Listening to Mom and Dad

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Listening to Mom and DadDo you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit. “We’re talking enough to pay for your college, Pam,” Mom told me matter-of-factly. “I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind, but this is what’s best for the family, us and you.”Of course, I just rolled my eyes. It just sucked — I was losing my best friend, Vicky and my sometimes boyfriend, David who I was close to giving in on the big sex question. Dammit, I was a cheerleader on one of the best squads in the state! It just sucked.To add insult to injury, we wound up celebrating my eighteenth birthday on the long drive across the country. No big party — just an embarrassing moment when the waitresses of a restaurant presented me with ice cream and a brownie with a candle stuck in it and sang me “Happy Birthday,” in front of a laughing crowd. Daddy promised they would make it up to me later, after we got settled in Kentucky. I doubted that. The only thing good thing I could foresee was that in another year, I could escape the hick town we were moving to for college. I already had my eye on a couple of West Coast Schools.Most of our stuff was already in the house brought before we arrived by the movers, but we spent another two days unpacking and sorting everything. The only good thing about our new home was that it had a huge attic that had been fitted out as a bedroom — the biggest bedroom anyone could wish for. Lots of room for everything. It seems that the previous family had been quite large and had set the attic up for several k**s. It even had its own bathroom. Despite the second floor having four bedrooms, Mom and Daddy agreed to let me live up in the attic. “Nothing wrong with a little privacy, right honey?” Mom said, putting her arm around Daddy’s waist and winking up at him.Daddy just grinned and leaned down and kissed Mom on the lips, giving her a quick pinch on her butt. I just rolled my eyes. Mom and Daddy had been real lovey-dovey all the way here. They were always touching and kissing each other. “Too much information, Mom,” I said in my best sarcastic voice and then I turned and headed up the stairs to my new room to plan how I wanted to lay everything out.I slept downstairs on a mattress that first night, but with Mom’s help, I got my bedroom cleaned up and all three of us lugged my bedroom furniture upstairs the next day and by that evening, even though I had lots to unpack, I was able to spend my first night in my new room. I said my good nights right after dinner, pecking Daddy on the cheek and giving Mom a quick hug. I was still mad about moving and just wanted to go sulk in private.I did some more work putting my room in order and was wondering if I could guilt my parents into letting me have a small refrigerator upstairs — then I could hide up there for days and not talk to them! It had gotten pretty late and I was getting ready to go to bed. I went to go pee and was sitting on the toilet when I realized I could hear my parents talking.I looked around and realized there was a rectangular metal grate between the sink and the toilet. I leaned over and almost gasped. I could see downstairs — right into my parents’ bathroom. Depending on the angle, I could see who was at the sink or on the toilet. Daddy was standing at the sink, wearing boxer shorts and Mom was talking to him from nearby.”So, honey, what did you think of what your daughter was wearing today?” I heard Mom ask Daddy.Daddy laughed and spat out his toothpaste. “Well, I think if her shorts get any smaller, she should just run around in her panties. And that T-shirt — why don’t you wear those half –T’s?”Mom snorted and I heard her reply, “Because I don’t have her figure anymore — I wish I had her flat stomach and I wish I had her sweet ass which I noticed you couldn’t keep your eyes off of all day long.”Daddy shrugged his shoulders and after rinsing out his mouth said. “Well, can you blame me — her tight ass cheeks hanging out like they were? God, and the way her shirt hangs off those pert tits of hers — you have no idea what that does to me.”Mom moved into my view then, wrapping her arms around Daddy and she slipped one hand into his shorts and said, “Oh, I know exactly what Pammy does to her Daddy!” Daddy turned around and kissed Mom while her hand moved up and down in his shorts while I sat there in absolute shock. My mother and father were talking about me! Talking about my body in a sexual way! A shiver went through me — from the top of my head to between my legs where it turned to intense heat that spread back through my body.I reached down and traced a finger along the length of my wispy haired pussy and was amazed to find myself wet. I heard Mom began to speak and peered down again.”C’mon, you dirty old man — let’s take care of your problem,” Mom said in a teasing voice and then she led Daddy out of the bathroom, holding him by his hard penis which I only got a quick glimpse of.Their voices faded and a part of me wanted to cry out in protest and then it occurred to me that the attic had more than one of those grates…maybe, just maybe. I scurried out of the bathroom, looking anxiously about. There was on in the near corner — I hurried to it, but it was dark and quiet. Damn! I found another across the room and it was dark and quiet too. I balled my fists in frustration and then remembered that there was another grate under my bed! I got down on my belly and wiggled my way under the bed frame. I reached the grate and peered down and almost laughed when I saw that my prayers were answered!Omigod! I had an almost perfect view of my parents’ bed! I felt another shiver race through me to explode in white hot heat between my legs. Looking down I could see Daddy sprawled naked on the bed, Mom lying between his legs and stroking his thing — his penis — his cock and it was big! I had jacked off my old boyfriend before, but he had nothing on my daddy! Mom looked like she could barely get her hand around it.Mom was naked too, her butt, looking like a slightly older version of my own, staring up at me. Mom scissored her shapely legs and when she moved, I would get a brief glimpse of her bare pussy. I had no idea that Mom shaved her pussy. Looking at it made me hot between my legs too. I had a momentary flash of Vicky lying naked and me fingering her on the nights I slept over at her house.Mom giggled and said, “So tell me, John, how badly do you want to fuck our daughter? Maybe I should go up and get her and let her see this big bad cock. She leaned forward and gave it a lick. “Or maybe you would like Pammy to get on her knees and suck Daddy’s dick?”Daddy groaned and said, “Yessssss! I would love to have her little mouth around my cock, sucking me till I cum!”A shiver seemed to go through Mom. “Mmmm. Do you want to cum in your daughter’s mouth, baby…or maybe shoot your nasty jizz all over Pammy’s face?”Dad just groaned and Mom continued, her voice husky and strange. “Just close your eyes, Daddy — let Pammy suck Daddy’s cock for him.”Mom moved and all I could see was her dark hair bobbing up and down above Daddy’s crotch. Still, it was hot — looking at my Daddy squirming on his bed, his hands tangled in Mom’s short, black hair, hips moving up and down to meet her movements. It suddenly occurred to me what a hunk Daddy was. He kept in shape by running and working out at the gym and while he had a bit of a stomach, his body was mostly muscle — his chest, a mat of thick hair. Daddy’s hair was a peppery mix that Vicky and other of my girlfriends had thought as kinda sexy and I suddenly realized that they were right.I could hear the wet, gobbling noises Mom was making with her mouth, sucking Daddy’s cock. It didn’t take Daddy long and then he was shaking and moaning, “Cathy, I’m cumming, baby — I’m gonna cum.”Mom let him slip from his mouth and said in a voice that was a good imitation of mine, “No, it’s me, Daddy — it’s Pammy sucking your cock!” That was all it took. The head of Daddy’s cock swelled and then sprayed sperm all over Mom’s face. One spurt, then another and then Mom had her mouth on him again and was sucking hard, making Daddy claw the sheets and groan until I thought he was going to go out of his mind.Mom seemed to suck Daddy’s cock for what seemed like forever, but she finally let him slip, still half erect from his mouth and she scurried up into his arms. “That was