s huge massive cock into the depths of my bowels or break his heart. That was settled I thought to myself, I’ll take him tonight no matter the pain, no matter what he’ll know the comfort of his mother’s tight puckered pink rosebud. I began to suck feverishly on Janus’s hard long cock. My tongue fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird along and under the head of his huge cock. I could feel an orgasm churning deep inside of my spastic hot wet cunt as Brutus hammered his meaty cock into my quivering sloppy wet cunt hole.I took Janus’s cock out of my mouth long enough to say I want both of you to come in me at the same time. I want to feel your hot wet gooey sperm splashing into my warm waiting cunt and Janus I want to feel your hot sticky cum pouring down my throat as you empty your balls into my tummy.Then I want the two of you to caress and tease my breast and gently bite and nip at my nipples and thighs with the warmth of your warm wet tongues and sharp white teeth. I want you two to bring your mother to the edge of a****l lust and desire.I want that the two of you tenderly and lovingly kiss and lick my vagina and soft pink rosebud until my hot wet cunt bubbles over and my sweet juices flow out of me like a river of lust.Janus I want you to enter my pink wet shiny pussy and slowly slide your huge hard cock deep into me until it’s snuggly buried inside of my hot wet pussy and then I want you to forget I’m your mother and I want you to fuck me for as long and as hard you can, this you must do if you wish to gain access to my puckered tight pink little rosebud.My words inspired Brutus to slam his hard thick meaty cock with a renewed vigor into me. I cried out yes, yes, oh god yes my love uh huh yes that’s it fuck me god yes fuck your mother uh huh oh Brutus fuck my aching pussy with your hard young cock, oh god, oh god oh Brutus yes, hurry now bahis siteleri oh god I feel it uh huh oh yes.I screamed out a long loud moaning cry as my orgasm washed over my entire body piercing every fiber of my soul sending my cunt into spasm after spasm. I heard Brutus groan and I felt his thick pulsing cock balloon and swell as jets of hot gooey wads of sperm began to splash off the walls of my quivering wet cunt.I sucked furiously on Janus’s cock sliding my hand up down his hard throbbing saliva coated shaft coaxing his sperm out. Loud slurping noises filled the room as the head of his cock slid rapidly in and out of my pursed lips wrapped tightly around his cock.I felt him tense up and he held my head as jets of hot burning sperm scalded my tongue as I frantically swallowed every last gooey drop of his sperm down into my waiting tummy.We all fell into a sweaty heap on the bed. I turned and smiled at my two sons and kissed them both and smiled and said tonight Janus gets to fuck his mother’s special place.I laughed out and pointed at their stiff erect cocks pointing up into the air. Oh my god you two don’t those things ever go down? Mm I smiled as I crawled between the both of them and started to lick and suck on their hard throbbing cocks. I smiled up at them as I slowly licked away my glistening pussy juices that coated Brutus’s hard thick cock. I thought what will I ever do when Julius returns from battle. Will it end, will I never fuck my sons again?Will I confess to my husband that in his absence I had sex with his two sons? Will I tell him of how his youngest son nearly split me in two when I relented and let him fuck his sweet sex goddess in my pink little asshole?I shook my head and cleared my mind of these thoughts as I held my two sons young hard cocks in my hands and looked at them in wonderment. Brutus’s cock was almost a carbon copy of his fathers’ cock albeit a little longer maybe that’s why I favored it over Janus’s much larger thicker cock?Yes of course I would tell my husband though the boys said they would take care of Cyrus. Should I then just keep silent about it all, or I should I tell my husband I gave in to my sexual desires and had sex, but forced sex with his two sons.Again I shook my head and stared transfixed at the two hard throbbing young cocks before my eyes, knowing that tonight would not be the last night I would taste the sweet young sperm from their heavy balls. Nor feel the girth and length of those cocks as they slid past my slippery wet cunt lips and burrowed deep into my warm wet pussy hole.I smiled at the goose bumps on my arms and shivered as my spine tingled in anticipation of Janus’s unbelievably massive cock ever opening my puckered shit hole and plunging deep into my soft wet bowels.I looked up and said, mm boys if I lay back do you two think you can make long luscious slow love to your goddess of a mother. I smiled at my own words. Yes of course mother they replied as I giggled and threw my arms over my head and proclaimed I’m all yours. They laughed and attacked me and we played and wrestled like a normal mother and her two sons would. Only now fingers and hands were touching places that would not be considered normal. I myself was guilty as I reached out and tugged playfully at their hard firm throbbing cocks.They held my breast in their hands as they grabbed me from behind and their hard cocks would brush against my soaking wet aroused cunt when I fell back on them. Or lodge between my butt cheeks. They would wrestle me down and straddle me and I’d pretend to bite at their hard cocks as they