kate 9

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kate 9We sat at the table eating I felt so awkward sitting naked in front of her,So what would you like to do tonight she asked,I thought you was dressing me up I said?Oh yea that’s going to happen she said but that will only take half hour and its only 7 o’clock but what do you want to doI want to lick and shag you I said!Oh so romantic she laughed, stand up she said I stood up , come closer she said , My cock was level with her chin, she stared at it, turn round she said and bend over , I hesitated, a light smack went across my bumTouch your toes she said,I reached down to. My toes Spread your legs a littleI obeyedI stood like that for a short while all I could see was from her waist down, her finger nails was running over my bum You really have a lovely bum she said, one of her fingers run down my crack really lightly,Do you like this she askedMy cock was hard yes I saidShe moved a little her legs opened I could see her knickers, then I felt her tongue licking my cheeksIt tickled and I stood upHer hand slapped my bum get back where you was, her hand reached through my legs and grippedmy balls , she started licking again She licked both cheeks then she moved she pulled my balls back further, and licked them her nose was in my crack, her tongue then moved Off my balls and run up my crack, and started licking my bum hole, , her other hand went between her legs, I could see her finger stoking her clit through her knickers, her head pushed forward I could feel her tongue penetrate me , her finger was moving faster over her clit, I could feel her hot breath on my bum , her head moved back and forth pulling my balls tighter, she let out a moan as she orgasamed, She let my balls go and sat back in the chair,i turned round and tried to kiss herLet canlı bahis me get my breath back she gasped, make another cup of tea please she asked, Kate I have got to cum I pleadedwhen I’m ready she saidI made the tea and took it to her Chris do you shave yetNo why I askedLift your arms up, she looked at my armpits, then looked at my legsHow is it you have hair in your armpits your legs, balls and ass, but none on your chest, or face,I don’t know She reached out and tugged on my pubic hair your weird she laughed,How badly do you want to cum ?I want to so badly I saidSo what would you be willing to do to cum,Any thing I saidShe laughed anything ? Yes Kate please let me, OK she stood up and lifted her skirt, and took her knickers off.I’m going for a bath, you can wash and dry up, then come up stairs and wash my hairOK I said and picked up a cupHold on she said, she pulled her knickers over my head , the gusset,running over my nose and mouthLick them she saidThey was soaking wet, the aroma made me even more excited, my tongue slid through the slippery juices, she pushed the gusset further into my mouth with her finger,i sucked it through the material , You really are a perv she said, she took her finger out , before you wash up bring the washing inOK in will get my trousers on.No as you areKate someone might see meDo it she said and pushed me to the door I looked out, it was just getting dark our garden was quite secluded but six windows could oversee , from houses backing onto ourGo on she laughed , two of the windows had the curtains drawn on window was lit, I ran out and collected the clothes,and rushed back in. She laughed aww your so good,I washed and dried up then washed her hair She asked me if I was enjoying what was happening,that nightI bahis siteleri said yes Good and said she was as well, her nipples was erect, and as she stepped out of the bath I grabbed her and tried sucking on one of them,She pushed me back, no waitShe wrapped a towel round her , come with me she said and bring the washingWe went into her room, So what do you want to wear she said, I was embarrassed by the question, I don’t know I repliedAww you shy she giggledShe picked up the pink bra hold your arms out, she put the bra on me, she then got the pink knickers and instructed me to put my feet in as she held them on the floor, I did she pulled them up my legs she stepped back to look at me, Are you OK she askedYes I saidShe laughed to hairyshe tugged a couple of pucic hairs stickingout of the side of the knickers, she then adjusted the straps on the braWe have to make sure your straight she giggled, She stood back and looked again, then went to her draw and pulled out some tights, she rolled a pair into a ball and pushed them into a cup and repeated in the other cup , then shushes the bra again, there perfectCan I see I asked No not till I finished, You are enjoying this she said look at your knickersI looked down at the damp patch from my pre cumSit down and lift your legs she saidShe took another pair of tights , rolled each leg up and put them over my feet easing them up each leg to my knees, the feeling of the material felt amazing,stand up , she pulled the tights the rest of the way up and over my knickers, I loved and still do the feeling of the way they cling against my legs and bumOK now let see , she went to her wardrobe and went through her clothes, she eventually took out a navy blue skirt with a elasticated waist Step into this güvenilir bahis I did She pulled it up it fitted perfectly, a little tight round the waist, though. The hem was about six inches above my kneesShe then had me try on a few tops but then found a bright pink fluffy pullover , she pulled it over my head, I slipped my arms in again it was a little tigSht and a bit short on the sleeve Can I see yet I askedNo I haven’t finished come with meWe went up to mums room she made me stand looking at the door so I couldn’t see the mirror.I could hear her in a cupboard,She then pulled a wig over my head, it was a short blonde colour , she looked and said no it doesn’t suit youShe came back with a long brown wig she put in on meGod you look great she said , have a look I turned and looked in the mirror, I was shocked I looked so feminine, my legs looked fantastic, the wig came over my shoulders down to the breast and the length came half way down my back, wait here she said and ran down stairs.I admired myself in the mirror , lifting my skirt up to reveal my pink knickers under the tightsShe came back up she had put on a dress , Look at me she saidShe put bright red lipstick on my lips and told me to rub the together she then used a tissue to wipe off the excess.she then took a pair of her mums shoes out of the cupboard Try these I put them on they was tight and a huge heel stand up she said and try walking I took two steps and stumbledOK maybe not heels yet she giggled She passed me a flat pair , they was still tight but I could walk in them How do you feel Kate askedReally nice I said, good she replied come downstairsI followed her down, and into the kitchen she put on her shoes and bag and got Leo’slead,Are you waking Leo I asked?No we are she saidNo Kate I can’t do thatShe laughed you are its nine o’clock I need cigarettes and he needs his walk, I’m not going on my ownNo Kate please I beggedChris you are coming with me and pushed me towards the doorTo be continued

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