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Join the QueueOkay so went out with the girls one night for a meal and a dance to celebrate one of my girlfriends birthdays. As usual a load of middle aged women with drink on them tend to tease and flirt with all the young guys and squeal excitedly when they get a dance with some young guy. I’m no different. Birthday girl however had always been a bit of a prude and often passed judgement on our reckless fun loving ways.So we were in this place dancing round our handbags and grabbing all the young single looking fellas to dance and flirt with when I met Terry. Oh he was gorgeous. Tall, dark, athletic, soft spoken, twenty one years old and was out with his friends after recently breaking up with his own true love. Don’t you just love a little bit of vulnerability in a man? We clicked immediately. He told me all about himself, his heartbreak and his ambitions for the future. maltepe escort Birthday girl said at one point I could be older than his mum. The bitch. I couldn’t have cared less I fancied the hell out of him and every time he spoke I felt a certain muscle contract.Anyway he said he was just going to go outside for a cigarette and although I don’t smoke I said me too and went outside with him, The smoking area outside was very crowded with lots of people smoking and chatting so I suggested we go for a walk while smoking. He agreed and off we wentWe talked utter bollocks as we walked. All I wanted was for him to finish his cigarette and to find somewhere quiet. Eventually we ended up round the back of the club in an alley way, which had a few couples in it enjoying the dark. I pulled him close and kissed him. He grabbed bahçelievler escort my ass and pulled me close. I could feel his erection.He pulled my dress up round my waist and put his hand down the front of my knickers and slid a couple of fingers into me. And that’s how it was for the next few minutes as I squeezed his bulge with my hand gasping. Then he put me down onto my knees and unzipped his trousers.So there I was on my knees sucking off some young fella I’d met maybe an hour earlier in an alley. He cum in my mouth catching me unawares and I choked. He squeezed my head not letting me go as he expelled all of it. I swallowed it rather than try to hold it in my mouth then spit it out.Then he pulled away and zipped up his trousers. “That was amazing.” he said. looking down on me. Then another guy appeared adana escort in front of me and unzipped his trousers and tried to put his dick in my mouth.”What the fuck?” I said as I looked up. It was one of his pals. “Go on” he said still trying put it in my mouth. Then I realized two of his friends had been there the whole time and had been watching.So, on my knees in an alley with another guys dick in my hand inches from my face he pleaded for me to suck him. I thought what the hell and sucked him off as well. After he’d cum in my mouth, and I’d choked again, he pulled away then the third guy stood in front of me and I did the same with him. After a few minutes he got me to stand up and pulled my tights down and fucked me against the wall while his two friends smoked cigarettes and watched. When he’d finished with me we decided to head back in to meet our friends. We hadn’t got a few yards and there was birthday girl against the wall with another of Terry’s friends fucking her. She made eye contact with me and looked horrified at first but I winked at her and we both laughed.All hubby had to say was why didn’t you get their numbers we could’ve had them round. Part of me wishes I had. Terry was gorgeous.

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