Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 06


Everyone’s over 18, blah, blah, etc… BTW, this story will be infinitely more enjoyable if you read the other chapters first.


“Absolutely not! You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to sit idly by and watch my son throw his life away! She’s a whore Peter, a prostitute who may be a couple of rungs up the ladder from the girls down on Eighth Avenue but she still quacks like the same species of duck. Jason said she lost her virginity to a train of sixteen people for God’s sake… and she’s actually proud of it! She has no shame! I’m telling you if we just sit back without stopping this, our son will become a laughing stock in every social circle we care about; and you can forget about your precious application to the Yacht Club. We’ll never be allowed entry to the homes of decent people again!

And what about Monica? She’ll be here this weekend too! Do you want your daughter to make friends with her brother’s little cock sucking tramp? Don’t you think she already has enough problems without adding to her confusion?

He’s your son too, you know! Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“I rather thought it might keep the overall volume down if I waited until it was my turn. Is it my turn now?”

“Oh for God’s sake, if you have something to say, say it without sarcasm!”

Peter began, “When we were discussing Jason’s shyness around women we discussed at length the idea that this might happen and we decided it was worth the risk. The one thing we never considered was that the girl might turn out to be actually worthy of our s…” Worthy? You’re calling that cheap piece of tail…”

“Excuse me Ruth but didn’t you just tell me that it was my turn?”

Ruth shut her mouth which was mid sentence and waved to Peter to continue. “Yes I said worthy. In case you haven’t noticed Lisa’s been a tonic for Jason. His confidence and maturity have made quantum leaps in the last few months. You put so much store in Lisa’s flamboyant entry into sexual maturity but it seems to have escaped your notice that she waited until she was old enough to reason out the implications of what she was doing. And no matter how you want to delude yourself, you know damned well what Monica and Ray Laughton’s son were doing in the pool house almost six years ago! Maybe if she’d waited until she had Lisa’s emotional maturity she might not have some of the problems she has today, I don’t know.

I do know that as I already told you on board the Clarion, I was impressed with the way Lisa stood up for herself in the airport in Bermuda and I seem to remember your saying how impressed you were with her college course load.

Oh, and as far as all those doors that are going to be closed to us in the homes of ‘decent people’? Well after talking to Jack Breslin in my office I feel fairly confident that Arthur and Joan Hill are already on the inside of most of those doors.” He chuckled, “I know that if I’d had Arthur as a sponsor on my Yacht Club application we’d already be members.

All that aside though, Ruth, in the last hundred years how many parents do you think succeeded in ordering their children to stop seeing the object of their loves? Whatever number you come up with I guarantee it’s smaller than the number of parents who wound up alienating their kids.

I know you, Ruth. So I know that on Wednesday when Jason brings Lisa home for Thanksgiving Day weekend you’re going to bite your tongue and be cordial and loving and every bit as friendly as you were on board the schooner. Your sense of self-preservation would never allow you to drive a wedge between yourself and your son.”

Ruth opened a cabinet and took out a rag and some cleaner to address an imaginary stain on the kitchen counter. The conversation was over.

Lisa thought Jason had fallen asleep in the deep armchair until she heard him say, “You seem to forget where we’re going this weekend. You’re packing quite a few things I’m really sure you won’t be dragging out in front of my family.”

Lisa looked over, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I don’t care how tired I am, I’m not about missing my favorite thing to do ever! I could watch you doing ordinary domestic-like things naked forever! When you’re naked in a non-sexual setting it seems to me that you’re wearing the most magnificently designed outfit ever conceived of!”

Lisa smiled as she said, “I sometimes feel that way too but trust me, you’ll stop thinking that way in a few years when these tits begin to sag.”

“That’s why I want to store up as many of these memories as I can. Note to self; buy a good quality digital movie camera for these very occasions.”

She smiled coyly, “I won’t mind.”

“You still haven’t answered my question about your packing. Don’t forget that it’ll probably be me who winds up carrying all that stuff!”

Lisa looked down at the Golden Whore trophy in her hand and smiled as her mind drifted pendik escort back to her summer.

After thirty seconds of silence Jason was forced to ask, “A penny for your thoughts?”