good, sweetie,” Daddy said, smiling at Mom lovingly.”Not as good as your love cream, John,” Mom sighed back. I watched in awe as Daddy took his finger and began to wipe his sperm off Mom’s face, getting a finger loaded with his white spunk and then letting Mom suck it off his fingers.I covered my mouth with my hand to squelch a little moan as an orgasmic tremor spread out from my pussy. In my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined my parents acting so…hot and nasty!So tell me what you would like to do with our little girl, sweetie,” Daddy said.Mom sucked Daddy’s finger clean of a glob of his cum and then said, “Well — I think I’d like to have you fucking me with that big cock, hubby dear while Pammy sits on my face and I eat her sweet little pussy.” As Mom spoke, her hand slipped down Daddy’s hairy chest, across his stomach and into his crotch to wrap around his still sizable penis.While you fuck my pussy silly with this big b**st, I would see how far I can get my tongue up our daughter’s cunt and see how wet she can make my face!” Mom giggled. “And then…Daddy was grinning from ear to ear, “And then, Cathy?” Daddy’s cock was beginning to rise again. I was amazed. I would have thought guys his age were only good for one go around a night — if that!”And then, after you put a nice hot load of jism inside my pussy, making me cum in the process — I’d see how many times Pam could make her mom orgasm while eating her daddy’s cum out of my pussy!” “And I could be fucking her tight little cunt while she eats you out.” Daddy’s cock was again hard and stiff! He gave Mom a kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Mom kissed him back, pulling him over on top of her. I groaned again into my hand as I saw how with practiced ease, Mom spread her legs wide on the bed and Daddy lifted his hips and thrust down, making Mom moan as she jerked her head back.Mom pulled her knees back, and wrapped her long legs around Daddy’s hips — her heels digging into Daddy’s butt while he made her toes curl. “Fuck me, lover,” Mom moaned, her lips pulled back in a sneer. Fuck me like you’d fuck our little girl!”I felt my pussy turn absolutely molten at Mom’s words and then when Daddy gave a little growl and began to really pump his cock in and out of Mom’s pussy fast and hard, I had to clamp a hand over my mouth to muffle my own moans as I had a little orgasm — my pussy flooding my panties with my juices.I could not tear my eyes away from the spectacle of my parents fucking like maniacs. I mean, I’ve seen porno flicks before. Vicky and I would sometimes sneak one out of her brother’s room, but this was my Mom and my Dad! And Daddy seemed to really know what he was doing judging from Mom’s cries of pleasure. Mom’s body writhed under Daddy — her plump tits bouncing in rhythm with Daddy’s thrusts while she clawed his back or the sheets. Mom seemed to try and thrust back when she could, but then Daddy would move his hips just so or pick up the pace of his fucking and Mom would be helpless beneath his body.Finally, Daddy seemed to stiffen up and he rammed himself deep into Mom’s cunt. “I’m cumming, Cathy!” he gasped and I saw his pretty buff ass cheeks clench and then his balls began to jerk and I knew he was shooting his stuff inside Mom’s womb.A look of pure contentment crossed Mom’s face and then quickly morphed into the contorted face of a woman experiencing an incredible orgasm and then Mom seemed to have a seizure, wrapping her arms and legs tight around my father’s body and sobbing, “YESSSSSSS!” before they both collapsed into a heaving pile of limbs. My little orgasm escalated on its own and I marveled even as I shook uncontrollably that I was having an orgasm without any physical stimulation. I bit my hand hard enough to draw a thin streamer of blood in an effort to muffle my own ecstatic cries.Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off my parents, marveling as Daddy finally slipped off Mom and revealed her completely, her legs widespread, pussy wide open — her pink flesh bald and revealing, glistening with her juices and Daddy’s white spunk. I was completely mesmerized by the rise and fall of her tits, realizing with some satisfaction that even at forty years old, her breasts, a little fuller and heavier than mine, were still in good shape — not sagging much at all. Daddy reached over and helped her orgasm linger a little longer by pinching and teasing one nickel sized nipple, making Mom quiver with pleasure.”Oh my god, John, that was wonderful” Mom sighed when she finally caught her breath.”Just wonderful, Cathy?” Daddy replied. “Not perfect?”Mom purred and turned to kiss Daddy. “Mmmmm — perfect would have to end with Pammy between my legs licking me clean and making me cum one last time.” She giggled and she and Dad kissed some more.”Who knows, Babe, maybe wishes come true,” Daddy said in a teasing voice.”Mmmm — what’s your wish, Daddy?” asked Mom. “Fucking our Pammy till she screams with pleasure?”Dad sighed. “Sounds great, but well, I guess I’ll settle for her wearing that little, red bikini of hers some time soon.”Mom reached over and stroked Daddy’s weary penis and laughed. “Me too! Anything that will make this hard for Momma!” They both laughed and Mom turned out the lamp next to the bed. I sat still for a few more minutes as I heard them softly whisper their “good nights” and “I love you” and quickly drift off to sleep.Carefully, I withdrew from my spot, a little confused as I felt wetness on my stomach and then brushing against my scrunched up T-shirt. Then my own smell hit me and I realized I had literally cum in a puddle. Out from under the bed, I looked at myself in a mirror propped up against a wall. My blue cotton panties looked like I had peed myself — I was that wet. I ran a finger over my tummy, feeling my own juices slick on my skin.I gazed at my own awe struck image in the mirror. My parents using me to spice up their fantasies — to put the sizzle back in their love lives. How the fuck long had this been going on? I took stock of myself. I knew I was kinda pretty, although I was sure I could stand to lose a few pounds. Five foot, seven inches, one hundred-thirty pounds. Long, dark brown hair that hung half way down my back. Nice, melon sized breasts with nickel size nipples that were just like Mom’s. I had good, muscular legs from being a cheerleader for the last three years. Okay, I knew I could turn a boys head, but my Daddy? And Mom — here I had had guilt feelings over my girl games with Vicky, but now to hear my Mom talk about eating my pussy — wanting me to eat her out! And I couldn’t believe how wet it made me to know they thought and talked about me like I was some little fucking slut.My fingers found there way inside my panties and I couldn’t help but groan as my fingers slipped inside my wet hole — my thumb brushing over my swollen clitoris. I stumbled back and fell on my bed, pushing my sodden panties off with one hand while I plunged three fingers inside my pussy with the other.I spread my legs wide and finger fucked myself, still looking at the mirror at my shameless image, wispy dark hair surrounding my swollen pussy lips as I forced a fourth finger inside me — imagining it being Daddy’s cock buried in me rather than my hand. I felt my fingers being flooded with my juices as I began to cum and cum hard. I fell back and pressed my face into my stuffed teddy bear to muffle the sound of my cries as I hunched against my hand, bringing myself to the best self induced orgasm of my young life.I fell asleep that way, fingers still in my throbbing cunt, imagining my parents touching and caressing me — letting me join them in their naughty games. My last thoughts before sleep claimed me was me wondering what my Mom and Daddy would say if I asked to join them and whether or not I had the nerve to even try.The next day I woke up still feeling excited about what I had witnessed last night. I took a long shower as I considered what had happened and the thought of it had me so worked up, I had to pleasure myself again before I climbed out — again fingering myself as the warm water jet teased my clitoris and sensitive folds of cunt flesh.For the first time in my life, I considered my outfit with the sole purpose of turning my Daddy on. I considered all my usual outfits, but even though they would show off my sexy side, I wanted to go a little further. I finally settled on a low cut T-shirt that I had