Judy and Sylvia are lovers from “No Anestheti


Judy and Sylvia are lovers from “No Anestheti. Note: In the last post, I introduced Sylvia’s friend Judy Chavez, a bi-sexual teen from Panama. Judy becomes her lover and she acts as the dom in their relationship. Judy got Sylvia to have sex with more than one boy or girl at a time. Sylvia loves this more than she ever thought she would` She loves being a “sub” even better.I practiced using everything I had to make the bj thing hotter and more interesting for both of us. I used my lips, especially my tongue, out there where he could see, I stroked him, nuzzelled him, gave him a whole lot of eye contact. I jacked him off, sucked his balls, slid my pinky up his ass. I talked to him about all of it; first how much I wanted to do it, had been thinking about it since ??? ( I usually had to make up a lot of this, but boys didn’t care), then about how good it felt, about all the parts of his cock I wanted to suck and was going to, about how much I wanted his cum and what I liked about the taste.., I would say all this stuff when I was just kissing it, and when he was in my mouth, I would make all these sex noises I would rub his prostate. I would turn my head so he could see himself getting his dick sucked from different angles. If my finger wasn’t up his ass I would finger myself, and tell him all about that, too. I didn’t always get the chance to do this the way I wanted, but when I did, I got so I could get a boy to come really fast, and, if there were more than one boy, the second boy would usually get all excited watching me do the first one. I liked it when the second boy wasn’t even close to hard, so I could do his pal, with all the stuff I told you, and I could see boy #2 grow a big stiff one watching me watching him. Boy #1 would pop all over me, sooner or later, and I wasn’t in a hurry, so boy 2 would be jacking off, red -faced and eyes bugged out, watching us , with a semen shower landing all over my mouth and face. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I looked so slutty, but “debauched” was word I used to myself, ’cause I was nerdy that way! When I got to him, he would pop pretty fast, and by then, I could watch the first boy grow his boner back, but by then, my puss wanted some direct attention and stimulation. It didn’t always work this way, but when it did, it was so great. Boys thought this was all about sex in my mind, that I was this little whore who only thought about cock sucking. It was fine pendik escort with me if they thought that way. When I was doing it, I was almost always thinking about music, not sex at all, but that was a secret that I only shared with Rachel and Judy. Of, course, when the boy finally did pop, I would make a big deal about that, too, as if it hadn’t happened before for me. I would lick it off me, off him, swallow it (if I could) and always get his dick back in my mouth after he came, when he was so sensitive. Lots of sexy words, lots of eye contact, lots of tongue. I liked being a sex-slave for Judy, but when I did that BJ right, I knew I could get that boy to be a sex-slave for me! I loved being her little whore like this. I was so happy to have Judy tell me what to do. I got my face between his butt cheeks and started tounging his butt hole. Judy tried sucking his cock from behind, but he was too stiff, so she moved in front of him and kept going. She had this thing she did with swirling her tounge around the head of his cock so I could see it really well, and she made these noises in her throat. Seeing Judy do stuff like got me so excited. With all the attention, it didn’t take long. When I started to learn about sex, nobody said anything about thick cum and watery cum. One kind I like to get on me, the other, if I’m going to taste at all, I want that. First the boy that Devon was blowing made a squirt of watery cum. Devon got a taste, Judy did too, and I got a little. Then Devon came, all over Judy’s face and breasts, so thick and sticky, it was like tapioca. She got that load in her mouth and swallowed most of it. I don’t know how she did it. Judy kissed me and pushed some into my mouth with her tongue and that was plenty for me. It was nasty, bitter. I don’t know why but doing that stuff made me want to suck about twenty more cocks. I wanted Judy to make me do it. I don’t know why. That’s the way I was that night. I wanted to be as whorry and slutty as I could be. It might seem strange that a sixteen year old girl would be doing all this with aplomb, but remember, I had actually started this kind of sexual activity when I was thirteen, so it didn’t seem that strange or erotically loaded anymore. I knew what I was doing. It didn’t rattle my world at all. I think that’s the strangest thing of all. I was eating Devon’s ass, while Judy jacked him off and sucked his cock. . I didn’t like to have to swallow the really thick stuff, escort pendik but, since I was Judy’s slave, I did it anyway..I loved to