Lisa didn’t look up as she continued to smile. She said, “I was thinking about the day we met and you were telling me I wouldn’t be needing all the frilly underwear I’d packed.” Her eyes rose to meet his. “You were so embarrassed!”

Jason smiled back and said, “I love you too but please keep packing. We’re already going to be late and you’re decidedly not my Mom’s favorite person right now.”

Lisa rolled her eyes as she put the statuette in one of her Hartmann bags. “Don’t remind me. If I didn’t absolutely know how much you want peace between your Mom and I… Well, trust me, I wouldn’t be going.” She filled that bag and positioned the next one for filling.

She continued, “Oh, I ought to let you into the loop. I’ve pretty much decided to stop having sex with my Dad.”

Jason sat up quickly. “What happened; what’s wrong?”

Lisa kept packing, “Nothing’s really wrong per se but Sally wants me to. She feels she can compete with my Mom for Arthur’s affection but she knows my pussy’s an unnecessary distraction.”

Jason’s eyes were the size of saucers. “She said that?”

Lisa filled the second bag and grabbed a third. “No Silly, but I’ve neither gone brain dead nor blind in the last few months.”

Jason shook his head, “I’ve realized that her feelings for your Dad have steadily grown lately but I thought she’d come to realize that was a battle she can’t possibly win!”

Lisa didn’t look up, “Maybe.”

“What do you mean maybe?”

Lisa finally interrupted her packing to sit and face Jason. “Look, everyone knows it’s an uphill battle for her but Mom isn’t standing on the firmest of grounds herself. She’s been pursuing a policy of benign neglect toward her marriage for years now. I used to joke that Dad stopped visiting her bed before I grew pubic hair. To my way of thinking if Dad were to choose whomever he wants to be with for the rest of his life he’d pick Sally. People might say negative things about him if he were to start to show up at social occasions with an eighteen-year-old on his arm but he wouldn’t give that a thought. Should he project any loyalty to my mother after nineteen years of marriage? I personally can’t imagine why since I suspect she allowed herself to get knocked up with me just to force him into marrying her. My Mom is my mother and I guess I love her but that doesn’t have to mean I particularly like her!

No, none of these things would mess up Sally’s vision of her future, but the deal killer is probably my Dad’s idea of what life should be like for a young woman. In his eyes it should be about exploration and creation; two people learning and growing with each other. I’m probably overcomplicating this thing; maybe in the final analysis it’s all about babies. I don’t know that he wants to start down that trail again and I know he thinks it shouldn’t be denied to a young woman.

Lisa resumed her packing, “Anyway, that’s their problem not mine so I think I should back off and let them work it out for themselves.

Okay, I’m done with the packing so if you’d tear your eyes away from my tits and ass so you can take these down to the car I’ll throw something on and we can hit the road. We’re late, remember?”

Jason got up and held out his hand. “So give me the keys.”

“No, I love my car but I think we’d create less friction if I didn’t show up driving a car worth more than most people’s houses. We’ll go in your SUV.”

Monica looked out her window and saw Jason’s Range Rover pull in the drive. She opened the door to her room and bounded down the stairs yelling, “They’re here”. She rounded the corner and entered the solarium where her parents were relaxing and having a drink. “They’re here.”

Ruth looked up from the magazine in her hands and said to her daughter, “Yes, Darling, we heard you the first time.” She turned a page as she added, “I’m quite sure Jason, his friend, and half the neighbors heard you as well.”

Peter Carson got up and said, “I’ll give Jason a hand with the luggage.”

Ruth didn’t look up this time, “Are you planning on putting her luggage in the yellow guestroom or in the maid’s quarters. I know there are fresh sheets down there and it might give her more privacy.”

“Oh, I’d just assumed she’d be staying in Jason’s room.”

“Not in my home she’s not.

That’s why I suggested the maid’s room; if he sneaks down to visit her we won’t be subjected to hearing them rut.”

Monica spoke up, “Wow, it took me seventeen years to get on your shitlist while this girl’s made the cut in just seventeen weeks! I think I might get to like her!”

“Monica you know I don’t tolerate language like that from you in my home.”

Monica got up to follow her father. “Yes, Mother!

Peter escort pendik shook his son’s hand before hugging him. “Great to see you, Jase, how was the drive?” He walked around the car to hug Lisa.

