LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER: ALL THE WAY PART 1I was feeling very restless, it was a few weeks after our mutual jilling session. I was hornier than ever i couldn’t get the image of my mom masturbating furiously next to me, while i wildly humped my pillow right next to her, out of my mind. Not that i wanted to forget that image, but i was a sex addict, normally five times a day girl, my pussy was hotter than a Forrest fire, and i was bringing my burning center of ten times a day every time i simply fucking love to masturbate, even when i had been fucking lisa and we were fucking every day, sometimes three or four times a day.All i needed to do was visualize it, the sight of my mom plunging her fingers in and out, listing to the wet squelch of her juices, and the feel of pressing my horny teen pussy down hard, grinding ny pussy tightly against that pillow, and the remembrance would make me explode, my clit twitching and my pussy spasming wildly.I was more than eager to do it again with my mom, but very unsure how she felt about doing it again. We hadn’t really spoken about it since we got home, and hoped she hadn’t been freaked out about being so intimate with her daughter, i hadn’t been freaked out, i was just more turned on, and wanted to do it again.Our bedrooms are down the upstairs hall from each other, and i noticed one night that she had left her door partly open. I was intrigued, as she always makes sure its shut property when she goes to bed. I crept down the hall and could hear her grunts and soft cries of pleasure. I peeked in, and my pussy started to pulse with the heat. She had a dim, bedside lamp on, and tuzla escort there was my mom, totally naked humping her pillow. She was riding it just the way i liked to ride mine, her sexy ass going up and down, grinding her pulsing heat filled center down tightly against the pillow, damn she has such a fine, hot body, and that sexy sight made my body light up.I was startled, when she suddenly said,” are you there, donna? You’re watching me aren’t you? Stop watching, grab your pillow, and come join me.” donna that was all i needed to hear. I dashed into my bedroom,grabbed my favorite humping pillow, threw off my nightgown, and was in my mom’s bedroom quickly, my nude body right next to my mom. She looked over at me, her face flushed, her breathing deep, and i could see the lust in her eyes. Now donna, ride your pillow, hump it, and watch me hump my pillow. Hump until you Can’t take it anymore watch your mom humping her pillow, and cum like crazy!!.I was more than eager to do so, and stuffing my pillow between my thighs. I went to work i slowly began to grid my throbbing clitoris against my pillow. THE feelings started to shoot through me, and i could feel my pillow developing the familiar wet spot from the hot juices flowing from my horny pussy. I turned my head, watched my mom grinding, i got my left hand under my breast and started to pull and tug on my hard, aching nipple. My mom was watching me hump, fuck i felt so horny, so lewd, and so hot, i had my eyes on my mom, watching her humping the pillow, riding it like i rode mine, her sexy ass going up and down, just like me, was putting me onto a whole different plane of tuzla escort bayan horniness. I could feel my pussy reaching the boiling point.My mom shreiked, ” Fuck, Oh my God, Fuck, cumming, yes,yes,YES!!!.” I watched my mom grinding hard against the pillow, pressing her vagina down tightly, and her body spasming and shaking in the grip of her climax. That was all i needed, and i could feel the wave racing at me, i gripped the pillow tightly to my pussy, and humped madly at it. ” fuck yes, oh my God, yes, fuck yes, I’m cumming too, fuck!!”I howled with pleasure as my throbbing, overheated pussy exploded, my body felt like it lit up knowing that my mom was watching her horny little daughter humping madly at her pillow, cumming hard, just made my orgasm even more powerful. I twitched, grunted, shook and gasped as my orgasm seized me in its grip of pleasure, my mom face was alight with lust as she watched me.I slumped, breathing hard, rolling onto my back, suddenly my mom was right there. I felt her fingers sliding over my pussy, stroking gently, heading for my still pulsing center. I looked up, surprised, was about to say something my mom said hush baby. Donna i no how much you love fucking pussy. I watched you and lisa fucking last night. So i hushed, i sure had no qualms about about the fingers grinding gently towards my horny center, and i gave myself up to my sexy hot mom, lettering her have her way with me her fingers danced around the enrance to my vagina the feather light touhes, where starting me up again. She slid her fingers in my very wet vagina, setting my pussy churning my cream, started to gush and i escort tuzla could feel another orgasm welling up, my mom smiled down at me as her talented fingers slid up, and her fingertips now juicy and very wet with my copious juices, slid around and around my clit.My juices providing the perfect lubricant. My pussy was throbbing, my clit twitching wildly, and i grunted, right on the edge, then i went over. I arched up, a howl of sheer pleasure escaped me, and i felt my orgasm slam into me. I felt it spin around in me, my body shaking cries of pure wordless pleasure escaping, my mom not letting up on me she gently polishing my pulsing clitoris, until my body had given one last spasming of pleasure, then she did something that was incredibly erotic. She brought her fingers, dripping wet with my juices, to her mouth and sucked them into her mouth, eager to lick all my juices off her fingers. I heard a moan of pleasure as She tasted my juices, the essence of her very own dirty daughter.She looked at me, her eyes glowing in the dim light, ” delicious, your juices were as delicious as i thought they would be my sweet sexy little daughter.” I’ve wanted to stroke you, finger you, lick you, and taste your juices, ever since i found out you where into women donna, i love watching you fucking lisa, so i set up that capture me in the act scene, and hoped that you wood look in. I felt your eyes on me my sweet little sexy daughter, that’s when i urged you to join me, I’m so fucking glad you did donna. My hot sexy mom rolled onto her back, and told me, now i must do it again, I’m so horny donna. You Can watch, you Can join in, or would you like to finger me the way i did you and make your mom so fucking Happy donna???,To be continued tomorrow TRUE STORY ABOUT DONNA HALL With kim hall TELLING THIS STORY WAS DONNA HALLPUBLISHED BY SHAUN HAWKES

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