Jock Tales–Senior Year–Week One–Part One


Jock Tales–Senior Year–Week One–Part OneJock Tales—Senior Year—Week One—Part One“Matthew Dillon—please come by the office at the end of the period”Got a couple of grins and smirks from classmates, but I thought—shit–I ain’t done anything, at least not yet ! Couldn’t be too bad. After class, as I walked the hallways towards the office, same thing—lots of smiles from people. LOL, I guess it comes with the territory, now prolly being the most popular dude at school. With three state championships now, it was on everybody’s mind—can he do it a 4th time ??I entered the office, and one of the helpers handed me a note. Ok—not bad :)“Dear Matt—My name is Jason Braxton. I have been desperately wanting to meet you, and maybe hang with you a bit. You see—I am a Freshman, and of course was nervous about approaching you in the hallways. I’m trying out for freshman football this year, and I just hoped that if I could hook up with you, maybe just a couple of hours or so, you could give me some pointers, and maybe tell me about your work-out routine, or stuff like that. Thanx for your consideration”I smiled. “Hey Mandy—you know this k i d—Jason Braxton”?“Ya—a little bit, freshman I think”.“Ya—can you tell me his next class”?“Sure—(looks in the computer)–it’s algebra, Mr. Stevens, room 217”“Thanx sweetie” I turned with a smile. After three years at East Tyler High, I knew it inside and out. It only took me a few minutes to reach the room. I had study hall right now, so no big deal if I was late.I knocked on the door as I entered, interrupting Mr. Stevens’ roll call. A nice polite applause ensued as I entered the room. I just flash a big grin, and wave them off, saying thank you to the mostly freshman class. “Mr Dillon—what graces you upon our class today”? It was a very nice greeting.“Umm, sorry for the interruption Mr. Stevens, but I will be brief if I may”“Of course Matthew—go right ahead”“Thanx Mr. Stevens—just a quick education to example how to never be afraid to go after something you want. I got this note here at the office, so I decided to answer it in person. Jason Braxton”? I asked looking around the room. I spot him, raising his hand—good looking k I d 🙂 “Jason, per your request—you, and the whole Freshman team are invited to come and hang out with the Varsity this afternoon. Be at the field house at 3:30”Jason gleamed with pride, and shouted back “Thanx Matt”I waved off, and headed for the door. “Oh ya, and class—don’t worry too much about this algebra stuff—you’ll never use it”. Mr Stevens came back with a big grin, and a verbal “git out”, throwing a tennis ball at me. I knew it was all in fun. “Nice pitch coach” I shouted, as I bolted for the door. I returned to the office and asked Mandy to make an announcement for me. She said Ok. “May I have your attention please—all members, and candidates for Freshman football are invited to hang out with the varsity team, this afternoon. Those interested, be at the field house at 3:30” First game was now only four days away. Fall practice had gone well, and with 35% Seniors, had gone quickly. Around 3:45, the locker room was already full of confident, eager young men, ready to play some football. With the invited Freshman, there were probably 100+ guys packed into the room. Damm, I smile. Three years ago—that would have been about 60 at most. “Aight—listen up fags”. Instantly got attention, and a good bit of snickering and giggles—it always worked 🙂 First up, pendik escort we want to welcome our Freshman team today. You guys can thank Braxton for the invite”. “My name is Matthew Dillon. I am your ¼ back, and team captain. Those of you that have been with me since our Freshman year will know this speech well. So, everyone get comfortable”.Porn Matthew—the porn !! I know, I know—and you know too if you been following my JockTales from the beginning. Got to set it up—give you a feel for the scene. Stick with me and just keep reading !As I stuff a wad of Copenhagen in my mouth, I begin. “You have absolutely no right to be here. I don’t give a flying fuck, if you were born with a football in your hands. I don’t care how great you think you are—cause you still got to prove yourself to this team. I don’t care who your daddy is, our how rich you may be—cause none of that shit gets you on this team. I don’t care if you look like this (ripping off my tee shirt), or if you look like Johnson over there (pointing to the biggest dude on the team) I don’t care if your white—black–Mexican-or even Filipino (pointing to our first international member) Look at him—look at that smile—that fucker is proud to be here—and you