Kim Comes to Town


“Chaz, what are you up to?” asked Ben.

“Not much. Just finished with work and was heading home for the evening.” Chaz answered as he was holding the phone between his ear and shoulder.

Chaz had been Ben’s friend for a several years now, but was still surprised when Ben called him. Chaz had been a nerd in high school, and a dork in college. His small frame and skin and bone physique coupled with his interest in sci-fi and comic books had meant he never really fit in with anyone outside the math or science departments.

Ben on the otherhand had been a multi sport star in high school and went to college on a scholarship for football. Being a starting Quarterback for 3 years and being drafted into the NFL had only further made their friendship more odd. But here they were, best buds.

“Come over for dinner” Ben replies. “Kim is in town and she wants to finally meet you. We won’t keep you long after dinner, but after all this time of talking to you on the phone and email, she wants to at least say hi.”

“Alright, but are you sure. I mean, it’s her first night in town, and you two won’t likely make it 10 minutes without starting something.”

“You could be right, but she asked, so I am calling to invite.” Ben answered. “Just keep in mind, if we excuse ourselves, lock up as you leave.”

“Right. See you soon” Chaz said and hung up.

Chaz leaves work and goes home to change. Getting out of his suit and tie, he puts on a polo and jeans. Then heads over to Ben’s gated community. Once there, he just walks in. No need to knock, he was there so much, he basically felt like it was his.

He announced his presence and Ben met him in the entryway. “Kim’s in the kitchen. She asks that we sit in the living room and she’ll bring us a couple of beers.” Ben tells Chaz.

Chaz and Ben are sitting and talking about finances. Chaz was an investment analyst and handled Ben’s money.

Kim walked in with the cold beers and Chaz’s jaw hit the floor. He had seen pics of her face before, but seeing her in person was completely different. There she walked, 5’2″ with thick hips, slim waist and legs to die for. Her cherry red high heels made her wiggle as she walked and her chest was practically popping out of her strapless red dress. Her long brown hair, highlighted with blonde accents, was pulled back into a ponytail, with only a few strands of hair framing her face on either side.

“Here’s your beers, enjoy bahis firmaları them while I finish dinner. I’ll come get you two hunks soon” Kim said, winking at Chaz.

As she walked back out of the room, Chaz couldn’t help but notice her incredibly ass swaying, almost inviting anyone to admire.

“Damn!” Chaz said after she left the room. “You coulda warned me.”

“Where would be the fun in that?” asked Ben.

Chaz chugged half the beer, giving himself a minor ice cream headache, and just laughed as Ben was joking about how obvious his face was that he was shocked at her sexiness.

They sat for dinner and Kim served them. Chaz wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or not, but he couldn’t help to notice Kim’s tits as she bent over right in his face to serve his food, or to notice her ass as she seemed to put it in his face when she served Ben.

The rest of dinner was a continuation of the beginning of the evening, and Chaz had to adjust his growing lump in his pants. They did make it through dinner and saw Chaz off, and Kim kissed him on the cheek and hugged him before he left.

On his way back to the car, Chaz tried to sort out everything that had happened tonight.

“Do you think he liked me?” Kim asked.

“Are you kidding?” was Ben’s answer. “If you had flirted anymore, he probably would have had a wet spot on his pants when he left.”

“Good. I want him to like me and be comfortable around me.” Kim said as she reached up to kiss Ben.

He was much taller than her small 5’2″ frame. At 6’5″ no matter how high she reached, he had to bend low to meet her lips and kiss her deeply.

As the kiss broke, he looked at her and said “I want that too. You’re new here and have no friends of your own. I work 12-14 hour days and am out of town a lot. I want him to look after you and keep you happy while I’m away.”

Kim looked up at him, grabbed his shorts and yanked them as she dropped to her knees. Ben’s 9″ cock sprang free as she settled in. “And is he gonna come close to making me this happy” Kim said, doubting he would considering his small 5″9″ frame.

Kim wrapped both hands around Ben’s cock and took the super thick head into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the head, she was stroking him with both hands as she sucked hard.

“Ahhh” was all Ben could get out as she moved one hand to his balls and kneaded them while she began sucking more and more into her mouth. She kaçak iddaa altered speed, depth and suction strength as she kept stroking him and playing with his balls.

“Shit babe, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up” said Ben.

