Journey of my Marriage life…-3


Journey of my Marriage life…-3deletedRead 1&2…i stopped my kiss, and said, sathya i am hungry.he then went to take his parcel, and came back. and opened it in the bed itself.It was chicken fried rice, and we both started eating. I took and feed it to his mouth and he feed me Few rice fell on mybody and sathya took it directly with mouth. Then he got some kinky idea, he asked me lye down and put all the rice in my stomachand boobs. He took those small chicken pieces and placed in my pussy. He started licking and eating from my body. I could notcontrol my laugh and said to sathya, this was real naughty idea. with rice inside his mouth, he came near to mount and signled me to open my mouth, i opened my mouth, he split the rice inside my mouth, along with his saliva. each time he didthis, i got more and more saliva, and it tasted more than the rice. I said, sathya, your saliva is more tasty dahearing this, he wait for some time till his mouth get full of saliva and then came to me and split every thingin to my mouth.i swallowed it fully, and he kissed me. once the rice is over, Then he moved to my pussy and started lickingthose small chicken pieces, one or 2 fall into my pussy, he inserted his toungue deep inside take that out and ate.I was in heaven and my pussy showing signs of one more release. Once he finised all the pieces, he inserted his toungueplayed with my clit. in few seconds , i started relasing and shiv started licking it everything.he camme to my mouth andinserted the toungue in my mouth, i tasted my own juice. I then gave him a nice full blowjob and after saliva, i drank hiscum now and thought, i should take his urine some time. I hugged and kissed him and we both slept.It was a long sound sleep. In the morning i heard the door knock. I saw the time, it was 6 AM. It should be our Milkman,i stood up, searched for the towel, wrap it around my breast and opened the door. He Handed over the milk pocket to me and starred at my breast, i didnt closed the door, i was waiting for him to finish his stare. He was a young man, might be inhis mid 20s, wearing lungi and a dirty t-shirt.Then he looked my eyes, i smiled and asked him is that enough watching or need more. He too smiled, I need more madam, i asked him to get in.I could see the tent in his lungi, he is also like me not wearing anything inside. I said, i will give you only 5 minutes, you can play with my body without touching my pussy. saying this, i kept the Milk pocket aside, switched on the timer andremoved my towel. He suddenly hugged me and started licking all over me, he started from face, licked my ears cheek mouth,eyes and nose, i could smell the tobocco from his mouth. he should have chevwed just before, his tooth are yellow due to that. he insterted his tongue into mouth and rolled it all over my toungue and jaw, that tobocco smell, turning me on and his salaiva filling my mouth. he then pushed me to the sofa and came over me, i untied his lungi knot and he is naked fromthe bottom. He started concentrating on my boobs, i holded his penis. He licked, kissed and bite my nipple. After 2 mins ofshaking he got ready to burst. iam going to cum, he said. I imediatly put my mouth in his cock.He filled his fluid in my mouth, it was huge, and yummy…i swallowed it completely..first drink for the day…it was nice start …He picked his lungi and saw the timer, 30 seconds more…he came and kissed me for 20 seconds, smiled and left..he is a dirty gentleman….i went naked to close the door, unlucky for me, no one came out from nearby flats..i stand there for few secons, closedthe door and turned…Sathya, standing right near the bedroom door, shaking his tool. Oh sweety, did u see the show.He hugged me tight, yes, reva, i kissed him. Hmmm, your cock is like a rod…i think it need my pussy.No reva,i think your pusssy has a lot of work today, i dont want to make it tired now itself, you can use your mouth.i smiled and went down, before i reached his tool, he pushed my head to his cock, and put his tool inside and started stroking. I know he should be horny, smiled to myself and started the blowjob. he is moving in and outand his tip hit my thraot for each push. salaiva oozing out from my mouth and i felt i might vomit. I stopped him a bitgathered myself and rolled my tongue all over his tool and opened my mouth and said him to start again. This time he heldmy hair and mmoved my head in and out. He never did this before, normally i used to give him a slow and gentle BJ. Morning show made him this much aggressive. i Enjoyed the mouth fuck with pain and plessure. I decided to Daily give him atleast one show to enjoy his aggression. With a heavy jerk, cum hit my throat directly. His hands werestrong in my head and he didnt release it till i drink all the load (within 15 minutes it is second drink for the day).2 drink in 15 minutes, at this speed, i would reach 8 per hour and it will be