Journey Into Darkness – 3

Journey Into Darkness – 3Punished for Being a BratToday is a fine summer day. I have finished my first full year of college and I’m looking forward to taking the summer off. I had intended to go back home and visit the family but Jamal has offered to let me stay with him over the summer and even when school starts if I want. It is more than tempting so I’ve decided to accept his offer. We have been in a somewhat committed D/s relationship for over 7 months. He has given me a collar of consideration or training collar. I do still want to visit my family and they are wanting to meet Jamal. He’s promised me that will get down there soon.It’s been almost 6 weeks since I got my piercings. I’m excited to be able to have regular sex. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having sex daily. Jamal has made me his anal whore while my pussy has been off limits and of course there was nothing wrong with my mouth. But we have limited having his friends be involved and I know that is something that Jamal misses. I missed it too. This time off has really allowed me to become the three holed slut Jamal wants me to be.He continued to train me with plugs but with the addition of the “Love Glider” sex chair, he has been able to use a dildo and have it enter me anally. I was surprised to find that I get a wonderful orgasm from anal penetration. This past weekend he had some friends over and they all watched as he had me ride the glider to multiple orgasms. While they loved the show, they were disappointed that my holes were closed to them. I begged for Jamal to let me at least service them orally but he was adamant. He was even mad enough that I incurred punishment for my insolence and being bratty in front of his friends. I have been on pins and needles all week waiting for the hammer to fall. I’ve been very attentive and carry all week, hoping that he would forgive me or forget my punishment. But I have been feeling guilty and I’ve even thought about reminding him that I’ve yet to punished.Late Friday I reminded him that I had incurred a punishment. Usually I get a thorough spanking and that’s it. Saturday afternoon he had me ready to accept my punishment. He had me insert a large black butt plug. He also had me wear a penis gag, also black. This is a punishment in its own right, as he knows how much I love to suck cock. Next he had placed on the Love Glider in the doorway of the guest bedroom. He then restrained me while sitting on it. The guest bedroom is just off the entryway of his apartment. My arms were raised and secured to the top of the door frame. My waist was secured by a slave belt to the sides of the door on each side. Then he placed a large and I mean large black dildo on the base of the glider. He had me seat the large phallus inside my cunt. It filled me like only his cock can do. Now I had a phallus in every hole. Lastly he placed a blindfold to restrict me vision. I was on display for anyone who happened to come to the door. My piercings glimmered in the light of the foyer. I was dripping with need.I’m not sure how long I was there before his friends started coming over. One by one he introduced them. Of course I couldn’t respond to them but they certainly became acquainted with me by touching me, slapping my tits or rubbing on my exposed and engorged clit. As each of Jamal’s friends would come in, he had me move back and forth on the glider so they could see the black cock going in and out of me. I found myself whimpering, hoping that he would let me cum. He wanted to show them how he was training me to be his black cock slut. By this time in my training I was past all the embarrassment of his treatment and was flooding the floor with my juices. I counted four of his friends that I had been introduced to. Their touch and the words they had called me, like whore and slut, only made me hotter. I hate being teased and Jamal knows this, so this was the worst punishment he could have güvenilir bahis come up with.Occasionally, one of his friends would come back in for some more groping or to slap my tits or clit. I would writhe and whimper for them, hoping again that Jamal would have pity on me and let me loose. They would just move the glider back and forth until I was begging, then turn and go away. Finally, after what seemed like hours of teasing, he brought everyone back into the hallway where I was restrained. He asked if I had learned my lesson on being bratty. When I nodded he pulled the gag out of my mouth. My jaw was very sore but I didn’t complain. I deserved his ministrations. But I remembered my manners.“Thank you Sir. I have been punished for being bratty. There are no excuses and I will not do it again.”I said all of this while grinding back and forth on the large phallus in my cunt. This must have pleased him as a cock was rubbed across my lips. I opened obediently and took the cock that was offered. It wasn’t Jamal’s, as I know his cock anywhere, but took the cock as if it was his and serviced it. When it swelled and spewed it’s cum, I held it in my mouth until I was told to swallow.“Swallow.”“Thank you Sir for using this slut.”