Jill’s Passion Continues


Jill and Lori lay wrapped in each other’s arms, Lori’s fingers running gently up and down Jill’s back. Jill stroked her long, dark hair as she rested her head on her breast. As she stared down at her young lover, Jill thought back to the day Lori came into her life.

She had been interviewing people for the assistant managers job at the restaurant for two hours and still had not found anyone suitable. She was getting discouraged as she glanced at the next resume. Lori McCann – 26 years old – Cornell – pretty good experience. She hoped this would be the one. When Lori entered her office, she was immediately impressed. Tall and thin with long, black hair, she was dressed in a business suit that was quite attractive. Throughout the interview, Lori was charming and witty and by the end, Jill knew she had her new assistant. She also knew that she was very attracted to this beautiful, young lady.

Their friendship blossomed quickly. Late at night, as they waited for the restaurant to empty, they would talk effortlessly of life and relationships. Jill was surprised at the many relationships this young girl had experienced. Her stories of dorm room romances with her fellow co-eds stirred the desires Jill had hidden for so long. Late at night, she would finger herself quietly as her husband slept, imagining Lori’s slender body under her- their breasts rubbing together as they kissed. It was an image that stayed in her mind day and night, and drove her to distraction.

It was a week ago that their relationship took a turn that led them irrevocably to Jill’s bed. They were taking about nothing in particular when Lori turned to Jill and asked, “Are happy being with the same person for so many years?”

Jill was a bit startled at the directness of the question. She stammered, “Why, yes, I suppose casino şirketleri so. I mean, Jim’s always been great to me. I love him dearly.”

“Don’t you feel you’ve missed something?” Lori continued. “You’re a beautiful woman. Maybe you don’t notice, but guys here are always watching you as you walk around the floor. You could have any of them, you know. Do you ever imagine what it would be like with someone else?”

Jill gave her a little chuckle. “You have no idea what I can imagine,” she said.

Lori looked at her with a serious look on her face. As she spoke, her eyes lowered to the floor. “Can you imagine you and me together, Jill?’

Jill’s heart raced. She wanted to take Lori’s face in her hands and kiss her, but instead, she touched her hand and whispered, “Yes, Lori, I have. I’ve imagined that often.”

Jill’s thoughts were broken by the tingling sensation of her nipple being teased by Lori’s swirling tongue. Her fingers brushed gently along her inner thigh. Jill laid her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes, letting the sensations take control of her mind. Lori spread the lips of Jill’s pussy and began to roll her clit between two fingers. As it hardened, she whispered into Jill’s ear, “I think my lady’s ready to continue.”

Jill opened her eyes and smiled, “I know I am.”

She let her legs spread to give Lori open access to her pussy. A smile crossed her face as her young lover slid her fingers into her now wet canal. Jill moaned as Lori reached in deep and let her fingers circle around the inside of her pussy.

“mmmmm…that feels nice,” she said.

Lori licked her neck and shoulder as she slid all her fingers into Jill, her thumb rubbing the swollen clit. Jill arched her back and hips to meet Lori’s thrusts.

“Fuck me, honey. Fuck casino firmaları me hard,” Jill moaned. “Make me cum on your hand.”

Lori rolled her over onto her knees, keeping her hand pumping in and out of the dripping hole. She moistened two fingers of her other hand and began to slide them into Jill’s puckered asshole.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Jill shouted. As a powerful orgasm ripped through her, Jill’s muscles clamped onto Lori’s hand, holding it deep inside her. Her breath sputtered and she gasped, “Don’t move. Don’t move your hand.”

They lay motionless until the Jill’s vaginal muscles slowly relaxed and she let Lori’s hand slide out. She rolled over onto her back and smiled at her love. Lori gave her a seductive look and took her wet hand and began to rub her own pussy with Jill’s juices.

Jill hopped off the bed and took Lori’s face in her hands. “I believe you are going to like the treat I have for you, love.” She crossed the room to the closet and brought out a shoebox. Reaching in, Jill lifted out the strap-on she and her husband used so often. It had a huge, 10″, life-like penis attached to it.

“I know what this feels like on the receiving end,” Jill teased. “Now I can find out what Jim feels.” She placed her legs through the openings and pulled the harness in to place – tightening the straps securely around her hips.

“I knew a guy in college who looked like that,” Lori giggled. “He was a very popular guy.”

“Yeah, and he probably came in about 3 minutes, if I know young men,” Jill answered. “I, on the other hand, can promise to take you to places you have never been before.”

Jill squirted lube onto the rubber penis and stroked it; spreading the lube up and down it’s length. “Need a hand with that,” Lori said coyly.

“No,” güvenilir casino Jill replied. “Believe me, I have everything under control. Up on your knees, sweetie.”

Lori rolled forward onto her knees – her head resting on the bed – her ass raised high. Jill positioned herself behind her, holding the heavy cock in her hand. As Lori reached back to spread her lips, Jill slowly inserted the first inch into her.

“Slowly,” Lori moaned. “I’m not used to anything this big.”

Jill let the cock slide slowly in and out of her lover’s pussy, penetrating deeper with each stoke. After a few minutes of gentle probing, she grabbed Lori’s hips and pulled her back, burying the entire length deep into her.

“Oh shit!” Lori cried. “It hurts.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, no no….” she moaned. “It feels good, too.”

Jill looked down, admiring Lori’s beautiful ass as she moved her hips back and forth. She had an overwhelming feeling of masculine power as she drove the cock deep with each thrust. “I like giving this as much as getting it,” she thought to herself. She remembered one of her husband’s tricks and wet her thumb. She pressed it into Lori ass, pushing down until she could feel the veins of the cock through the thin separation between her pussy and ass. She could feel Lori shutter as a strong orgasm went through her. Jill knew from experience that there would be more.

Lori lifted herself and grabbed the headboard, pushing back to meet Jill’s thrusts. Her skin was shining from the sweat of her efforts. She was cumming rapidly now and could only muttered garbled grunts. When she could take no more, she collapsed on the bed, spent and motionless. Jill removed the cock from her young lover’s raw pussy. She slid the harness off her hips and holding the cock, lay next to Lori.

Jill stared into her dark eyes, completely lost in her spent passion. “I love you, honey, she whispered. “I want us to stay like this forever.”

Lori kissed her tenderly and sighed, “Hold me, love, just hold me.”

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