Kortzan Enterprises Ch. 02


Kortzan had brought her in to their offices for training two weeks after she accepted their offer. The training was actually quite interesting. Some of it was technical and involved tiny, high tech cameras, and microphones. It was explained that most of the time, these items would be handled by others. However, there would be times where she’d be required to wear a device or to quickly position one without help or assistance. She had to do this correctly — it was, many times, crucial, to the success of the job.

They walked her through some of the typical scenarios she would run into, the most important for her being the honey pot. The honey pot is a classic espionage trap that uses sex, or the proof of sex, to entrap a victim. The usual follow up was blackmail but other ends could be obtained. Most of the time, she’d simply either be the bait in the trap or assist in putting bait in the trap, it was explained, so she didn’t need to worry about the follow up. That was fine with Brittany.

On her last day of the initial training she met with her grey-haired boss, Rocker. His hair was loose today, and not in a ponytail. The hair on the shoulders of the dark shirt and the well-trimmed beard could have given him a old hippy vibe. Instead, Rocker came across more of a wise entrepreneur — a Richard Branson type.

“Well, my dear. Your first round of training is finished. How did it go?” He asked from behind his clean desk.

“It was…umm…fun. Interesting, you know? I’m looking forward to using — to earning my money.”

“Perfect.” Rocker said. He sat up and leaned his arms on his desk. “Perfect, because we have a job for you. Two, in fact.”

“Well…” Rocker looked up and tilted his head back and forth as if considering. “Yes…two of them.” He decided.

“The first is simple and quick. The second is a little more involved…and will take more time.”

Brittany sat up, intrigued and excited.

Rocker slid a folder across his desk. “The first job is a simple escort job that you may find useful. Henry works here in town and occasionally prefers to stay here and not deal with the commute. Other times he has to meet with some senator or congress man or similar. In those cases, he prefers not to eat alone. He enjoys intelligent company. Intelligent, attractive company…He cannot afford to be seen with standard ‘escort” service girls or worse…Reputation, you know.”

“This Friday, you will accompany him to dinner and then you will…entertain him.”

Brittany scanned the document. The photo showed a man, probably fifty or sixty, in okay shape, vaguely handsome.

“Why did you say I would find it…useful?”

Rocker shook his head in mock disapproval. “What did Meeker teach you this week? What is the first thing you must always do?”

“Read the dossier thoroughly…” she answered, smiling sheepishly. “But I did… I mean, there’s not much here…”

“Yes, my dear. Thoroughly. Look and understand everything. What does Henry do?”

“He’s dean of admissions at – ohhh…shit… I mean, wow” Brittany corrected herself, having learned that Rocker preferred her to use better language.

“Yes, do you see?”

Brittany saw that this man was dean of admissions at her first-choice law school. A law school she couldn’t afford. The fourth most selective law school in the nation and certainly the best law school outside of New England and New York.

Henry occasionally comes into town here to meet with politicians. He’s very well respected, you know. He has employed us discretely before.

“So I can fuh – seduce him and then…and then we can use that against him?”

Rocker’s brow furrowed. “No. No my dear. Henry is our client and is paying for our services. You show him a nice time. He will probably take you to dinner in a nice establishment. What happens afterward is left to your discretion. Get on his good side somehow and have him help you…I will be disappointed in you if you cannot obtain his assistance.”

“Sometimes Henry likes to…pretend a bit. He used to teach — in fact I believe he still may have a class or two…”

Rocker waved his hand in the air and shook his head. “No matter. The point is that he is far too smart to get involved with his students. That doesn’t mean he can’t fantasize about…involvement. And he is somewhat…verbal” Rocker smiled and tilted his head.

“Oh.” Brittany thought for a moment. “Okay. I get it.”

Rocker clapped his hands. “Good. Now. The second job…It’s more complicated. More delicate.” He slid another file across to her and then, changed his mind and pulled it back.

“Ahhh…y’know, let’s just…When you successfully finish the first, we can discuss the second. Yes.” Rocker said decisively. “Complete this first assignment. It’s easy — just an escort. Obtain your own goals…Then we’ll see about this.”

Brittany looked hurt. Rocker smiled, not buying it. “Awwww. You look so innocent when you’re…hurt.”

He tapped the file in front of him and sat up straight. The bahis firmaları meeting was over. “You make Henry happy. Get him to help you. Then we’ll talk about this.” Rocker tapped the file.