All he got in reply was a gargled mumble as she kept her advanced. As Ben felt his balls constrict and pressure build, Kim popped his cock out of her mouth and started stroking him with both hands as she sucked on his balls.

“Oh Fuck!!!” Ben yelled as he felt his cum getting ready to explode. Just in time, Kim got his cockhead back in her mouth and sucked as he exploded. Ropes of thick cum shot in her mouth, and she expertly swallowed between loads, keeping up with Ben’s seemingly unending orgasm.

“Damn Ben” Kims finally said. “Trying to drown me?”

They both laughed and Ben picked her up and carried her up to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and laid next to her. They kissed deeply, and he could taste himself on her lips. As they kiss, Ben unzips her dress and slides it off her body.

He kisses his way down her body, stopping at the nape of the neck, getting a muffled moan out of her. Then worked his way lower, reaching her wonderfully full breasts. Large brown aeroles and small but firm nipples. As he takes her nipple between his teeth, he pulls up on them and sucks her tits at the same time. After several minutes, he works his way down to her lovebox, and she spreads her thighs all the way, opening herself up to his mouth and he wastes little time getting his tongue deep inside her and sucks hard as he explores her depths with his tongue.

Loud moans and exhales are filling the room as Ben keeps his tongue working Kim’s insides. As Kim’s legs are shaking and she feels herself building to an orgasm and Ben knows it. Just as she is close, he squeezes her clit between his thumb and forefinger and she screams as the orgasm racks her body.

Kim collapses back onto the bed, exhausted from her incredible orgasm, but Ben is far from finished. He slides two fingers in her and get a inhaled response. He moves his fingers to her g-spot and begins fingering it, as he sucks in her clit and makes her body jerk and quiver in response.

“Oh fuck! You . . . uh . . . shit . . . God!” is her only response and he builds her to a new and more powerful orgasm.

Soon, her body is shaking and she’s put the toes of the high heels onto his shoulders as her body is assaulted by her kaçak bahis orgasm and Ben’s fingers. Her back arches, her hand are grabbing onto the sheets as she desperately is looking for anything to hold onto as her body has it’s second major orgasm in minutes.

She finally slumps back into the mattress as the orgasm subsides.

Ben sits up and moves his way up to hover over her. Kim looks up and sees his face, it’s covered in her cum and she grabs the back of his head and pulls him down. She kisses him deeply and then proceeds to lick his face clean.

“Are you up for me?” Ben asks, realizing that Kim just had two extremely intense orgasms.

“If I’m ever gonna get that 4″ thick cock inside me, now is the time. I’ll never be more lubed up.” she says and he places his cockhead against her opening.

Ben slides his cockhead up and down, coating it with her juices. Lines up and pushes. He meets nothing but resistance, and Kim is squinting. As Ben begins to pull back, Kim looks at him and says “No, keep pushing harder.”

Ben resumes his attempts and pushes a little harder. Suddenly, he gets about an inch in and is met with the feeling of nails digging into his back.

Ben stops pushing and lets Kim adjust to his size a bit. Then he slides another couple inches in and stops as Kim grunts and exhales. A short pause, followed by another couple inches. Ben keeps this up until he is all the way in.

“Damn baby, you got me all in.” Ben said.

“I know. I am certainly full, but it feels like heaven.” Kim responds.

Ben starts to slowly pumping. Little by little, increasing length and speed of his thrusts slowly. Eventually getting up to a good speed and filling her with 6″ thrusts every time. He is rewarded by moans and met with hip thrusts of her own.

“Kim, your pussy is so damn tight. You’re gonna make me blow a load before I’m ready” says Ben.

“Keep fucking me damnit.” was her only response.

Ben keeps at it, increasing his speed and power of his thrusts.

“Aghh. Fuck. Mmmmmmmm.” Kim says as she feels her orgasm building again. She throws her legs around his hips and pulls him as deep as she can as her womanhood constricts around his cock. Squeezing hard and cutting off his ability to keep pounding.

Kim’s body is shaking and her pussy is quivering. As her wall muscles are contracting, they drive Ben over the wall and he explodes into her pussy as it milks every last drop from his balls.

Once both their orgasms are over, Ben falls to the bed beside Kim and kisses her deeply one last time.

They lay there for several minutes just holding each other, and they drift off to sleep.

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