Lesbian Bitch Ch. 05


Everyone in this story is over eighteen. Ruby is the narrator.


Eye candy

Laura come into each of our bedrooms and said that breakfast was ready. “It’s a glorious day outside.” None of us minded Laura coming into our bedrooms, after all we are staying at a nudist resort. It Even made Jane a little excited and got Jane’s lesbian juices flowing. Laura was barely nineteen and had a body Jane was dying to touch. Scott’s eyes lit up as Laura’s naked figure stood in our doorway. Scott was always eyeing of young ladies that he wanted us to have threesomes with.

“So we like the look of this young lady do we?” I teased my boyfriend.

Once we all finally got out of bed and assembled out on the deck for breakfast Tanya handed us a list of must do’s and sights to stay over our two week getaway. There are four beaches that can only be accessed by thoughts staying at this Resort was at the top of the list.

Laura asked us if we minded if she used the spa after she served us our hot breakfast. None of us minded, especially Scott that whispered in my ear. “The only thing that could make that young lady hotter is looking at her wet!” That brought Scott’s cock to full attention as he kept looking up from his meal and lustfully was checking Laura out in the spa.

Once I had finished my hot breakfast I took Scott by the hand and we zoomed in for a closer inspection of Laura in the spa and gave Scott a continuous blowjob as he admired Laura’s figure.

Our voyeurism was getting Laura rather excited, Laura started masturbating for us as she was massaging her wet breasts. Laura said I bat for the other team. I came up for air and whispered in my boyfriend’s ear. “Would you like a lesbian bitch like Jake and Tanya?” Scott really displayed his affection for me than.

“Well I’m not like Jake and Tanya, you will have to wait until we are married. I’ll give Laura our number just before we leave this place.” Ruby whispered in her boyfriend’s ear. Scott’s cock twitched and his heart skipped a beat to Ruby’s openness about a lesbian bitch as part of our marriage.

Laura got out of the spa and drip dried, while she joined us for coffee and toast. That was enough to send Scott over the edge and he shot his load directly on Laura’s wet tits.

That’s one for the photo album Tanya cheered. “Do you mind if I take your photo Laura?” Laura just smiled and nodded. Tanya being as forward as she is sucked and licked Scotts spoof of Laura’s body after the photo session.

Our butler Frank then opened up the one way view glass doors that provided us with privacy and we celebrated the true meaning of a nudist resort.

Laura collected our plates and headed to the kitchen to the wash up. Scott was checking out Laura’s long legs and watched her apple heart shaped ass wiggle, as Laura disappeared from his view.

Scott was on his knees before me and frantically masturbated to thoughts of Laura being Our lesbian bitch.

Scott stood up. “were you just proposing to me. Where is my ring?” Ruby laughed at her boyfriend. Completely bahis firmaları unaware that Frank had opened the doors!

The conversation grew as we spectated the hot young ladies passing past our villa.

“So guys have you decided which beach you would like to go to today.” Tanya asked.

Scott was totally distracted with thoughts of me having sex with Laura and was still mystified what the hell the girls needed to pack for a nude vacation! “I’ll just tag along with the decision that you ladies make.” I knew exactly what my boyfriend was thinking and wrapped my arms around him and nibbled on his ears and covered his neck with hickeys.

We decided to go to the beach that was closest to us so that we would have more time to explore this exquisite place.

Laura informed us that she would bake us some morning tea. “How does scones and brownies sound to you all?”

We all agreed that that sounded lovely and that we would be back by 10:30am.

Laura said it’s such a glorious day I think that I’ll do my baking out on the deck today. “The only time I’ll need to use the kitchen is to use the oven.”

Scott promptly helped Laura move everything that she would need out onto the deck area, giving him more opportunities to check out Laura’s stunning body. Scott moved his eyes up and down Laura’s body from the front and from behind, taking her all in and watching her bend over.

“I think you know every inch of Laura’s body from the outside. That just leaves inside of her body for us to explore”, I seductively whispered to my boyfriend.

The girls laid out their towels and chatted and sun baked, down on this crystal blue pristine beach. Scott couldn’t get into the surf quickly enough. The beach was starting to fill up, Scott couldn’t decide which view he loved the most. All he knew was that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ruby.

The three ladies joined Scott in the surf and they splashed each other and raced each other catching waves. Scott couldn’t believe his luck with all these hot wet bodies on the beach and he was the only male in sight.

We thought that we should probably head back to our villa for morning tea. It wasn’t that hard to get Scott to pull his attention from all the eye candy on the beach. Reminding him that Laura would be waiting at the villa for us.

Laura had prepared a feast for us. Scott was equally feasting his eyes on Laura and My bodies.

During morning tea Laura didn’t fight my advances towards her. “Let’s give Scott something to really feast his eyes on.” I seductively asked Laura.

I asked my boyfriend what he would like her to do with Laura first. Contently satisfies with her bisexual nature and desires.

“I would like you to eat Laura’s pussy and make her cum cum hard. I want to taste every drop of Laura’s cum of your body. I want to know what flavor her cum has. You, Tanya and Jane’s cum has its own unique taste. Laura smelled so good when she came out to the spa to take our dinner orders last night. You were masturbating before you took our dinner orders kaçak iddaa last night, weren’t you Laura?” Scott stared lustily at Laura’s body.

I was shocked at my boyfriend’s comments, but was getting particularly horny hearing him talk that way and ask all of those directive questions and telling us exactly what he wanted.