truthfully outgrown. I left my bra off and giggled at myself in the mirror. The cotton material clung to me like a second skin, my nipples obvious without my bra and the upper portions of my full breasts overflowing the scoop-neck. With it, I wore a too tight pair of shorts that barely buttoned. The shorts were made of light blue cotton and clung to my body so tightly you could just make out the shape of my pubic mound — I was definitely pushing what my old boyfriend like to call “camel-toe territory.” The outfit also exposed my bare tummy — the shorts waistband so low, it exposed skin almost to where my wispy pubic hair began.Before I went down to breakfast, I did some rearranging of my bedroom. I scooted the bed sideways until I had uncovered my peak-a-boo grate. I then found a throw rug to cover it up when someone might be visiting my room. Now I could lie on my bed, tug the rug off and peek to my heart’s delight.I hurried downstairs to the kitchen where Mom and Daddy were finishing breakfast, proud of my naughty flaunting of my own body — until I saw both my parents looking at me and I felt my face flushing with embarrassment.”Good morning,” I said as I entered the room. I was suddenly very nervous and to cover up my jitters, I flitted around the room, fixing myself some cereal and toast. Even with my back turned, I could feel my parents’ eyes crawling all over my partially covered body.Mom said, “Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep alright last night?”I nodded and said, “I really like my new room.”Daddy chuckled and said, “Well, what do you know? That’s the first positive thing I’ve heard you say since we left Arizona!”I shrugged and rolled my eyes. “Well, moving sucks, but maybe — maybe there are some good things about this place.””That’s my girl,” Daddy said, getting up from the table. He leaned over and put his hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the top of my head. I had to fight to not shiver uncontrollably at his touch. He squeezed my shoulder and I felt a spurt of hot wetness inside my pussy. “I can use some help in the garage later, if you have some time.” He looked at me hopefully, his eyes roaming all over my young, nubile form. I felt my nipples hardening and swelling.”Sure, Daddy — I’ll be glad to help you.” I said in a quiet voice.Daddy smiled and nodded and then gave Mom a long kiss and a pat on her butt and walked out the door. Mom and I chit-chatted about her plans for organizing the kitchen and then when I was putting my dishes in the sink, Mom said, “Didn’t you forget to put something on this morning?” She stood up and brought her dishes over.I feigned innocence and said, “What do you mean, Mom?”Mom smirked at me and using her finger flicked my left nipple, still engorged and swollen. “You decide to give up bras?”I rolled my eyes and gave her my best exasperated whine. “Mooommmmm! It’s just so uncomfortable around the house and so hot while we’re unpacking. I just wanted to be comfortable. Besides, you don’t wear a bra much around the house either.” To prove a point, I reached out and ran a finger down her front, brushing against her hardening nipple. Mom had on one of Dad’s old dress shirts, tied up in a knot under her breasts. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Mom had on shorts too and while her belly wasn’t as flat as mine, Mom had a good figure and wasn’t ashamed to show it off.Mom stiffened, her eyes going a bit wide before she recovered and laughed at me. “Touché. Well, don’t you think that whole outfit is a bit much, especially around Daddy?”Again I responded with the exasperation of a teenager bored by her mother’s complaints. “Gawd, Mommmm! Like Daddy even notices me like that. I’m just his little girl. And these are just some old clothes — I don’t want to ruin my good clothes getting dirty while we move crap and stuff.”I continued my innocent and oblivious act while Mom continued to study me. It made me excited to see her stare at me — I felt my panties become damp and I wondered if my juices would soon stain the front of my shorts. A smile flickered across her face and then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I guess you’re right. Why don’t you go help your father?”I nodded and replied, “Sure, Mom.” I then surprised her by giving her a hug, my scantily clad body pressing against hers, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I know I’ve been a bitch lately, Mom. I…I’ll try and be a better daughter to you and Daddy.”Mom returned my hug and a thrill went through me as her unfettered breasts mashed against mine, separated by only a couple of thin layers of cotton. She kissed me back on the corner of my mouth and looked at me, her eyes now glowing strangely. I think maybe she liked the feel of our bodies together as much as I had. “Pam, you are a good daughter. You will never know how happy you make your father and me.” She let me go and stepped around me, giving me a playful slap on my mostly bare ass cheek. “Now get going, I’m sure your father needs some help.”The garage was pretty messy. The last owners hadn’t taken as good care of it as they had the rest of the house. There were some boxes of junk to sort through and then hosing down the floor and sweeping it clean and finally, unpacking Daddy’s tools and stuff and organizing and putting stuff up. You’d think it was pretty boring and it would have been if I hadn’t been reveling in catching Daddy constantly staring at me. I enjoyed coming up with ways to drive Daddy nuts — lots of slow bending over at the waist to pick things up out of boxes or off the floor, letting Daddy ogle my ass, or giving him ample opportunities to stare at my shirt — tightly clinging to my breasts, nipples constantly swollen and protruding against the material. It was hot in the garage, even with the door open and we both worked up a good sweat. Daddy was wearing some old Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt and his excitement was obvious. He did everything he could to hide his bulging erection, but it was obvious I was making him hard.He really paid attention to me when I would let something fall to the floor and I would slowly squat down facing him — my too tight shorts drawing tight against my crotch, completely outlining my cunt lips and giving Daddy a good “camel toe” shot. As the heat increased, my shirt became soaked, giving Daddy greater details of my breasts to the point where you could make out the dark half dollar sized aureoles of my breasts. I felt like I’d wet my panties too and between sweat and pussy cream, the crotch of my shorts were spotted too.Still, for all my cock teasing, Daddy and I got the garage ship-shape in just a few hours. Daddy was looking and sounding a little strained by the end and he finally wiped his face with his shirt and giving me a frank stare, finally mumbled, “Why don’t we take a break, sugar? Get yourself something to eat — something.”He hurried inside and by the time I reached the kitchen, I saw him and Mom hand in hand going up the stairs towards the second floor. I poured myself some tea and heard their bedroom door slam shut. I took my drink and snagged an apple out of a bowl of fruit and scurried upstairs to my bedroom. I flipped the throw rug out the way and lying face down on my bed, peered into my parent’s bedroom.I had to stifle a moan as I saw Mom bent over the bed, her shorts stripped off and Daddy — his Bermuda shorts down around his ankles, fucking Mom hard and fast. Mom’s face was pressed sideways into the mattress, an ecstatic look on her face as Daddy rammed his dick into her passionately. Finally, Mom gave a little squeal of delight and then Daddy rumbled, “I’m cumming, baby!” Their bodies stiffened and quivered as Daddy pumped his cum deep into my mother’s pussy, then Daddy collapsed on top of Mom and they both spent several minutes gasping for air.Finally, Daddy groaned and said, “What’s gotten into Pammy, this morning? Have you ever seen her dress like that before?”Mom sighed and replied, “No, but I don’t care if it means you’ll be getting into me like this.” Mom stretched and said, “God, I love a good noontime fuck! That was wonderful, John.” Daddy eased off of her and Mom turned around and sat up. She took Daddy’s half erect cock in her hand and said, “My goodness, what a mess.” She changed her voice and I realized she was imitating me. “Daddddyyyy, can I please lick your cock?”Daddy just sighed and rested his hand on