atleast 80 at the end of day. i calculated and smiled to myself. I licked and cleaned his tool and stood up. i hugged him and kissed in lips, hey, thevidiyaa, i need to go earlytoday, i cant drop you. can you go with Ram. i said ok. He then get ready and went.i then started slowly, watched TV, pushed some time. 8 o clock went to bath, and came out after 30 minutes.I didnt show intrest in selecting the dress, any way i will be naked in the office. so i took a chudi to wear.i cheked my handbag to see howmuch cash i have. There, i saw the Kneelenght skirt and bare back blouse which i weared yesterday in the canteen session. Shiv should have kept it here, i thought.Then i got a kinky idea, i thought of wearing this while going. After wearing, i checked myself in mirror, My topscovered only from nipple and Navel is open.i made sure, skirt is just 2 inches above my pussy.No inners. i keptone panty inside my handbag just to use in case of emergency. My loose hairs covered my bare back. So i tied my hair and put it infront and check again.I dont apply makeup or lipstick as it will show me like a bitch. I took a selfie, coverd my whole body, send the pic to my hubby and said,i am going to catch bus in this dress.Then, i came out of the house and reached the bus stop. All the eyes were on me and each and every look turned me on.Bus came but not crowd enough, so i waited for a crowded bus. Then came the next bus with full crowd as i expected.I climbed in front and slowly get in, after passing 2 3 steps in between mens, i got the first squeeze in my ass. then istill moved in, with my boobs contacting 4 mens in 2 stepes, one kept his palm in breast, i pushed it and get in. after 2steps, i stuck between 2 men, and then i could move. i thought this would be the perfect place, one men behind me and one infront and one in my right side. i looked at my right side, that men standing in opposite direction, my bad luck.i was looking down without having any eye contact with these 3. Within a minute, i felt a hand in my hip from behind.i didnt move, then that hand started to slowly massage my hips. i felt the hot breath near my ear.i tried to turn andlook, that men trying to get a view of nipple, while turning my cheek touched his lips. then i felt some soft touch inother ear and turned to look, it was tha man infront touching my ear with his toungue. We both had eye contact, he looked deep, but i doesnt show any reaction in my face. then he came balçova escort a bit closer mad i felt his rod, in my pussy.i need one in my ass crack, so i moved a bit back and there it is, back mans rod felt my ass. man infront touched my cheek with his lips, then moved it to my ears and plced it on my shoulder. man from behind took the other side for him. And he rollod his tongue all over the shoulder, to ear to my back neck.i looked around to see how many watching this show. to my bad luck only the guy in the right watching this.i looked at him, he also looked at me and smiled.i too give a short smile. he came closer to me, should i help you fromthese 2 men. i Said, no thanks, let them enjoy. All 3 heared this. suddenly 4 hands, started massaging my body. one hand in my ass, 2 in each boobs and one my navel. both their lips were all over my shoulder and back.Hand in my ass realised i didnt wear panties, pulled it up. and squeezed my bare ass.with that my front part also went up and i felt the front men rod, straight in my pussy. already my pussy is wet and this send a shiver in my spain.Hand in my ass realised i didnt wear panties, pulled it up. and squeezed my bare ass.with that my front part also went up and i felt the front men rod, straight in my pussy. already my pussy is wet and this send a shiver in my spain.With both their lips roaming my neack and shoulders, i felt one of the hand in my breasts. Man behind me started massaging itSeeing this front man, took my other breasts.The front put the other hand in my pussy and slowly inserted his one finger, My pussy started oozing out juices and i felt it in my thighs. I was in heaven and thought this is time for me to get into action.I placed my hands in his tool and slowly unzipped. I checked around to see how many watching us, but still its only the man standing in the side, watching our action.After unzipping, i insert my hands into his pants and caught his tool, this turned him on more, and i could feel his handsgetting stronger on my boobs and his fingering speed in my pussy also increased.He came closer to my lips and starterd licking and kissing my lips. I think, The stop that i need to get down is alreadygone.I also inserted my tongue into his mouth and rolled it all over inside.Man in behind tried to insert his hands through my tops to catch the boob. But it was tight enough and he couldnt do that.Then he did one amazing thing. He started removing the knots behind, to make it loose. I was shocked, he started removing one by one.He removed 