Lather , Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 02


Stone returned to his office and had just sat down when joy came in.

He cheerily asked, “What’s up?”

She sat down then said, “Nothing I just came in to talk since you’re free for the rest of the day.”

He looked at her and thinking how well she filled out her 5’9″ frame. Her light green eyes accentuated her lovely smile. Stone always loved to talk with his gorgeous secretary, yet she was so much more to him. The memory of the first time he had style her light auburn hair came into his mind as he teasingly said, “What’s on your mind sexy?”

Her small frame twisted in her chair, her shoulder length hair flowed sensually over her shoulder as she said in a reluctant tone, “I have a younger sister. She used to be a model in France. But she’s still a virgin. And a few days ago while we were talking she told me she was too busy to date, and wondered if I knew someone honourable who could take away her virginity. And of course you came instantly to mind, so I told her I know the perfect man to do it.”

He grinned as he casually said, “Do you really want me to take your sister’s virginity?”

All reluctance left her voice as she said, “Hell yeah!”

Stone asked quizzically, “She’s never had a boyfriend?”

“She never really had the time to date.”

“Does she want me to do her hair also?”

“Yes she does.”

“Why don’t you go call her and see if she can come in today?” Joy got up and kissed him, and then she went to call her sister.

A few minutes later, she came back and gleefully announced, “She’ll be here in a couple of hours.” As she said this she came around the desk and sat on his lap.

Stone buried his face in her hair, taking the opportunity to inhale her scent. He tenderly rubbed her shoulders, making her relax so much that Stone could even see it.. After a short rub Stone’s hand just laid on her shoulders. At that point she twisted on his lap and placed a passionate kiss on his lips.

Stone’s hands moved to the back of her head, and played with her silky soft hair as he lovingly embraced her. Their eyes locked and Stone said, “It’s hard to believe that you’ve been with me since nineteen ninety four darling.” he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand as he spoke.

She replied, “It was September 20th, nineteen ninety four when I came here looking for you.” Then she placed a kiss on his hand.

“I didn’t know that when I left the salon that you come looking for me.” He placed a kiss upon her lips as her heard her reply.

“I was in love with you and when you left without telling me I was hurt.” She placed her arms around his neck.

“I wasn’t allowed to talk to you before I left I tried but too many people stood between us.”

“I know when I found out what had happened I went to the owner and I beat the shit out of her I knew that you had moved to California. I began to search the net for any salons that you may have gone to plus I had other people looking also.”

“When I saw you walk into my salon I couldn’t believe my eyes I thought I wouldn’t see you again.” He said as he stroked her hair.

“I can still see you running across the salon and picking me up in your arms and kissing me,” Longing filled her as she kissed him passionately.

When their embrace broke he looked deeply in her eyes and lovingly asked as he played with her silky soft hair, “You were in love with me?”

“Yeah and I still am in love with you.” She answered as she rubbed the back of his neck softly.

Stone started to say something when there was a knock on the door. He quipped, ‘It’s open!”

Their faces turned to the door as it opened, a vision of beauty filled the frame. As Stone tried to recover from his initial reaction, the attractive woman walked into the room. Joy quickly got up from his lap and went over to her.

“This is my sister Candace,” she said as she hugged her stunning sister.

Stone gazed at 5’10” goddess as he tried to figure out how such an attractive woman could have issues finding a man. She was tall but slimly built; Stone put her weight around the 135lbs mark. bahis firmaları His gaze finally moved to her face. Her ice blue eyes locked with his. She exuded sexuality. And her light red hair, which hung below her ass, was seductive; the braid that it was formed into made her look just a little innocent.

Her outfit was very casual, a white t-shirt, short black jean shorts and navy blue jogging shoes, but on her it took your breath away. Stone realised that he had probably kept her waiting long enough, so he walked over to her and asked, “What can I do for you?” He took full advantage of his close proximity and softly stroked her hair as her waited for her answer.

Her eyes moved back to his face as she replied, “As you know from my sister, I’m a virgin and I want you to take that prize from me.”

“How do you want to lose it?” he asked as he caressed her ass.

“I want you to make love to my mouth, pussy and ass,” she answered as she moved closer to him.

“You do know it will hurt when I make love to your pussy and ass, don’t you?” He continued exploring her ass as her gaze into her eyes, awaiting the answer her already knew she would give him.

“I know, but I don’t care, I want you to be rough with me also,” she answered as she leaned against him.

Stone rubbed her ass more aggressively as he asked joy, “Will you be watching?” He stroked Candace’s hair as he spoke.