Mom’s head as she leaned in and took him in her mouth, lovingly sucking him clean of his spunk and her pussy juices. My mouth watered and I vowed that I would get a taste of that before long. And that’s when it hit me. Watching wasn’t going to be enough. I was going to have to fuck my parents!I rolled over and plunged my fingers into my shorts, finding my pussy slick with my own arousal and quickly fingered myself to another orgasm. I could hear Daddy and Daddy talking below me — Daddy telling Mom how hard it had been not to just take me and tear my clothes off me and fuck me silly right in the garage. “Every time that little minx bent over, I wanted to step up behind her, rips off those shorts and fuck her brains out,” he said with a husky quality in his voice.Mom giggled and said, “Yeah, at breakfast, I wanted to pull that shirt off her and suck on those nipples of hers. You’d think she was deliberately teasing us.” They both laughed and sighed at that preposterous notion.”Well, Cathy, if she keeps dressing like that, I’m not going to need Viagra to keep you satisfied,” Daddy said.Mom laughed and said, “If she keeps dressing like that, you’ll definitely need Viagra…to keep both of us satisfied. “She ever knows how good a lover her daddy is, she’ll be going around stark naked to get you hard and fucking her.” Mom gave Daddy’s cock a final lick and then pulled his shorts up. “Don’t you worry, though. I start my new job tomorrow. I’ll pick up a new prescription of the magic blue pills for you.” Daddy snorted and said, “You mean for you. You cock crazy slut.” Mom was a nurse-practioner and was going to work for the local County clinic tomorrow.”Yeah, I’m cock crazy and if Pam keeps dressing like she does, I’m going to be cunt crazy too. It’s been a while since I’ve licked pussy — I’m out of practice since Karen and Jack moved away.”I shivered as I listened. Jack and Karen had been my parent’s best friends back in Arizona. They’d moved to Texas a year or so before. I tried to imagine Mom and her busty red-headed friend. It made me even more turned on to envision Mom licking her best friend’s pussy.Mom and Daddy’s conversation settled down to more mundane things. They talked about their upcoming schedules. Mom started her new job in the morning, but Daddy had another week before he reported in to work. They talked about chores needed to be done around the house and what Daddy’s plans were for tomorrow. “Do you think you can get these windows on the second floor cleaned tomorrow baby?” Mom asked. “Or do canlı bahis you think you will be too busy trying to get Pammy to suck your cock?” Daddy grunted. “That depends on our little girl and what she’s got planned tomorrow.” That afternoon, I helped Mom with finishing up the kitchen. I had changed out of my dirty, sweaty clothes and into what Daddy liked to call my “Daisy Duke” outfit. Short, cutoff jeans and a bandana halter top — offering both my parents another enticing look at their favorite fantasy girl. I focused on teasing Mom now — lots of bending over to put stuff away in the lower cabinets and brushing and bumping up against her. I got real touchy-feely, cutting up with her and exchanging hugs and kisses whenever I could. I know I was getting to her. Her nipples were as swollen as mine and her throat and upper chest were flushed with her arousal. I reacted just like her — I had that sexual blush thing going on too. Once or twice, I could have sworn I could smell pussy and I wasn’t sure if it was hers or mine.After dinner, we all sat in the living room watching television…or at least I was. I was stretched out on the couch and could feel Mom and Daddy’s eyes crawling over me all the time. Mom was curled up next to Daddy on the loveseat — her hand on his inner thigh, his arm around her, fingers brushing the swell of her breast. The tension was so thick; you could have cut it with a knife.It was getting late when I got up and stretched like a cat. I thought I heard Daddy give a little groan and both were staring at me strangely when I finished. I walked over to them and sorta climbed into both their laps, giving them kisses and hugs and telling them, “Good night. I love you both so much.” It was how I used to say good night to my parents when I was younger…at least until I hit puberty and started acting more “grown up.” As I untangled myself from them, I managed to cop feels of both erect penis and soft tits and felt quite pleased with myself.Mom laughed nervously and said, “You haven’t done that for years, Pam.”I shrugged and said, “I know — I just felt like doing it. I love you guys so much. I just wanted you to know that.”Dad looked at me with a mixture of a father’s pride and a man’s lust. “We love you too, sugar.” He let out a little sigh. “We love you more than you can ever imagine!”I walked away, well aware of them staring at my swinging ass. I went up the stairs to the second floor and then on up the narrow flight of steps that led to my room. I was grinning to myself — pleased at my teasing of my mom and daddy. I stripped off my clothes and sat naked on my bed — the throw rug tossed aside and waited to see what my teasing would produce.I didn’t have to wait long. Mom and Daddy came into their room kissing and tugging each others clothes off. They seemed very aroused — almost violent in their actions. They stood before their bed, touching and kissing. Daddy cupped Mom’s breast, kneading it and then sliding his hand downwards until it was between Mom’s legs. Mom grunted and shivered and I sensed more than saw that Daddy had plunged fingers into Mom’s cunt. Then Daddy literally picked Mom up and flung her on the bed. Mom bounced and then spread her legs wide as Daddy climbed up and buried his face between her thighs.I moaned and reached for the cucumber I had swiped from the pantry earlier. It was long and green and firm and I thought a fair approximation of Daddy’s cock in length and thickness. I pressed it against my spread labia lips, running it up and down my slick flesh.Mom gave a moan as Daddy hungrily tongued her, his head a blur of motion as he ate my mother out. Mom began to claw at Daddy’s shoulders and she mumbled something in her lust that I finally made out as, “Give it to me.”Daddy began to move his body around in a circular motion — his mouth never leaving Mom’s pussy — until he was able to straddle Mom’s face, his stiff cock brushing over her nose and mouth. Mom opened wide, raised her head and began sucking Daddy’s cock. He groaned into Mom’s cunt, but never let up his relentless licking of her wet, tender flesh.I used my free hand to grab a pillow to muffle my own moans as I slipped my homemade dildo into my pussy. I had broken my hymen two years before playing games with Vicky and the vegetable slipped in slowly without stopping. It felt so good and when I imagined it was Daddy’s cock, it felt even better.Mom and Daddy were an incredible sight below me. Locked in a lusty sixty-nine, something I’d only seen in porno movies, my parents couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. They rolled around on the bed, sometimes Daddy on top, sometimes Mom and sometimes they were on their sides, but seemingly without taking a breath, their mouths never seemed to leave each other’s sex. Both seemed determined to bring the other off first and the air was filled with their grunts, snorts and muffled cries as they pleasure each other.I was quivering with my own self induced pleasure. I had drawn my feet up — my knees framing my face as I wormed my cucumber dildo in and out of my pussy — each movement making the surface of my green skinned veggie slicker and slicker.Mom let out a wail, letting Daddy’s cock slip from her lips to slap wetly against her face as an orgasm swept over her. Daddy never stopped — his tongue fluttering over Mom’s quivering labia one second, then over her swollen, exposed bud of a clitoris the next and then probing deep into her glistening flesh the next. Mom’s cries of pleasure were punctuated by her attempts to thrust her pelvis even more against Daddy’s mouth. Suddenly, Daddy scrambled up and around and climbed between Mom’s all akimbo legs and he rammed his stiff dick into her pussy, making Mom scream with delight.With swift, brutal thrusts, Daddy fucked Mom as hard as he could. I matched his movements with my cucumber, pumping it in and out of me at the same rhythm he was using with Mom. My orgasm came first and I was barely able to