3 out of 4 knots.Then he roamed his hands all over my bare back and brought to the front, now he can easily access my breasts through the tops.he playes with my nipple and boobs for a while, kissing/licking me in my ears and cheek.The man in front, took his tool out and placed the tips in my bottom lips and slowly roamed it around.He then looked into my eyes and asked me shall i start.This is what, i am waiting for long time. i placed a kiss in his ears and said, start soon.He slowly inserted it into my bottom lips. He cannot show a fast movement inside the bus, so he slowly placedit inside with very slow shakes. In 30 seconds, his tool split all juice inside me. Bus has nearing the destination and slowly crowd started getting down in the stops. I too decided to get down,walked near the entrance. One naughty hand, removed the 4th knot in my back.I got down the bus with juices running in my thighs and all the knots untied.Once, i get down, i rushed to catch a auto to reach office, lots of cocks waiting there.I take my hands to my back to tie the knots, There is only 2 men in the bus stop, so i decided against it and let them enjoy the view.Before i could find a auto, one of the men approached me and asked.R u a prostitue ?i was shocked to hear that word from the stranger.That sends me electric shock all over the body. I looked him from top to bottom. He looked like a labour, well built,strong arms, full of sweat. He is wearing a lungi and a inner baniyan. he is chewing tobocco and i could see his teethfull of red.I thought for a moment and nodded my head.Yes….How much you charge ?I said, 1000 per hour.CAn you come now ?i thought, i can take the cocks in office anytime, so i should not miss this oppurtunity.I said ok.Then, he asked to come along with him, as he said, there is one lonely place near by.while walking, he asked me, i have 2 more friends, can you ?i thought, hmmm, thats going to be great and smiled to myself.I said, ok.He asked will you charge more.I felt guilty of enjoying more cocks and getting money for it.I said, if 2 more men, i charge 500 per hour.He shocked to hear this and looked at me.i smiled.Then he asked, what if i have 4 more friends.I replied, with a smile, then you can take me free.He laughed at it and it said, my bad luck, i have only 2 friends now.i said, bad luck for me too.. for which we both laughed.Once we reached lonely place, he put his inside above my shoulder, and pressed my boobs like pressing auto horn.hmmm nice, he said.We reached the place, and it was a half build construction building.HE called for his 2 more friends, working there.They both came, they were in full of sweat, i think they are working atleast for 1 hour.they BOth wearing, only lungi, and i could see they have well built broad chest. Sweat is running through all over their body.First guy, introduced me to them as a slut.They both looked at me and said, wow, she looks a cute slut. They said, they will take a quick bath and come for the play.I stopped them, went near one of them and asked him to raise his arms.I move my face closer to his armpits, kept my nose there and smelled.I said, you smell nice, no need to take bath…Saying this, i rolled my toungu all over his chest and licked his sweat.Seeing this, the second men, called me to smell him. I went smilingly closer him and kept my face under his armpits andtook a deep breath.I saw him chewing tobocco, i went closer to his mouth to give a lip kiss to taste the tobocco. He was about to splithis saliva to take my kiss, i stopped him and kept my mouth in his saliva filled tobocco mouth.I inserted my toungue inside his mouth and tasted his saliva with tobocco. I heard the sound of my pussy bell, ringing.My act, turned on all the 3 mens and they took me to the floor of the semi-constructed building.I could feel the pee smell and looked around, one men went near the corner and started peeing there.Hmmm, nice place, i thought..All 3 came near me and i started undressing myself.Seeing this, all men get naked.once all were naked, all 3 hugged me and tight and started licking kissing me all over the body. They made me lye down andone started licking my bottom lips. One guy concentrated on my boobs and other came to my mouth. He kept his cock in my mouthand started mouth fucking. My pussy juice started oozing out. Men in bottom kept his cock in my pussy and insert it.I started moaning. one cock inside my mouth and one in bottom lips, started its motion. I took my mobile and gave it to 3rdmen and asked him to take pics and videos.After couple of minutes, both the men filled both my holes. My 3rd drink for the day.Immediatly 3rd men, get on top of me, and started kissing all over my me. He kissed my lips and split all his saliva inside my mouth. he asked, you liked this smell, right ? i Said yes. escort balçova He took his mouth and closed my nose holes with my mouth and started licking my nose with his tongue. Tobocco