LAKESIDE CAMPINGMy mother and her sister were always pretty close which meant that our two families ended spending a decent amount of time together. We didn’t live close enough that we could just pop over whenever, but we got together on most of the major holidays and usually for a week or two during the summer as well. There was a particular cabin on the edge of the woods that our parents liked to rent out that we had been going to for as long as I could remember. The summer after I turned eighteen was no exception.I tended to enjoy myself most of the time even if the location wouldn’t have been my first choice. I liked spending time with my cousins Erin and Laura, and even my sister Megan since we didn’t always hang out all that much when we were at home. The four of us had long since grown out of the ‘boys against girls’ mentality that had left me rather outnumbered when we were younger, and neither had it escaped my attention that the girls had been getting increasingly attractive over the years.The fact that they were all older than me and therefore had developed physically faster than I had probably contributed somewhat. I was aware that I probably wasn’t supposed to pay any attention, but it never seemed particularly wrong to me on a moral level to acknowledge beauty. I was always more worried that I would get caught somehow, that one of the girls would catch me staring at them. I did my best to be discreet but I wasn’t perfect.The “k**s”, as we still got called by our parents, were mostly in charge of keeping ourselves occupied during those summer vacations. We got quite a bit of leeway as to what we did, even getting the use of a car if we wanted. One common activity for us was to spend a night or two out in the woods by a nearby lake camping, with tents and a fire and everything. The thrill of playing unsupervised with the fire had worn off a while ago, but it was still a good time.As we headed off into the woods for our traditional camp out, I once again got stuck with the heaviest bag much to no one’s surprise. Taking a little longer to get it settled comfortably I ended up lagging behind the girls a little, although I caught up fairly quickly since we weren’t moving all that fast.I ended up walking just behind Laura, who was the closest to me in terms of age being only a few months older. Probably purely because of our similar ages I felt as though I could relate to her better than to either Megan or Erin. I unashamedly let my gaze settle on her butt more than once as we traveled, though I had to be careful because she glanced over her shoulder every now and then to ask me something.Finally we arrived at the site we had been using for years. The old logs we used to sit on were still there beside the faint outline where we built our campfire. If anybody else had visited the spot since last time it wasn’t obvious.”Alright,” said Erin after setting her pack down and stretching, “I’m going to get some firewood. Someone needs to start getting tents set up.””Aw, we just got here. There’s still plenty of daylight,” Laura pouted.”But if we wait it won’t get done until we’re all too tired to do it properly. We’ve tried that before remember?” pointed out Erin.”She’s right,” added Megan. “And I call firewood duty too.”That left Laura and me to set up the tents. I purposefully remained silent during the exchange because I knew it wouldn’t help the outcome either way.”Argh fine, let’s just get this done. I want to go swimming,” Laura said as the other two headed off.”It won’t take that long,” I assured her.We had enough practice setting up tents that it really wasn’t a big deal, which is not to say I was any more interested in doing it than she was. I simply recognized that it was faster just to get it done than to complain about it, and probably Laura understood that as well even if she didn’t show it. We actually finished before Erin and Megan got back which cheered her up somewhat.”Okay let’s go swimming now,” she urged.”We could wait for the other two, they won’t be long,” I suggested.”Oh whatever,” she scoffed. “They stick us with this job they deserve getting left behind. Besides, it’ll give you a chance to perv on me a little more,” she added with a smirk.”Ah, you noticed that,” I said, blushing and looking away.”Yeah, but whatever. I don’t care that much,” she said, trying to dismiss my concern quickly once she realized her teasing might actually slow the process down.”I’m sorry,” I apologized, not sure of what else to say.”Come on, don’t be such a baby about it.” Laura grabbed my hand and tugged me in the direction of the lake. “You aren’t exactly the first guy to check out my ass, it’s not a big deal.”Since it seemed like she truly didn’t mind that much, I decided to give up trying to apologize and just go along with her. It was, admittedly, kind of a relief to know she wasn’t angry about it.I remained quiet during the short walk to the lake, still trying to process the new information. Once we got to the water I knew there was potential for the situation to become awkward once again since rather than bathing suits we usually just stripped down to our underwear. Actually, even having bathing suits might not help all that much.Laura didn’t make things awkward though, she simply started pulling off clothes when we reached the shoreline. She looked back at me as she finished removing her shorts and smiled to see I had only managed to deal with my sneakers