see Mom and Daddy orgasm together while the lights flashed and exploded with incredible pleasure inside my head and between my legs. We all three came so hard, there was virtually no need for words. Mom and Daddy fell asleep almost as soon as they whispered, “I love you” to each other.I collapsed back onto the bed — my cucumber dildo buried deep in my pussy while I savored the exquisite feeling of my cunt muscles massaging the firm vegetable. I fell asleep with it still deep inside me — contributing no doubt to the carnal dreams I had of my parents that lasted all night.In the morning, I gave myself a nice little wake-up orgasm with my new vegetable friend and then after showering, went downstairs. I was wearing only a nightshirt that came down about mid thigh, feeling naughty for having no panties on. I discovered that Mom had already left for her first day on the job and that Daddy was still asleep. There was a note from Mom, asking me to fix Daddy lunch and to watch out for him — “Don’t let him kill himself on the ladder cleaning windows, Pam. Take good care of your father! Love, Mom.” I smiled to myself and knew that I was going to do everything in my power to obey my mother’s wishes.Daddy woke up to the smell of bacon and only partially burned scrambled eggs. I served them to him with his morning coffee, smiling at his barely concealed ogling of my exposed legs. I hovered over him, feeling myself get wet as I would brush up against his arm or shoulder or lean over him from behind, letting him feel my breasts rub against him. Daddy was wearing PJ bottoms and his hard on was obvious. Just knowing I was making Daddy stiff made me so hot and horny that I could feel my juices trickling down my thighs.”Daddy, are you going to need me to help you with the windows?” I said, wrapping my arms around him from behind.Daddy sighed contentedly and leaned back against my bosom. “Um, I reckon not. Do you have other plans?””Well, I was hoping to maybe do a little sunbathing,” I said in a wheedling voice. “I don’t want to lose my Arizona tan just yet. I thought I might spend the morning catching some rays, Daddy.”I swear I could see the bulge in Daddy’s pants grow at my words. He gulped down his coffee and in a strained voice, replied, “I guess I can get along without you, sugar. You don’t worry about it — go have fun. Can’t have my daughter looking pale and sick before she starts at a new school.”I hugged Daddy tight, letting him get a good sense of my firm tits and hard nipples before I said, “Thanks, Daddy, I owe you big time!”I went back upstairs and began to dig through my clothes. There was only one possible outfit I could wear today. My teeny-tiny red bikini! I had bought it at the beginning of summer and Mom and Daddy had thrown a fit the first time I tried to wear it to the lake. It was scandalous. The bikini top was just some thin strings of fabric and barely enough fabric to cover my aureoles and nipples. A red G-string completed the set and was so low over my pubic mound that Mom had said I could be arrested. I’d bought it to tease my boyfriend with (and maybe entice Vicky as well), but after a loud argument with Mom and Daddy, I was limited to wearing it only around the house (it suddenly hit me now why they let me even wear it at all!).Daddy was still lingering in the kitchen when I strolled through wearing my bikini and nothing else. It was heartwarming and naughty at the same time the way Daddy’s eyes boggled as I jiggled past him. I tossed him a wink and said, “I’ll be in the back yard if you need me, Daddy.”Outside, I oiled myself up. I couldn’t see him, but I was sure Daddy was watching me from somewhere in the house. I gave him quite the show — rubbing sun-block on myself, spreading my legs and oiling up my thighs, pulling the straps off my shoulders and baring more of my tits for his benefit. I let myself toast, my skin being warmed by the Kentucky sun while my pussy was warmed by the knowledge that Daddy was somewhere close by, staring at me.Late morning, I went into the house, feeling incredibly horny — actually feeling slutty — like I needed to rut. I didn’t bother putting on a robe, but busied myself in the kitchen fixing a salad for Daddy’s lunch. It only took a few minutes before Daddy made an appearance, showing up outside with an extension ladder. I guess he was through cleaning the windows from the inside. I motioned him to come inside and he didn’t disappoint me, taking a seat that gave him a good view of his barely dressed, long legged daughter moving around the kitchen. We talked about possibly getting me a car. We’d made due with his and Mom’s vehicles back in the city, but living out here in the rural sticks of Kentucky, he thought it was best if they found me a good, reliable car.That thought almost thrilled me as much as turning my Daddy on and we had a good natured argument about the type of car. I wanted a Mustang and Daddy was leaning towards a boxy Volvo. The argument carried on as we took our salads to the living room and ate. Daddy had a hard time eating as he kept watching me. When we were done, I carried our dishes back to the kitchen. I was acting nonchalant about the effect I was having on Daddy, but in truth I was about to explode. Daddy’s cock looked like it was going to burst out of the old paint spattered khakis he had on. It was time to make a move on my father!I walked back to the living room where he sat on the love seat, a smile on his face as he watched me enter. I smiled at him and watched his eyes get wider as I didn’t sit back down on the couch, but headed directly towards him and then without warning, straddled him and sat down on his lap. Omigod, his cock was nestled right against my barely covered pussy. I could feel him throbbing against me!I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. “Daddy, I know I’ve been a bitch lately with the move and everything, but I want you to know, I do love you and Mom and I will do better.” I was trying not to tremble as I spoke. It’s hard being slutty when you’re half scared to death.Daddy stuttered for a bit and then managed to reply, “Um, we love you too, sugar.” He leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I wiggled against his hard-on to show my appreciation. “And Daddy, if there is anything I can ever do for you — please let me know. I want to be a good daughter to you.” I looked at him as frankly as I have ever looked at a man. To my delight, he looked a little scared. Sometimes you never think your fantasies had a chance of ever being realized and I think I was freaking him out. I placed my hand against his chest and through the thin cotton of his shirt; I could my Daddy’s heart beating wildly.”That’s wonderful, Pammy. Mom and I are so proud of you, you know.” Daddy’s hands fluttered nervously around my waist. I think he wasn’t sure if he wanted to pull me closer or push me away. “Um — I guess I better get back on those windows. I promised your mother…” I shook my head and said, “No, Daddy.”He looked at me in confusion. “No?”I shook my head again and said, “No, Daddy. Not until I take care of this.” I wiggled my ass and rubbed myself against his erection.”T-take care of what?” Daddy stammered.”There’s no way I’m going to let my Daddy climb up on that tall ladder with a big, hard cock. You might get hurt.”I slithered slowly out of his lap going to my knees between Daddy’s legs. I held Daddy’s gaze while my shaking hands fluttered across his lap, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. I reached in and felt myself shiver as for the first time; I wrapped my fingers around my father’s cock. “Pam? Pammy? You shouldn’t…” Daddy’s voice trailed off as I pulled his cock out and stroked it slowly. I could feel the precum coating the swollen head. I bet I had had him oozing precum for hours.”Shhhhh, Daddy. Let your little girl take care of you,” I said in a whisper. I remembered Mom’s words from the other night. “Close your eyes and let your Pammy suck your cock, Daddy.” I leaned in, my nostrils flaring as I smelled his man odor. I wrapped my lips around the knob of his cock and rolled my tongue over his crown — his precum tasting salty and strong. Daddy obeyed me and groaned as I sucked him.I let Daddy slip from my lips with a loud smack of my lips. “On second thought, watch me, Daddy. I want my Daddy to see his little girl suck his cock.” I thought I was going to cum myself any instant, I was so excited. It was like