adn cigarette smell made me horny lot. he did this for almost 3 minutesand i have to breathe with my mouth. when he about to release, i hold his head and enjoyed the smell for one more minute.He then get down to my breast and started licking my nipples. seeing this, other 2 men, filled their mouth with toboccoand came near my mouth. I smiled and opened my mouth. They both split their saliva in my mouth and few drops in my face.Now, the second cock enterd my bottom lips. It took some longer time than the first one to fill my pussy. i immediatly turn to the 3rd man and said your turn. All the 3 filled both my upper lips and bottom lips, with theirjuices. Then we all 4 lyed down hugging each other, i was too tired and took a nap for almost 30 minutes. Then i waked up, when i feel one of the cock in my mouth. One of them placed his cock there, trying to insert, i eagerly openedand take it with a smile. Then the other 2 seeing this, bring theirs to my face. I then stood in my knees, started givingblowjob for all the 3, one men suddenly lift my face and split a mouth full of tobocco saliva in my face. I showed my face fully and once he finished, i played with his cock with much more speed. Seeing this, other 2 men filled their mouthwith tobacco. Then all 3 cum in my face, i licked every drop of it.Then i stood up, i could feel the pain in my pussy. Washed my face. All 3 came and hugged me, and said, you are asweet bitch. it was almost 2 hours and they paid me 1000. I said to the first men, arrange 4 friends and call me, you can take me free and smiled. They took my phone number and i dressed and left the place.I called shiv and informed for the day off.Catch a auto and reach home, i was tempted to catch bus, but my pussy is tired to take few more cocks. It needs some rest.I reached home, after giving a nice show to the auto driver. I thought he would approach mefor some naughty things, as he glanzed me through the mirror all through the drive.But he didnt do anything.Once i reached, i paid him the fare, get into home lye in to bed.I had a mixed feelings of being a real slut and went to sleep.After couple of hours, i waked up. I looked into my handbag to search something and found 500 Rs which they paid to me.Seeing that, i felt a shiver in my spain. Oh, i really turned out as a slut. The thought itself gave a tingle in my stomach. oh no, my pussy is again getting ready. I should put a end to this and need to be homely…atleast to be a hemely bitch.smiled to myself. It is tough to getback from this point. Let us enjoy as much as possible.Evening hubby, reached home. I narrated the event happened in the day and his tool became a iron rod. he saw the 5minutes video of me with those 3 guys and got very horny and gave me the fuck of my life.Thank god, we just recorded minutes, if i showed him the full video, he would have torn my bottom lips.Hey reva, when are you going to me show me in real instead of photos and video, asked sathya wait da chellam, i lyed top of him, kissed his cheek and replied, you need to arrange me atleast 2 cocks to watch the real show.he smiled and hugged me tight.Tomorow, there is going to be a office gettogether party. Come with me and select whoever you want, sathya said.i kissed his lips, smiled and said, thanks chellam, get ready for the real show soon.His tool started getting ready again and i felt it in my belly.Reva, can you give me a mouth fuck…I said, “I am waitingggggggg”….Next day, we when i wake up, my hubby was not there aside and when i looked around, he is in the kitchen, making our morning coffee.After few minutes, he came to bedroom with 2 cups of coffee, he sat near me, planted a kiss in my forehead.I stood up to see him still naked.I bend down, kissed his tool and said, ugly purusha, go and wear some dress.He hugged me and said, you are also naked di, my dear thevidiyaa pondaatti (slut wife)i smiled and took my coffee and started drinking.We both had some chit chat with hugging and kissing. I prepared the morning breakfast and while eating i asked, “what isthe plan for the day”He said, nothing dear, we are going to party in the evening. So we can be home take rest till eveining or we can goout whatever you wish.i need to be fresh in the eveing, so we decided to be in home.what dress should i wear ?Saree or chudi, which ever gives good view of your beauty.I smiled and said, so shall i wear the dress which i wore yesterday, it will show a lot.he hugged me, you thevidiyaa, come to party like a home girl. After you find a man, you can show him everything.I gave him a upset face. He kissed me and said, dont worry di, even if you come homely, every men will be around you.I smiled and kissed him.we had a couple of sessions in day, he came twice inside my bottom lips and once in my mouth.we then took rest.In the evening, we took bath and get ready, i wear a red cotton saree and a sleeveless blouse which showed half of myback. Tied my