and socks. She stood there for a few more seconds, long enough for me to pull my shirt over my head, then walked casually into the water.”Slowpoke,” she called over her shoulder.”Yeah, yeah,” I muttered.Erin and Megan showed up not too long after I got onto the water as well, helping to distract me from my thoughts. I tried to act casual while they stripped out of their clothes too but I think that just amused Laura even more. She at least didn’t say anything, which I appreciated.With the four of us together things devolved pretty quickly into splash fights and games of how long we could stay underwater without taking a breath. I gradually began to relax and enjoy myself as time went on, almost able to forget I had any problems at all. Until it came time to get out of the water and dry off anyway.We didn’t have towels with us so it was basically just a matter of letting the sun dry us off. I flopped down on the grass beside the shoreline and was joined shortly by Laura. I immediately noticed that her bra had gone semi-transparent from being wet and her nipples were poking rather prominently against the material. From the smile playing on her lips I could tell that she knew it too.”You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I sighed.”A little. I never realized it was this easy to get a reaction out of you or I might have tried it before.” She paused to pull her hair back out of her face. “Besides, I kinda like getting some attention now and then.””From me? You must be desperate,” I joked.”Says the guy who likes staring at his cousin’s ass,” she retorted immediately.I shut up after that, knowing it was not a fight I would win. I just hoped she wasn’t planning on bringing it up whenever she wanted to win an argument with me.****Later on, after it got dark, the four of us were sitting around our fire when Erin started passing out wine coolers. Being the oldest she had always been the instigator among us, and so naturally had been the one to start smuggling out booze on our camping trips. Not that was such a big deal this year since even Laura and me were almost legal, and I suspected our parents knew about it as well.I wasn’t much of a drinker but I accepted the offered cooler anyway. They actually tasted alright and I wasn’t in the mood for being teased about not taking one. I ended up downing two more before feigning being more tired than I was and crawling into my sleeping bag in one of the tents. I hoped maybe I would feel better after getting some sleep, I didn’t want to spend the whole time feeling weird.I listened to the girls talking and giggling for a while before drifting off into a light sleep. I woke up again instantly it seemed when Laura entered and claimed the sleeping bag next to mine, although it must have been longer than that.”Were you asleep?” she whispered.”Yeah.””Sorry,” she giggled. “Erin and Megan took the other tent, so you get me tonight.”I stayed silent and wished she had phrased her statement a little bit differently. Laura seemed to be just tipsy enough not to think about what she was saying, but not to the point of being truly drunk.”You should have stayed out there a little longer,” she continued after winning her fight with the zipper on the sleeping bag. “Our sisters totally made out.””How many drinks did you say you had?” I asked after a short pause, thinking I must have misjudged her inebriation level.”No really, they….” she paused briefly in thought. “Well I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I’m not making it up. I think your sister was a little more drunk than she thought she was.””What and Erin wasn’t? She went along with this too if I understand correctly.”Laura didn’t answer for a moment and I started to think she had fallen asleep on me.”You know she’s into girls right?” she finally said.”Who Erin, seriously? No, how the hell would I know?””I dunno, I just thought you knew. It never occurred to me that you didn’t. You probably shouldn’t say anything to the parents though, she still hasn’t told them. Ours or yours.””Shit, that’s… wow I just don’t even know what to think.””Does it bother you?””Well, not really,” I replied thoughtfully. “I mean it’s not like it’s any of my business what she does. Still seems a bit weird her and Megan doing… whatever it was they did.””Yeah, I guess,” Laura said quietly.”It’s too bad it wasn’t you and Megan, it would have given me something to throw back at you next time you make fun of me about checking you out,” I teased.She didn’t say anything after that and I just assumed she was tired. I hadn’t slept very long but it seemed to have been enough that I didn’t feel like going back to sleep immediately. Instead I let my thoughts drift toward the idea of Megan and Erin making out, and tried to imagine what it would look like. Times like that I knew I deserved every accusation of being a perv that I got, and probably more still.A little while later I heard Laura slip quietly out of her sleeping bag and make her way to the front of the tent. I turned my head to watch her just as she started unzipping the entrance.”Where you going?” I asked.She looked back at me startled as though she thought I had been asleep, probably a fair assumption given how long I had been lying there.”Can’t sleep,” she said. “I’m gonna go for a swim. Never went at night before, always wanted to go swimming in the moonlight. You know, romantic girly shit.””Oh, canlı bahis okay.”I settled back down