“So Scott you’re quite a connoisseur when it comes to lady cum. Have you ever eaten your own cum? I do that all the time! It really makes me horny.” Laura was really loosening up now. It was her turn to ask the directive questions.

I started working my magic on Laura’s clit and Jane couldn’t control her lesbian Juices flowing everywhere. I sucked and flickered Laura’s clitoris with her tongue and bought Laura to orgasm. “Wow that was hot. I commented. No man or lady has ever released so much cum on my body.”

Scott ravished his girlfriend’s body with his tongue being sure to lick every drop of Laura’s cum off my body.

“So Scott, what flavour would you say my cum is.” Laura smiled at him curiously.

“I would say your cum tastes like all the colours of the rainbow.” Scott smiled back at Laura.

“That’s enough sex for now young lady.” Scott reminded us that we had exploring to do outside.

I begged my boyfriend to let me do a little more exploring of Laura’s body in the shower. “Ok sexy how can I possibly refuse you that.” Scott smiled longingly at me and then back at Laura.

“Will you please join us Scott? I would like to watch this young lesbian drain your balls dry!” Scott was never going to turn down an offer like that.

Jane lay on our bed and masturbated, while she watched Scott and I exploring Laura’s body. “You know I didn’t think that any man could give me pleasure until Scott showed me yesterday how talented he is!” Jane was now horny as hell.

I guided Laura’s mouth towards Scotts cock and fingered herself as she watched this young lesbian bitch sucking Scotts cock and licking Scott’s balls. I couldn’t contain my excitement as the shower rinsed Scotts cum off Laura’s body and wore Scotts cum as Laura released Scott’s balls from her teeth. Laura then proceeded to lick Scotts cum of her face and off my body.

“You know what. Why doesn’t Laura come exploring the sights with us? I think that we should shout Laura lunch today. We can’t have Laura slaving over the stove every minute of the day.”

Scotts offer was graciously accepted. “What a kind, generous and thoughtful man you are Scott. I would love to get out in the sun today.” Laura winked at Jane on the bed.

“Yep that’s my man I winked at both Laura and Jane. “Scott is full of surprises everyday. He never fails to light up my life.”

We went and explored the hot springs, the pool area and the foodie hot spots the resort has to offer.

That night we let Laura decide what we all had for dinner and Tanya ordered the same champagne that we had the previous night and had Laura and Frank light the centred candles and spread rose petals around us while we were in the spa. Tanya promised that that would be happening kaçak bahis every night we spent at the nude resort.

It was now time for Laura to explore Ruby’s pussy and make her cum. Scott loved tasting my cum off Laura’s body. “Now I know how Jake feels about having a lesbian bitch.” Scott contemplated my offer.

That night Laura slept with me and Scott, Scott just couldn’t keep his hands to himself and Laura couldn’t control her feelings for me either.

Laura woke me up for an early morning fuck before she had to start getting breakfast ready the next morning. Scott somehow slept through my and Laura’s sex romp and eyed Laura off as she left our bedroom. Scott and I slept for an hour longer before having a shower and woke up Tanya and Jane.

Laura was already in the spa and had the glass doors opened. There was no privacy this morning. Jane jumped into the spa with Laura. “Oh this is really hot, the two lesbians in the spa together. Tanya had a huge grin on her face. you guys are making me feel so horny.” Tanya winked at the lesbian duo.

Frank bought out our hot breakfast meals out today.

Jane couldn’t help fondling Laura’s tits before the two lesbians joined us at the table for breakfast. Drip drying of cause. Frank cleared the plates winking at Laura. Laura was in an extremely outgoing mood prepared to do whatever Ruby wanted. Ruby requested that Laura give her man another blowjob. I want to taste His spoof off your body today, then you will let Scott eat your pussy.

“I want to taste your cum off his body. I’ve never really thought the variety of flavours cum has to offer before.”

Laura’s lips hardly had to touch Scott’s cock before he started ejaculating everywhere. I still wanted more so Laura bought Scott’s cock into her mouth and swallowed his cum until she gagged. I was Rubbing my clit to Laura’s efforts.

Scott then started to enjoy the flavours of Laura’s cum before she unloaded on him. I tasted every drop of Laura’s cum of her man. “My God his right. your cum is like all the colours of the rainbow. I couldn’t describe your taste any better if I tried.” I was so horny now and needed to go pee in the spa, to add to my pleasure.

Scott bought our coffees over to the spa and He jumped into the spa closely followed by Laura. Laura and I made love for everyone to see.

We invited Laura to spend the whole day exploring with us. We went exploring and swimming at the hot springs, wine tasting, tracking and stuffing our faces with food. After lunch we were tanning and surfing at the beach. It was like there wasn’t another girl in the world, Scott was totally devoted to Ruby and Laura.

We had a lot of jealous looks all day as Scott had four women hanging off his shoulders. We also checked out the foodie hot spots again. Scott and I were more than happy to pay for all of Laura’s food and drinks for the day. What a jammed packed day.

Scott decided on fish and chips for us all for dinner. Laura cooked the fish on the BBQ. We all masturbated and we added our choice of cum to our fish as it hit the plates. Laura rushed and got her homemade chips out of the oven. What a fantastic cook she is.

The day concluded with hot sex and a serenade of centured candles and rose petals this time covering the whole villa.

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