Latex TV Maid goes Dogging


Latex TV Maid goes DoggingA very dominant mature admirer with a fabulously large cock that I know was driving upto his native Scotland from his current home just North of London.Every time he makes this journey, he lets me know, as he likes to whore me out at a well known dogging site near me, in return, when I goto London, I let him know, and if we can both make it, I will stay on the outskirts of London, he will pick me up at my hotel, dressed and we goto his sites. It’s always exhilarating with him, as not only is he very imaginative, but he also delivers, every time, no matter what weather, the time, or the scenario.Anyway… So we agree a date, we agree a time and location, he asks me to put adverts on the internet sites we both frequent, he reciprocates, we reference each other in the profiles, that way, people know we are genuine (And are confirmed by more verifications)For various reason, my plans are put in jeopardy as I can’t use my own house to prepare in, so, desperately not wanting to let him down, as we had planned for months. I book a really cheap room at a nearby service station. I did some shopping online and at a shop in London (That’s a different tale!) and I’m looking forward to surprising him, the only clothing instruction he gives me is that he wants me to “Make it VERY clear that I am whore to be used”So, blond wig, new larger sized stick on breasts, new latex Maids outfit from honour, latex stockings, white gloves, pink chastity cage, plugged, collared and leashed, outrageously slutty makeup, VERY bright lipstick, outrageous fuck me heels.That should leave little in the way of a grey area…Check into the seediest hotel ever, clean inside and out, shave, change, can I make it to the car without too much risk, car is parked round the back, should be okay, can’t hear anyone in the corridor, checks the time on my phone, haven’t got time to mess about anyway, as I’m running slightly late, goes for it.1st thing I notice is the CCTV camera in the hall, so I’m on that dressed as I am, coming out of my room, probably seen everything there anyway, I press on, then a door opens, stark naked girl, we just look at each other, open mouthed, she was more shocked than I, I can tell you LOL!!Past the front door, 2 foreign lorry drivers smoking, didn’t even look for a reaction, round the side of the building, dark, less nervous, bahis firmaları until the security lights come on and everyone in the petrol station sees me !! Never mind, in the car and off to the dogging site, you’re not cold in latex, so air con on ??!!Arrive at the dogging site, I see my Masters car, he see’s mine, my phone bleeps, he’s obviously texted / messaged me, heart starts beating faster, I go right to the end of the very long layby (That has about 4 or 5 pull in areas) and turn around, I park up, my blonde wig in peoples headlights already starting to draw some attention. 3 cars parked near me, some people out already.I read my text, it just says, “Glad you are here Whore, the van next to me is with me, park up between us, not much room but we shouldn’t be disturbed, you know the drill, walk to me, don’t say a word until you hand the leash over, then say, I’m here as agreed for your use Master, and make it loud, I want everyone know what you are here for”I harden in my cage, which is painful, and now damp, last minute adjustments, perfume, lippy, adjust wig, set off, driving past the other 4 pull in areas, I wonder who else has seen the advert, at least 4 genuine people responded to me alone, saying they would definitely be there!I pull in between my Masters car and the transit van, which I noted had 3 people by the side of it with the sliding door open.I step out the car, my heels clack on the road, a car is pulling round the bend, I am lit up, my Master shouts, “F***ing hell, you Whore, that is a really horny outfit, well done!” I’m embarrassed yet exhilarated, but remember our agreement…I walk to the side of the van (Which is empty, apart from one guy in it, I walk upto my Master, hand him the leash, and say, quite loudly, I’m here as agreed for your use Master, he smiles, grabs my chastity cage with his large cold hands, and grabs my arse, checking for my plug, which makes me jump. He sniggers, “Good whore!”He then tells me to get down and suck him, which I immediately set too, I’ve missed his gorgeously large cock, I am receiving crude comments from his guests, both have their cocks out, one of my hands is guided to one, the other one is behind me, I can see him wanking it.I’m then told to turn round, my plug is removed, and my Masters cock is inserted into my pussy, god he’s bigger than I remember, he says that I am kaçak iddaa still very tight (true and I know it just now) he starts his big strokes on me, whilst