and waited for her to go, but instead she remained in her crouched position for a moment and fiddled with the tent flap.”You want to come too?” she asked finally.I was tempted to say no, I had managed to get pretty comfortable where I was and felt like I was almost to the point of getting back to sleep. There was something in the way she asked though, like she wanted me to say yes more than she let on.”Alright, sure,” I said.The air was a little cooler than it had been during the day, but still warm enough that I wasn’t worried about being too cold when we got back out of the water. The thought did lead me to another potential problem though.”How are we going to dry off after?” I asked.When the sun had been out it hadn’t been an issue, but that wouldn’t work in the middle of the night.”Skin’ll dry fine,” she replied. “Anything else, you’re on your own.”I didn’t grasp immediately what Laura meant until halfway through taking my clothes off when I realized that she had removed her bra and was starting to pull down her panties as well. I stood there looking like an idiot as she ignored me completely and glided into the water.”So what was this all about? Just to see my reaction?” I asked as I joined her finally.We were standing where the water came just up to our necks. Laura had been staring up at the moon while she waited for me but now turned back toward me.”I planned on being alone to start with,” she pointed out. “But I decided there’s something I should probably tell you, something that might help explain things. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything though, I don’t know.””You know I won’t tell anybody, whatever it is,” I assured her, guessing at the reason for her hesitation.She watched me silently for a long moment before finally speaking again.”Alright, well you know how I said Erin’s into girls before?” she asked.”Yeah, so?””Well… me and her did stuff a few times. Sex stuff I mean.””Oh.”I had definitely not seen that one coming and was unable to come up with anything that seemed like a proper response. Laura had gone back to staring at the moon, probably to avoid looking at me.”So when I say it doesn’t bug me that you check me out sometimes, I really mean it. I’ve done worse,” she whispered.”Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” I said slowly. “Wait, so does that mean that you’re into girls too? Not that it’s any of my business,” I added hastily when I realized that my question sounded like an accusation.”I dunno. Some of them sure, but not to the extent my sister does or anything. I still prefer guys most of the time.””And does that have anything to do with why you invited me along?””Maybe,” she shrugged. “I’m in kind of a weird mood tonight. I don’t really know what I want.”I put my hand on her shoulder, feeling her bare skin underneath my palm. I hadn’t exactly forgotten that we were both naked beneath the surface of the water, but I still felt a shiver run up my spine at the reminder.”What happens if I don’t know either?” I asked.”Then nothing happens, I suppose.”Her lips seemed to shine in the moonlight, I wanted to kiss her so badly then. It would be so easy to forget that she was my cousin, to forget that back in the real world we couldn’t be together.Instead I let go and drifted away from her slightly. Part of me was hoping she would force the issue, that she would make the decision for us. I wanted to but I couldn’t bring myself to be the one to break that barrier.We stayed in the water for a little while, swimming around or floating wherever the small currents took us. The mood had changed though, there was a tension between us that was making me rather uncomfortable.”I think I’m gonna get out now,” I said finally.”Yeah, okay,” Laura replied, heading for shore as well.She strode back onto dry land ahead of me, almost seeming annoyed. As soon as she reached our clothes she bent down to start getting dressed.”Shouldn’t we at least dry off some first?” I asked.Despite the tension between us, I couldn’t ignore the fact that my cousin was completely naked and no longer obscured by the water.”Enh, whatever. It’s not my clothes getting wet.”As she straightened up I saw that she had put on my shirt rather than hers. She then bundled up her clothes in her arms and waited patiently for me. I gave up and pulled on my boxers and shorts, leaving me still topless which didn’t seem to bother Laura at all.”At least you look hot in that,” I remarked as we started heading back.My shirt was bigger on her, but not enough that it came down farther than the edge of her butt by more than an inch or two.”Didn’t take you long to get back to perving on me.””Hey, it’s not that I don’t want to do anything else. It just seems, I don’t know….””Wrong?” she suggested.”No, not really. It’s more….” I waved my hand in the air as if it would help, then sighed helplessly. “I have no idea what I’m trying to say.””So what’s new?”We soon made it back to the tent and crawled inside. Once Laura had climbed back into her sleeping bag she squirmed around briefly then held out my shirt to me.”Here, you can have it back now,” she said.”Yeah thanks.”It was a bit damp as I expected it to be and I threw it to the side to deal with it in the morning. Laura rolled over to face away from me as I did, obviously not planning on talking to me anymore.”I should have just kissed you, shouldn’t I?” I finally said into the silence.”Yeah, you should have,” she