Ken & Sissy

Ken & SissyKen sat there, staring blankly at the movie screen, showing a big black cockplowing into a white beauty. His wife was far from a beauty, as she was now inher early fifties and had put on a few too many pounds for his taste…. butevidently it didn’t seem to have bothered the two black men.Ken looked over his shoulder at the entrance to the adult theater, hoping thathis wife would be walking back in, but he knew better. It had all happened sofast, that he tried to remember how he ended up sitting there alone, while hiswife of thirty some years was now off with a couple of black men they did notknow.It had been Ken’s idea of going to the adult theater, hoping that it would addsome spark in there love making. Sissy had been reluctant to go, but she couldsee that her husband wanted it, so she let him ply her with some drinks beforefinally agreeing to go with him.The small adult theater only held about 30 or 40 seats, and was probably filledin the evenings with lonely men who went there to suck cock or be sucked byother men. It being 2 in the afternoon, there was no one else in the tiny room,so Ken led her to the back row, hoping that maybe some others might join themlater on.Ken had a fantasy of maybe Sissy going down on him in the little theater, andhopefully some other guys would watch her sucking his cock. He had gotten hardjust thinking about it, and no sooner had they sat down in the middle of thelast row, than he had his right arm d****d over her shoulder so he could tweakher large breast.The move worked, as Sissy knowing he wanted to get a little raunchy, and with noone else around, she leaned her head back and let him play with her rightbreast. When Ken took her left hand and placed it in his lap, she knew what todo, and with some awkward movements she had pulled his zipper down and hadextracted his hard five inch cock.As they both watched some white college aged chick being double teamed by acouple of white guys with very long cocks, Sissy watched the action whilestroking her husbands cock. Her eyes were on those two cocks on the screen,each of which were almost twice the length of her husbands cock, and a fleetingthought made her wonder why Ken’s cock was so small in comparison to what shewas seeing on the screen.The moaning from the movie drowned out the door to the theater opening, and theydidn’t notice the old man entering and coming to the back row and sitting downabout five seats from where they were at.When Sissy finally saw the old man, she tried to tell Ken but he only smiled andhis right arm drew her in closer to him, so he could whisper in her ear.”Let’s give the old guy a little thrill.”Sissy didn’t understand, till the pressure from his right arm drew her downtowards his lap. Did he really want her to go down on him, while someone elsewas watching, she wondered.”Come on honey, loosen up and lets have some fun.”The drinks from earlier were just enough to break down her barriers, and with alittle hesitation, she dropped her head down and opened her mouth to pay homageto her husbands turgid cock.As she started sucking on it, she could see the old man intently watching her,and it gave her a thrill she had never experienced before. She was just likethat young chick in the movie, being watched while she was sucking her husbandscock.It was easy for her to show off, as she watched the look on the old mans face asher lips went down to her husbands stiffening cock. Five inches was easy for Sissyto handle, as she had sucked her husband off many a night while they were inbed, and here now she was doing it in front of a complete stranger.Her cotton panties were already starting to get wet from the excitement, andwhen Ken reached around with his left hand, she quickly spread her legs so hecould reach her pussy.Yes, this trabzon escort was starting to be a good idea, she thought, as she went up and downon her husbands cock, while the old man who had pulled his own cock out was nowstarting to masturbate.Ken had two finger deep in his wife’s sopping cunt, and with that old manwatching Sissy going down on his cock, he thought he had died and gone toheaven. When the door opened again, neither thought much of it, as they wereeach in their own world, with Ken reveling in knowing that the old man wasobviously jealous of him, and with Sissy now showing off her cock sucking skillsto some one she didn’t even know.The two black men were in the theater to see if there were any hungry men whomight like to have and interracial experience, and were surprised when the headgoing up on down on Ken’s cock had red hair, and shoulder length at that.It’s not often that they had the pleasure of seeing a woman in this minitheater, and one that was sucking on a guys cock to boot. It didn’t matter tothem whether she was married, or if she was with a boyfriend, but what matteredwas that the couple were in the back row, which was kind of understood to be theaction row in this theater. If you came to suck or be sucked, you picked theback row, and here a couple were doing it.Neither one of the black men were