“You’re welcome little girl. I look forward to more later.”The rest followed over the course of the evening. I took every cock down my throat and swallowed their cum like the black cock whore that I am. When Jamal felt that I had been punished enough he came and released me. He carried me to his bedroom and massaged my arms, legs and back. As much as I love being treated like a slut, I’ve always loved his aftercare. He is so attentive during this time. The rest of the evening I spent serving drinks, lighting cigars and general cleaning up after his friends.While I was no longer being punished, I continued to service Jamal and his friends but was not allowed to cum all night. They groped my body, felt up my breasts, and teased my dripping wet pussy but no relief. I was surprised that Jamal didn’t have a gangbang that night. I found out why the next night. I was just being primed for what was to come. When everyone left and it was just me and Jamal, he had me take his cock down my throat for the final time that night and swallow his cum. I was sent to bed very needy and slept fitfully all night.Kristy’s InitiationSunday, I woke up Jamal with his usual blowjob and left to make him breakfast. We spent some down time watching TV and me catching up on some e-mails to family. When the afternoon came around, he had me go take a nap and rest up for what he called some “festivities” he had planned for this evening. I was excited and had a hard time falling asleep because his idea of festivities always means that I am going to be used in some extreme way. It always gets my juices going.When I woke up from my nap, Jamal had me bath and remove all my body hair. I put on my collar again and met him in the living room. He set me down and explained what the night would hold. He wanted to have a committed relationship and end my consideration phase and recognize me as his collared slave. I thanked him for this and agreed to accept his offer. He told me that tonight would be my initiation and he planned to have his friends over to participate. I should expect to have all of my holes filled and then some. I told him that I would do my best to please him and make him proud of his choice.I tried to keep myself busy most of the day. I was still very horny from being denied all of last night. I was on edge all day. The anticipation of the unknown was overwhelming. I thought several times about asking permission to cum and take some of the edge off but I didn’t. I did not want to earn the ire of Jamal on such a big night. I spent extra times getting ready and mentally preparing for whatever Jamal had planned. He was very attentive and cuddly all day. He was his usual türkçe bahis calm self while I was nervous with restless anticipation. I was almost relieved when he told me to get into position to receive guests. I was waiting on my knees when the guest started arriving. It didn’t take long for them to all get there as I was to find out later. Jamal had given everyone his plans and they are anxious to be a part of it. Jamal had me greet everyone in the usual manner. I crawled around the room and became familiar with each man’s cock, all of them black I might add. This was really just a chance for me to prime everyone for later. Once everyone had been aroused including me. I was led into the great room. It is the largest room in Jamal’s apartment. There was a large partition with a hole about 2’ wide in circumference. I was led to the partition and feed through the whole so that my body was on both sides of the wall. I was secured with my arms spread wide and attached to the partition. My ankle cuffs were attached to a spreader bar. My hair was in a ponytail and secured to the top of the partition so that my mouth would be held up for easier use.Several of the men oiled my body down. It felt good to have them all touching my body. I could feel my juices already leaking down my thighs. Some of them made comments about what a slut and fuck toy I was. This of course made me proud as I know Jamal was. That was when the party started. Each man took turns using all of my holes. Jamal was the first to take my mouth. I eagerly took his beautiful cock in my mouth and laved my tongue around his veiny shaft. Another man took his pleasure in my cunt. There was no warm up, he just plunged into my wet and splayed lips and started pounding me. Because I was restrained and couldn’t move, I felt like a fuck doll unable to writhe or do anything except take what was given me.Some of them men slapped my ass. It was still a bit sore from my spanking the day before but it spurned me on to a deeper level of pleasure. The cock in my pussy was thrashing so hard that my breasts were swinging like twin pendulums. I guess this brought them attention because it wasn’t long before someone started slapping them. My nipples are very sensitive even for someone with large breasts. So this was something that had floating in sub space early. Each man swapped out and took their turns with either end, filling all my holes with big black cock. I was in slut heaven. After a rather long stint of being restrained, Jamal took me down and gave me a long period of rest and aftercare. Although I have taken many cocks before at Jamal’s instruction this was my first official gangbang. It was a bit overwhelming at first but my body responded at it always does, eager with the prospect of being filled in all my slut