a fire had burst into existence between my thighs and I was sure my tiny bikini was now completely soaked through with my juices. I was sucking my father’s cock!I’m sure I was giving him a sloppy blowjob — after all, he was my first, but I’d seen lots of them on the porno flicks with Vicky. Suck and use lots of tongue. Daddy appeared to enjoy it — he stared down at me entranced. I stared up at him as I sucked him, smiling up at my father when I’d let him slip from my lips and roll my tongue up and down the shaft and around and over the swollen head. “Do you like it, Daddy? Am I sucking your cock the right way?” I asked in my best ‘I love you and I want something’ little girl voice.”Ohhh, Pammy!” Daddy sighed. He reached out and rested his hand on top of my head, his fingers intertwining with strands of my long brown hair. “It’s better than I ever imagined!” I blushed with pride and took him in my mouth again. I tried to take more of him, feeling the crown of his cock brush against the back of my throat — I had to make an effort not to gag. I took a little more, but Daddy was so big! I felt pressure from his hand to try and take a little more and I did — being amazed at taking so much of Daddy’s cock in my mouth. My tongue roamed over his shaft, savoring his musky taste. Some of his thick and unruly pubic hairs tickled my skin. Slowly I let him slide back out, applying pressure with my lips and tonguing each sweet inch of his flesh. I repeated the process and then again and again — each time taking a little more of Daddy’s dick in my mouth. It became easier and as my saliva coated Daddy’s penis, it got easier still. Daddy got a little anxious and shoved himself into my mouth — I could feel his cock head surging into my throat and I did gag. I had to let him slip from my mouth and cough, but recovered quickly and began sucking Daddy again, pausing only to say, “I love your cock, Daddy — it tastes good!”Daddy began to chant, “Suck me, Pammy, suck me, Pammy!” I felt his cock begin to throb. I could feel his cock head swell against my tongue and then Daddy sobbed, “I’m cumming, Pammy! Daddy’s cumming!”Daddy convulsed and suddenly my mouth was full of a salty, thick liquid. I could feel Daddy’s cock hosing down the inside of my mouth — his semen spraying over my tongue, splashing against the back of my throat. It was strong, but I felt myself getting wetter as I savored the taste of my Daddy’s sperm. Spurt after spurt of his spunk came until I had to let him go — his last spurts splashing weakly across my lips and tongue as he slipped from my mouth.”OH MY GOD!” Daddy sobbed as he collapsed back into his chair while I sat on my heels grinning up at him. He groaned again as I leaned in and licked him like a lollipop. Looking like someone had hit him with a big stick, Daddy looked down at me and managed to wheeze, “I — I can’t believe you did that, Pammy.”I slowly rose up and climbed back into Daddy’s lap, my absolutely sodden panty clad cunt resting against Daddy’s cock. “But you wanted me too, didn’t you, Daddy? I know you did. I know how you look at me.” I pressed myself against my father, undulating myself against him. I felt my breasts roll free of the bikini top — my nipples now dragging against his shirt. I kissed Daddy, my tongue pushing insistently through his lips and finding his. Daddy groaned into my mouth and I sighed back as I felt his hands settle on my firm ass cheeks and pull me tighter against himWhen the kiss ended, we were both breathing heavily. “You did like me sucking your cock, didn’t you, Daddy?” I asked in a breathless whisper.Daddy grinned and said, “I loved it, sugar. I — I just can’t believe you did it.”I wiggled against him and said, “But I did and I’ll do it again — you’ll let me won’t you, Daddy? I love sucking you — it makes me sooo wet!” I took his hand and guided it between us, urging his fingers into my bikini bottom and then moaning as I felt my father touch my slick, aroused folds of flesh.Daddy’s expression suddenly changed then — his eyes transforming from almost dazed to being clouded with desire. I saw hunger in Daddy’s face — undeniable, ravenous, unstoppable hunger. Daddy moved quickly and with a yelp, I suddenly found myself flipped over so that I was on the cushion of the loveseat and Daddy was kneeling between my wide flung legs. With a growl, Daddy ripped off my panties, exposing my flowered and glistening pussy.”Daddy?” I whispered nervously. Daddy just grunted and I squealed as he dove his face into my pussy. “Daaadddddyyyyy!” I cried out as I felt my father’s tongue slice between my labial lips, going deep and lapping at my wet flesh. My whole body seemed to come apart as pleasure I never dreamed possible tore through my body. Just the knowledge that I was feeling my father’s face pushing — almost burrowing into my pussy, his mouth sucking at my flesh — his tongue doing things I never dreamed of was more than enough to send me freefalling in orgasmic delight.I bucked my pelvis against Daddy’s mouth, trying somehow to get more of him — more mouth, more lips, more of that incredible tongue loving my pussy. I cried out as Daddy grasped both my legs in his strong hands and lifted them up over his shoulders, somehow giving him immediately better access to my cunt. My world exploded, disintegrated and reformed bathed in wondrous light as his tongue began making love to my clitoris. I felt my pussy spasm and felt my cunt cream absolutely gushing into Daddy’s mouth, flowing over his chin.I came and came and then just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Daddy began sucking on my clit while slipping two fingers into my pussy. “DADDY DADDY DADDY! I LOVE YOU, DADDY!” as my orgasm went to undreamed of heights and everything blurred together and all I knew of the world was the incredible pleasure emanating from my cunt and spreading to every nerve in my body. It became too much and I think I passed out.I came to experiencing little orgasmic shivers as Daddy nibbled and licked my pussy. My legs were now flung wide and Daddy was cupping my breasts, slowly rolling his palms over my hard and aching nipples.”Ohhh, Daddy!” I sobbed in a subdued, almost shocked tone. “I love you!”Daddy gave me one last loving lick and then as he rose up, I came into his arms and we were kissing. I had felt so in control for a few brief minutes and now all I wanted was to have Daddy loving me for the rest of my life. Nothing had ever made me feel this way before. Not my own masturbation, not David’s clumsy fingerings, not even Vicky’s more experienced touch (I felt a momentary flash of regret that my best friend and I had never moved beyond, kissing, touching and fingering), had brought me near the pleasure my Daddy had given me with his mouth.As we mastered ourselves, Daddy and I talked. We agreed that we were both happy this had happened and that it wasn’t a one time thing. “There is one thing, Daddy,” I said as I began to feel like my old self. “You’re not going to tell Mom, are you?”Daddy looked at me oddly. “Sugar, I know this will sound shocking, but I don’t think your mother will mind.” Before Daddy could elaborate, I kissed him and said, “I — I just want to take my time and get used to things before Mom finds out. I want to have some fun with you first.”Daddy grinned and said, “What kind of fun, sugar?”I felt myself again feeling like a horny slut and I reached out and took Daddy’s cock in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze as I said, “Do you want me to suck your cock again, Daddy?””I felt Daddy’s cock twitch and began to swell slightly. “Oh my, yes, Pammy. You know I do.”I leaned in and kissed Daddy again, stroking his cock as I did so. When we finished kissing, he was nearly fully erect again. “Well, Daddy, I want to suck it too.” I gave him an evil grin. “But, the next time I suck you Daddy, I want your cock covered in Mom’s pussy cream and your sperm. I want to clean Mommy off you, Daddy.”Daddy’s eyes went wide as I surprised him — no, shocked him for the second time today. “What?””I will suck you after you fuck Mommy tonight. I want to lick you clean of your cum and Mommy’s cream after you cum in her.” I kissed Daddy again. “After you fuck Mom, I’ll be waiting for you. I will lick you clean and then make you hard and suck you till you cum again!”Daddy was stunned. “Pammy? How — when, how will you know?”I kissed Daddy again and then eased out of his embrace and stood before him, naked