Journey Continues 1


Journey Continues 1I was more into her than ever. We had sex alot over the next few weeks. Had gotten back into our regular life. She talked to Rick a few times and also to Ed once. I was using her big dildos alot on her. It had been 4-5 weeks after our trip and she started really talking about fucking another guy again. We even thought about driving to Santa Barbara to see Rick. So guys would hit on her all the time when we would go to wine bars and stuff. She would sometimes wear her anklet. As we talked about all of this she really expressed a desire to explore her submissive side. The dynamic of being a sub really excited her though she was not interested in any sort of pain situation. More bondage, control, slut play, humiliation, gangbangs and that sort of thing. She also expressed a desire to fuck black men and a desire for her to play with a dominate couple. We also decided we would always meet at a bar or restaurant for a drink before going to someones house. NEVER at our house. Also agreed that while being her choice, we both had to say ok. Also if either of us were not comfortable in continuing we would not and that she was not ok with me being with another women.One night while having a bottle of wine we placed an ad on craigslist. In the ad she even mentioned she was and into gangbangs and group sex and was quite obedient. We heard from and chatted online with alot of guys. Some of them really assholes and a few of them wanted an exclusive relationship. Alot of the guys we chatted with online wanted to come to our place. We figured that they were married. So the following Monday we received a response from a guy that was going to be in town the following week for business. He invited us for dinner and we thought why not. So this guy Bob was from Seattle and would get to the Bay area once a month or so. We met him on Tuesday night. So my wife wore a dress and one of her anklets. We met Bob for dinner at a SOMA restaurant. Bob was 60sh good looking 6-1 or so and in decent shape. We suspected he was married and we were right. He came clean at dinner and said he was in a sexless marriage. Diane liked him and so we decided to go back to his hotel room. He was staying at the Marriott. So the 2 of them sat on his couch and I sat across from them. He seemed a bit nervous and after a few minutes they were kissing. He had admitted he was uncomfortable with me in the room. Diane stood up and had him unzip her dress and they both took off their clothes. He ended up fucking her with a condom. Seemed to last a long time and sex was more about him. She got dressed gave him a kiss and we left. Thumbs down on this guy. Contacted us again next day and we said no. We decided on the way home that we would be a bit more selective and she admitted she does not enjoy sex with condoms. We would ask guys to provide a STD test so we would feel comfortable bareback. It is very easy to get tests. She also said that hotel sex was very exciting for her and that it we would focus on guys that were in town on business. Initial drinks in the hotel bar (another big turnon) and on to their room. No more meeting for dinner. It would also be amazing to find 8-10 regular lovers for her. Guys that were in town frequently. And she really wanted to do a black guy. We decided that we would play with others on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday night would be our date halkalı escort night. So we reworked the craigslist ad. We got a landslide of responses from guys that visit the city frequently and a few that lived in the area. I ordered her a couple new anklets (one that said SLUT and one that said HOTWIFE) I find anklets to be SO sexy / slutty and nothing like seeing walk into a bar wearing on or it dangling as her legs are in the air getting fucked. We also decided to plan a trip to see Rick in Santa Barbara. We wanted to drive down the coast and she really wanted to fuck him again. He wanted to set up a gangbang for her. We set up the trip for the following month cause we wanted to make a five day weekend and spend a few nights in big sir on the way down. We placed the ad on a Friday and she was really anxious to meet a guy or two the following week. We even got a new phone to use for this so to not have real caller id info. There were several guys that really interested her. A bunch of them wanted an exclusive arrangement so they were purged. We decided that Thursday would be the night to play and set up a meeting with a guy the following week. So on Thursday we were meeting a guy for drinks at the Marriott at 5pm. Tuesday night she got a call from Rick. He said he had an emergency meeting and was going to be in San Francisco Thursday night and then was flying out of SF to Hawaii on Friday. Asked her if she would like to meet him at the hotel later in the evening after his meetings. She laughed telling him about her date Thursday and that she would cancel. He laughed and told her he wanted sloppy seconds. Told her to meet him afterwards cause would not be back to the Hyatt till 8pm anyway. On Thursday it was really cool (summer night) and she wore a tight skirt blouse no bra and her “SLUT” anklet. She was excited about the Marriott meeting, but really really excited about seeing Rick later. We met the this guy (Dan) at 5pm at the Marriott rooftop lounge. Guy was from Austin 6-3 in his 40s good looking guy. He was sitting near the window on a couch and there were two chairs across from him. I could tell she was attracted and sat next to him. He worked in tech and traveled to the city frequently. Was single but admitted he had a girlfriend. Not an issue for us. This guy was articulate and interesting and she really seemed to like him. We had appetizers and wine and she admitted that we were meeting her friend Rick later. That did not bother him. He seemed to actually enjoy it. After two glasses of wine she was getting a bit tipsy and he had put his arm around her and she put her leg over his and they kissed a bit. She had taken her panties off earlier as instructed by Rick. The skirt ran up and I could clearly see her bush as I am sure some of the other guys could. Dan do you want to take me to room room and fuck me ? she asked him. Let me get the check he said. We got up to his room and she just laid on his bed. He stood at the end of the bed and took off his clothes. She was unbuttoning her blouse. I remember him being in great shape and was packing 7 inches or so. He was hard. She watched him undress and enjoying the show actually reaching down rubbing her clit. He helped her get the skirt off and spread her legs and licked her clit while fingering her. She had an orgasm telling him his girlfriend is very lucky. şişli escort He rolled over on his back and she sucked his cock licking his balls and up the shaft licking the