apprehensive about sitting closer to thecouple, so when they sat down between the couple and the old man, they ended upbeing only one seat away from them.It was Sissy who noticed the movement of someone and thus started to raise herhead up off of Kens very stiff cock. Unfortunately, Ken was just about at thepoint of a tremendous orgasm, so his free hand went to the top of her head, sothat he could cum in her mouth.Sissy had sucked her husband off to completion many times, so the thought of hiscuming in her mouth was not a turn off. Instead, the pressure drove her backdown so that her mouth and nose were now pressed down into his pubes.”Ken….” she tried to mouth his name, with a mouth full of cock.”Ken…. damnit”Ken came back to his senses and he realized that there were now three menwatching his wife suck on his cock, so he eased up on the pressure on her head.”Ken, there is a couple of black guys….” again she was interrupted by thedownward pressure on her head.”Oh fuck Sissy.. don’t stop now… please!””But their black….” she tried to whisper with Kens cock starting to twich.”It’s okay honey, they just want a closer view.”Ken noticed both of the black men were leaning in closer to get a better view ofSissy going down on him, and the excitement was about to make him lose control.He noticed that one of the guys had pulled out his cock, and Ken almost gaspedwhen he saw what appeared to be a half hard cock that had to be a good 7 or maybeeven 8 inches in length. Ken certainly didn’t want to invite these guys intohis action, but the sight of that large black cock sent him over the top, and hecame hard into her mouth.Sissy was caught between the sudden spurt of cum from her husband, and the blackman who was now moving next to Ken, all the while jerking on what was without adoubt the largest cock she had ever seen.She pulled her mouth off of his cock and was surprised when her husbandejaculated a second spurt of cum…. unheard of in their many years of marriage.It caught her by surprise, with part of it shooting in her mouth, and the restof it on her upper lip, causing her to run her tongue over her lip to lick itup.The black guy nearest to them mistook the swipe of her tongue as a sign that shewanted some of his black meat, so he stood up and walked to the other side ofthem so that he was now seated next to Sissy.Ken started to say something to him, but the other black guy sat down next tohim now, so escort trabzon that they were both surrounded.”Damn man, she suck you all the way off?”Ken not knowing what to do or say, just nodded his head and took his hand off ofSissy’s head.Sissy was breathing hard now from the sexual excitement of them being caught bythese black guys, and the sight of the black cock being jacked off, as the guyhad passed them by and sat down next to her.Ken still had his two fingers in her cunt, and as she raised to a sittingposition, the black guy next to her sat back showing his dark meat to her.She was almost mesmerized by the 3 or 4 inches of cock that was sticking out ofhis fist, as he had stopped jacking off, and was now proudly showing her hiscock head. He mistook the look on her face for lust, and nodded at her and then downat his cock.Ken swore that his heart must have stopped, as he watched his wife looking downat the black guy who was sitting beside her. He knew they were in a dangerousposition, and he wasn’t sure on how to handle it. His arm involuntarilyreleased his grip from around her shoulder, and Sissy mistook it as a sign ofagreement.She ran her tongue over her upper lip again, but this time it was not for Ken’scum, but in anticipation of what might happen if this black man might force herto go down on him.Actually there was no forcing involved, as she slightly leaned over to get abetter look at the menacing cock head, with the pearl of pre cum on it. As sheleaned over more, her husbands arm left her shoulder, and she took that as asign to go down on this black man.She hesitated just a moment before leaning over more, so that she was now nomore than a few inches from the pulsating black head.”Come on sweetie, give it a little kiss.”The words mesmerized her and the distance between her lips and the large blackcock went to zero. As he lips touched the cock head, she felt the black manshand come to the back of her neck, and she opened her lips and spread them wideenough to take the cock head into her mouth.The hiss she heard was from her husband, as he leaned forward to watch her takethe black mans cock in her mouth. He couldn’t believe that his wife wasactually going to suck the niggers cock. It wasn’t like either of them wereracists, as they had watched enough porn at home that included black men andwhite women, but now it was actually happening for real… to them!Sissy was looking down into the black mans lap as the pressure on her neckforced a couple more inches into her mouth, causing her to start breathingthrough her nose. The excitement of an interracial experience happening to her,caused a quick orgasm to ripple through her, even as she sensed movement fromKen.While