confirmed. “But it’s not really your fault, I don’t even know what I expected. I had it built up in my head like it would work out somehow.””And that’s the thing, I don’t know for certain what you want me to do. I don’t want to do the wrong thing.”When she didn’t respond further I scooted closer to her, hoping wildly I had some idea what I was doing. I unzipped her sleeping bag down to about her waist, then slipped my arm inside until my hand reached her bare stomach. I slowly caressed her tummy until I was certain she wasn’t going to tell me to stop.As I felt my way higher up her body her hand suddenly landed on mine and I expected her to pull it away. Instead she simply let it rest and follow my movements as I tentatively let my fingers continue their path. Finally my palm closed around the soft contours of her breast and I breathed out a deep sigh of relief as she still didn’t remove my hand or tell me to let go.Suddenly she whirled around and launched herself at me, kissing me fiercely before I had a chance to react.”I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I just… I just needed to know.””You could have just asked,” I said.”It wasn’t that sim….” She stopped long enough to let out a deep sigh. “Can we please just leave it for now?”I nodded my assent and wrapped my arms around my beautiful, naked cousin as she attacked me with her mouth again. My sleeping bag very quickly started getting in the way and the two of us fumbled at until it was opened and nothing else lay between us except my shorts.”My ass feel as good as it looks?” Laura asked teasingly.My hands had been running all over her back and down her longs, smooth legs, but I had admittedly been focusing mostly on her butt. After all the time I had spent staring at it I couldn’t help wanting to feel every inch of it.”It’s absolutely perfect,” I breathed in reply.”Bullshit, there is no way my ass is perfect. You get points for the answer though.”She smiled predatorily and slid slowly down my body and I felt the warm air from her mouth trail from my neck down to my stomach. She efficiently stripped me out of my shorts and underwear, tossing them toward her pile of clothes on the other side of the tent. Then the warmth of her breath returned where it had left off just above my increasingly full erection.I jumped slightly when she first touched it, not with her fingers but with her tongue in a quick, testing lick. She followed it with a longer stroke, licking all the way from the base of my cock right up to the tip. With her mouth held directly at the apex of my erection she delicately wrapped her lips around it and slowly lowered her head. In one smooth, deliberate motion she took me inside her until I could feel the back of her throat. Then, even more carefully, she pushed further until she reached the base of my cock, actually taking part of it into her throat.”Holy shit,” I groaned.Laura pulled back off of me and sat up grinning.”You like that? With all the practice I put in it’s nice to have someone appreciate it,” she said.”Practice?” I inquired with a raised eyebrow.”Yeah, just on toys though, just in case I wanted to be able to do it sometime. You’re not going all jealous on me already are you?””No, not… well maybe a little. I just got worried about how much practicing was going on.””If you play your cards right I might be doing a lot more in the near future,” she promised.As she raised herself on her knees to straddle my waist I grabbed her hips gently to help steady her. Her pussy grazed the tip of my erection then settled on top of it. With no hesitation she lowered herself until the head of my cock penetrated inside her about an inch, then she stopped.Initially I had no intention of rushing her, I was happy to let her be in control. After a few moments though I did start to get impatient.”Everything okay?” I asked.She leaned forward and brought her finger to my lip where I took it delicately between my teeth.”Yeah, everything’s good,” she whispered. “I love feeling you inside me, feeling my cousin’s cock in me. God that’s so bad. You telling me that doesn’t do anything for you?””It does, but I don’t have that kind of self control. It’s really, really difficult for me to stay still here.””Then don’t,” she suggested simply.I took Laura’s advice and thrust my hips upward tentatively, then more confidently when she began to respond. She followed my rhythm, matching my strokes from the opposite direction until I was fully inside her.”Oh yeah, that’s it,” she purred, arching her back in pleasure.We continued in near silence for a while and I let my ears focus on the sound of her breathing, punctuated occasionally by a soft moan. All of a sudden her movements became erratic and her pussy seemed to quiver around my cock as her orgasm hit.”Oh fuck,” she breathed.”Oh fuck is right,” I agreed.Finally Laura pulled herself off me much to my regret, but she hurried to reassure me.”Don’t worry, I’m gonna take care of you too,” she said.Her fingers wrapped quickly around my cock and she lowered her head until I felt her lips touch the very tip. Unlike her showing off earlier she gave a much more standard blowjob, using both her hand and mouth.I was already primed so it wasn’t long before I came, shooting my semen directly into my cousin’s waiting throat. She stayed with me all the way, only releasing me when bahis siteleri she was certain I was done.Laura sat back up looking satisfied before stretching out