KellyKelly and I work together at one of those punk/rock clothing stores. We seemed to hit it off right from the start which was a bit of a surprise at first. Although I did pretty well at work I wasn’t exactly the type of person that wore the clothes we sold. I did my best to dress the part but always felt like a bit of a nerd faking it. Kelly on the other hand looked the part. I guess you could say she’s a bit of an emo. Slight build, tight little body, jet black hair that always seemed to fall in front of her eyes. She could even pull off the black lipstick/black clothes death rocker thing. Unlike your typical emo though, Kelly has a bubbly upbeat personality. She also has a big, beautiful smile that seems to light up her whole face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Especially that cute, tight little bottom. She caught me glaring at it once and gave me a little look before smiling and telling me I was a dork. Then gave me a hug saying “But that’s what I like about you.”It was another Saturday evening at the store. Kelly and I had closing duties. Even though I had worked a full shift I still felt like doing something. “Hey, you wanna come over and hang out?” Kelly said as we were doing the final lockup. I had no plans and more time with Kelly was a great way to spend the evening. We drove to her house and went straight to her room. “I need to wash up, hang for a bit” she said, leaving me alone to explore the posters and pictures she had up. A few moments later I heard a thump from behind me coming from the big, four post bed. I turned around…Kelly was lying on the bed, tummy down. Giving me a clear view of her tight jean clad ass. “Wanna fuck?” she said as she looked over her shoulder at me through her jet black bangs. I was taken back a bit. No other girl just came out and asked for sex before. But I wasn’t about to turn down the offer. I couldn’t wait to get a full view of Kelly’s tight naked booty. I climbed onto the bed and started to slowly rub my hands up the back of her legs. Spreading them a bit and dipping down low to get a better look at her crotch. “Wait” she said, slamming her legs shut. “I can’t get pregnant. We need to do it in my behind”. “Behind?” I said with a puzzled look. “You mean in your ass?” I had only done anal once before and it was a disaster. The girl was in tears and I felt like the biggest asshole on the planet. I mean, I’m not exactly the biggest guy around. Average size really. But when I get hard, it’s rock hard. Between the tightest little asshole and me, I will win. Also, my cock throbs pretty hard when I cum. I could literally see my cock move in this poor girl’s asshole when I finally blew my load. She screamed nearly a dozen times as I pumped a huge load up her ass.I really didn’t want to hurt Kelly like this. “You sure?” I asked cautiously. “Yes” she said with a big smile on her face. She got up and marched over to her nightstand. Quickly opening the drawer to retrieve what appeared to be a well-used tube of lubricant than quickly closed the drawer. I swore I caught a glimpse of a large, very realistic looking dildo as she closed it. But quickly wrote it off as she jumped back on the bed. I had more important things to consider.“Before you get my ass let’s warm you up” as she pulled me onto my knees izmir escort on the bed. She unzipped my fly and shimmied by pants and underwear down just enough to pull out my cock and without a word slipped half of it into her mouth.I couldn’t say a word. Just knelt there and felt the amazing sensation of Kelly sucking my already rock hard cock. I’ve had plenty of blowjobs but they were always a “gotta do this” offering from girls that just wanted to keep me pacified. Kelly seemed to love doing it. Her mouth was soft and wet. Everything she did was slow and deliberate. As if she was just making sure I was as hard as can be without edging me up. I watched in awe as this cute face with soft lips made magic on what was already a raging hard on. For a couple minutes she just slipped my cock in and out of her mouth like this. Then she slowly backed off till her lips touched just the tip of my head. I started to feel the point of her tongue push directly into my pee hole. It wiggled in a bit before she moved on to the base under the head. And slowly began to lick there. She must have heard my breathing becoming jagged and backed off. “I think you’re ready” she said then reached over and grabbed the tube of lube, squeezing a large glob on the head of my cock. She then proceeded to spread it over the entire head and part way down the shaft with her first two fingers. The lube was thick. Not quite like Vaseline but it required her to rub it over every inch to make sure I was entirely covered. She inspected her handy work for a moment before rolling over and presenting me with her cute little bottom again.Reaching under her hips with both hands she undid her jeans and shimmied them down to the top of her legs, exposing her taut little ass. It was beautiful. The base of her spine disappeared into her two soft unblemished mounds. The line that separated them led right down to her secret opening where it opened a bit, exposing her tight pucker.Kelly then reached for a pillow and tucked it under her hips, elevating her ass slightly higher and stuck her hands under her hips again. I imagine she was handling the entrance I wasn’t going to get today. She looked back at me and said “Come on. I want you.” I took a moment to stare her submissive pose, then noticed the jeans she still had on. “Don’t you want to take those off” I said. “No. This is how I want it.” Then arched her ass up at me and gave it a wiggle.I certainly wasn’t going to debate the issue and proceeded to climb over the top of her, lining up my shiny hard cock with her puckered little entrance. I pushed down until the tip of my head slid between her soft cheeks and made contact, then pressed a little harder until I could feel the head just begin to penetrate the entrance. I looked at her face for any sign of pain. Kelly closed her eyes and said, “Go ahead. Give it to me”. I began pressing a little harder. I could feel the resistance. Pressing with a bit more pressure her tight muscle seemed relax but I backed off. Giving her little hole a chance to adjust before being entirely invaded. Starting again with more pressure I pressed down, her sphincter relaxed more, allowing the head of my cock in about an inch. Again I looked at Kelly to see any sign of discomfort. Her angelic face was soft izmir escort bayan and relaxed, as if she was sleeping. “Mmmm” she whimpered softly and pressed back, forcing