“Not too bad. I hit some congestion around New Haven but it was mostly clear sailing.”

Peter hugged Lisa and kissed her forehead. “Welcome to our home, Lisa. I hope this proves to be only the first of many visits.

Speaking of sailing Jase, what do you guys think about taking the boat out Friday? I was thinking we could sail about a bit and overnight at Mystic Seaport.”

“The boat’s a bit more confined than the house Dad so I guess that segues easily into my next question. How’s Mom?”

Peter still had one arm around Lisa’s waist and was looking at her as he answered his son. “Still a bit rough around the edges but she’ll come around.

You see Lisa, Ruth’s never before felt she had to compete for her son’s affection and it scares her a bit. She’s afraid that when she loses her kids she’ll become a superfluous old woman.”

Lisa hugged him back and said, “Well then I guess it’s my job to convince her she needs a new girlfriend.”

At that point Monica walked up and said, “I heard that and I’ll pick my own girlfriends thank you all!”

Jason lovingly shoved his sister and said, “Guess what Sis? There are quite a few conversations going on in the world right now which aren’t about you and you just interrupted one of them!” He hugged her and swung her around. “Brat!”

Peter opened the rear of the Rover and started grabbing Lisa’s bags. He said to her, “We’ve got a small suite on the side of the house by the pool which was originally designed as a maid’s apartment but I thought might afford you a little more privacy than the guestrooms.”

Lisa was about to respond when Monica interrupted. “No he didn’t. He was going to put you in Jason’s room but Mom told him the maid’s quarters would be better since Jase’s room’s across from mine and she didn’t want me to hear you guys screwing all night long.”

After a few seconds of silence Peter was the first to recover and said, “Did I tell you Lisa that I’d been thinking about suggesting a career for Monica in the diplomatic service?”

Lisa laughed and said, “I think the idea of a little privacy sounds great to me. I’ll grab these two totes and follow you.”

Lisa had unpacked her bags and pretty much settled in when Monica came into her room and plopped herself down on the bed. “Why does my mother hate you so much?”

“I don’t know that she does hate me. Why do you think that?”

Monica ignored her question and pushed ahead with her own questions. “You were hired to be Dad’s secretary this summer. Did she catch you fucking my brother?”

“No Monica she didn’t but why the third degree? You seem to be treating me like the enemy yourself.”

Monica leaned back on the pillow and shrugged, “I need some ammunition. I’m pretty much grounded through the end of the year and I was hoping to get something I could hold over her head to get me out of house arrest.”

“Why are you grounded?”

“While you guys were sailing along the Riviera I was visiting friends and we got picked up by the police.” Monica’s voice became progressively more strident as she continued, “But nothing happened! One of the guys father’s some kind of judge so he got the whole thing to go away but even so I didn’t do anything! It was all a big misunderstanding!”

“So what did they bust you for?”

“I told you, nothing! I was just holding a couple of joints in my purse for one of the guys.”

“You were lucky.”

Monica looked at Lisa with amazement. “Lucky! To be grounded for the rest of the year! I don’t think so!” She stormed out of Lisa’s room.

A few minutes later Jason came in and reached for Lisa. They wrapped their arms around each other and eased down to the bed at their tongues attacked each other. His hand was under her bra when they broke the kiss to breathe. “We should have parked the car down by the ballpark and made love before we got here. I really needed to kiss you.”

Lisa kissed his nose lightly, “Sounds wonderful but we need to get out of here. My goal is to work on your mother, not you.”

“Well put on a swimsuit ’cause everyone’s out by the pool. It’s prime rib on the barby tonight. I held back coming in here when Monica was here. What’d you two talk about?”

Lisa had already stripped and put on her swimsuit bottoms but offered Jason a suck on each nipple before donning her bra. “I want to talk to you later about it but did you know she was arrested while we were in France?”

He groaned and said, “No, I knew she was grounded for something serious but the folks wouldn’t go into detail.”

As long as he’s known her Jason’s fascination with the changing interpersonal dynamics which surround Lisa grew steadily. When she first came on board the Clarion it seemed pendik escort bayan that for the first time his Dad was unsure of his footing around her but steadily was won over as one of her fans. His Mom seemed fascinated in the manner of a mongoose staring at a cobra, a wary look which quickly moderated within a few short days.