precum. She climbed on top of him sliding his cock inside her. She took off her blouse and was riding him. He reached up playing with her tits. You feel amazing fuck me she said. By the sound I could tell she was soaking wet. She had another orgasm. I could tell she enjoyed his cock. He had her get at the end of the bed with her ass in the air and face burried in the pillow. He stood behind her and reentered. He started fucking her hard and came right away. It was amazingly sexy to watch. He had said he was a heavy cummer and it was true. I sensed he was feeling guilty about cheating on his girlfriend although he told me how lucky I was to have such an adventurous wife. So it was only like 7pm or so when we left Dan’s room and we were suppose to meet the Rick at 8pm. She texted Rick and told him that we were running early and we could meet him at the bar. He said that he finished dinner and was at the bar having a drink with a friend. As we walked up a few guys starred at her as Rick got up and took her into his arms. So good to see you she said as they kissed a minute. He introduced himself and to his friend John. John lives up in Marin county and Rick knows him from biking (Harley). Like Rick a good looking older guy. He moved over and Diane sat between them. We talked a little about the city and stuff. Rick whispered something to her and she unbuttoned a button on her blouse almost exposing her tits. So did you meet your friend Diane ? Rick asked. I noticed her skirt had rode up a bit and you could almost see her bush. She had not even crossed her legs. We had been there maybe 10 minutes. Did you fuck him Rick asked ? yes she said. Good girl. He had his hand between her legs. I was standing behind her. She moaned a little. Did he have a big cock. yes she said. He had his hand all the way up her skirt pulling it up till you could see her bush. She spread her legs a little more and he put his finger in her. I see your ready to go upstairs Rick said to her k**ding. mmmm yes I am she said. Is it ok if John comes up with us ? Off course she said. Rick grabs her hand and the four of us head to the elevator. So we get upstairs and the room has a balcony and gorgeous view. John had gone in to use the restroom and Rick lead her out to the balcony. I walked out with them them. It was really cool that night. They stood and kissed a minute and she stood looking out over the balcony. Rick reached around to her tits and unbuttoned her blouse then took it off and threw it on a chair. John is out there now. She is standing there with just her skirt on and behind her kissing her neck. She was moaning and I wondering if anyone could see what was going on. John was standing next to her and started playing with her tits. She kept grinding back against Rick. Fuck me baby said. Rick backed away and took off his pants. John had one hand and other was under her dress fingering her from behind and she had reached down playing with his cock. She spread a legs a little. Rick had his pants down and he was stroking his hard cock. He walked up pulled up her dress and slipped it right in. Her cunt is a little loose from getting fucked earlier sarıyer escort Rick said to John. Rick had a hold of her hips fucking her and John was squeezing her nips. She was holding on to the side of the balcony. Fuck me baby fuck me she was saying. Squeeze my nips harder she said. Then she had an orgasm. Should of brought the nipple clamps. Rick backed away from her and sat down. Come sit on my cock. She did as he said. She pulled up her skirt and sat on Rick’s cock while John stood in front of her and undid his pants. She took John into her mouth. John’s cock looked to be pretty good sized maybe bigger than Rick. She is sucking John’s cock at times gagging while bouncing up and down on Rick’s cock. Are you my little slut Diane ? Rick asked. Yes I am your slut. I want you to take John in and fuck him while Jim and I watch. Act like you are a whore turning a trick. Come on John said standing her up and leading her inside to the bed. She took off her skirt and the two of them stood naked. He laid her down on the edge spreading her legs. He stood next to the bed and easily slid his cock in her accepting sloppy and accepting pussy. She let out a moan as he started pounding her hard. It sounded really sloppy. Rick stood and watched stroking himself. John made Diane roll over and lay on her belly. He got on top of her and slid his cock back in her. Take his cock like a whore Rick was saying as John fucked her. John rolled her over on her back and put her legs on his shoulders. Rick walked over and was on his knees next to her and put his cock in her mouth while John was fucking her. John started fucking her harder and came in her falling on top of her. When he pulled out the cum was gushing out of her. Wow. John gave Diane a kiss and asked he asked Rick if he could take a shower. Rick laid next to Diane and she put a leg over his. Sorry guys, I have to drive to Fairfax John said when he walked out thanking Diane. She lad in Rick’s arms and they started kissing. (I admit that I was suddenly feeling a bit jealous of Rick)She was rubbing his cock and they were making out in bed. He rolled her onto her side and slipped his cock in while kissing back of her neck. Oh you feel amazing she said. You like my cock Diane. Yes she said. Do you want to be my sex slave ? At times I will treat you like a whore and make you fuck all my friends and times I will make love to you. And spank you when your bad. Make you wear a collar in my house. He was fucking her harder. Would you like that Diane ? OMG yes. I am your sex slave. You will do anything I want sexually he said. I could hear the sloshing as he fucked her. Yes as long as you make love to me after. She was enjoying Rick way to much. He rolled her onto her back and she had her legs on his shoulders as he fucked her slow and sensual. They was making out with his tongue in her mouth. She was pulling his hips and he started pounding her. She had an orgasm and he came as well shooting several streams in her. He fell on top of her. They laid in bed naked. She looked at me and whispered thank you. She had lots of cum coming out of her. So Diane I have a friend coming to San Francisco next week. He is an attorney from Atlanta going through a divorce. I would like for you to meet him for a drink and go upstairs and fuck him. I talked to him yesterday and he told me he hasn’t been laid in like a year and a half. She got up and took a shower. While she was in the shower he thanked me for letting him have fun with Diane and told me how lucky I was. Said he tried to get his exwife into this and she had no interest. He also told me how much she is in love with me. We chatted for a while. I took her home and fucked her.

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