Jerking off ar the urinal


Jerking off ar the urinalStanding at the urinal in the men’s room in a downtown shopping mall, I noticed that the guy next to me was not really peeing. As a matter of fact, he had a beautiful hard-on that he made sure I saw. The guy was 25-30 years old, rather good looking, and had a nice circumsized dick very much like mine (about 6 1/2 inches long, 5 inches around) that he was gently stroking. As I said in my first story, that is a sight I enjoy ! There were about 5-6 men in the room canlı bahis at the time and people were starting to notice what was going on. I finished peeing and left. But not for long! I was so horny by then that I decided to go back, less than a minute later. The same urinal was free and I stood next to that guy again. Now, I was rock-hard too, and I stood back enough that he would see me stroking my dick. We were soon joined by 2-3 other guys who started to jerk-off at the other urinals. bahis siteleri We were very careful whenever someone would enter the room, and that added to the excitement. After a while, I was very horny from watching all those dicks and from showing mine (something I enjoy more and more as years go by, and I will tell more about that in a story to come soon!!!). I backed-up just enough so that the guy next to me saw me blow my load. What a great orgasm !I was in that mall about güvenilir bahis 2-3 weeks after that, dying to relive that experience. The guy was not there and I decided that I was to start the show! It was not long before another guy was attracted by my behavior. He too left and came back… I allowed him a good look at my rock-hard dick while pretending it was accidental… I looked at his but found it not so great, unfortunately… Again, a good orgasm… It is very exciting to be watched while ejaculating.Now, whenever I pee in a public urinal, I pull out my sack as well as my dick and make sure that the guy next to me gets a good view… Maybe I should go back to that mall soon… you never know…

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