her tight entrance even further over my head. I felt myself slowly slipping in. Then getting past the tight muscle, her hole seemed to open up more allowing me to sink my entire length up her tight passage. “Ooooo” Kelly moaned with a big smile. “Stay there a minute. I just want to feel you inside of me”.The sensation of her anal canal wrapped around my cock was like nothing I felt before. The tight muscle of her entrance wrapped around the base of my cock, gripping me firmly as if it didn’t want to let go. Then the inner ridges gently cradling the mushroom cap buried deep. At that point I was worried I wouldn’t last.Slowly I started to back out. Her tight grip along with the thick lube created a suction effect, as if gently begging me not to retreat. I pulled back slowly until I could feel the tight grip of her sphincter just behind the head, then slowly pressing back in again and bottomed out to the base of my shaft. I pressed a little further, forcing Kelly’s hips into the big soft pillow. She let out a tiny little grunt and responded by pressing back. At this point she had every inch of me inside her ass.I did this same slow motion grind for several minutes. Partly because I didn’t want Kelly hurt and also because I wouldn’t last long if I did it any faster. At this point I just wanted to get closer to her. I bent forward and tucked my arm around her neck and onto her shoulder, putting her in a gentle headlock and slowly drove my rigid pole back into Kelly’s tight little bung. She again responded by driving forward a bit then driving back to meet my thrust. Her tight little pucker suddenly relaxed, as if giving up the fight of my motions and letting my cock take over. I looked down at Kelly, now much closer to her than before. Her hair covered most of her face leaving only those sweet lips in view for me to judge her expression. A slight knowing smile formed, as if satisfied she completely taken me inside her. Being this close all I could hear was her elevated breathing.Kelly’s hips started taking over the pace. It seemed she had enough of my lengthy slow invasion. She pressed her hips into the pillow again before giving a more moderate shove back taking my full length.The soft inner folds of her dark passage seemed to message rather than fight my cock now. The only resistance was a slight suction as I moved in and out. Her hips started to move with more speed and greater intensity, shoving first into the pillow than back to my hips. This time lifting me slightly off the bed.I wasn’t about to let her take charge now and unlocked my arm from around her shoulder, raised up and firmly gripped her hips. Pushing her hips into the pillow then pulling her back and plunging my cock deep. Giving up trying to take over she relaxed her hips and just let me fuck her at the pace I wanted.I got tired of her restrictive jeans. I needed to really plow into her so reached lower and shoved them down to just above her knees, still keeping her legs locked down but giving me more freedom to move. Then grabbing her hips again and started pumping with a faster, harder motion. “Uh”, escort izmir she grunted, as I pushed her midsection into the pillow with full force, then pulling back. I stopped moving and with my hands firmly on her hips, made her move for me. Pushing and pulling her onto my cock.The urge to blow started at the head of my cock. It seemed to swell even more, giving me some new found friction in her anal canal. I pumped harder. I couldn’t stop, just kept moving faster and pressing her harder forward and back. I was about to explode knowing my massive throbs of orgasm would fill her wonderful little bottom with a full load.With a final thrust I shoved Kelly’s hips into the mattress, pinning her with my rigid cock embedded as far as it would go. She made a feeble attempt to keep the pace going but her hips had nowhere to go except what little give the pillow provided. The first throb started and I could feel a jet of my thick cum blow through the stretched tube of my cock and into her willing anal passage. The first convulsion lasted for a couple of seconds before welling up for the next one. Suddenly I felt Kelly’s anal passage clamp down hard on my swollen cock, as if to lock it in place and keep it from moving. She let out a grunt and made another attempt to move her hips, digging deeper into the pillow.The second blast erupted, pumping more hot cum into her. Again, her anal muscles convulsed and locked my cock into place, as if trying to aim the next jet even farther up her anal canal. All I could do was stay still and let my throbbing cock and her constrictive muscles struggle together with every wave of orgasm.I don’t know how long this went on. It could have been eternity for all I cared. Never ending wave after wave of cumming into Kelly’s ass. But finally it began to subside. I looked down at Kelly, seeing her heaving and huffing to catch her breath.I moved forward and just laid on top of her, pinning her fully underneath me. I was still fully embedded in her now fully stretched and surrendered passage. The throbs started to slow and became less violent. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder from underneath, pulling her closer to me. We stayed like this for several minutes. My cock started to soften a bit but still deep inside her.After several minutes I felt the little wiggle of Kelly’s bottom bringing me back to my senses. “C’mon”, she said. “Let’s get cleaned up.” With some hesitation I backed up out of her bottom slowly, feeling the soft suction of her canal gently pulling against my now soft cock. With a squishy pop, I extract my full length. Sitting back on my heals and I tried to collect my thoughts. I looked down at Kelly now turned slightly and looking up at me with a little smile on her face. “Looks like you liked it”, she said. Then smiled fully before letting out a little giggle.“How did you do that?” I said. She looked a little puzzled “Do what?” “That thing with your ass, the clenching. I think you milked me completely dry.” She looked down, as if she didn’t want to make eye contact. “Well, I came too”. She then turned a bit more on her side and looked down at her crotch. I followed her eye’s down with my own.Kelly’s cock, also spent was at least as big as mine. A strand of sticky clear fluid leaked down to the large wet spot on the mattress. She looked back up at me. Her big blue eyes locked with mine looking for some reassurance. “I’m sorry” she said softly. I looked back at her and with a little smile said, “Why, I’m not.”-Otherside

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