He assumed from the start that Lisa’d eventually win his mother over this weekend but was surprised at her methodology. Rather than focus on Ruth, Lisa seemed to invest her energy in forming a tenuous bond with Monica. Jason mentally remarked on the enormous difference in emotional maturity between the two girls even though there was only a few months difference in age.

Ruth tossed the salad, the girls husked the corn, and Peter was in charge of the steaks while Jason set the table and sliced the lemons for the iced tea. The conversation was chatty, none of them wanting to be the first one to tackle something meaty. When both Ruth and Peter were occupied looking elsewhere Jason blew her a kiss. Knowing that Monica would see her Lisa pulled the bra to her suit up and flashed her tits at him quickly readjusting her top after. Monica whipped her head around and saw that Jason was the only one who could have seen the show. She giggled and whispered, “Nice rack!”

“Why thank you Monica.” Lisa leaned over and kissed her forehead.

They were all chowing down and exchanging pleasantries when Ruth asked, “So Lisa did Jason mention to you that he’d changed his schedule before the term began and signed up for Paleontology?”

Lisa’s eyes opened up and she turned to look at Jason. “No he didn’t, Ruth! What’s that all about, Jase?”

He shrugged. “”I don’t know; I guess I thought that if you decided to go on that dig in Montana next summer I might try to get myself invited.”

Ruth poked at her salad as she said, “Oh, won’t that interfere with your summer job?”

Lisa smiled as she thought, ‘Well, there’s the first salvo. She’s wondering if I’ll slip and say something about whoring in front of Monica. Dirty pool, Mrs. Carson. She said, “I think I can hit my Dad up for some money to replace what I would have earned as a traveling secretary. It’s not very often one gets an opportunity to be part of a T Rex dig. Jack Horner actually discovered the Rex while a team was uncovering a massive Maiasaur nesting site in the Black Hills.”

Ruth’s lack of interest was evident in the dryness of her response, “Fascinating.”

The rest of the meal passed uneventfully except for the barbs which Monica kept throwing at her mother in a misguided attempt to reduce her sentence of house arrest. Ruth finally had her fill and sent her from the table.

While the division of labor wasn’t quite as smooth as it was on the Clarion, Lisa and Jason helped by clearing until Lisa said, “I think I’ll look for Monica.”, which simply produced a grunt from Ruth.

After Lisa’s departure Ruth turned to her son, “You don’t think that girl will try to turn my daughter into a whore, do you?”

Jason didn’t look up from rinsing the plates, “Cut it out, Mom.”

“I just meant…”

“I said cut it out! First of all you already know that’s not happening but even if it was I hear that Monica’s already doing a good job of messing up her life. What was she arrested for?”

Ruth immediately became defensive. “Who said anything about being arrested?”

“She did. She apparently already told Lisa her version of the story.”

“Drugs.” Ruth’s look of defeat only lasted a second and she rallied with, “But she was only holding them in her purse for one of her friends.”

Jason tilted his head with a smirk. “Mother, Please! “I tried to use that flimsy excuse when I was thirteen and you found cigarettes in my laundry. You didn’t believe me then but you believe Monica now? Right! That excuse ranks up there with the check’s in the mail and I won’t cum in your mouth.”

That got a smirk from his mother. “Don’t be crude! Now I want to finish here so why don’t you go protect my daughter from your sex obsessed girlfriend.” Jason noticed that she actually smiled as he left the room.

He paused at the door and said, “Speaking of sex obsessed, I seem to recall a story about four sisters from the Theta House going into the City before I was born and strutting their stuff at an Amateur Night at Scores. I don’t seem to recall anyone ever telling me how that evening worked out!” He left as the wet dishtowel sailed past his head.

Jason fell onto the bed with his head nestled between Lisa’s legs. Without the use of his hands he tried to pull the zipper of her jeans down using his teeth. Monica got up from her chair and lightly punched her brother on his shoulder.

“Hey, we were having a perfectly good girl-talk session and now you want to put your own needs first; typical guy!”

After Monica left the room Lisa pulled Jason’s face up to hers and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They were tightly wrapped in each other’s arms when Jason remarked, “I don’t want to let go of you long enough to undress you.”

Lisa kissed him again and said, “Don’t worry, you will.”

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