as the day I was born. “Do this for me, Daddy. Take your little magic blue pill and make Mommy cum and then come to me. I’ll be waiting for you.” I blew Daddy a kiss and then walked away.As I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, my knees grew weak and I began to shake. I collapsed on my bed as the realization of what I had just done struck home. Shock, amazement and lust swept over me. I HAD JUST SUCKED MY DADDY’S COCK! I had acted like a shameless slut and I HAD LOVED IT!I plunged my fingers into my pussy and was cumming in seconds. I had done it. I had fulfilled one of Daddy’s fantasies and I loved doing it. As I writhed in sweet, delicious agony, I resisted the temptation to scream for Daddy to come up here and make love to me — no, to fuck me; make his slut daughter-lover. As my orgasm waned, I marveled at how my life had really changed within the last few days. Screw the move — thank God for moving so I could discover my parents’ secret fantasies. I knew I had Daddy — now to figure out how to make Mom realize her dreams were within her grasp.That evening, Daddy and I did a pretty good job of acting like nothing had happened. I kept up my skimpy attire, wearing a bustier and shorts, as well as acting flirty with both my parents. While Mom put her feet up in the living room, Daddy and I cleaned up the dishes. Daddy made a point to take a prescription bottle out of the cabinet and letting me watch him take his little blue pill. I rewarded Daddy with a tongue twisting kiss while I ground my body against his. When the kiss ended, Daddy turned red, something he did a couple of more times after dinner, especially after talk of buying me a car came up again and I plopped down on his lap and pleaded jokingly for a Mustang. I wiggled against his fast growing hard-on and showered his face with kisses while Mom laughed and stared and began breathing funny.I picked that moment to say my goodnights and hurry upstairs, getting naked and comfortable for the show I knew was coming. I saw the light go on in my parents’ bedroom and then Mom giggling as they entered, saying, “Oh my god, our little girl is such a tease! If only she knew how badly we want to include her in our games. It’s almost…” Mom never finished what she was saying as Daddy, grabbed her and kissed her hard, tearing her blouse apart as he did so and roughly jerking her denim skirt off. He shoved her against the near wall and began to work on Mom’s panties. Mom was now into it and finished the job, working her panties down to her ankles and stepping out of them, then working on getting Daddy’s pants off him.Daddy’s cock sprung free — looking hard and angry. Mom groaned as he bent his knees and then came up between her widespread legs, thrusting his erection into her wet pussy. Mom threw her head back, slamming it into the wall as she cried out. Daddy’s hands were on her ass cheeks and lifting her up and pinning her to the wall as he began to hunch his cock in and out of my mother. My jaw dropped open as I watched my parents fucking standing up!Mom drew her legs up, pressing her thighs against Daddy’s hips, trying to get some leverage to piston herself on his dick. Mom was keeping up a steady moan, smothered by Daddy’s lips pressing against hers. They quickly developed a fast, minute motion with Daddy holding Mom firmly against the wall as he fucked her hard and Mom trying her best to fling her pelvis against his cock with every outward stroke. Mom’s breasts bounced enticingly up and down and I envied Daddy when he finally broke the kiss and ducked his head to bit down hard on a swollen nipple. Without turning away, I reached out and found my cucumber dildo and spread my own legs and began prodding my cunt with the thick vegetable. Daddy was like a man possessed and I knew it was my doing. He tugged on Mom’s nipple with his teeth, letting it stretch and then bounce back as he let it go, growling, “C’mon and fuck your Daddy! Tell me how much you like Daddy’s cock!”Mom cried out and in a sobbing voice replied, “I luvvvv your big dick, Daddddyyy! Fuck your little girl — fuck your daughter hard with your huge cock, Daddy!” Her arms were wrapped around Daddy’s neck and I could see her toes curling as Daddy quickly brought her to the verge of orgasm!”Daddy never relented, driving his erect penis home with a vengeance. “Cum for Daddy, Pammy,” Daddy snarled. “Come for Daddy — make him cum inside your little girl pussy!” He ducked his head and began sucking and biting Mom’s other nipple.Mom began to orgasm then, tightening her grip on Daddy, her heels digging into his butt, trying to drive him deeper inside her cunt. “Yes, yes, yes, Daddy John! Fuck me, cum in meeee! You’re making meee cummmm!” she whimpered and then began to buck and jerk as Daddy slammed into her hard, pinning her to the wall as he began to cum himself.” Their words became babble and my parents simply moaned and cried out as their pleasure poured forth.”Oh — My — God! John, what got into you?” Mom purred as her orgasm began to fade. “Pam needs to sit in your lap every night if it means I get fucked like that!”Dad snorted and securing Mom in place, carried her by her ass cheeks to the bed. “You talk like we’re finished, Cathy! We’ve just gotten started!” He bahis siteleri let Mom slide off his cock, dropping her to the bed, and then before she could say anything besides, “Oh my, honey, you’re still hard!” Daddy rolled her over onto her stomach and then pulled her onto her hands and knees. He climbed onto the bed behind her and lifted Mom’s ass up. Mom groaned, “John? Baby?” Daddy gripped Mom by her cheeks and thrust forward, sinking his shaft into Mom’s cum filled cunt with a single stroke. As I plunged my cucumber in and out of my throbbing pussy, I watched as Daddy gave Mom a hard fuck from behind. Sweat was being slung off Daddy’s body as he mercilessly gave it to Mom doggy style. Mom was clawing the bed sheets and trying to fuck back, but was almost helpless in Daddy’s grip and was only able to enjoy the savage loving of her husband. I imagined that it was me Daddy was feeding his long, thick dick to — that it was me making the crazy and happy sounds of orgasmic pleasure. Daddy built himself up to a fast, intense rhythm and I began to match it as I watched my parents fuck. Long before Daddy made Mom cum again, I was sobbing with my own pleasure as orgasmic delight ripped through my body, my cunt walls contracting around my cucumber toy while below me, Daddy was fucking Mom hard, calling out to her, “Take Daddy’s cock, Pammy. It’s all for you, baby girl!” Mom just wailed in delight and pleasure that seemed so intense it bordered on pain. Mom began to orgasm — one orgasm after another as Daddy kept filling her with his big cock.Daddy began to show signs of cumming and he shocked Mom and me with his words, “Gonna cum in you, baby — going to give you my spunk. Then you can lick my cock clean, Pammy — lick Daddy’s cock clean of my sperm and Mommy’s juices!”Mom’s orgasms peaked and she let out a shrill cry, her limbs stiffening for what seemed an eternity as Daddy buried his penis in her womb one last time and ejaculated again — pumping a second load into Mom’s cunt. Mom’s face was turned upwards as if she was staring at me — but there was a glazed look on her face that told me she was seeing God or infinity or whatever heaven looked like. Mom sobbed, “I love you, John!” and then she collapsed onto the bed, taking Daddy with her — totally exhausted.Daddy lay on top of Mom for a few minutes and then gathering his strength, he lifted himself off, drawing a happy sigh from Mom as he slipped his cock out of her pussy with a delicious wet plop.In a low voice, he whispered, “Cathy, I’m going to get a drink, can I get you something?” All he got in response was a snore — at least that’s all I heard because I was moving to the narrow steps that led down to the second floor, only my cucumber in hand and as naked as the day I was born.I came down the steps quickly and I heard the door to my parent’s room open and close. Footsteps sounded and then stopped. “I’m here, Daddy.” I hissed. “I’m waiting for you. I set down about four steps from the bottom, spreading my legs lewdly and leaning back. Daddy appeared in the entrance, he had on his robe, but it wasn’t belted. “Oh my — Pammy, you’re sooo beautiful,” Daddy whispered.”So are you, Daddy. Is that for me?” I was eyeing his cock hanging between his legs, still