beside me and snuggling up. She pulled her sleeping bag over top of us as she adjusted her position to get comfortable.”So I guess I should explain about earlier,” she said eventually.”You don’t have to Laura. You had your reasons, that’s enough for me.””You’re full of shit sometimes, you know that?” she said with a smile. “You already got into my pants, so to speak, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” She placed a finger on my lips to stop my protests before continuing. “It wasn’t very nice of me to tease you like that and expect you to figure out what I wanted.””Okay, it was a little frustrating I’ll admit,” I said.”That’s better.” She lay her head down on my shoulder and d****d her arm across my chest. “Anyway, back on topic. So Erin is basically the only girl I’ve experimented with right?””Sure,” I agreed, not that I could possibly know any different if she was making that up.”Well, there was one of my friends I was kind of interested in at one point. I thought she seemed interested in me too, but I didn’t really have much experience.”She paused momentarily, possibly to figure out how best to explain what she wanted to tell me.”Basically I brought it up at one point because it didn’t seem like anything was going to happen otherwise,” she continued. “It wasn’t like I was professing my undying love or anything, just sort of hinting that I was up for trying some things with her if she wanted.”Laura sighed heavily and I held her a little tighter to me.”I think it just freaked her out. We’re not really very close anymore, it’s hard to be when she cringes every time I so much as brush against her accidentally.””That sucks,” I said.”Yeah, it does. And it could have been even worse with you. Would have made every family event so awkward.””You don’t think it’s going to be awkward imagining fucking each other while we’re sitting around with our parents and everyone?” I mused.”Maybe, but I think I could live with that,” she said with a faint hint of a giggle in her voice.”Yeah, me too.”She gave me a soft kiss then settled back against me and we both drifted off to sleep.****I woke up somewhat disoriented the next morning for a second or two, then recalled everything that had happened the previous night. I smiled to find Laura still curled up against me, our tangled bodies covered haphazardly by our makeshift blanket.If not for the knowledge that we didn’t have quite the privacy I would have liked, I most likely would have simply lain there for a while. As it was I could tell it was light out but had no idea what time it was beyond that. There was no way to know how long we had before Megan or Erin decided to come check on us.”Hey,” I said, nudging my sleeping cousin gently. “Come on, time to wake up.””Mmph,” she protested, shutting her eyes more tightly in response to my efforts.”I know, I know, but we’re not going to be able to stay here all day. Not if we don’t want to get caught.””Fine,” she grumbled. “Don’t know what you’re worried about though, they’re probably not even up yet.””Oh yeah? What time is it exactly?” When she didn’t answer she confirmed my suspicion that she had no better idea than I did. “That’s what I thought, let’s get moving.”Laura rolled off me and stretched out the length of the tent, a process I could have watched all day. I somehow managed to tear myself away and locate my clothes which had gotten pushed right to the very edge of the tent at some point. They had dried somewhat overnight and so weren’t too uncomfortable.Finally, both fully clothed, we emerged into the outside world once more. Our sisters had indeed beaten us to it as I suspected they would, and they lapsed into silence from whatever they had been talking about as they noticed us.”Well, good morning to you two,” called Erin cheerfully. “Almost good afternoon, but who’s counting.”My sister said nothing and seemed to be staring off into the distance rather than at Laura or me.”Uh, hey. What’d we miss?” I asked.”We were talking about staying out here another day if there are no objections,” Erin answered.”Fine with me,” I said, glancing at Laura.”Yeah, me too,” she agreed.”Great, okay Megan you and your brother are in charge of getting more supplies,” Erin said. “Me and Laura will take care of things here.”We had breakfast before heading out; despite Erin’s teasing she and Megan hadn’t been up that long before Laura and I. There was no particular logic to the pairings as far as I could tell, and since my sister still looked like something was bugging her I wished Erin could have at least hinted at what it was before we left. All I could do was try to stay quiet as we walked at least until I could feel the situation out a little bit.”What?” Megan finally demanded in response to my sidelong glances.”Nothing,” I said. “Just, is everything okay? You seem… quiet.””I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this, and mentally swearing at Erin for making me deal with it.””Deal with what?” I asked, even though I was fairly sure I knew what she was going to say.”You and Laura,” she said simply. “Jesus, you know those tents aren’t even close to soundproof right?”I had indeed been aware of that somewhere in the back of my head. I had not, however, realized that we had been making enough noise to be overheard.”I guess that makes for my worst kept secret of all time then,” I mumbled. “So, what happens now.””Fuck, like I know. Erin doesn’t even seem to care except