Kelly and My new life together


Kelly and My new life togetherPlease read my previous posts with Kelly for a background on our lifes.After Kelly was brought back into my life and our both going through numerous episodes of psychological therapy as well as plastic surgery for her we decided as much as we loved where we were living decided it was time to start new somewhere else.We moved out of SoCal for somewhere else that nobody knew except for some really close friends. We sold the house in SoCal and was able to not only but a really nice house with a large plot of land where we had plenty of privacy. Kelly had become more comfortable with her body after the plastic surgery that she was sunbathing in our back yard topless wearing the smallest bottoms that could contain her cock, unless it was enlarged which I enjoyed teasing her to make that occur.Well, that chose to be an interesting situation one day as our new maid, who didn’t know Kelly is Trans, was in the kitchen cleaning and seeing Kelly laying on the lounger near the pool decided to head out to talk to her. Our maid, who is also Filipino and bisexual decided to go out and tease Kelly to see her reaction. Our maid, Tatiana, is a little taller than Kelly is and always comes over wearing a french maid type uniform complete with a short black, lacey skirt hoping that I’m home so she can tease me. Well, today she decided to tease Kelly to check buca escort out her reaction and took off her panties before going out in the backyard.What Tati, her nickname, didn’t know was that Kelly’s cock was hard as she was dreaming of fucking Tati’s tight little ass while I’m filling Tati’s pussy with my cock as we had discussed after she had left last week. Once Tati had gotten to see Kelly’s front, slightly blocking the sun alerting her, she was just about to turn around and bend over to pick up something when she saw Kelly stroking her cock and moaning Tati, Tati, your tight little ass feels so good on my cock. I’m gonna cuuuummmmm as she spurted high in the air and all over her body. Tati stood there, mouth wide open just staring when Kelly started rubbing her own cum into her body thanking Tati for the wondering ass fucking when Kelly’s eyes opened.Tati, realising that Kelly had seen her standing there decided to take charge, reaching around and unzipping her skirt allowing it to fall to her feet as she spread her legs open allowing Kelly to see how wet and aroused she was. Kelly, looked up and smiled, then asked, “did you like what you saw”?Tati just nodded as she reached over, grabbing a pillow from the chair, placing it on the ground next to the lounger and asked “Mistress, May I”?Kelly reached her hand out and around Tati’s head, bringing escort buca their faces close as she said “You had better” as Tati knelt down to her breasts and started kissing and licking on her nipples while her hand slid down and started slowly and sensually stroked her cock reviving it in no time. Tati climbed on top of the lounger placing her pussy right above Kelly’s cock, sliding up and down on it. Quickly, Kelly’s cock entered Tati’s pussy all the way in one felled stroke. Tati was still suckling Kelly’s tits, alternating from one to the other, moaning when Kelly was fully inside.Tati stopped, looked Kelly in her eyes up as she slowly slid up and back down her cock, then proceeded to continue with suckling on Kelly’s tits.I had come home, walked into the kitchen, which overlooks the back yard and saw what was going on causing my cock to instantly harden. Instantly, I stripped my clothes off and walked into the backyard. Neither Kelly nor Tati had seen my yet as walked up to them and layed my cock on top of Kelly’s slightly open lips causing her eyes to open anda smirk to appear on her face.Kelly’s hands grabbed Tati by her hair, raised her head off of her tits, showing her my hard 10″ shaved cock and balls.Tati licked her lips and attacked my cock expertly, bringing me just to the point of orgasm before stopping and telling me to take her buca escort bayan anal virginity.Reluctantly I moved away from her face, Tati stopped riding Kelly who started humping away at her tight pussy while I went to my knees behind Tati’s ass. Gently, I started licking her cheeks, working my way to her crack which split open easily as my tongue went and penetrated her tight anus for the first time. Quickly I wetted her anus so I could fuck that little ass while Tati was stroking me making me even harder than I’ve ever been.Kelly had stopped humping as I continued to lick and finger Tati’s anus, loosening her up for her first ass fucking.When I thought Tati was loosened up and wet enough I started to move behind her and had a better though as I reached down, picking up her petite, she’s 5′ flat, maybe 100 lbs dripping wet, lifting her off of Kelly’s cock with a “plop” sound. Kelly must have realised what I was doing as she stood up as soon as she was off of her, placing her arm around the both of us as I carried her inside.Kelly beat us upstairs as Tati and I had stopped and were making out like high schoolers in the back corner of the gym at school. After awhile, I continued our journey up to the master bedroom where Kelly’s devious, mischievous mind had everything already laid out. Towels and lube were on the bed, along with an enema bag to clean out Tati whom she led her into the bathroom which they did without me. I heard Kelly explain to Tati what she was going to do with it to which Tati responded with “Yes Mistress, whatever you and Master would like me to do is my pleasure”.I grinned and thought, so it begins again.

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