JUST A DREAM!I could hear the sound of the birds calling. The beautiful song they sang would awaken anyone from their sleep. As I began to open my eyes I could see the sun peeping through my curtains. As I lay there looking around my room I felt the urge to start rubbing myself between my legs. I awoke feeling the need for an orgasm, so I began to rub my fingers between my legs. I could feel the wetness build and I enjoyed pleasuring myself. I would insert a finger once in a while to build my juices up. In my mind I would visualise a woman to whom I really wanted to do things with but never had the guts to go through with. In my mind I was going down between her thighs, licking her pussy and tasting her lovely juices. I would stick my fingers into her wet pussy as I kissed her on her beautiful lips. Her tongue entering my mouth I felt a rush through my body. Oh it was such a lovely feeling kissing a woman and placing my fingers inside her. I would kiss her neck down towards her breasts which bostancı escort were small but pert . I’d lick around her nipples whilst rubbing her clit. I slowly started to kiss her down her body. She would breathe heavily so I knew she enjoyed what I was doing. Soon my lips would touch her wet pussy, boy it tasted and smelt real nice. Warm and sweet juices entering my mouth. She would hold my head as I licked and touched her pussy. Tonguing her clit while entering her with a finger or two. Her juices were pouring out into my mouth, tasting so Devine ,I wanted more and more. Her hips started to thrust as I brought her to an orgasm, I held her waist so not to lose the motion , taking her orgasm in my mouth. I felt so turned on . Her movements slowed down her breathing lightened. I looked up at her and she like myself had a huge smile on her face. Lay down she said. So I laid down. In my mind I was thinking, wow this is my first time. She crawled up fatih escort the bed, her face down at my wet pussy. Before she even touched me a rush went throughout my body. Then her tongue touched my pussy. I placed my hands on my small breasts as she pleasured me. The feeling was so nice, I didn’t want it to stop. I then felt her place a finger inside me, I sighed with the pleasure it gave me. She then stuck two fingers in , thrusting them in and out , my god it felt so nice. I was so wet. She then started to lick my clit as she thrust her fingers in me. I began to really let go and take in the pleasure she was giving me. My breathing coming heavier and heavier. Soon she was sticking 3, then 4 fingers in me, still licking my clit. I didn’t know If my body could take much more, but then she stuck her whole hand, clenched into a point all fingers to thumb inside me. She began fisting me. Oh my god it felt so nice . I began rubbing my breasts as she continued. bağcılar escort I caught a glimpse of her and she had a big smile on her face. She then removed her hand from my pussy and started kissing me up and down my body. She met with my lips and started to tongue me. We caressed each other’s breasts as we kissed passionately, tongues rolling round each others tongues. Then she again began to slowly kiss me down my body, once again starting to lick my pussy. Lapping up all my warm juices in her mouth. She started licking my clit faster whilst her arm stretched out playing with my nipples. I could feel I was getting close to orgasm. My hips started to gyrate and thrust. I held her head there so not to lose the sensation she was giving me. I cried out with sheer ecstasy,my body buzzing all over. She crawled up, lay down next to me, holding me in her arms. She kissed me passionately and we fell asleep.I could hear the sound of the birds calling. The beautiful song they sang would awaken anyone from their sleep. As I began to open my eyes I could see the sun peeping through the curtains. I turned to awaken the girl next to me but there was no one there. What just happened! Was it just a dream? Well if it was I would want a thousand dreams just like that dream .Story by MummaMilf

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