holes with big black cocks.After I had rested some and re-hydrated, Jamal led me out to the partition. I was strapped in once again and thoroughly fucked for another round. I had been allowed to orgasm throughout the time but it was Jamal and his friends that were in control of my pleasure. My body was strumming from all of the use. When I seem to be zoning out, someone would slap my ass or my hanging breasts. I took them all eagerly and often begged for more. This round lasted about two hours. I was left alone to contemplate what was being done to me. I would be held by my bonds, cum dripping from every hole. Oddly enough, I would feel empty at that time, longing to be filled again. Then they would return and I would be filled with black cock again.When this round ended, again, I was allowed some rest period and offered water and a small snack. I wasn’t very hungry as I couldn’t remember how many loads of Jamal’s friend’s cum I had swallowed. But I used this rest time to recharge. I didn’t have any idea how much longer my initiation would last. When Jamal came to get me, he told me how proud he was of güvenilir bahis siteleri me and that I was doing so great at entertaining his friends. He told me they couldn’t stop talking about me.He led me into the living room again. The men were back to lounging around. I served them drinks and lit cigars. They still touched my body as I made the rounds to each man. I spent the next several hours on my knees. Then Jamal stood and had everyone follow him to the den. This was my favorite room. Mainly because it had a rather large wall of glass that looked out over the city. It was late in the evening and the city lights shone brightly. Jamal went over to the window and called me to kneel in front of him. I did so obediently. I could feel my body tremble. He removed my collar of consideration and opened a box. In it was a stainless steel collar with one O-ring in front and a lock on the back. He placed it around my neck and secured it. He held the key up and placed it on a leather around his neck. I was his officially. He then pulled three golden rings with matching tags from the box. He had me change out my barbells with the gold rings and attached the tags to each of my piercings. One said “Slave”, another “Whore” and the last said “Slut.” He then told me to stand and face the window. I could see out over the city and of course anyone who was near could see me too in all my nakedness. Master told me to lean against the glass and spread my legs. I pressed my face and breasts against the cool glass with my head turned to the side. With my legs spread wide I could feel some of the men’s cum still dripping from my holes. I felt Master’s body against my back. His hard cock nudging between the cheeks of my ass. My nipples were hard and aching while pressed to the cool glass.“I’m going to take you for the first time as my slave in front of my friends and whoever may be watching outside.” Jamal said as he lean into my ear.“Yes Sir.”He took his swollen cock and rubs the spongy head between my leaking folds, slapping it against my swollen and sore lips. The electricity of the moment had my body shuddering with anticipation. I didn’t care who saw me being fucked or cared what they thought of me. I was my Master’s black cock slut and that’s all I wanted to be. I felt his cock press against my folds and they flowered around the head of his massive cock. Opening up to take him where he first had all these months ago. Once his cock was partially inside me, he still.“What do you want slut?”“I want you to fuck me with your magnificent black cock Master and make me your black cock slave!”With my plea he seated his thick throbbing cock into my depths. Although I had cum many times before that night, I came instantly. My body shuddered as he pounded my sore pussy. His relentless thrust told me and everyone there that this was his pussy, his slut, his slave. He may share it with his friends or anyone else for that matter, but he owned it.“Whose cunt is this?”“Yours Master!”His thrusts slammed me against the glass over and over. His tags clicked against the glass. My hot breath fogged it over but his hands grabbed my collar from behind and pressed my face against it. He was pounding me so hard that my feet were coming off the ground with each thrust. The crowd of friends were uhing and ahing. I could here them high fiving each other. I was having one continuous orgasm when Master finally started to have ragged breath. I felt his giant cock swell. When he shot his warm cum inside me, I lost it. I was a shaking, shuddering, whimpering mess. He held me against the wall until his cock stopped pulsing. I tried to use my cunt to milk every last drip of his seed. When his thick cock finally slipped from my pussy, I felt empty except for the fresh warm cum dripping swollen cunt lips. I stayed in place against the window until he told me to turn around. He leaned in and kissed my forehead. With that Jamal became my official Master and I was his submissive slave. The party went on for an hour or so then people started to leave and it was finally just me and Master. When we finally went to bed that night, he made love to me and held me all night long.

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