Kim Learns She Likes Power

Kim Learns She Likes PowerKim was enjoying her day off. She work as a office manger and time off didn’t come easy. So today was hers and in her short shorts and sports bra she worked on planting her flowers. Now Kim was a very pretty woman with a great body that turned heads. The best part was she didn’t think so. Because of this she wasn’t uppity like some women can be, no Kim was as sweet as they come. Three doors down was Sue a spoiled brat rich bitch only 17yrs. and a body that could give a dead man a hard-on. Sue opened her door to get the paper and was greet to a view of Kim’s perfect ass and even from three doors down she could see her nipples poking the sports bra out. Sue was a true bitch but even she knew that Kim was grade A puss and wanted it bad. Dress in just her night shirt on bra or panties she walked up behind Kim. Kim was busy planting sitting crossed legged till she felt Sue there turned to see her standing there and from her position looked right at Sue’s clean shaved twat. Kim tried to look away but her eyes were glued there she could see the moisture on the lips and even smell the heady order that seem to draw her in. Sue knew what was happing and stepped closer to Kim. Just inches from a smooth twat the smell making Kim’s head swim knowing that the things going on in her mind were so wrong but still unable to resist it Sue touched Kim’s head and without words with out care of being seen Kim leaned in and tasted the first pussy of her life. The tasted was so sweet so pleasant to her she couldn’t stop diving in for more. Reaching up to grab Sue’s ass Kim pulled her in deeper trying to bury her tongue as deep as possible. Even Sue was surprised casino oyna at the skill of Kim’s tongue and soon was holding on for the orgasm of her young life. The two women went inside and on Kim’s bed she did all she could to please sue who humped Kim’s mouth fucking the tongue that was driving her crazy. Both women fell deep into the lesbian lust for the first time that day but for reasons unknown to her Kim was the one taking the lead. The control and power she felt when she lead a woman to an orgasm able to control the speed and pressure verying between fast and slow easy or hard light or soft she loved it. After four hours of bring Sue close then stopping before slamming her into orgasms one right after another Sue left weak legged with a pussy that was red and puffy but well fucked.A couple days go by and Kim comes home to Sue begging for more the young spoiled brat had her hand in her panties begging Kim to sex her up or at least let sue sex Kim but Kim sent her home. Going in her house she waited about an hour then walked to Sue’s house knocking on the big door. When it opened it was Pam Sue’s mother a older but still pretty woman at 40yrs and after three k**s Pam still had what it takes. OH KIM HOW ARE YOU? I’m just fine. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? I’m here for Sue, is she in her room? Pam says yes and Kim walks to the stairs and says thanks. Kim opens Sue’s door and walks in Sue is on the bed earphones on so not hearing Kim jumped when Kim grab her skirt and pulled it off. As her panties are being pulled off she sees that the door is wide open and grabs Kim’s hand saying the doors open Kim says I know and spreads Sue’s legs wide looking the teen in canlı casino siteleri the eye either I suck your sweet pussy for you or I close the door as I walk out witch do you want? Sue’s eyes grow big and Kim laughs as she gets in pistion and dives in tongue deep the poor girl unable to stay quiet moans louder and louder each time Kim’s tongue travels to her clit and as she falls head over heels into her first orgasm she sees her mom at the door. Looking at her mom she moans OH MOMMY SHE IS SO GOOD OMG MOMMY I’M COMING AGAIN!!!OOOHHHHHGGGOOODDDDIIITTT””SSSSOOGGGOOOOOODDDDD….. Kim raises up wipes her chin looks at Pam and walks up to her still looking in Pam’s eyes Kim says next time it well be you and leaves. Pam looks at her daughter still panting hard on the bed her legs spread wide her cunt lips dripping wet just like her own pussy. How could this be? She was a mother a wife how could seeing her daughters pussy eaten by another woman turn her on so much? How could seeing her daughters wide spread legs make her weak and wanting to do things she knew were so wrong?Over the next two weeks Pam and Sue didn’t even look at each other and when Pam seen Kim she went the other way. Then Saturday night at 8pm Pam and her hubby were watching TV when the doorbell Pam answers it and Kim is there Pam’s face goes pale and knees weak Kim steps in puts her hand behind Pam on the top of her ass and the heat is unbearable. Like an obedient c***d Pam walks to her bedroom opens the door and steps back to allow Kim in then starts to close it but Kim gently stops her. Kim starts PAM HAS SUE TOLD YOU ABOUT US? Pam says no so Kim tells her the story then says I’m changing casino şirketleri things this time and removes her dress sits on the bed and says EAT ME PAM AND IT BETTER BE GOOD!! and lay back. Pam very inexperience at it tried her best Kim slapped her and called her names till she got it right. Kim rolled Pam over and says my turn starting at her forehead Kim kissed and licked her way down causing Pam to moan and groan before Kim made it to her breast where Kim sucked and nibbled on her nipples hard then down slowly to her puss Kim had Pam yelling and humping her tongue coming over and over even spraying she never did that. They “69” and tongued fuck each other cunts and assholes. Pam had never cum more or hard in her life each orgasm better then the last but only when she looked up did she see Tom her husband standing there. Kim too sees him gets up grabs her things kisses Pam and as she leaves rubs Toms cock smiles at him and says I’m done you can have her.Pam tells the whole story to Tom and begs him to forgive her it will never happen again.. About a month later Pam and Tom have a BBQ their family and friends in the back yard Sue is the center of attention like always Pam talking to her mother when Kim walks in the yard Sue sees her first and is shocked as Kim tells her to strip Sue looks towards her mom and Kim slaps her hard I SAID STRIP NOW! Sue starts to undress and her grandmother tells Pam who walks over to have Kim grab her and reach between her legs finding a soaking wet twat she to is ordered to strip and does Kim kisses both and one on one side the other on the other side her hands mauling there asses walk them naked to her house where she fucks them both for hours before sending them home.Two days later Kim pulls into a drive walks to the door and knocks a tall dark haired woman answers and Kim says HI I SEEN YOU AT PAM’S HOUSE, and gently shoves the woman inside her own home……

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