Like Squeezing a Tube of Toothpaste


My name is Ian and I lived with my twin sister Jenny and our parents in a 3 bedroom house in the western suburbs of Sydney (Australia). Our mum was a primary school teacher and Dad was a labourer at a car plant. I was a pretty average guy. Not tall, not short, not muscley. I didn’t get bullied and I had some good friends. I was not super smart but I was not dumb either. Like all teenage boys I was perpetually horny and I wanked a lot.

This is a stand-alone story but it happens shortly before the events started in another story of mine called ‘Um, both, I guess’ – about me and my sister. Here I have merged three separate events, but otherwise it all happened like this (with re-imagined dialogue because I wasn’t keeping notes – I was busy).

I haven’t done any real research but I am willing to bet that many teenage boys with a similar aged sister has put on her panties and wanked at least once. In my case I did it solidly every chance I get.

Sometimes in bed, especially when I was wearing my sister Jenny’s panties, I fantasised about playing wanking games with some of the guys at school. This story is about how I tried to arrange it a few times and what happened.

I knew where my Dad’s stash of porn mags was [sorry to say this was before the net]. About once a month I’d have a friend over for a sleepover. In summer we slept in a tent on the back lawn and in winter we’d set up camp stretchers in the living room. After everyone else was asleep I’d get out some of the mags. While we sat up in our sleeping bags we would look at the pictures together and stroke ourselves. We would whisper about all the things we wanted to do with a girl – mostly just parroting Penthouse Forum letters because we had no inkling of what sex was really about.

We didn’t see each other’s cocks because we were in sleeping bags but I did find it really turned me on to slow down my stroking and watch the expressions on the faces of the boys as they came. Seconds afterwards I would imagine seeing their cum spurt out of their cocks and I would cum as I imagined it was me doing the stroking of their cocks. I tried interesting my friends in the idea getting out of the sleeping bags and actually watching each other wank but it only worked with one guy.

Mike was from a big family and had 3 older brothers and 1 younger brother but no sister. On our last sleepover at his house we’d tried to get hold of the oldest brother’s porn mags but hadn’t been able to. We had stroked ourselves in our sleeping bags while Mike had described some of the pictures – especially a Penthouse picture story of two women on a desert island touching and licking each other. I told Mike that I would show him some of my dad’s magazines the next time he stayed over. He was keen and wanted to know what sort my dad had.

Fortune smiled on me because as well as the usual Penthouses, Dad also had Mayfair and a few ‘European’ magazines. Mayfair was an English magazine that had 8 or so picture spreads (see what I did there) and no pretence at ‘articles’. Both these were more hardcore than Penthouse and had high quality pictures and close ups of fetishes like shaving, anal, and double penetration. I told Mike about these and he reached down in his sleeping bag and stroked himself as I described the pictures.

Mike had then turned the subject to one he always raised sooner or later – my sister Jenny. He had no sisters and was just as keen on Jenny as I was, though of course I was careful never to hint that I lusted after my sister to him. Eager to win Mike over I mentioned that she often walked around the house in only panties and that if he stayed over more often he might see her like that. Mike was very interested and wanted to know what Jenny’s panties looked like. I described a few of my favourite pairs for him.

Mike was clearly aroused, ‘Does she have any cunt hair?’
I am told that in Japan, cunt hair is seen as especially erotic and or taboo, compared to a shaved cunt. And Mike really had a thing for cunt hair.

‘Yes, I accidentally saw some when she was wearing a towel and sitting on the couch while I was lying on the floor and watching TV. I turned around and she had opened her legs and didn’t notice me staring.’ This was actually true but I didn’t tell Mike that it was also true that over the last few weeks, Jenny and I were starting to play undressing games and I had seen quite a lot but I knew that if told anyone else I would never see her again. Mike had seemed very interested in the panties so I said ‘I sometimes touch her panties from the washing basket.’

Mike was scornful. ‘Touch? I would put them on.’ Gulp. What to say? It’s one thing to want to wear the panties of somebody else’s sister. But should I admit I wear my own sister’s panties? What did I have to lose?
‘Actually I do.’
‘Cool! How do you get away with it?’
Careful now. I didn’t want to tell Mike too much yet. ‘Oh, I don’t do it very often. I get the house to myself most Friday canlı bahis afternoons. One time I was just fooling around and I wondered what her panties would feel like.’
Mike’s eyes were positively glowing as he asked
‘What do they feel like?’