slapping my arse and calling me lots of names, my head is forced onto the cock in the van, it’s very wide but not long, but I love girth, it’s a stretch for my mouth and every time I am thrust upon it, a moan covers the cock in my mouth, which is appreciated by moans, compliments and insults by it’s owner.They want to swap round, so they do, before my Master gets into the van, the other man appears, and I am instructed to suck him until he cums, “Yes Master” he is a lovely elderly chap with a medium sized but VERY hard cock, he doesn’t last long, and he is either a very heavy cummer, or hasn’t had that pleasure in a while, My Master asks me show him the evidence in my mouth, orders me to swallow and tells me to thank my sperm donor, which I do. Meanwhile someone is trying to fuck me, however, he has a steel bar through his cock, and I haven’t had this type of thing in my pussy before, and it hurt, so I had to ask him to stop. Which had my Master return to fucking me, which after the metalwork was truly lovely and very filling….Metalwork cock removes his condom and goes back to fucking my mouth as I continue to feel my masters cock getting harder, then I realise the cock fucking my mouth is actually owned by a TV, which was unexpected, but my surprise is overtaken by the fucking I am getting at both ends, the name calling, whore, slut, fuck doll, slag etc. They all have the same effect on me, my, would be, 7” Clitty is straining in its pink cage and I’m leaking as it’s thrown about by the momentum of the fucking at both ends.The cock in my mouth explodes, this time I have no choice, my Master knows the mouth fucker is cumming due to the loud moan by its owner, he confirms he is coming to my master as he forces his cocktail further down my throat, I’m trying not to gag, and I can taste his cum and feel it in my throat. I hear other voices, we have been joined by 2 or 3 others, who are all complimenting the scene and my Master, mouth fucker is replaced by someone new, he knows me, I can’t see his face but his girthy cock is very familiar to me. He sniggers as he forces his wide cock into me, stroking my cheeks and saying “so we meet again whore” the others giggle, he then says, kaçak bahis she’s so rude this one, always has her mouth full.. more laughter, he then says, you know what I like, are you ready slut? Yes Sir I mumble, good whore, he says as he thrusts his cock into me, he loves me to deep throat him, now I’m sure I know who it is, and he’s travelled from Cheshire to meet me, so he’s going to enjoy himself.Rather than gagging because its too far down my throat, I find myself gagging because its blocking it, he keeps getting his balls on my chin and holding it there, I’m trying to relax, not reflex whilst trying to use my tongue under his cock, as I know he likes that, he tells me by groaning and confirming how good I am at sucking his cock. He pulls it out all the way, makes me look at him and says “Fuck I forget how good you are at sucking, your mouth and throat are like velvet” as he ploughs his cock into me again.My Master meanwhile, wants a rest from fucking me, which disappoints me, as I love to make him cum, more lube is applied to me, and a smaller but very very firm cock is inserted, and not slowly, I’ve not even seen who this is, I reach round, knowing he is covered, I relax and start to enjoy the frantic fuck I am getting, whilst continuing to love the girth in my mouth and throat, the fucker comes quickly, under a hail of insults of me, someone is also pulling my chastity cage, confirming how wet it is and what a whore I am, it’s humiliating but exhilarating.Mr wide throat fucker wants to fuck me, I do love it, but it needs some prep and he has to be careful, my master has a wonderful large cock, but it’s not the width of this, I’ve had a smaller frantic fuck and my pussy is naturally VERY tight. I am always reminded of this when I am fucked.We prepare, and as usual, he is gentle (At first) my user is very experienced and considerate, to a point, and once I am comfortable with him in he starts to bottom out into me, OMFG I am so full, my master goes back to using my mouth, making me gag, I then get a bit complacent and start to back onto my user, who acknowledges it and suggests I will pay for it, he starts to spank my arse, not too hard, but encouraging, as he knows what I like / don’t like, he then seems to manage to get his cock in further, I can feel his balls bash against my cage, again someone is tugging it, it’s painful, but turning me on.The insults go up a level as he forces me into the side of the van, saving one last push for his cum, making me gag on my masters cock, he pulls out, slapping my arse “That was fucking beautiful my whore”…TBC

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