that she thought you two should know that we know.” Megan rubbed angrily at her face and sighed heavily. “I just don’t even know what to think.””Are you going to tell me how it’s wrong and everything?””No,” she snorted. “As if I have any moral high ground there. Laura must have told you about me and Erin last night, she seemed amused enough by it at the time. I’m usually more careful about when we….”Megan stopped short of actually saying it, but I guessed she meant that hadn’t been her first time.”Erin can be quite persuasive when she wants to be,” my sister continued, as if she felt the need to explain her actions.I nodded at that but didn’t comment, unsure of whether Megan knew about Erin’s interactions with Laura or not. She might not mind that much either way, but just in case I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up.”So you must understand my position at least a little then,” I suggested.”Yeah, I understand why you two did… well, whatever you ended up doing. And I don’t need specifics,” she warned as though she thought I might start divulging. “I guess it goes without saying you need to be more careful in the future.”I nodded at the advice that did indeed go without saying. Getting caught by anyone other than our sisters would almost certainly be much, much worse.”I’m glad you’re okay with it,” I said after a short pause. “It’ll be nice to have someone I don’t have to keep it a secret from. And someone I can talk to if necessary.””Don’t know how much good I’d be, I can’t even sort out my own life. I still don’t know how to feel about what I’m doing with Erin, much less about your problems.””Talking can go both ways you know, I am here if you want,” I offered.That seemed to get a genuine smile from my sister, albeit a small one.”Our own fucked up little support group,” she said wryly.”Something like that,” I agreed.Our conversation drifted away from the subject after that, but I think we both felt a little better not having to hide our respective relationships from each other.****Erin and Laura were nowhere to be seen by the time we made it back. Our best guess was they had simply gone swimming again while awaiting our return, so Megan and I dropped off the food and clothing we picked up and headed to the lake.As we approached I started hearing low noises and it took me a moment to realize what they were. Megan seemingly didn’t catch on until she stopped short just before leaving the cover of the trees. I had been walking slightly behind her and so was a second later confirming my suspicion.Our cousins were clearly visible lying on the grass where the four of us had dried off just yesterday. Their clothes lay in a pile off to the side. We didn’t have a particularly good angle of view, but seeing Laura on her back with her sister’s head between her legs made it pretty easy to figure out what was going on.A glance at my sister confirmed that she didn’t seem all that surprised by what she saw, although her face was difficult to read beyond that. She returned my gaze when she noticed me looking at her and we communicated silently for a brief moment.”What do you think?” I whispered when it became obvious she wasn’t going to say anything.”I don’t know,” she whispered back. “I’m trying to decide whether I should go back to the campsite until they’re done or… stay and watch,” she admitted.”If they really wanted privacy they would have been a little sneakier than this,” I observed.Megan nodded and bit her lip, weighing her options. I already knew I would stay, my decision made easier by my certainty that the girls had fully intended to be caught.”Together?” Megan finally suggested.I nodded and the two of us walked somewhat hesitantly into the clearing. Laura spotted us fairly quickly and gave us a lopsided smile from her position on the ground but did not otherwise greet us. She was visibly busy concentrating more on the pleasure being provided by her sister than she was to the return of her cousins.Erin glanced at us as we came into her line of view but dedicatedly kept her mouth attached to Laura’s clit. She appeared to have one or more fingers inside her younger sister’s pussy, though her head was blocking the area too much for me to be sure.Megan and I sat down with our backs against a nearby rock of a decent size. That left us pretty close to the action, but far enough back to give the girls some space and not interrupt.What struck me most about the scene in front of me was not how hot it was, oddly enough. With all my previous experience of girl-on-girl coming from porn, what I noticed was the difference it made when the girls involved clearly cared about each other and weren’t simply pretending to get each other off. The differences were subtle enough that I’m not sure I could adequately describe even to myself, yet overwhelmingly present at the same time.It was pretty clear that the girls had been going at it for a while, though it was impossible to know how long exactly. Even as I sat down the gradual changes in Laura’s face and movements were apparent as she was finally pushed over the edge. She was strangely quiet through her orgasm, although far from completely silent. Erin stayed with her the whole way with her tongue and fingers working as fast güvenilir bahis as they possibly could.Finally Erin sat up grinning with Laura’s pussy juices covering the lower part of her face. She crawled up beside her exhausted sister and tenderly kissed her