When the day of the appointment arrived, Brittany was prepared. Physically, she was showered, waxed, and perfumed. She originally thought about wearing a fancy dress -something to be worn in a nice restaurant. But, after seeing herself in the mirror, she thought she looked great. But, at the same time, it looked wrong. She didn’t want to dress like a fancy escort. Apparently, this Dr. Jacobs liked young students. She would dress as a student.

Dressing like a student wasn’t hard – after all, she was a student. But, she wanted the right outfit. Something to get his imagination going but that would be appropriate if they went somewhere to eat.

She settled on a skirt — not too short but not long either, a tight vee-neck tee-shirt, She chose an open top push up bra. This basically just held her large breasts up freeing the nipples and top of her breasts. The cotton of the tee shirt would cause her nipples to harden, she knew. She chose her low-top white vans tennis shoes. She though it gave her a younger look; a more girlish look. She wore light blue small cotton panties. Comfy and cute. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail and looked in the mirror. Something was missing. What? She rummaged through the draw and pulled out a pair of old glasses. They were cosmetic and she wore them occasionally for “the look”. She put them on and smiled. Perfect. She picked up her purse. Then she reconsidered and dropped it. She filled her backpack instead and then threw it over her shoulder and left.

Brittany took a cab to the address provided. It was a very fancy hotel downtown. As she walked in the door she caught the concierge literally do a doubletake when he spotted her walking in. He was a reasonably handsome black man in good shape. He looked at her from her tennis shoes to her face and then back down stopping at her breasts. She smiled at him and he pretended to look down at his monitor, embarrassed at having been caught.

“Please ring Mr. Jacobs room and tell him Brittany is here. I’m a student of his.” She said flashing her best smile.

Trying to keep his eyes on hers and away from her cleavage, he smiled as if understanding. “A student…of course.” He picked up his phone and dialed.

“Mr. Jacobs, Ms. Brittany is here. She said she’s a student of yours…Ms Brittany? A student…Yes…Of yours.” He looked at her questioningly.

Brittany whispered “Ms. Brittany Fallox. He’s expecting me…”

“Ms. Brittany Fallox? She says you’re expecting her.”

He nodded,rolled his eyes, and smiled at Brittany. “Yes. Of course, sir… Very good…Yessir, I’ll tell her. Thank you Mr. Jacobs.”

He put the phone down and smiled politely.

“Room 1616. He says go on up.”

Brittany thanked him politely and walked past him toward the elevators, feeling his eyes on her ass the whole way. She smiled to herself and worked her hips as she glided sexily over. She glanced at him over her shoulder and winked. Let him think about that for a while.

She found the room and knocked firmly. As she was about to knock again, the door opened.

She immediately recognized the man as the one in her dossier. He was tall. His hair was graying and had receded a bit. He wore small reading glasses that sat low on his nose. He had on dark Dockers , a light blue shirt, and a wool woven jacket. A stereotypical professor. All and all he seemed in decent shape.

She looked up at him. His eyes, instead, were fixed on her chest and the hard nipples poking out of the tee-shirt. Dr. Jacobs licked his lips.

“…Dr. Jacobs?

He shook his head and looked up at her. He seemed perplexed.

“Ms. Fallox? Are you from…I mean…you’re not a student, but…You – your name. I got your name from the agency. You are from the agency?” Dr. Jacobs continued trying to clarify who this beauty was. “The concierge said you were a student of mine…But…”

“Dr. Jacobs, I’m here to ask for your assistance. I don’t know about any agency. Can I come in?” Brittany asked politely.

“Well, um Ms. Fallox. So sorry…come in. Please.” he said, opening the door widely.

Brittany entered and briefly took in the room. It was unlike any hotel room she’d ever stayed in. It was spacious and very well decorated with a tasteful but not luxurious flair. There were several windows and two doors. She presumed the doors led to the bedroom and the bathroom.

The man reached out his hand. “Dr. Henry Jacobs. Pleased to meet you.”

She reached out and introduced herself.

He shook his head and explained, “Normally the agency just sends…”

Brittany interrupted him. She set her backpack near the desk bending just enough, she believed, to give him a quick flash of the blue panties.

Quickly turning to face him, she said, “Dr. Jacobs. Thank you so much for seeing me after hours like this. I kaçak iddaa really appreciate it. I’m having so much difficulty in your class.”

He stared blankly for a second.