bobbed inches from my mouth and we shared laughter and love as we tumbled about the bed much like a normal mother and her two playful sons. My sopping wet pussy would leave shiny wet streaks along their thighs as it rubbed along their hairy firm legs. I felt Brutus slither a finger quickly inside my pussy then withdraw it and laugh as he held it to his nose and inhaled the scent of my hot cunt.I felt Janus’s tongue probing briefly my silky puckered rosebud. My nipples hardened and my pussy began to seep a river of excitement as we laughed and played on the bed that we also had fucked in. it all seemed so normal to me that I had to hug my sons close to me and kiss them deeply as only a mother can. Please I said as I looked them both in the eye now is the time. The time to bring me to that point güvenilir bahis of sexual desire and weakness that allows me to surrender my body and soul to both of you. Be gentle, be loving and inventive in your lovemaking and caresses so you bring me to the brink of sexual depravity, now my two beautiful sons, make love to your mother.I laid back and sighed out a long blissful sigh and closed my eyes as I felt my sons settle onto the bed beside me. I gasped out as I felt their hot lips encircle my hard crinkled nipples as their tongues slowly swirled around and around and their sharp teeth took little stinging bites at them.Janus kissed my neck and whispered softly in my ear how much he wanted to make love to me in my special place as he dipped his finger into my sopping wet cunt and then smeared my hot juices on my puckered pink rosebud. Yes I sighed out as my hips rose involuntarily off the bed at the touch of his softly probing finger.I turned and kissed his lips, our tongues dancing and exploring in passion as I whispered back I want to feel you in my special place too my darling son. Tonight as our sexual flames burn higher you’ll take me, you’ll possess my special place and make it our special place.Will I mother Janus asked as he looked intently into my eyes, I smiled and kissed his lips and said yes Janus, tonight you will know the soft wet hot feel of my bowels as your hard cock pushes pass my tight anal ring that surrounds my rosebud and delves deep into me.I put my fingers to his lips and said just kiss me my darling son and caress me and prepare me to take you and your brother at the same time, first him in my sweet pink little asshole as you fuck my pussy. Then when I’m ready you’ll know this night my special place, this I promise my darling boy.Once again I lay back and let my sons touch, caress, tantalize every inch of my body, I told them nothing was forbidden nothing was untouchable, I encouraged them to be inventive and arouse my passion to soaring heights.I lay there with my head on a pillow in a dreamy sexually charged state of mind. My nipples being teased and suckled and nipped at. I fought down the urge to reach down and seek out my clit and bring myself pleasure.I gasped in when Janus nipped hard at my tummy, while Brutus eagerly bit down on my nipple and held it between his firmly between his teeth and pulled up. My hand went to his head and I encouraged him to bite harder.Yes Brutus I sighed out just like that bring me pleasure and pain. A loud moan escaped my lips when his hand encompassed my whole breast and squeezed until I arched my back and said please, please. Brutus either heard me or chose to ignore me as he bit down harder on my nipple and violently thrust two fingers into my molten hot dripping cunt.Janus bit at my swollen pussy, softly at first then harder, never causing me extreme pain but shivers of painful pleasure rocketed up my spine. I could feel my pussy flowing like a river as my sons brought me higher and higher towards a sexual peak that lay waiting for me.I clenched the sheets as my two son’s warm wet lips and sharp white teeth caused me to whimper and thrash about on the bed. Fingers began probing and teasing my pussy and asshole. Soon bitch, soon you’ll surrender your tight whorish rosebud to your masters, soon our slut, our goddess of love we will take that which is ours.Brutus’s words echoed memories of his father Julius’s words and brought me to a higher fever. Yes, I sighed out yes take me as the slut I am. Plunge your cocks into the deep dark passage of my bowels. Possess me, posses all of me fill me with your mighty swords. Do as you will as I submit to your strength and power. I am your whore, your slut, to fuck into the night. I willingly submit my tight wet cunt and sluttish pink rosebud to your cocks. Take me now I whimpered as I felt young strong hands rolling me onto my tummy. My mouth flew open in a silent O at the sheer shock of Janus’s cock being brutally rammed into my slippery wet cunt in one swift powerful stroke.Yes oh god yes I cried out as I felt his thick massive cock split my cunt open. My pussy was being tautly stretched out as he withdrew his massive cock from my tight cunt hole.Oh god I thought I’ll never take his huge massive cock in my tight little pink shit hole.That’s it whore I heard Brutus say. Take the mighty long and powerful cock of your son. Take it like the slut you are. Take his massive cock into your silky smooth hot wet cunt hole. Soon our goddess of love you’ll feel the very strength and power of his cock as it rips deep into your puckered little rosebud… Part two follows

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