petticote below my navel. My hubby is very much happy with the way i look. Cotton sarree showed a good viewof my left boobs and hips. I tied my hairs loosly and clipped jasmine.My hubby came behind me, kept his face near my hair, licked my ears, Reva, you look so cute and charm in this dress.I smiled and kissed him back. All men are going to flirt with you today, he added.Tell me who has the largest cock, so that i can flirt with him, i replied.I never seen those, he replied and we both laughed.We reached the party on time. I could seee lot of hungry eyes scanning my body. I felt butterflies flying in my stomach.Thank god, i am wearing panty. i thought.Hubby introduced me to his group of friends, i shaked hands with all of them and i can see the jealous in their eyes for my hubby.Most men, were looking me from top to bottom and i gave a smile them. One of his friends, said, you look verybeatiful revathi, for which i gave a blusing smile and thanked him.There were quite few females, came in modern dress with more exposing than me but i am the center of attraction formost of the men.I was very much happy to see those hungry eyes, looking my boobs and hips, which waked up the slut inside me.My hubby, took me to his boss and introduce to him.HIs boos,selva, is a well built man, around 40 and he has a very good shape and muscle, almost like a body builder.We both shaked our hands and he placed his eyes around my neck and shoulder and had a quick glance from top to bottom.He said, you look so cute revathi.I smiled and said, thank you.Your hubby, must be a lucky person.I blushed.Then he was busy with other guys visiting him. I was also joined with some of the females and started chit chats.My hubby then started tooking drinks. I know, he drink rarely and even if he drink too much, he will be in control.So i gave him a smile and said enjoy.I took some soft drinkg and started sipping.After few mins, his boss came near to me and started flirting with me.I too started enjoying the flirt.He came too close to me and asked, Y are u not taking any hot drinks.I said, no i dont have that habit.he had his drink in his hand.He slowly started admiring my beauty and i simply listen to those with a smile.Then he balçova escort bayan asked me to sit in the sofa and he sat near to me.His shoulders were touching my shoulders and with each and evey sip of drink, he is getting bolder and closer to me.After some time, he put his hands around my shoulders and carassed my bare arms. revathi, your skin is so soft, he said.My hubby, looking at us from a distance gave me a wicked smile.I replied to him with a smile, you too look very smart and handsome sir.He thanked and said, dont call me sir, call me selva.No sir, i need to respect your age.He said, oh common revathi, i am as young as you..I smiled, dont lie sir, you look atleast 35, 6 years elder to me.He said, No, i am actually 40 but you need to call me selva and give a squeeze to my shoulder.I agreed, and said, ok selva.He said, that’s it my cute girl and pinched my cheek.I blushed, i saw his drink was over, so i asked him shall i bring him one more.He nodded, then i went i bought him one more glass, i came sit close to him and about to give him his glass.He hold the glass along with my hand and took to his mouth and chipped.his other hand, in my shoulder started roaming and giving a soft massage.I looked around to see, quite few jealous eyes. One of which is my hubby.I ignored those, and started enjoing the smooch in shoulder.i could see the buldge in his pants and felt my panty getting wet.He took the other hand from the glass and kept closer to my thighs. His palm was carassing my thigs, and he signled meto feed the glass of whisky.I smiled and took the glass closer to his mouth, during which i have to move closer to him almost leanig over him, myleft boobs was in contact with his right chest.His right hand was pressing and squeezing my shoulder very hard and even trying to go down a bit to clevage.He took a quite longer time to sip the drink and as soon as he finished, he bring his face closer to my ears and whisphered,hey revathi, this is one of the best drink, i have taken. His lips were almost touching my earlobs and i could feel tingle inmy stomach.i blushed and smiled.He then took my left hand with his left hand and carassed it and kept it in his thigh near his tool. His right handmassaging my shoulder slowly goes down and inserted 2 fingers into the the blouse and started felling my bosoms.His left hand slowly moved my left hand to his tool and placed it right on top of it and he held my hand so that i cannot take it.At that his 15 year old sin came to him, I suddenly came to senses, took my hand from his penis and moved a bit away from him. But he still kept his hands in my shoulder.He gave a winked smile to dad.Dad introduced me to his son and he said, Hi aunty.I said, Dont call me aunty, call me sister, i am not that much