better be too. Look around—you got 100+ brand new brothers here today. You all wear the same jersey—and it can be taken away from you at any moment. I don’t care if you eat pussy, or suck dick. I don’t care if you work at Burger King, or if your daddy gave you a job at his hardware store. I don’t care if you got no car, or if you got a Porsche. We are all brothers here, and you will conduct yourselves accordingly. You are ambassaders of this team, this school, this community, this town, and even the whole of the great state of TEXAS” Cheers and whistle’s now erupt in the room. Now , almost shouting from my own excitement, “You will conduct your selves at all times as such, in and out of uniform, in and out of school, even after season—24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, for as long as you wear that uniform. There will be no alcohol, no dope, no smoking, and no cockyness or bullying from this team. Any such violations, no matter where or when, will result in your immediate suspension from this team. You don’t get a trial—this ain’t the student union. And—if you piss me off—I will stomp your shit. If you fuck wit my lil bro, Dustin, I will stomp your shit. And—if you fuck wit my new lil buddy, Braxton over there, I will stomp your shit”. I ended up with a big smile—those that knew me knew it was mostly fun, but yet serious underneath. “So—welcome to Mustang football” !! I finished up with quit a shout, and the teams went into an uproar as well—just the way I liked it. “OK—lets get busy. Half outside—hit the tracks—5 miles. The rest inside—hit the weights. My guys square off—teams of four—get you a Freshman, and work him good. Don’t hurt um guys—remember you were a freshman once too. I grab Braxton and drag him over to my ‘team’. Typical workout stuff—arm curls, bench presses, squats, push ups, etc. Giving extra special attention to Braxton, since he was the one to make the request. After about an hour, I finally announce–”OK guys—outside–let’s go run some plays. Just like inside, we teamed up in groups, with the varsity working close with all the freshmen, going over every play until they got them just right. Practice went on till about 7:00 PM. It was a long one for sure. Back kağıthane escort at the locker room, most begin stripping out of their gear, and hitting the showers. With the extra population of the invited Freshmen, it was pretty damm crowded, almost shoulder to shoulder. I made efforts at keeping close to Braxton, since again, he had asked to hang with me—I don’t think the whole team was what he had expected. The whooping and hollering took no time to begin. The fun, including gay jokes started up as as well, with lots making fun of others, and lots of dudes grabbing other dudes asses, and playing dry hump.I shouted from the loud noise of running water, and guys horseplay–”Aight you newbies—be sure you get a ride from someone before everybody jets. We don’t like to leave our brothers stranded. Braxton looked over at me and offered that he probably needed a ride. I told him I ‘got him’ “Hey Matt” “Ya dude” “Umm—why are some of the guys pissing on each others feet”? I give Braxton my biggest shit-eatin grin, and a slight chuckle. I loved it when I had an opportunity to educate someone younger. “It’s ok dawg—it’s legit. Ya see—piss is an antiseptic—kills germs, like foot fungus and jock itch” “Jock itch”? I couldn’t help but continue smiling at the young naive freshman. Buy now, my two best buds, Patroni and Kelso had joined our little circle. They each, probably in an effort to shock our new homie, and offer a visual ‘initiation’ if you will, each grabbing their dicks, and pointing them upwards, begin to piss over my balls, and ass. “It’s an itch you get from sweating a lot. Most jocks get it in the summer from not showering off soon after a hot sweaty day of practice, or a game. Since it’s mostly around your jock area, that’s why they named it ‘jock itch’. And the more hairy you are—the worse you itch. Braxton, by now, indeed had a look of shock on his face, and standing motionless now, as the three of us, myself and Kelso and Patroni turned our attention, and begin to piss down Braxton real good. As we exited the shower, and headed for the benches to change back into our civies, (civilian clothes), some wrapped in their towels, others, like me , not—I asked Braxton if he had a quarter. “Ya, sure” he replied, and started fishing in his jeans. “Naa—not for me dawg—go call your house, and tell whoever you will be hanging with me a couple of hours—and I will bring you home. I’ll feed ya too”Braxton lit up like a Christmas tree, “COOL”THE PRON MATTHEW__THE PORN !! Aight—aight–Im getting there, I promise. As we all towel off and start getting dressed, Braxton, I guess feeling a bit more comfortable now, made a comment on how hairy my ass was. Kelso and Patroni make a couple of snickers, and Kelso says “Go ahead Braxton—ask him what you really want”. Braxton, again, looking embarrased, just replies “uhhh what to you mean”? Patroni goes next with, “It’s ok Braxton—ur safe. We have seen it before—that gleam in your eyes when ur next to him—you want that big jock dick, don’t ya”? Braxton, now totally humiliated, and face now a beet red, hustles to get dressed, and nervously replies, “uhh, maybe I should just go—I’ll find a ride Matt, thanx” “Ahhh hell Braxton—they just fuckin wit ya ! Loosen up dawg—it’s just for fun—ur a Freshman, got to expect to get shit on some”. Braxton just stood there for a moment, then said he would go and call home now. maltepe escort On his return, I grab him around the shoulders, and bringing him in close, continue the teasing, “besides—I bet you give great head” !! Braxton is shaking like a leaf now, but bravely follows the rest of us out to the jeep, and we pile in. “Going to the diner Dillon”? Asks Kelso. “Oh—for sure”We arrive at the diner, and mom greets us with a big happy grin. I introduce Braxton, and mom asks if we would like ‘family setting’. That was restaurant talk–you ordered your main dish, then they bring you lots of sides in big serving bowels, just like at home. Mom handed us off to Mindy—it was a good bit of work, and a lot of dishes, and trips back and forth. Mom knew that I would tip well, and she always looked out for her other waitresses before herself. So—we get the grub, eat like a bunch og hungry a n I m a l s , and I leave Mindy a ten dollar tip. Now—back to the crib.We all head down to my room, in the basement. Braxton, being new comments on how cool it was. I grab some beers from the mini fridge, light up a joint, and pop in some porn in the VCR. “uhh” Braxton stutters, “I thought this shit wasn’t allowed”. The other three of us go into a light laughter, and I respond “Ur with the big dawgs now Braxton, and what happens here—stays here—you got me”? “Ya—sure”Kelso continues, “And not only big dawgs, dude, but the ‘Dillon Diamond Dawgs” “HUH”? “The inner circle—it dont get more privileged than this. Most have to go through weeks of humiliating ordeals to get into this club—seems Matthew has allowed you to just walk right in” “How cum”? “He likes you dude—and sometimes that’s all it takes”As I plop down in my bed, and the porn begins, I announce, “aight—aight–enuff chit chat. Let’s get some dick out”. Again, the look on Braxton’s face was priceless. “Whut”, was all he could get out of his mouth, as his jaw hung open. Kelso and Patroni just giggle, and each of the three of us start stripping. The other two take their favorite spots in the bean bags, about 45* angle to the TV. I point at the bed and tell Braxton, “Ur with me” Still nervous, but comforted I guess in the fact that the rest of us are buck nekk**, he slowly starts to shed his street clothes. He joins me on my bed, lying close beside me, and like me, his head and shoulders supported upward by the ample supply of pillows on the bed. I light up another joint, and we pass it around. The porn is going full force now, and we all start playing with our dicks. Braxton is still nervous, but finally begins to tossell his balls a bit. Becomming a bit brave now, he finally speaks– “damm you got a big dick”. Kelso and Patroni grin their most proudest ear to ear and kelso speaks up “Yup—biggest dick at East Tyler High—11” of pure, thick, throbbing jock meat—and now you got your chance of swallowing it down”Braxton jerks his whole body in terror. “I thought you guys were just playing with me” ! “We were playing with you dawg—but now we aint”. As my cock has now hardened up to it’s full potential, and the fuck juice starts leaking from my piss slit, I cup my balls, and with my thumb, point it straight up into the air” Softly, I speak to Braxton, “Seriously dude—you won’t be the first—and I’m pretty sure I got you pegged right—if ya want it, you better get it, cause this may be the only chance you ever get”. Braxton started shaking from the nervousness he now had. Patroni jumps from his bean bag, and fishes out another beer from the fridge. Tossing it over to Braxton, he quickly pops the top, and slugs down the whole can. “There’s our b o I “ shouts Patroni. With no further hesitation, Braxton grbs my dick in his fist, leans over, and swallows me down—all the way to my pubes !To be continued…….

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