his wife was going down on the black man, the other black man was tellingKen to exchange seats with him.”Come on man, lets change seats….”It was more of an order then a question, and with both of them being bigger thanhim, he didn’t want it to get into a confrontation.Sissy now had almost half of the black cock in her mouth, as it started pokingat the entrance to her throat, and as she put her hand on the guys leg to slow him,he mistook it as a sign of excitement on her part, and he pushed even harder on theback of her neck.The cock head pushed into the opening of her throat, and the gag reflex almostcaused her to vomit, but luckily she relaxed and two inches went into herthroat.”Oh FUCK, the cunts gonna deep throat me.” the black man said to no one inparticular.The other black man not to be left out of the action, had undone the buttons onher blouse and was now struggling with her bra, trying to pull it up to releaseher big breasts.”Man her tits are huge…. I finally got one free of her bra, and they must be Dcups!”Sissy started to have trouble breathing, trabzon escort bayan and she thought she was going to blackout, but the one feeding her mouth let her come up for air. As her mouth poppedoff of the cock, she gasped for air.”So you like my meat, little one?”Sissy nodded her head while trying to clear the cobwebs out, but just as quicklyshe was forced down on his cock again. The pressure this time was stronger, andthe cock head went right back into her throat again.The black man pinching the nipple on her breast was hurting her, and at the sametime it cause another inch of cock to go into her throat. Being double teamedas she was, when the other guy put his hand between her legs, she seperated herlegs and gave him full access to her cunt. She was now in complete control ofthese two black men, and she let them do to her whatever it was they wanted todo.Ken was now watching his wife being ravaged by these two black men, and withoutrealizing it, his 5 inches was again rock hard. He leaned further forward so hecould see how much cock she had in her mouth, and was amazed that only an inchor two were between her lips and the guys pubes.When the three long fingers of the other black guy shoved roughly into herpussy, Sissy’s hips pushed forward, and the strongest orgasm that she couldremember let loose.The other black man pulled her head back off of his cock and holding her face,he leaned in close to her and a cruel smile spread over his face.”You want some black cock now baby?”Sissy’s mind was off in another world as he spoke to her, and she looked at himwith a blank stare.”How about bitch, you ready for some black fucking now?”Sissy just nodded her head, not really understanding what she was agreeing to.”Come on Jeb, she’s ready.”Ken realized what was going on, and started to protest…. that was until thelarge black guy who was almost fisting his wife, turned around and gave him amenacing glare.”Back off mother fucker!””But she’s my wife!””Were just gonna show her what she has been missing man, so don’t worry so much.”The black guy who had been throat fucking her, was already taking her by thehand and leading her to the exit, as his buddy put a hand on Ken’s chestindicating that he better keep his seat.So there was Ken, slowly stroking his now deflating cock, and not comprehendingwhat was on the screen in front of him. His wife was now with a couple of blackguys, going who knows where.Ken sensed some movement to his left as the old man who had been sitting at theend of the row, now took a seat next to him.”Man that one nigger sure had a big cock on him, didn’t he?”Ken nodded his head, not knowing how to respond to him, but he noticed that theold man had his cock back out and was stroking what appeared to be 6 inches ofsemi hard cock.”You bring that bitch here?”Ken started to talk and then mumbled something before saying “She was my…. Imean she is my wife.””Man, I bet they are gonna pork her good tonight….”Ken glanced down at the old mans cock again, wondering what the guy had in mind.”How can you talk like that, when I might never see her again!””You don’t think she is the first one that they have taken home, do you? Hell,I’ve seen single women and couples go home with those guys. Like I said, theywill probably do her good tonight, and tomorrow morning she will be knocking atthe door asking to come in and go to bed. She will be so wore out, and she willsleep all day man, but mind you she will be a wild slut from now on.”Ken wanted to pop the guy, but strangely enough the old man leaned closer tohim, and reached for Ken’s cock.As he closed his eyes, Ken’s mind wandered from Sissy to what had happenedtoday, to a warm mouth that just closed over his cock. He didn’t have to openhis eyes to know that it was the old man who was now bringing his flaccid cockback to life.Some wheres between him putting his hand on top of the old mans head, and hisfleeting thoughts of Sissy getting fucked by those two niggers, Ken felt histhird orgasm of the afternoon coming on……

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