Brittany was beginning to wonder if she was wrong about this whole role playing idea.

He didn’t seem to be catching on.She hoped she wasn’t going to blow this whole assignment.

Dr. Jacobs nodded his head slowly.

“I’m embarrassed to have to come up to your room and bother you but I have a huge problem. My grade in your class? I need to bring it up. I have to raise my grade. I’m desperate to raise it.”

“You are?” He nodded firmly. “Desperate?” Something seemed to click.

“Got it. Of course. Sorry.” His face reddened. He cleared his throat. “Ahem. Um…Okay. Yes. You are quite a – errr, I mean…you are in quite a situation? With those…grades?…Whatever can we do?”

He gestured to a chair as he turned from her and walked to the bar area.

The hotel room had a stocked bar. Wow, thought Brittany as she sat up straight in the desk chair. It was certainly the nicest hotel room she’d ever been in. She crossed her legs and swiveled to face him.

He poured himself a drink and then looked at her and poured another.

“You are here for…tutoring? Because I’m not sure tutoring will help you at this point…”

He handed her a glass filled with a brown liquid. “Drink?”

She accepted the glass and sniffed it. Bourbon.

“Dr. Jacobs, I don’t normally drink hard liquor. It makes me giggly and loose. I can’t study.” Brittany lowered her head and looked up at him seductively.

He looked at her for a moment, mouth open. Then he said. “Loose?… Ahem. Yes. Loose because, my dear, you seem nervous. This is to help you relax. That’s all.”

He turned briefly and adjusted his pants.

“Oh. Well then, thank you. Cheers!” She drank half the glass. She was truly not a big drinker. It actually did make her giggly. Giggly and horny. She opened her eyes as she felt the liquid burn sweetly.

“Whoa…”. She coughed lightly.

Dr. Jacobs smiled. He seemed to be gaining confidence.

“Yes, My dear. It’s umm…it’s a little too late in the semester to think that tutoring will get you a passing grade…”

She looked up to him. “Not “passing” doctor…I’ve never failed a class in my life. I need an A. That’s why I’m here. I’ve been having difficulty in your class and would just do anything to get an A.” She looked up at him, opened her legs slightly, licked her lips, and downed the rest of the drink. Wow. It was strong…

Dr. Jacobs eyes were drawn to the skirt held taught between her exposed thighs. He exhaled slowly and downed his drink.

“An A? Well, my dear…I really don’t know what I can do for you…A’s are for the very best students, you know. Students willing to…to show me their…abilities…”

“Their…abilities…Professor?” Brittany tilted her head like a confused puppy. She stuck out her chest and slowly ran a hand over the fabric stretched tight over her nipples. The nipple bent and flicked back with urgency. Brittany’s body hitched slightly and she bit her lip. “I have great…Abilities. Is that all it will take? For me to show you my …abilities?”

Brittany pinched both nipples through her tee-shirt. Her body reacted appropriately. She could feel herself getting wet.

A tent had formed in Dr Jacobs’ Dockers.

“Well…No. I mean. I need to see their abilities, of course. But I also need to see that…ahhh…to see that they are willing to…take things into their own hands…”

He licked his lips. Brittany could see that he was getting into this word play…

“A-students, need to be able to take things into their own hands and…and they need to…to SWALLOW…Yes! A-students need to be able to swallow difficult concepts. And my concepts are very hard. To swallow.” Dr. Jacobs seemed to be very proud of himself with this explanation.

Brittany started sliding her skirt up. A small triangle of blue pantie was visible. She looked coyly at Dr. Jacobs.

“I see. You need to see my abilities and I need to be able to swallow your hard concepts. To digest them thoroughly…Is that all?”

“Is that all?…Um no. No it’s not. After that…errr…After that, you will have to show me that you can take my concepts and make them an integral part of you. They have to…um…they have to fit deep into your being.”

“Will you force them into me, Dr. Jacobs?” She slid forward on the chair forcing her skirt to ride up and completely expose her small cotton panties as they tightly wrapped her outer lips. A wet spot was clearly visible. “Will you pound the hard concepts into me? Pound them deep into me?” Brittany thrust her hips slightly every time she said “pound”. She slid off the chair and on to her knees. In front of him.

To tell the truth, this whole role playing thing with the silly banter was really turning her on. It was silly but fun. Plus, the bourbon had started to hit her and she had a nice kaçak bahis buzz.

