K Is for Kink…


She waited. And waited. For him.

And then he came.


Trivial bits of everyday nonsense… they both knew that behind those words lay the anticipation that was slowly building up, creeping inch by inch through the darkened room and edging through their soul. She wiped the sudden sweat beading her upper lips with a sweep of her tongue and decided to call it a day.

“I’m going to sleep. Just let me brush my teeth first, okay?”

He smiled. A little smile of devilish proportions. She had turned her head away, so she did not really see it. “So am I. Don’t be late. I have something for you.”


She sighed as she brushed and flossed. Apparently he was not feeling the way she was. Just her luck, she relented.

She crept out of the bathroom. The house was silent, and her aunt slept in the room beside them. A light sleeper, she would wake up at the slightest noise. And she reasoned with herself… he probably did not want her to wake up after a stressful day… Awww… A small smile of indulgence played on her mouth as she stifled a yawn. Nighty night and beddy bye and all that…

She entered the dark room lit by a single bedside lamp. He was half-reclining on the large bed, reading the annual project report. Rolling her eyes in her mind, she made for the wardrobe to check on the clothes she was supposed to wear the next day.


The single word cut through the silence in the room. She froze, and turned to look at him. He was watching her through narrowed eyes, a challenge in his eyes.

Fine. She was no coward. She returned his gaze steadily. He did not really have to repeat his orders. She pulled the grey t-shirt she wore over her head and looked at him for any sign of reaction.

He watched impassively.

She untied the cotton slacks and let them slither to the floor. She stood before him in her black sports bra and black jockey thongs and raised her chin in challenge to his gaze.

He was unmoving still. As she tilted her head to one side and looked at him, a little smile playing on the edge of her mouth, he spoke.

“I said Strip. That meant everything.”

She pulled down her panties first, bent and picked them up, only to throw them at one side. She was much more uncomfortable with her upper body than her nether region. She loved her legs, but her breasts were too big, and cumbersome. They were too sensitive as well, the brush against almost anything could make her nipples stand up to attention. She hated that betraying evidence of arousal. It was humiliating how easily she could be turned on. And even more humiliating that he could tell that so fast.

She pulled the straps down from her shoulders, and then released her breasts from the confinements of the bra. She smoothed it down her stomach and hip, and let them fall to the floor. She stepped over them and moved to the bed. Towards him.

He patted the place beside him. “Lie down.”

She shivered slightly. Her nipples beaded to tight, dark peaks and he ran a finger over them with a feathery caress as his mouth came marks head bobbers porno down on her throat. She arched and moaned to give him greater access to her body as his fingers cupped her right breast gently and his mouth sucked the pulse that throbbed on the base of her throat. She shivered and clutched at his shoulders as the pressure of his fingers grew on her breast, as they made slow circles around her breast, carefully avoiding her nipple, and his greedy mouth lowered from her shoulder towards her breasts, moving downwards, to the upper slope of her breast, where they paused and looked at the beaded nipple, cupped tightly by his knowing fingers. She clutched at his head as she tried to pull him down to her aching, needy body, to resume the journey he had begun.

His hands suddenly shot out and captured hers. He forced her arms together and pulled them over her head. With one sure hand, he kept her restrained as his other hand went back to her breast. She whimpered as his mouth suddenly bore down on her nipple and bit.

“Oooh!” She let out a little moan as his mouth tightened on the base of her nipple while his tongue lashed it and bathed it in his mouth. She twisted under him, arched towards him, offering him more of her body to be deliciously tortured. He increased the pressure and pulled back sharply, causing her to cry out sharply. She bit down on her cry an instant later. Her aunt was sleeping in the room next door. They must be quiet.

He smiled in the faint lamplight. The devil knew exactly what he was doing to her and he loved it. She pushed against him, aware of his restraining hand, and his body settled tightly on the curve of hers. She felt herself getting wet at the feel of his naked body against hers. Annoyed, she pushed again, and was rewarded with a light smack on her thigh.

“Uh, uh, uh. Do that again, and I shall really give you something to scream about. But I don’t want to shock your aunt, so we must be really quiet tonight. Do you understand? But you know what? I shall leave the choice of crying out loud completely to you as I do what I am going to do to you. Lets see how much you will be able to take it.”

He pulled back from her, and removed something from the nightstand drawer. She expected a condom, but condoms were not long and thick. What the—?

She tried to move away from his body, she tried to push him off, but he held her down quite easily, enjoying the writhing body brushing against him. She felt his hard penis brush against her inner thigh, nudging against her wetness. She moaned tightly as his mouth settled against her breasts and started to suck her. Her legs twined with his, trying to draw him inside her, the place that was wet and ready for him. Just when she was sure he was going to capitulate and push in her, he moved down her body, kissing and rimming her navel with his wicked tongue. She moaned in hunger as he moved further down, his tongue devastatingly familiar all over her body. She threw back her head as his tongue licked a way from the bottom of her slit massage porno to the top, and settled on her clitoris, pulling the little nub of frayed nerves in his greedy mouth. His fingers played lightly with the entrance of her pussy, not quite entering, but rimming her dripping hole, caressing and touching, while his tongue sucked and bit at her clit. She jammed her fist in her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud, and pushed her pussy upwards, wanting more, wanting his fingers, his cock, anything, inside her.