older Suman.He said, i wont call beautiful females like you as sister and put his hand in my other shoulder. and then smiled at me mischevously.I liked his boldness. I smiled back, gave a tight pinch to his cheek and said, then call me revathi da.He give a tight squeeze to my shoulder and said, ok di, i will call you revathi..He said, dad enough flirting with Revathi, you always do this to all beautiful females, come lets play snooker.I was shocked to hear him speaking like this to his dad.His dad, replied, sorry suman, i drink huge, i cant play.he again, compelled, for which selva said, if you need partner, take revathi.I said, no, i dont know to play.But suman, pulled my hands, come on revathi, let us play, i will teach you.He took me to a playing room, where there was billiards table, and already 2 of his frinds playing.We entered into the room and suman announced to his frends, hey, i got a cute partner. Now we will start the game.They both were one team and me and suman were in one team.They arranged the table and started playing. When my turn came, i dont know what to do.Suman came to me, cool revathi, i will teach you.He took the stick and came behind me, he stand close to me from my behind, and kept the stick in the board, holding both my hands. He is literally hugging me from behind, this is the first time, i am getting close touches of a boywho is nearly 13 years younger than me. I could feel his breath near my back neck and shoulders. He asked me to bend and said mehow to hold the stick. While i was bending, he also bend over me and leaned on me from back and i could feel his stick inmy ass crack. I looked at the other 2 boys and they were eagerly starring at both of us.I started to imagine like getting fuck from these young boy and my pussy started ringing the bell and ooze outjuices.I could feel his lips in myshoulders, and hit the ball with the stick. and it hit the target.Without taking his lips away from my shoulder, he bring his lips closer to my ears, and said, super revathi, thats it.And saying this he was in no mood to get up, and one of his frend, came near and said, hey suman enough teaching, it is our turn to play.Then he came back to senses and leaved me and gave the stick to him.Each time my turn came, they 3 teach me to play in rotation basis. All 3 boys, started playing with my body instead billiards. They used each and evey oppurtunity to smooth my hips, navel, bare back above the bluse and ass cheeks.I was in heaven and i too started initiative by dropping my pallu down while bending and gave them a good view of my clevage.once my turn is over, while stooding up, i took back the pallu and put it in my shoulders. But suman came and removedthe pallu and sad, revathi, let it be down itself, otherwise, each time you play this will fall down and you need to correct it every time.I was bit shocked and exited to give a good show and left my pallu down and smiled at them. All 3 started starringmy bosoms and navel, slowly walked towards one of them, placed my hand in his shoulder and slowly pinched his cheek,and said, enough watching me, go and play.After my pallu is down, playing billiard is just a formality. Each time i bend, i did gave them a good view of mybraless clevage almost close to my nipple. They also started pressing my ass, back , hips navels, boobs, while teaching me the game.I was getting horny and horny and my legs are getting week after my pre-cum was oozing out. after sometime, i went tothe sofa and sat in the middle of the 3 seater sofa.Suman came and sit on my lap and placed his one arm over my shoulder. He bring his face closer to my cheek and kissed and said, you are cho sweet revathi.I smiled and planted a kiss, in his forehead, and said, you too suman.He again kissed my other cheek and i too kissed him. Other 2 boys came and sit either side of me and started kissingthe shoulders and neck of either side. This kissing was getting horny and it looks like all 4 will never stop.They started licking me all over my face neck ears and after couple of minutes, i was wet all over with their saliva.And i too tasted their toungue and face.They started pressing my bosoms and all the 6 hands attcked my two boobs at the same time. After couple of minutesmy body gave a huge shiver and my pussy tap got opened and juices started flowing like water flowing from tap.Then i forced them to stop the play and gave heavy breath.I got ring from my phone and my hubby said, hey where are you.I said, i will come in few mins.OK boys, i need to leave, my hubby waiting. I can see disappoinment in their face.Me and suman exchanged phone number and iam sure, he will come again soon, to play with pussy.Then i left the playing room, and came out to see, most of the guys started leaving.I looked for selva, went near him waved him a bye and started with hubby to return home after finishing dinner.TBC…

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