Oh Mike, Mike, Mike. What could I say? I couldn’t admit that I liked to pretend I was being forced to wear panties and wank for the amusement of girls at school and wipe them after they pissed. I couldn’t admit I wanted him to watch me wank while I was wearing my sister’s panties. Could I? I explained to Mike ‘Well, it feels really sexy. I like to imagine that Leanne [a sexy girl at school] has given me her panties to wear – you know like a sort of symbol we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Then I wank while pretending she is watching me.’

Mike nodded. This wasn’t really news. Although we hadn’t shared precise details of our fantasies, we had wanked in each other’s presence – though in sleeping bags – and we had already admitted to each other that we both fancied Leanne who was in our class and best mates with my sister Jenny because they were on the same netball team.

I had told Mike about seeing Jenny’s friend Leanne’s tit when she’d been for a sleepover and he had been very envious. Though in my case it was more a distraction to hide that fact that I also thought Jenny was pretty hot. I mean I know lots of boys wear their sister’s panties but I don’t think too many of them wank and think about their sister. I suspect they think of other girls they know. And I did think of other girls sometimes, but I also spilled a lot of cum thinking about my own sister Jenny.

Mike began hesitantly ‘Maybe the next time I stay over…I could?’ Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Mike wanted to wear Jenny’s panties and I really wanted to see him wearing her panties.
‘Yeah. I bet I could arrange that easy.’ And so I did….

About 4 weeks later we had the next sleepover. Sleepovers were always on a Saturday night and the Friday before had been a home alone afternoon for me. But instead of dressing in Jenny’s clothes and wanking, I had made some preparations for Mike. I stole two pairs of Jenny’s panties – my favourite red ones for me and some pale yellow ones for Mike. I also found some of dad’s magazines that had both lesbians and one of the rarer threesomes of 2 guys and a woman where there were a few shots showed the guys touching each other. I also located a Penthouse with a good forum letter about two guys wanking each other. If that didn’t do it I knew nothing would.

The last preparation I made was a test. For sleepovers we always set up camping stretchers in the lounge and slept in our sleeping bags (hence my glimpse of Leanne’s tit one Sunday morning). I had read plenty of stories of someone being overheard and caught wanking so I wanted to know if Mike and I would be overheard.

So one Friday before I started my wanking routine I turned on a radio to a talk station at normal volume and closed the lounge room door. At the other end of the house – where the bedrooms were – it was indistinct but by listening carefully I began to make out the words. I tried again with the volume down to a murmur. Result: Very hard to notice at all and totally impossible to make out any words. Good. It was good to know that if we broke above a whisper we still wouldn’t be heard.

Mike was dropped off mid-afternoon and his mum and mine gossiped while we played outside. We went to the simple treehouse in the back garden – corrugated iron and a few planks of wood in the crotch of a tree. I had hidden the magazines there – just a couple so we’d be able to easily smuggle them back into the house. I still wasn’t sure how interested Mike would be so I casually mentioned that I had got some magazines and pointed to the pile under some sacking. Mike was instantly excited.

‘Excellent. And, umm, the other thing?’ Mike didn’t know it but I was wearing my pair already. I was half hoping it might lead to something – though I didn’t know what.
‘Yep. Two pairs. One for each of us.’
Mike smiled, ‘What sort?’

I pulled the yellow ones out of my pocket and passed them over to Mike and I could see he was growing erect. The yellow cotton panties were brief cut and had white lace trim. He couldn’t help himself – I always did the same thing – and raised them to his nose and took a sniff. He gave a little gasp and I proudly told him that ‘Yes, they have been worn. It is much safer that way. I’ll get them back in the laundry basket tomorrow and no one will ever know.’

The smell? Well to be honest it wasn’t much of anything. Jenny changed her panties every day and there was a barely detectable whiff of sweat, noticeable deodorant, and maybe a hint of something else. That didn’t really matter. I liked to bury my nose in Jenny’s panties as well. The point was that her cunt had been pressed right where my nose was – so I knew exactly what Mike was thinking.

Mike gave them another sniff and even a quick lick. bahis siteleri Then he asked ‘What about you? What ones did you get?’
With forced casualness I told him ‘I am wearing mine now. Do you want to see?’