“Yes I’m going to video tape it so we can watch it later,” she answered then she went to get her camera. When Joy came back, he asked Candace to undress then he had her to sit down. As she sat there, he undressed then he looked over at Joy to see if she was ready to start tapping, that’s when he noticed that she was also naked.

Stone began to rub his dick over her face. He ran it across her lips while they were closed. When it had passed she tried to lick it. He moved it back so she could lick it, and she did. Stone let her lick the tip for a few seconds. She then opened her mouth and took his dick into it. He played with her hair as she sucked it.

She was just licking the tip and a few inches at that point, so Stone began to shove his dick slowly further down her throat. This caused her to gag. However he just kept going deeper, the further he shoved it down her throat the worse she would gag. He decided to give her a break when tears began to fill her eyes.

After he removed his dick from her mouth she began to cough, after she had stopped coughing he stuck his dick back into her mouth and tried to shove it down her throat again. Again she gagged so he pulled his cock back out.

He let her rest a few seconds the he tried again, but this time as shoved it down her throat Candace didn’t gag. Seeing this he began sliding his dick in and out of her mouth.

He fucked her mouth hard. Eventually he heard a soft noise from where joy had been standing, so he looked over, to find her that she was holding the camera in one hand, while she was playing with herself with her other one. Stone attention soon returned to the mouth that was now actively attacking his cock.

His Climax had been steadily nearing, and Stone was ready to cum, so he shoved his dick hard down her throat. This caused Candace to shut her eyes tightly in anticipation. His cum flowed down her throat as she massaged his balls. This caused him to cum even harder. Once he was spent he, unceremoniously, removed his dick from her mouth.

Candace said, “I thought for sure I was going to throw up before I got use to your dick going down my throat.” All the while he ran his had through her hair, and she played with his wet cock.

He was soon ready to move to the next faze. He had her to lie on the table that he used when he gave massages. Then he spread her legs, exposing her cherry hole. He moved between her legs and began to rub her wet pussy causing her to moan.

He leaned down then he began to kiss and lick her damp pussy causing her to gasp. He kissed and licked her pussy attentively, lapping up her now copious secretions. She was soon squirming from the assault on her inexperienced kaçak iddaa organs. Stone decided to move on and began to lick her clit; this made Candace squeal with delight.

The longer he licked her clit, the louder she squealed, Stone great joy in torturing Candace’s body with such divine pleasures. He kept her on the edge for the longest time, but he never let her get off. She was a good sport, but soon she couldn’t help herself, and was grinding her hips into his face trying to off.

Stone decided to give her was she needed, and laid himself on top of Candace. He cautiously rubbed his dick against her wet pussy. Soon finding the opening he was seeking. Now completely covering her, he placed his lips against her lips, and he began to passionately kiss. They shared a deeply satisfying French kiss.

As he kissed her he stuck, his dick into her pussy, but stopped when it reached her cherry. Then he pulled back out until only the tip of penis was in her. After a short pause he entered her again, and then pulled back out, he kept this up for what seemed like an eternity to Candace.

After a few minutes of toying with his newest conquest, he finally shoved his dick into her pussy hard, busting her cherry and making Candace screamed from the pain. Her face was contorted with pain for only a few moments before it filled with a blissful expression. Stone was now making love to her, her cherry gone forever, but the payoff well worth the price.

The longer he made love to her pussy the louder she screamed, but Stone just kept pounding into her now raw pussy. And after what seemed like hours to her, he finally began to fill her pussy with his cum. She climaxed as the torrent of sperm flooded her womb. He kept fucking her well after his balls had drained. But he finally stopped when her climax subsided.

He let her rest a few seconds before he pulled his dick out from her pussy; as his shaft exited her body he noticed that she was bleeding, a little. So he wetted a washcloth with cold water then, then held it against her sore pussy, she flinched and groaned at the unexpected frosty contact. As he held the washcloth against her pussy he saw that Joy had moved closer to Candace and was videoing her as she laid there.

When he removed the washcloth from her pussy he saw that it had stopped bleeding. Stone then thoroughly wiped the rest of her pussy clean with the cloth, and patted it dry. When he was done he motioned for Candace to get up. As she stood up, she looked at him and bravely said, “I didn’t know that you were going to rip my pussy out when you were making love to me.” Her voice trailed off as he noticed that she was rubbing her sore pussy.

He stroked her hair for a while, to permit her to recover a little. Then he looked at her and casually asked, “Are you ready to have your ass made love to?” He took the opportunity to explore her ass further as he awaited her response.