He did not disappoint her. A few moments later, three fingers suddenly were thrust inside her tiny hole. She let out a little wail of distraught, her eyes closing tightly as she forgot every caution and restraint. She lived for those fingers that so expertly pushed and pulled in and out of her, that mouth that brought her so close to an orgasm. Her juices poured out of her, and dripped down her thighs down on the sheets. She was so close to her orgasm, oh Lord, she needed just a few seconds to make it….

He removed his fingers and mouth at the same time from her pussy, drawing a stifled cry of need from deep inside her soul. As she watched him in disbelief and denial, he held up a thick tube of toothpaste and a hard bristled toothbrush. He rubbed the tip of the toothpaste over her slit, wedging the cap between the folds of her pussy. She moaned in anticipation, and his head lifted to look at her.

“No sound. Not one. What will your aunt think?”

Asshole. He was loving this. Asshole. She thought even as her head went back as she felt the thick plastic tube pushing inside her body, parting her tight, moist flesh, a thick layer of rich cream coating its body. He inched the toothpaste in inch by inch, pulling and pushing it inside her body, working her willing flesh around it. His other hand went between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed the entrance to her anus, the tiny star that puckered and tightened as he smeared juices he had gathered from her pussy to lubricate her.

And she cried out, the sound torn from her mouth, as two fingers plunged tightly in her ass and the tube of toothpaste went in simultaneously. She twisted, overwhelmed by her own desire, her orgasm so close… Oh Please…

She did not know she had said the words out loud until he bit her breast. His eyes glazed down at her, he was as crazy with lust as she was, but he had to control. It was in him, soul deep, the need to control her every action. Slowly, he pulled his fingers from his ass.

“I said, No Sound. Not one. But you did not listen to me, baby, did you?” His eyes never left hers. “On your knees. Now.”

She turned over, her head bent down and her ass thrust up on the air, as he wanted her. He pulled the tube of toothpaste from her pussy, and it sent shocks spiraling through her body. She stifled the groan that erupted from her throat by crushing her face into the mattress. He caressed her bottom with the bristly side of toothbrush, running it over the crack of her ass, pausing over her slit, moving it up and down her opening, and meet-suck and fuck porno then sharply withdrawing. Not content, he pulled her up on her knees, his body supporting hers as his cock pushed between her buttocks, seeking entrance to the tight hole he wanted to invade. She spread her legs more, giving him better access to both her channels, her hands hung limply by her side.

He decided to push inside the taut cleft between the globes of her buttock. His fingers went between her legs to the moisture that he used to rub his cock with. He then positioned her buttocks, held them tightly as he made the first thrust. His mouth found her ear lobe and kissed it gently as he pushed inside her tender body.

She wailed. Her mouth rounded as the earnest, begging noise erupted from her throat. He used his hand to push her mouth towards him, and his tongue plunged inside her mouth, imitating the plunge in her body, as a third of his thick flesh speared her tender derriere.

She closed her eyes as he fucked her tight hole, thrusting in a bit more every time he drove himself inside her. He took her limp fingers and placed them around her breasts. She took the hint and kneaded her breasts in time with his thrusts.

His hands left her body, and suddenly she could feel the now familiar pressure of the tube of the toothpaste in the entrance of her cunt. Her eyes opened, widened, as she saw him push the tube of paste inside her body, and she moaned tightly as his mouth nuzzled her neck, kissing her gently, as his body pounded hers. She felt her body start to climb the path to a massive orgasm, moving in rhythm with his.

She was so close… her teeth bit down on her lower lip, her head lolled back on his shoulder, her eyes closed as she let her body carry her to bliss. She could feel him nearing his orgasm as well, his balls slapping her butt as his cock tightened even more, spearing her on his steel-hard flesh. The pain that she was feeling was secondary to the pleasure that he gave her. It enhanced what she was feeling to a thousand fold.

“Baby—” the words came as a hoarse whisper against her neck. She gasped as his thrusts quickened, but then suddenly felt something scrape sharply against her clitoris. She looked down, and watched the bristly brush scrape her clitoris hard, over and over again. His cock throbbed inside her and his teeth bit her on the throat as he drove his cock as deep as possible.

She screamed. Her voice was filled with shock, pleasure and disbelief, as her body, stretched by his cock and the tube of paste broke apart into a series of shocks that started from her cunt and spread over her body, numbing her mind, her body arched tight against his body. He erupted at the same time, his cock spewed jets of semen from his tightened balls. He lunged inside her body one last time, experiencing her throbbing body clenching around his cock, the muscles gripping as he pushed his length deep within her, loving the feel of her tight ass as it drained him out of every drop of his come. He pushed her down on the mattress, covering her body with his, his hips still jerking in her body, feeling the aftershocks running through her body. He lay on her, his weight on her limp form, till he could gather enough strength to carry them both their side.

She was asleep. He could feel her breathe coming out evenly and buried his mouth in her hair as he gave up to slumber himself.

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