Mike looked around, even though we were in a treehouse where no one could see us, and nodded. I unzipped and showed him the white lace waistband of the red panties. I had a huge erection. It was a combination of wearing Jenny’s panties, having someone else know I was doing that and, most excitingly, doing it in front of someone who I wanted to wank with later. Even though I could see Mike was also erect I asked ‘Have you got a stiffie?’

‘Yes. See? I can’t wait till tonight’. Still sitting down he wiggled and pulled his jeans down and I could see it making a tent of his underpants. I knew what he meant about not waiting but I chose to interpret it differently. ‘Me either. I’m going to wank now.’

Saying that I gripped my cock through the panties and started to stroke. I really wanted Mike to do it for me but couldn’t find the words to ask. All I could hope was that he’d somehow guess and do it for me. Mike had a different technique and was rubbing and rolling his cock through his underpants. I moved a little closer and Mike almost had his nose touching my crotch as we both approached climax.

Mike fumbled his pair of Jenny’s panties out of his pocket and held them to his nose again. Then, just before I was about to cum, the back door opened and we heard Mike’s mum calling out that she was going now and she’d see Mike in the morning. We both deflated instantly and pulled our pants up. We climbed down from the treehouse and went inside.

Just before dinner Mike quietly told me he wanted to ‘change’. I knew he meant he wanted to go and put on my sister Jenny’s panties that I had stolen for him. I also knew that if we closed the door of my room it would arouse suspicions so I said I’d stand guard in the hallway. I faced outwards while we carried on talking. I cast occasional glances over my shoulder and my memory of this occasion is like a series of freeze frame snapshots a few seconds apart:

Mike slipping his jeans and underpants down revealing a fresh erection flopping free. Mike sniffing the panties one last time. Mike pulling up the panties. Finally, Mike buttoning up his jeans with a huge smile on his face. Of course I knew why he wanted to wear them now. Same reason as me. It was going to be a huge turn on sitting at the table talking with Jenny while wearing her panties. Over dinner I thought Mike was embarrassingly attentive to Jenny but she lapped it up (so to speak).

After dinner everybody sat and watched TV. Jenny seemed to be deliberately taunting us because Mike and I were on the couch and she lay on her front on the floor. She was wearing a denim skirt and waving her lower legs in the air – that is she bent them at the knee and waved her feet about. It was very distracting as we kept hoping for a glimpse of panties. That part was OK but she was also rhythmically clenching her buttocks.

Mike nudged me and indicated the sight with his eyes. I think Mum must have intercepted that glance because at the next ad break she sent Jenny off to do a few unimportant tasks and then Mum got up herself saying she was going to bed and expected everyone else to do the same quite soon.

Mike and I did the dishes while the rest of the house prepared for bed. I heard Jenny’s tread in the hallway and motioned Mike to be quiet. Jenny opened the door to the toilet and by listening hard we heard the rustle of clothes and then the tinkle of her piss hitting the water. I had no idea if Mike was into piss as much as me but I was pretty sure he would like the mental imagery of Jenny’s naked cunt while she was going. We heard Jenny wipe and flush.

It was Friday, so we were allowed to read as late as we liked. I was especially horny as I had postponed my wanking routine in honour of Mike’s sleepover. We lay in our sleeping bags with the sides fully unzipped. I pulled back my sleeping bag and watched Mike as his eyes fell on my erection in Jenny’s panties. He displayed himself as well. Mike’s cock was fully erect and I wanted to rub my own cock against it.

I told Mike we should whisper but a murmur was probably OK too. Mike began to babble about the way Jenny had been clenching her bum. I used to think that anal sex would be dirty but after a few experiments with hairbrush handles and seeing how clean they came out I had begun to think it would be amazing to try.

I asked if Mike liked bums and he said he did. Great! I got out the Mayfair that had the threesome. I opened it to a series of 3 or 4 close ups of one guy as his cock entered the woman’s arse. The woman had a gasp on her face as the cock vanished up her arse. The next pictures made it clear the guy was pulling his cock in and out to the joy of the woman.

I reached under the waistband of the panties I was wearing and freed my cock. bahis şirketleri Mike did the same. We looked at the pictures and began to stroke our own cocks. I went slowly because I wanted this moment to last but Mike seemed intent on tearing his cock off. I whispered at him to slow down because we had all night and he replied that even if he did cum, it didn’t matter because he would be ready to cum again pretty quickly.