She impetuously asked, “Will it hurt as bad as it did when you made love to my pussy?”

Stone replied in a soft voice, “It will hurt but I can’t say how bad it will hurt though.” His hands massaged her ass cheeks even as he spoke.

Candace thought about it for a while then she looked at him and replied, “Let’s do it!” as she turned around and leaned over the table, sticking her ass up at him. His hands returned to her orbs, he kneaded them for a few seconds, slowly prying them apart. Her pucker flowered open ever so slightly as he toyed with her. Joy was taping the whole thing as she diddled herself. She had cum a few times while watching the show, but somehow managed to still keep filming.

Having rubbed her ass cheeks for a while, then he stuffed two of his fingers into a nearby jar of Vaseline, and greased up his dick. When he was done he ran the still greasy fingers over Candace’s rosebud. She shivered at the touch, but did not pull away, so he slowly ran the head of his dick against her asshole, further coating it with the petroleum jelly.

As he rubbed his dick against her asshole he played with her braided hair. He kept it for a few minutes, then he pull kaçak bahis on her braid jerking her head back as he shoved his dick up her ass violently.

“Oh god, my ass!” she hollered as his cock skewered deeply into her tight ass. Stone was not gentle as he began to pound into her freshly deflowered pucker. And with every thrust of his dick up her ass she screamed louder.

He kept yanking on her braid as he ruthlessly sodomised his secretaries whimpering sister. The longer he made love to her ass the more violently he pulled on her braid. Candace ‘s body had finally begun to accept the violation as Stoned pulled her head back as far as it would go and filled her bowels with his cum as she groaned loudly.

He kept pumping into her ass even after he had cum. But after a while he realised that she would not climax from it, so he removed his dick from her ass. Then he let go of her braid which caused her face to hit the table. Candace whimpered as Stone cleaned her ass.

When he was done he cleaned his own pole. Then he unceremoniously took her over to the chair and sat her down causing her to flinch and yelped as her sore ass touched the chair.

He then asked casually, “What would you like done to your hair?” He unbraided her hair as awaited her answer.

She answered, “I want it cut so that it’s below my shoulder then I want a curly perm in it.”

After her hair was unbraided, he combed and sectioned it off. Then he began to cut it. He worked quickly, and after he had finished cutting it her hair it hung below her shoulders. He then leaned her back and began to wet her hair, running his fingers through it. Her hair was quickly saturated and hung damply against her head. So he poured some shampoo onto it. Then he began to wash her hair as she played with his dick.

As he washed her hair, Candace massaged his dick and balls. She kept up her stimulation until she felt he was about to cum. As he began to rinse her hair she made him cum onto her breasts. After she had milked him for all he was worth she rubbed the copious mess over her glistening orbs. When stone finished rinsing her hair, he wrapped a towel around her head, and then he wetted a washcloth and lathered it up.

Keeping his professional demeanour he wiped his cum from her breasts like it was nothing special. Candace moaned as his fingers circled her nipples and the rough washcloth stimulated her aroused body. He then rinsed and dried her breasts meticulously. Sitting her up he unwrapped the towel from around her head and towelled off her hair until it was just slightly damp.

Picking up a blow dryer he proceeded to finish drying her hair. When it was thoroughly dry he combed and resectioned her hair. Then he rolled her hair up on small perm rods. When that was complete he placed some cotton strips around her hairline and ears then he saturated her hair with the perming solution. He turned on the dryer and set the timer for thirty minutes.

Joy was still naked, but she had stopped filming. He decided to walk over to her. Upon reaching her he took her into his arms, and placed a profound kiss on her lips as he fondled her fine ass as she played with his ass.

He whispered into her ear, “After she leave I’m going to make love to you so much that you’ll walk funny for weeks,” then he kissed it.

After the timer had went off he leaned Candace back, then he began to rinse her hair while it was still in the roller. After her hair was rinsed he wrapped a towel around her head then he sat her back up. He patted her hair dry the he began to unroll it. After her hair was unrolled he work some curl enhancing gel through her damp hair. Then he picked up a blow dryer with a diffuser attached to it then he began to dry her hair as he styled it with a hair pick.

When her hair was dry, he used the hair pick on it once more then he turned her to face the mirror so she could see herself.

When she saw how curly her hair was she jump up from the chair and hugged him as she said, “I love it this is what I wanted.” Then she kissed him.

Candace soon got dressed, hugged Stone once again, then she hugged her still naked sister. Then as she headed out she turned and looking back at them said, “You were so right sis he is the best at love making.” Then she left, closing the door behind herself

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