Dr. Jacobs gulped visibly and licked his lips. He thought of something clever to say but was flummoxed by this beautiful girl in front of him. She was his every fantasy from his first days of teaching. Full firm titties, he thought. Curvaceous hips. Flat belly. Gorgeous face.

He’d never followed through with his fantasies for fear of losing his job and his position. Nonetheless, he’d wanted to act on so many occasions. This student — this woman was enacting his every fantasy perfectly. None of the other escorts ever did this to him. Plus, what a body! Jesus, look at those titties! Look at her hips. She was so goddammed sexy!

It only occurred to him now that she was actually still mostly dressed. He was harder than he’d ever been in his life and she hadn’t even touched him — hadn’t even taken off her clothes.

As he contemplated all of this, Brittany had crawled over to him and had stood up on her knees in front of him.

“Is that all enough to get me an A, professor? Start by showing you my abilities?” And with this Brittany reached down, grabbed her shirt and peeled it off exposing her glorious nude breasts held up by the underbra.

Dr. Jacobs gasped involuntarily, as if he’d never seen breasts before — which, of course, he had. However, he had never seen such wonderfully perfect breasts before. Such perky, large titties (as he loved to call them) with such inviting, hard nipples. His mouth watered. The anticipation caused by seeing the shape of the hard nipples poking through the shirt was easily satisfied by the reality of the naked D-cup titties bouncing and swaying below him as this young woman undid his belt.

Brittany cupped her breasts with her hands and pushed them together. She then reached behind her and removed the bra. She looked into his eyes and gently pulled on each nipple. She exhaled seductively and bit her lip.

“I’ve been told I have great ability, Professor. What do you think?”

Jesus! He wanted to fuck those titties. How many times had young hot students sat in front of him with their low cut blouses? The little sluts! Always teasing him…How many hard nipples had pointed at him? How many times had he masturbated thinking about seeing and touching those little sluts? Imagining the firm softness with the spring-like hard nipples. Squeezing them. Pinching them. Fucking them. So many students. So many little sluts tempting him. So many years.

“Yes…They’re amazing…You have truly amazing titties – errr…abilities.” He swallowed.

She saw the naked desire in his eyes. She looked up to him as she did unbuttoned his pants. She bit the corner of her lip. She pulled them down and helped him step out of them.

Dr. Jacobs had on standard blue boxers; clean and professional. They almost matched her panties, Brittany thought. He also had an impressive tent formed in front of them.

“Gosh Dr. Jacobs. That is… a lot to consider…” she gushed.

He sighed and smiled with surprised pride as he thought of some witty retort. None came to mind.

She pulled the boxers down and let his cock “accidentally” hit her in the face. She gasped and opened her mouth in a surprised smile.

“Oh my God, professor. It’s so BIG” She whispered as she looked up at him. She reached out tentatively to hold it gently. She knew that most men loved to hear how large they were.

When she grasped his manhood, he inhaled deeply. Even if he knew that she was not his real student, the fantasy was real – much realer than ever before. He’d had escorts pretend and play along before. But the relationship was always clear. They never really seemed like young students. This young girl…she…she is a student — she dressed and acted like one. Jesus! She is gorgeous. A student — this hot young co-ed, was on her knees in front of him. Topless with her amazing young titties there for him. Holding and admiring his cock — his BIG cock, she said.

In reality, Brittany thought it was a nice cock as she held it in her hands. He was probably about six inches long and he had a large pronounced mushroom head. It was reasonably thick too. Nice. His balls hung low and were actually quite large. She would certainly enjoy herself.

Brittany kept her gaze on his face as she rubbed the cock lovingly over her cheeks and lips.

“Dr. Jacobs! This…concept may be too much for me…” She said as she started licking him from bottom to the top. “I will try to…get it…but I may need your help.”

Brittany looked up at him. “Seriously, Dr. Jacobs…You have a great cock! I would suck this cock regardless of the A. I really want to suck you deep in my mouth and swallow your cum…Can I do that? Give me the A or not – It’s so…your cock is so…” And with that she slid her lips over the head again and further down the shaft.

“Mmmmmm” She moaned around his cock. She shook her head slightly and applied serious sucking pressure.

Dr. Jacobs moaned lightly and whispered “Jesus! Oh my God! You’re really sucking ma…my…sucking me.”

Brittany pumped him and sucked him deep into her mouth. He started whimpering and she knew he wouldn’t last long if she gave him the full treatment.

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