before lying down on her side with her head propped up on her hand.”Wow,” Megan breathed, a sentiment I mentally agreed with. “I’m kinda glad I stayed now.””You liked that huh?” Erin asked, idly stroking her sister’s tummy with her free hand and seemingly unconcerned about still being naked in front of us.”I know you told me you two did stuff like that, but that was just… so different from what I imagined,” Megan continued. “Then again, I’m not really sure what I thought it would look like.””It was beautiful,” I added.Erin smiled fondly down at Laura who still looked nearly comatose.”I do love my sister,” she said. “It’s nice to get some time with her now and then. We’ve got our own things going on lately, it’s been getting harder. I take it you two have never… done anything together,” she said, looking back up.”No,” Megan and I said at almost the same time.”I figured looking was about the extent of how far we’d go,” I continued with a sideways glance to better assess Megan’s reaction.”But did you ever want to do more?” Erin pressed. “Like if Megan showed up in your bedroom naked or something. Just hypothetically I mean,” she added as she got a glare from my sister.”I’m probably too horny right now to answer that question safely,” I said, trying to make a joke of it. Sensing that no one was buying it I gave up and went for a more honest approach. “Okay, okay. Under the right circumstances, yeah I think I probably would.””And what about you?” Erin asked, rounding on Megan.I turned toward my sister cautiously and, to my relief, found that she seemed thoughtful rather than any of the more negative emotions she could have been expressing about my admission.”God help me, I’m actually considering it,” Megan sighed. “You’re a really bad influence on the rest of us, you know that,” she accused Erin, who simply smiled wider as though it was a compliment.”This is a safe place Megan,” Erin said. “It’s just the four of us, no one else ever has to know what happens here.””They better damn well not,” Megan growled in a tone that left me unsure what she was thinking.My sister, who with her advantage in age had always seemed to understand the world better than I did as we grew up, looked so vulnerable just then. She tried to hide it, but she was visibly unsure what to do and lacked the privacy to work it out on her own time.”You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” I said as I placed my hand on top of hers, trying to reassure her.Megan looked down at our joined hands, then back up at me.”Just kiss me already,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.Without any hesitation I leaned in until our lips met. It was not a particularly forceful kiss, not the sort shared by experienced lovers. It was tentative at first, and little more than confirmation of what we were about to do. Just before Megan pulled away I sensed a growing confidence in her as though she had finally quashed any lingering arguments in her own mind.”Alright, let’s do this,” she said, sounding much more certain now of what she wanted.Megan stood up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt to pull it off. The change in her was incredible; it was as though all she had needed was to stop worrying about the consequences and simply make a decision.I kept and eye on my sister as I undressed myself, watching each new part of her body come into view. She glanced over at me every now and then as well, but not to the same extent. Only when we were both naked did she take the time to study me.”Lie down,” she said.I obeyed and settled myself down in the grass on my back letting my long since full erection stick up into the air. I felt the eyes of all three girls upon me, but my attention was solely on my sister. I had unintentionally given myself an interesting angle of view of her naked form; in particular, with her legs slightly spread, her pussy was almost completely unobstructed before me. Seemingly unaware of my interest, or perhaps not caring, Megan moved over me and carefully lowered herself to straddle my stomach.”Just so we’re clear, this doesn’t necessarily change anything,” she warned. “This may not ever happen again, and I don’t want you whining about it.””No whining, I promise,” I said, gasping slightly as her butt made brief contact with my waiting cock.”Good,” she replied, sounding satisfied with my answer.Megan raised herself temporarily in order moved further down my body, then grasped my cock in one hand. Slowly she brought her pussy into contact with the shaft and rubbed herself up and down on it. I could feel the moisture she left behind on my skin, confirming how horny watching our cousins had made her.She didn’t tease me for long and on one upstroke she simply let herself go a bit higher so that the head of my cock slid beneath her. I had penetrated her by almost two inches before I fully realized what was happening.”Oh fuck Megan,” I groaned as she worked on getting me further inside her.”That’s the idea,” came the comment from off to the side.It sounded like Erin’s voice but I didn’t turn to check. I wasted only enough of my concentration to lift my arm and extend my middle finger in her direction, never once taking my eyes off my sister. My action elicited only a chuckle from my older cousin.Using gravity to her advantage, Megan soon had my cock completely engulfed inside her. She rested for a moment, practically sitting on my lap, before leaning forward to take