act like the sluttiest little whore in the world… Judy decided to fuck another boy, but she wouldn’t let me do anything but watch as she was riding this boy’s dick right in front of my face. I was watching that cock, all wet and shiny, slide in and out of Judy’s puss from three inches away. I was watching. I really wanted to have it in my mouth, at least for a little bit..”Please Judy, can I taste it?” Judy wouldn’t let me. I had two fingers up in my pussy. I was masturbating really hard. Judy said: “Okay, bitch, suck that cock”.It popped out of her. God, it was so shiny. I wrapped my lips around the head, and slid my tongue around. I was all over it. I wanted to get as much as I could before he was back in her. I was thinking:”It would be great if I could get this boy to shoot.”I was tasting Judy’s pussy all over the dick. I love to eat Judy’s pussy, so this got me super hot, super hot… But he took it out of my mouth and pushed it back into Judy. Judy was yelling: “Get that cock back in me, you fuck!” I had to finger myself and just watch as Judy got herself fucked. It was driving me crazy. Judy got on all fours, and he was pumping that cock in her from behind. Oh god, this made me so horny. “Sylvia, get behind me and tongue out my ass while he fucks me..Get your tongue up there, you little fuck! Lick it bitch!”I was so turned on now. I didn’t care who saw me doing what or what they thought. I got my face between Judy’s ass cheeks, found her hole with my tongue and licked and kissed and sucked until my face was totally shiny with Judy’s ass and pussy juice.” Okay, slut-pig, now get his ass!” I fingered myself while I watched that dick going in her pussy and Judy fucking, pushing back into him as hard as he was pushing it into her. My pussy was getting really squishy now. I was hoping I could watch him fuck her ass. I had seen this before, but whenever I did, it was a special treat. I like talking dirty while I do dirty things. Does licking out this boy’s hairy ass count as dirty? I was doing everything I could to make it that way.”I”m going to lick your ass out, baby, while you give it to Judy”. His ass was super hairy. I used to think that was so gross, but now I didn’t give a flying fuck. Whatever it is that gets me excited was off the scale. I started tounging his ass and licking his balls pendik escort bayan whie he fucked Judy. I could tell he liked that. His cock would pop out of Judy sometimes and I would quick pick it up, suck Judy’s pussy juice off , before she picked it up and guided it right back into her cunt. I knew what I wanted to see. Larry started to push his cock harder and faster into Judy and his breathing was different. “Come on, Larry, give it to me, come on, fuck me! harder! fuck me harder! Don’t stop! don’t stop!”Judy was coming. Her pussy was all creamy around Larry’s cock now. Once Judy started coming, she was the kind of girl who just sort of kept going with it. I was fingering my own pussy and doing Larry’s ass and balls from behind as hard as I could. I was getting ready to come myself Now I was coming..oh my fucking god oh jesus…Larry was ready now too. He began filling Judy full of sperm. I could see his dick pumping it. You know, that thing on the bottom side of his cock was twitching and spazzing out. Some cum was dripping out of her pussy as he fucked her. He was really slamming it into her now. Judy was shouting, I knew she was really feeling it. “Yeah daddy, fuck me baby, don’t fucking stop.”His hips were snapping. I really wanted that cock to be filling my pussy.. I’ve seen boys shoot before, but he was coming really hard. He just kept pumping that stuff into her, enough for about 400 babies. Finally, he slowed down. I had been waiting for this. His dick got a little soft, not all the way, and popped out of her cummy cunt.. I got it in my mouth and sucked and licked all of his cum and all of Judy from his dick. It was so great. I pushed my face into Judy’s just-fucked pussy. I got to taste all the cum and everything. Ooooh, I fucking loved that. I came again while I was doing it. I had my bare ass in the air. Some boy came over and put his cock up me while I was eating Judy. I liked it . I wanted to be fucked now, I didn’t really care who was on the other end of the dick.I needed to have little break after that work-out. Nara was a big girl, fatter than Judy. She got a little make-up paint-brush and put something across my cheeks, I didn’t know what: Judy spelled it out for me: “W” over here, “H next to that……………..”R” and “E” on the other cheek…..open your fucking mouth slut pig, that’s the “O” hole, that’s where the dicks are going to go, that’s where the fucking piss is going, that’s the hole your tongue is coming out of when you get it up in the ass of everyone here….do you like that, slut-pig?” …”Please, yes please Miss Judy…” “All the boys you will call Master…you will do whatever we say, do you understand.?”

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