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Let’s TalkA couple weeks ago my wife wanted to talk. Had something she needed to confide in me about. While she was obviously ashamed about something she couldn’t help but grin about it. Basically she’d been flirting with a guy at work for some time when a recent talk show segment was about a married guy getting blow jobs at lunch from a co-worker. Well, this caused jokes and flirting between my wife and this guy — you know, jokes like, “so, what do you think? Today work for you?” and they’d both know what it was about. She then told me they ended up “jokingly” agreeing to do something. But it ended up not being a joke after all. They had to go out together for something work-related. Well, they parked, kissed and she showed him her tits. She then let him feel them. He asked her to feel his cock and she did, then he played with her pussy. To make a long story short she sucked him off! Partially in the parking lot of the store they were in, partially driving back to work. She loved it too. Made her so horny knowing the power she has as a woman. She then started telling me all the details and how dirty she got — coaxing the cum out of his balls, taking it in her mouth, looking him in the eyes while licking her lips, then swallowing. Then she told him, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that tastes soooooo yummy…” She knew from her flirting that his wife won’t swallow and only gives head reluctantly. Oh, and did I mention he’s not white? He’s from Fiji (sort of black/indian complexion). She loved the idea kocaeli escort of a black cock and he confided in her that he loves white women — blondes in particular, which my sweet bride is. She ended up pinning me against the bathroom door in our house and attacking me with passionate kisses. She then dropped to her knees and sucked me off. She gave me at least 2 blow jobs a day for about a week while telling me how wonderful it felt to have his cock in her hands/mouth and how sexy it feels on her tongue, how much she loves cum, etc. One of those days I started gettig her really heated up by talking about what a slut she is and that she’s addicted to cum. Got very very hot for me. I then told her she should suck him off again and I swear she almost came. But she did it the next day and told me about it that night. I told her as long as she clears it with me I’ll be okay on her sucking him off. But she told me the other day that she did it again (but didn’t clear it with me) and was super turned on. Sucked and fucked me 2 or 3 times that day. Crazy! Last night we went to a birthday party. She got drunk and so turned on she sucked me off while we were driving home. Spread her legs like a whore and put them on the dash board afterwards, letting me play with her exposed pussy. She was playing with it too and was just a horny bitch out of control. Unfortunately by the time we got home she wasn’t feeling well, barfed and passed out on the bathroom floor. Today she hasn’t been in the mood. kocaeli escort bayan I’ve talked to her about my desire to take her to a movie house and have her suck off strangers at a glory hole. She got hot but didn’t really approve or disapprove… We haven’t really had a time to talk about this much. I don’t like the feeling of her infidelity but the subject matter is extremely hot. And she knows there’s 2 parts to it (her cheating with another guy and the sexual fantasy/power/excitement) we both get. I really didn’t like her doing it without letting me know that last time. But she’s always told me about her escapades… It’s tough having the mixed emotions. I don’t know if I’d call it cuckolding, sharing or what. It is what it is. She loves me being in control and really loves me telling her to do it. I’m not intimidated by the guy (I know him). And she’s found out what a gift she has in me physically — I have a much larger cock and am expert with my tongue. Oh, one other significant thing has happened. I don’t know if it’s me, her or a combination of us both but something has clicked in our lovemaking. I know she feels so much more sexy and expansive as a woman and I now don’t feel like I have to hold back with her sexually. But after her first tryst we didn’t have a time for sex for a few days — just her giving me head. Well, when we finally did it I went down on her for a good long time, teasing the shit out of her. I just kept bringing her to the point of cumming then izmit escort stopping, sucking on her breasts, calling her a whore, telling her what a slut for other men’s cock/cum she is and making her say similar things to me. But when she finally came it was like nothing I’d seen from a woman before. She squirted big time. I’ve never experienced a woman squirting before but she drench my face, chest, shoulders and arms and then begged me not to stop. I didn’t either. I just kept tounging/fingering her for minutes and minutes. She just kept squirting over and over — I swear she was almost crying — writhing around, gripping at things, cursing, moaning, screaming… It was so fucking erotic my cock was dripping precum like crazy. She just kept squirting and squirting over and over but never getting that “release” like a regular orgasm. Finally it sort of subsided but not fully. She just couldn’t take it any longer but was abuzz and completely wiped out. We talked about it for a bit and then I fucked her until I came. Now, pretty much every time I go down on her she squirts! It’s unbelievable. I use to think it was bullshit to some degree or that it was something not very attainable, but I’m a believer now! And then whenever she squirts she’ll also have a traditional kind of orgasm and get “over the edge”. She’s been so satisfied by this type of orgasm but she’s craving it. Now she’s almost like the ideal wife. She’ll suck me off whenever I ask and only ask for sex when we have enough time. Hell, yesterday she gave me a handjob when I wanted to take a nap and then sucked me off in the bathroom like I said above. Craziness. I know she’d love to have a totally black cock. And for some twisted reason, so would I…

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