Learning With sis

Learning With sisHal was a very frustrated boy!He was horny all the time and he thought about nothing else but having sex. The real problem was that he is a virgin. Other than his frequent jack off sessions there was no relief. You see Hal was extremely shy and had no idea of even how to talk to a girl let alone talk one into fucking him.On the other hand there was his sister Sadie. Sadie was discovering the joys of sex and loving each new experience. Her first sexual experience had been the year before when a man that lived next door would flirt with her. One day they were alone and the man was teasing her about being afraid of men. He ended up pulling out his cock and dared her to touch it. This led to her first hand job. The sight of cum shooting and the man moaning lit her on fire! Since then she had learned to suck cock and fuck. She loved doing both whenever she could.One morning Sadie woke up to the sound of her mom lecturing her brother on the need to lock the bathroom door. Apparently her mom had just walked in on Hal jacking off again. Sadie giggled!“I want you k**s to get out of the house today. I don’t want you sitting around all day playing video games and texting. Why don’t you go over to the lake and go for a swim. Maybe it will slow Hal down from jacking off so much!” Mom said with a chuckle“MOM!” Hal shrieked while he turned red“Get over it Hal! All boys play with themselves but the way you go at you will wear it out before you go to college.” Mom said and Sadie giggled again“Ok Mom.” Sadie saidSadie and Hal headed out and started to walk to the pond. Hal caught himself checking his sister’s body out and could feel his cock already getting hard. Fuck he would have to find a place to jerk off once they got to the pond. He was watching her nice ass wiggle as they walked up the path. It was not the first time he had thought of her sexually but he suddenly wanted to pull out his cock and ask her to fuck. Sadie looked back over her shoulder and looked at her brother. She noticed right away that he had another hard on. It made her get a little turned knowing that he was checking her out. She wiggled a little harder and smiled to herself. When they got to the pond she bent over and knew her short skirt rode up her ass and her brother got a good look at her ass only covered by her panties.Sadie lay down on the blanket and looked up at her brother. His cock was clearly visible despite his loose fitting shorts. Hal was staring at his sister and particular at her nipples which were clearly visible poking through her top. Sadie was feeling very naughty as she stared at her brother’s crotch.“Looks like my little brother needs to stroke his cock again.” kaçak iddaa She said as she giggled and Hal turned redSadie suddenly was aware that Hal was really embarrassed. For first time she wondered what was going through his mind.“Did I embarrass you?” she asked but with true sympathy“I can’t help it every time I see a girl I just start wondering about things.” Hal said“Like what?” she askedHal just stood there with his hung down. He was so shy he could not even talk to his sister about his sexual feelings. Sadie could sense her brother’s frustration.“Did you know that girls like sex and think about it too?” Sadie said“Really?” Has asked“Did you know that girls like to masturbate too? Even Mom plays with her pussy!” she added and watched her brother look at her“No!” was all he could say“I can show her collection of dildos and vibrators. She has a large selection.” She said with a giggleHal suddenly envisioned his mom on her back with a vibrator in her pussy!“How do you know about that?” Hal asked“Because I borrow some of her toys when she is not around.” She giggled again“You do? Wow!” he said as now his mind filled with the thought of Sadie cuming on a dildo“I bet you have a really nice cock! Let me see it!” Sadie suddenly said“Well…uhhh…I…”“Come on show me your dick….Please…I’ll show you my tits!” she said and the lifted her top revealing her firm young titsHal stared at his sister’s wonderful tits! He had seen pictures of all kinds but these were the real thing and only feet away. Her nipples were hard and then she squeezed them. Sadie was instantly turned on as she watched the wonder in her brother’s face as she rubbed and squeezed her firm tits.“Come on Hal let me see your dick!” Sadie said with a sexy grinHal slowly lowered his pants and Sadie gasped as his cock was exposed! She had seen a few cocks but Hal’s was the sexiest she had ever seen. Her brother had a really long cock. Suddenly her mouth watered as she was filled with the desire suck her brother. The more she looked at the more erect it got. Hal looked on his sister and for the first time in his young life saw lust come into a girl’s eyes.Sadie knelt to look closer at Hal’s magnificent cock. She looked up at her brother and her pussy flooded. She reached up and took his cock and Hal moaned as the first hand other than his own held him. Sadie moaned and then her mouth opened and she pumped his cock like she was possessed.Hal watched his sister’s lips slide up and down his cock and he could not believe what was happening but he wanted this so bad! Sadie loved the feel of this long perfect cock as it passed through her lips and over her tongue and then rubbed against the back bets10 of her throat making her want to choke. Suddenly she heard Hal groan and she felt his orgasm explode in her mouth. The old man next door had taught her to swallow his cum and Sadie had become a lover of swallowing sperm. Her brother’s tasted better than any she had ever had before.