Katie’s Sissy Hotel Date


Katie’s Sissy Hotel DateI like seeing Katie get fucked. I like seeing the look in her eyes when the hard, fat cock slides into her chubby white arse. I like watching a strange man paw at her clothes, tearing off her knickers and grab at her tiny little cock – making her gasp with shock and pleasure. And I like seeing Katie so completely given over to being my little slut that she fucks like her life depended on it.A couple of months ago we both had an evening free and so decided to party. I got a hotel room, some beers and a solid contact of a guy who I’d sent Katie’s photos to and who was definitely up for running a train on my little sissy bitch.I told Katie to wear something slutty that would let anyone know the instant they saw her that all she was good for was cock. She arrived at the hotel room in boy-mode and I grinned as the güvenilir bahis embarrassed, chubby guy slunk into the bathroom. Sat on the bed drinking a beer I told Katie all about what I had planned – ‘The guy who’s coming tonight – he’s young, early twenties. Says he goes to the gym a lot – kind of big and kind of lairy. He says he wants to split you wide open.’I heard a gasp coming from the bathroom and went in to check on how she was getting on. The shy, shameful boy had been replaced by a leggy, chubby sissy in black stockings and suspender belt, a tight corset holding in her belly and two false boobs tucked inside a black, lacy bra. A pair of very high heels lay discarded on the bathroom floor and through the black nylon of her stockings I noted her toes were painted.I always like Katie to have painted toes 24/7. It’s türkçe bahis a nice little reminder that whatever she is up to pretending to be a boy deep down she’s my helpless sissy fuckdoll.And there between her legs hung her caged little cock. Katie never came unless it was getting fucked up the arse. She didn’t need the cage but it was a pretty little reminder of how useless she was at manhood. Also it looked cute when she was on her back, full of cock and the cage was bouncing uselessly off her belly.Katie was just finishing her make up. She turned and smiled. Before she could speak I had an arm around her waist, a handful of fat, white buttock and my tongue down her through. She smelt of the perfume I’d bought her – Anais Anais and I was already getting hard.‘On your knees’ and she did as she was told. I undid my trousers and güvenilir bahis siteleri slid my hardening cock into her eager mouth while I told her what was going to happen tonight. Our guest would arrive and she would do whatever he wanted. She would go down on him, let him use her mouth like a cunt and fuck her into a drooling stupor. She would let him put whatever he wanted up insider her. Fingers, fists and of course his cock. If he came in her mouth she was to swallow it all and thank him. If he came in her arse she was to squat down, squirt it out on the hotel room floor and drop down to lick up every last drop. In short she was to be the perfect slut.Katie was getting into sucking my cock. She’d gone from running her tongue around it to very quickly encircling it with her whole mouth. Taking more and more as her head bobbed back and forth – her eyes looking up hoping for a nod of approval. I pulled my dripping wet cock out and lazily laid it across her face. She looked hopelessly cute and utterly pathetic. But I wasn’t going to fuck her. At least not yet.TBC…

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