life changed that day


life changed that dayOne night when gill was at work & her sisters were outZoe did same as usual & had a shower & went to bed early ready for school next day! After a while i decided to go for Shower got all my stuff ready & got into shower (i spend ages in shower relaxing etc! “I standing there eye’s closed letting the hot water just run off my head & down over my face, body etc!” “Wow i knew you were big Paul but WoW!”Opening my eyes to find karşıyaka escort Zoe stood in bathroom staring at me & my shaven cock! (WTF! Zoe what the fuck are you doing get out!) I said but instead of leaving zoe reached across & wrapped her tiny hand around my shaft! & Began slowly wanking at my cock! (Zoe Stop it now!) But already it was too late & My member had started growing in her hand & if i being honest escort karşıyaka her soft skin felt amazing & i couldn’t stop it growing & within 30 seconds i was fully erect Rock Hard it had grown to approx. 7.5 – 8 inchs!(OMG! No wonder you make Mum scream out loud! When Your fucking her! “i heard her a few times & wondered why” does she suck it for You!)Zoe No stop it NOW! (but instead zoe leaned over & licked karşıyaka escort bayan the tip at 1st before lowering her mouth over my cock!) OMFG! I gasped at her!(My self control had vanished completely & hornyness had taken its place!) “even though i knew how wrong this situation was i didn’t try stopping her anymore!”There i was stood naked with my 13yr stepdaughter Zoe going down on me!ZOE Stop! & i reached across grabbed zoe’s head pulling her off my cock!(Lets do this properly! I jumped out of shower & grabbed her hand pulling her towards her bedroom!)Get Your fucking knickers off! I wanna see your full bodyAs we walked into her room Zoe looked nerviously at me with a cute smile! I Luv Her Big Blue Eyes + Soft Kissable Lips!

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