“So was that better than jacking off in the bathroom?” Sadie teased“Fuck yes!” Hal said but his hands touched Sadie’s firm young titsHal moved to next to her and immediately he started to play with her tits. Sadie pulled his head down and her bother devoured her tits. She was so fucking horny as his mouth sucked her nipple. She guided his hand down to her sloppy wet pussy. His finger pushed into her and groaned as he fingered her hungry pussy. He managed to hit her g-spot which made her jerk with an orgasm. Her hand found his cock which hard as when she had sucked him off.“Please fuck me!” she moaned as she moved into a dogie positionHer brother moved behind her and could see her pussy all wet and ready. As he moved behind Sadie grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her opening. Hal pushed and for the first time in his life he felt a pussy grip him. Sadie moaned as more and more cock pushed into her. Hal had the longest cock the young girl had ever had. She felt him begin to fuck her. She looked over her shoulder and the sight of Hal fucking her made her orgasm on that cock again.She thought about how she had loved getting fucked but this was her best fuck ever. Suddenly Hal grabbed her hips and fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before. She had to lower her head to the ground and she knew her brother owned her. He could do anything he wanted and she would only cum again! Then she heard him groan and knew she was being filled with his cum. She briefly thought that she should have made him use a rubber but what the fuck too late now.Hal felt his balls draining into Sadie and had never had a better cum in his young life. Just looking down at her sweet teen ass and seeing his cock glistening with his sister’s pussy juice. Hal started pull back and could see his sperm dripping from her. He felt a little guilty about inseminating his own sister but it was so fucking sexy and he could hear Sadie cooing with satisfaction.“Damn that was good!” Hal said“Wow Hal! You have a fantastic cock! You really are a great fuck!” Sadie exclaimedThe two cuddle up as only two people who have just had sex can do. Sadie was amazed when she reached down and found his cock was already erect again. She looked at him while she felt her pussy burn with renewed passion.“I think you like fucking your sister! Ready bets10 giriş for another fuck already! Maybe pussy is pretty good after all!” Sadie saidHal kissed his sister on the lips and her mouth opened and their tongues played with each other as Hal cupped her right tit and then rubbed her nipples. Sadie moaned and lowered herself onto her back. She looked at her brother and then spread her legs open. Sadie looked at Hal as she spread her pussy lips opened and fingered her hole.“Please fuck me slow and long this time!” she moaned as Hal moved between her thighsThey both watched as his cock entered her pussy. Sadie again thought about what a wonderfully long cock her brother had! Hal was in heaven as his sister’s pussy was so slick with her arousal and his generous load of sperm that now squished past his cock as he started to fuck her.Sadie was in heaven as her brother now was fucking her with deep long strokes. She could hear the sloppy pussy making wet happy noises as he picked up the tempo.Hal grunted happily as he fucked Sadie. Pussy was better than he ever imagined. He could feel Sadie push back against him as fucked her. He looked in her eyes and could tell she wanted this just as badly as he did. “YES! Fuck Me! Give me that big fucking cock!” she screamedHal began to understand just how much girls liked sex and just how much he could make a girl feel too! He began to wonder what some of the other girls at school would be like. Maybe they liked sex as much as his sister.After two quick cums, Hal was not so easily excited. He could now focus on how Sadie was reacting to how he fucked her. He changed his tempo and pushed deeper or harder. He found different ways that made her get even more excited. “Oh Fuck Hal! You Fuck so good!” Sadie moaned as her brother rode her pussy“You like my big cock! Tell me you like my big fucking dick!” Hal breathed in her ear as he pounded her“Fuck yes! I love that big fucking cock! I want it all the time!” Sadie groaned as her pussy orgasmed againHal felt her pussy tighten on his cock and suddenly he felt his balls scream for release.“I need to cum!” he groaned“I want to see it shoot!” she moanedHal pulled back and stroked his cock that was lubricated with their fuck juices. He looked and saw Sadie watching his cock with more lust than he had ever seen on anybody’s face before. His cock released and ropes of sperm covered Sadie’s stomach and she groaned with delight as each blast landed on her.“Damn you are a great fuck little brother!” Sadie said“Thanks s*s for letting me fuck you! He replied“Well you can fuck whenever you want but when the word gets out on that wonderful cock I will have to wait in line for a turn.The end(a word from the author; most of us go through an awkward period but then we discover just how we can be a good lover. If you enjoyed the story a thumbs up encourages and as always I love messages and comments.)

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