King Part One


King Part OneIt’s been six long months since I started dating King and we have grown into a good loving couple. We have met each other’s family and I even have a key to his place and you can say I practically moved in with him. But the one thing that could bring us down is the fact that I won’t have sex with him. As I sit on the couch and watch him I can’t help but think one day he’s just going to take my pussy…You see King, he’s a man’s man. Very dominate and very traditional. The only thing that’s keeping him from tearing into my pussy is the fact that he is 10 inches long and super thick. He knows that I’m inexperienced sexually, haven’t had sex in almost two years, and never been with a man bigger than 7.5 inches. And being a black woman that’s pretty amazing but in a bad way. Anyway as I watch him take off his shoes and pants and shirt I can’t help but admire his chiseled body. He makes his way over to the couch and bends down to kiss me. “Hey gorgeous” he says as he plops down beside me. “Hi baby. How was your day?” I ask as I snuggle into his frame. “It was long but good. But you can always make it better” he says while pulling my face to his for another kiss. As I open my mouth to let his tongue snake into it I can’t help but squirm in my spot on the couch. Damn I thought here we go again. When I tell you this man can kiss I tell no lie. He kisses so good not only do my knees shake beneath me but my pussy instantly gets wet. And the worse part about it is he knows his kisses do that to me. As he continues to kiss me he slides his hand down my body covered in just one of his t-shirts and starts to pull on my nipples sending another shockwave right to my pierced bahis siteleri clit. I feel that familiar tug in my pussy wanting something inside it and King isn’t about to disappoint. He stops teasing my rock hard nipples and his hand goes lower and pries my legs apart. He breaks our kiss just long enough to look at me in my eyes and tell me “One day you are not going to fight me one day you will just give up and give this pussy to me.” As I look at him and start to shake my head no he places his lips back on mine and continues to kiss me. I try my hardest to try and close my legs knowing that it’s no use he’s so much stronger than me so I finally let them stay open. Never breaking our kiss, he lays me down on the couch and puts his full weight on me and putting one of his muscular thighs on one of my legs to keep it in place. As we continue to kiss the sweet smell of my arousal fills the living room and I can feel my pussy start to get wetter. King slides his hand on my pussy just resting it there applying enough pressure to make me try to rub my clit against it. He breaks our kiss just enough to smile at the fact that he knows I need to cum and only he can make me cum. Lifting his hand off my pussy he spanks it just few times to send a shockwave through my whole body trying to take me to my limit. As he feels my body start to relax under him he rubs my clit gently and whispers in my ear “Do you want to cum for daddy?” Not surprising King I shook my head no. I still haven’t taken to calling him Daddy or letting him be in control of my body. “You still don’t get it huh” he says as he rubs my clit harder. “Tell Daddy you want to cum for him” he says louder looking canlı bahis down at me. I look away and shake my head no. “Have it your way…” This wasn’t new for us. I knew what was next, he was going to finger me until I came. But I was very wrong that day. I was close to cumming when he stopped rubbing my clit and shoved three fingers into my tight pussy without warning. “Oww, Wait!” I said as my pussy felt the pain of being stretched like that for the first time. I tried to push his hand away from my pussy but with his other hand he pinned both my hands back behind my head and told me “No I’m not waiting anymore.” As I look in his eyes for any sign of what’s going to happen next he just smiled at me and told me “Don’t worry Daddy is finally going to take care of you.”In and out his three long and thick fingers moved inside my pussy. I was still struggling to try and move my hips hoping they would fall out of my pussy but with no luck. “If you keep trying to fight the pleasure I want to give you I’m going to put my whole fist in that tight pussy.” I thought he couldn’t possibly be serious? Or could he? So I stopped fighting and relaxed my body and not to long after the sharp pains of the intrusion in my pussy turned into numbness, then finally pleasure. I closed my eyes as I let this man over power me and please my pussy. My moans became louder as I heard the wetness of my pussy and felt the wetness trickle down slowly to my asshole. “That’s it cum for daddy” King said and at that moment I opened my eyes and realized I was starting to submit to him the way he has wanted all this time and I didn’t want any parts of it and start to move my hips from him again. “You just güvenilir bahis don’t want to let that control go do you baby girl? It’s ok Daddy will fix that.” With the last word leaving his lips King pushed my legs up over my shoulders and pinned me down as I screamed at him hysterically. As he continued to finger my pussy I noticed he had switched from three fingers to two but I couldn’t figure out why until I felt this odd sensation deep in my pussy. He was hitting my GSPOT and all I could do was shake my head. “No King I don’t want to I’m scared” is all I could manage out of my mouth. “Well it’s a good thing I’m not” he said with a big grin. “You told me you thought squirting was sexy and one day you wanted to give it a try. Well baby that day is today.” I just kept shaking my head as I could feel my orgasm building as he fingered my pussy. I tried to hold it in but my body started to tremble. “That’s it cum for Daddy” he commanded as he increased his speed. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I felt this huge wave come over my entire body as I felt myself squirt for the first time all over King. “Mmm yeah that’s a good girl” I could hear him saying as I just kept squirting. I don’t even remember him pulling his fingers out of my pussy because of my orgasmic high. But damn if I didn’t come down when I felt his two fingers push into my ass for the first time. No one has ever touched my ass I was a virgin anally. “Stop King I pleaded but he said “Why your still cumming?” Which was absolutely right. Even though the pain from him fingering my ass outweighed the pleasure at that moment, my body was still turned on by it. He continued to finger my ass until I squirted two more times. As he let me calm down from my body shaking orgasms he asked “Did you enjoy cumming for Daddy?” I looked at him and then at the floor and said “Yes Daddy I did.” Good girl now come get on your knees…To be continued.

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