We both reached out to turn the page at the same time and our hands touched. Instead of pulling back we made eye contact.

I had to do it. It might ruin me, but I had to say it, ‘Can I…?’
He knew exactly what I meant and he nodded.
He got out of the sleeping bag with a minimum of rustling and kneeled down. I got out of my sleeping bag and knelt before him. I leaned over and Mike guided my hand to the shaft of his cock. I gripped it hard the way I liked to hold my own cock and started jerking him off. This is why gay sex is so good. You have the same body parts and really know exactly what feels good. It felt sooo good to hold another cock.

I stoked while Mike had his eyes shut. Then he reached over and took my cock in his hand.

I think we were both anxious to prove to each other that we weren’t gay so we began whispering snippets of very heterosexual things we wanted to do one day. It was the usual dumb teenage boy virgin stuff copied straight from Penthouse Forum. Then Mike let go of my cock and moved back to his bed, so I had to let go of his cock.

He asked what I liked about wearing Jenny’s panties. I needed to deflect attention from the idea that I wanted to have sex with my sister so I told Mike that for me wearing panties was a submission thing. I wanted a girl to tie me up and make we wear her panties before she climbed on top of me and fucked herself on my cock. Mike felt a little differently and for him it was more about being near something that had been near a girl’s cunt.

I want to say it again: The sight of a teenage boy wearing panties while he wanks is just one of those things everybody should see before they die. But stroke as I did, I knew I wasn’t going to cum easily because I was bursting for a piss. I stopped and said so to Mike, and he said he needed to go as well but hadn’t wanted to stop. I really hoped he meant that he hadn’t wanted to stop watching me wank, or to stop me from watching him wank.

Penthouse Forum came to the rescue again. My obsession with piss meant I always paid close attention when a letter mentioned piss and one letter had given me an inspired idea. It took a while but finally I stammered out my idea to Mike that we would make too much noise if we went to the toilet so we should each pee into a glass and then dip our cocks into the other person’s glass of piss.

It was a stupid and obviously insane idea but Mike quickly agreed. I hopped out of my sleeping bag and felt vaguely foolish as my erection wobbled while I walked into the kitchen adjoining the lounge and picked up two drinking glasses. I said I’d go first and I pointed my cock into the glass and tried to relax enough so I could pee.

Eventually I had to apologise and turn my back on Mike before I could start the flow. It is just the way I seem to be – I have trouble starting if I am being watched. I finished and held my glass of hot pee and was amazed that Mike had no trouble in pisssing while I watched. He said it was because he had brothers and they grew up sharing the toilet.

That might be so, but have you ever closely watched while a guy pisses while he has an erection? It is very erotic – a hard cock and stuff gushing out of it. I knew this was going to be good. I just had this overpowering need to debase myself to Mike and he seemed to understand. We exchanged glasses and I rubbed the tip of my cock down the inside of the glass until the head was submerged in Mike’s piss. Mike put the glass of my piss down so he could wank while watching me.

Now what? I asked myself. I knew the answer though. I took the glass away from my cock and touched a finger to the end of my cock and wiped off a drop of Mike’s piss. I raised my finger to my nose. I sniffed deeply. Mike was really loving this and was starting to pant heavily as he tugged away. I hissed at him to shush.

There was only one thing I could do now. I poked my tongue out a little and licked a drop of Mike’s piss. As I did so I could see the hunger in Mike’s eyes. I stuck out my tongue, dipped my finger into the glass and let a drop of Mike’s piss fall onto my tongue. I did it again. Warm. Salty. Oh it was so sexy to be tasting the piss of a guy who was franticly tugging at his cock while he watched me.

Mike urgently whispered that he was about to cum. Right then I wanted him to cum in my mouth like the blow job letters in Penthouse but I was too scared to suggest it and I was too scared to just take his cock in my mouth.
‘Me too. Oh now. Now Mike. I’m cumming now while you watch.’
Mike paused and held the glass to my cock. I spurted into the glass. A glob of cum hung in the piss.

I took a deep breath and looked over at Mike. He smiled and pointed to the glass. ‘Have you ever tasted your own cum?’

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