some of her weight on her arms. With her legs now able to move a little more freely she began rocking back and forth on top of me, raising herself up by a few inches then sliding back down in powerful thrusts.My sister’s position meant that her breasts were now rather close to my face, and her torso was stable enough that they weren’t constantly being jerked away. I had to crane my neck a little farther than was comfortable but I managed to reach one of her nipples and suck it between my lips.I felt Megan shift her weight once again and as I pulled my head away from her chest to give my neck a break I could see that she was now leaning on only one hand. Her other hand was down between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit. That combined with her panting led me to realize she was more turned on by everything than I thought. It was understandable though; watching your cousins go at it followed immediately by fucking your sibling for the first time was pretty intense, to put it mildly.I switched breasts and attacked Megan’s other nipple, both because it was enjoyable and I figured it might help her hit her orgasm quicker. It turned out that she had things under control all by herself and it was only a matter of seconds before she cried out and I felt her pussy muscles going crazy. Her breast was pulled away from my mouth as she slumped forward onto my chest.”You okay?” I asked softly, pulling her hair back from where it had fallen into her face.”Yeah,” Megan replied, her voice cracking even during only one syllable. After clearing her throat she tried again. “I just got carried away there. I don’t think I ever wanted to cum so bad in my life.”She rose on unsteady legs and moved back to her spot by the rock, leaning back against it gratefully. While I appreciated that she needed to rest, I still hadn’t gotten off yet. As I weighed my options for doing so, Laura snuck up on me from the side I wasn’t watching and knelt down beside me. She seemed to have recovered somewhat from before but still wasn’t looking particularly energetic.”Didn’t cum yet huh?” she asked. Her fingertips lightly brushed the shaft of my cock making me long for release all the more. “Good, ’cause I still need to claim you.”I wasn’t entirely sure what Laura meant by that, but I understood her invitation perfectly as she lay on her back and spread her legs for me. I eagerly climbed on top of her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy. She was still so wet from having sex with Erin that I slid easily inside her, or possibly it was from watching Megan and me. Maybe a little of both.”I don’t mind you and Megan doing stuff,” Laura whispered into my ear as I worked myself toward orgasm. “But I want you to cum in me first. So you remember that you’re mine.””I’m not likely to forget,” I protested.”Not for now,” she agreed. “But when you go home it’ll just be you two, and I can guess what’s going to happen then. I know what it’s like having a sister around that you constantly want to fuck.”My cock had gotten a bit of a break between girls, allowing me to calm down some. Despite that I was getting close to cumming again and was having difficulty maintaining my train of thought.”You’re okay with it though?” I asked just to confirm.”Mm-hm, just so long as you make some time for me when we get a chance to be together,” Laura smiled. “And as long as you’re okay with me totally thinking about you two doing it when I masturbate.””I think I can live with that,” I replied, matching her smile.Soon after I exploded inside my cousin’s pussy, adding my cum to the copious amounts of her own. As I finished I rolled over so as not to put my weight on her, then happily accepted her into my arms as she cuddled up with me.Finally getting a chance to look around I quickly checked on Megan and Erin, finding them pretty much where I expected them to be. Of the four of us Erin seemed to be the only one to still have some energy left. She had her hand down at her clit, idly working on getting herself off again.Although we still had the rest of the day free to spend together, I knew that after the end of the week I probably wouldn’t be seeing my cousins again for a while. I let my mind wander in order to explore different ways Laura and I could get together a little more frequently, and where we could get some privacy.”Wat’cha thinking?” Laura asked, apparently noticing my thoughts were elsewhere.”Just wondering if there’s somewhere between our houses we could meet up sometimes,” I said. “It’s kinda hard without either of us having a car, but maybe there’s somewhere we could get by bus or something.””Aw, you missing me already?””Well we don’t have that much time together, and who knows when our next chance is going to be.””Yeah, that’s true,” she agreed thoughtfully. “We should make the most of the time we do have.” Raising her voice so the other two could hear she called out, “hey, how’s everyone feel about spending the rest of the week out here.”Getting two quick affirmatives from Megan and Erin, Laura smiled at me.”There, now we have all week to plan. Maybe some time for other stuff too, if you can think of anything.”Despite everything I felt my cock start to twitch back to life at the suggestiveness in Laura’s tone. I ran my hand over her tummy and up to her breast, causing her to giggle softly.”I’m sure we’ll come up with something,” I said.

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