glistening and wet with Mom’s juices. As he eyed my blatant nakedness, his cock began to swell and rise. I don’t know who invented Viagra, but I would suck their cocks!I crooked a finger at Daddy and licked my lips. “Come here, Daddy. I’m hungry.” Daddy shuffled forward, standing on the first step and bringing his cock level with my face. I could smell his semen and I could smell Mom’s cunt on him. My pussy throbbed with need and my juices were running down my thighs.I reached out and took Daddy in my hands, my fingers barely wrapping around the base of his now erect penis. My eyes on Daddy’s face, I reached out and ran my tongue up the length of Daddy’s shaft. I could taste his spunk — just as delicious as before and now there was a new taste sensation. Slightly salty and a bit familiar — I had tasted myself many times and with a bit of surprise, realized that Mom and I tasted a lot alike. Orgasmic tingles lanced through my body as I thrilled at tasting my Mom’s juices for the first time.Like a woman starved, I began to lick and suck Daddy’s dick, lapping up every trace of sperm and cunt cream that coated my father’s prick. It tasted wonderful! What I was doing thrilled me to the bone — to be so naughty and nasty, sucking my daddy off, cleaning Mom’s juices off him — I finally understood why they were so turned on fantasizing about me. Without even touching my pulsating, dripping wet cunt, I was ready to explode.Daddy groaned as his already sensitive penis was being tongue lashed by his little girl. I sucked and licked and again tried to take him deep in me, letting his cock head press down against my throat. It was still difficult, but I did better than before. Daddy’s hands were holding my head, fingers tangled in my long hair, guiding me, setting my rhythm. I sucked Daddy until my jaws began to ache and I never could have imagined that your tongue can get tired. Daddy’s breathing, already ragged, become more frantic until he began to moan. As my tongue rolled over his cock head, I felt it swell and his cock pulse and then Daddy began to cum. I had no idea what to expect, realizing that this was at least his fourth ejaculation of the day, but I was pleased to find myself with spurt after thick spurt of his thick cream in my mouth. Daddy tasted great and I ate Daddy’s semen happily.Then he was done and slipping from my mouth, gasping, “Oh sugar — I can’t take it anymore, your mouth is heaven.” He stood over me, catching his breath as he gazed at my naked form. His cock twitched but was exhausted, at least for the moment.I gazed up at my father and using my best “good little girl” voice, whispered, “Daddy, I don’t know if I’m ready to put that big thing inside of me, but maybe you could help me to — um, cum.” I picked up my cucumber and lifted it to him. “Give it a lick, Daddy — I think you know where I like putting my little toy.”Daddy gaped down at me and my vegetable dildo. A mischievous grin broke out on his face as he took it from my hands. He lifted it to his face and sniffed. Then Daddy ran his tongue along the green skin. “Never thought I’d like cucumbers — but I like the taste of this one, sugar.” Daddy sat down, squeezing in beside me on the narrow stairwell, leaning into me to kiss me. Knowing that it was Daddy’s tongue dancing with mine and enjoying his scratchy beard, I felt myself shiver. Daddy lifted my right leg and d****d it across his knees while I angled my left knee towards the wall, trying to be as exposed as possible to my father. I knew without glancing down that my long labia lips were swollen and spread, revealing my pink pussy flesh. Daddy ran his hand over my sex, cupping it and letting a finger slip through the folds of my flesh.I shuddered with erotic delight and kissed Daddy harder. I felt the cucumber ran up and down the length of my cunt and I involuntarily hunched upwards, wanting its thickness inside me, craving that primal need to be filled. Our lips parted, Daddy sucking at my tongue before I panted, “Please, Daddy!”Daddy looked at me with such love and desire then, stroking my hair with his free hand. I gave a little squeal as Daddy suddenly plunged almost the entire length of the cucumber into my pussy. He drew it out slowly, making me squirm and then again abruptly shoved it inside me. Again and again, Daddy fucked me with my makeshift dildo, kissing me as he thrust it into me again and again, stirring my wet cream within my cunt with the cucumber, his thumb brushing against my clit again and again, making me moan with pleasure.Daddy ducked his head and found my nipples, tonguing them and then sucking and biting them, sending little orgasmic bolts through me and laughing at that. “Just like your mother,” he murmured before nibbling again at my blood engorged nipple, and all the time, in and out of my pussy with that hard and fast motion in and then slowly pulling out. I was so aroused that it didn’t take long for me to stiffen up as an orgasm swept over me — my cunt muscles tightening up around the cucumber, making it more difficult for Daddy to fuck me with it. “Damn, sugar,” he said in admiration. “I can’t wait to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.””Me –ooooohhhh, me either, Dad-Daddddyyyy!” I sobbed as I came so hard. “I love you, Daddy!”When it was over and I could breathe again, we sat there, hardly talking — mostly kissing and cuddling as Daddy tenderly teased my cunt with his fingers.”Pammy, would you like to come with me and join your Mom and me in bed?” Daddy asked.It was all I could do to not scream, “Yes!” but instead I replied, “I — I’m not ready yet, Daddy. I need to — I don’t know, get ready to do more.” I kissed Daddy and said, “I want to fuck you, Daddy — I want you to be my first, but when I’m ready. Does that make sense, Daddy?”My father shrugged and said, “Yes. And no. I never really thought this day would happen — just a fantasy.” He kissed me again and then stood up. I leaned into him, my face into his crotch and I kissed his half erect cock, feeling its pulse against my lips.”It’s not fantasy, Daddy. It’s real and it’s happening. I want to fulfill your every naughty fantasy — I just need a little time.”Daddy stood me up and kissed me one last time, a long and deep kiss — a lovers’ kiss that left me trembling and weak in the knees. “Take your time, Pammy. When you’re ready, just come to me and your Mom.”Daddy kissed me goodnight and returned to his room. I climbed the stairs back to my room and peeked back into my parent’s room one more time. I watched as Daddy climbed into bed, cuddling up to Mom — she snuggling up to him. I wanted to be there with them, between them and soon I knew I would be, but first, I wanted to be with Mom alone. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do next, now I just needed an opportunity.Daddy’s new bosses quickly provided that opportunity. The next morning, I was woken by the phone ringing, yawning as I heard Daddy’s voice murmuring down below. I crawled out of bed and took a long, lazy shower, reliving some of last night’s memories. I played with myself a little, but didn’t go for the big ‘O’ instead opting to get barely dressed and strolling downstairs with a wet, slippery pussy.To my disappointment, Daddy was hurrying around, trying to eat something while talking to Mom on the phone. “No, I wasn’t expecting this. It seems Steven landed several tickets to the ball game in Cincinnati and decided this would be a good time to meet with all us little chiefs before we move in next week — you, know, let us all get on the same page before we start.” He glanced at his watch. “He’s supposed to pick me up in a few minutes. Yeah, that’s Steven, always doing things on short notice. Daddy smiled at me and continued to chat with Mom.”I’m sure we’ll be late getting back — Cincinnati’s about two hours from here.” He paused and grinned. “I can do that,” he said. He walked over to the cabinet where we had stored the medicines. “When I’m about an hour away, I’ll take a magic pill, baby and by the time I get home, I’ll be ready to fuck you silly.” Daddy removed a little blue pill from a bottle and after wrapping it in a tissue, tucked it in his pocket. He winked at me as he did it.”I guess you girls are on your own for dinner. I bet Pam will be happy to make something. You want me to tell her what you’d like to eat tonight?” Daddy grinned as Mom replied and said, “I’d like to eat that too — if you get lucky, save me a little.” I felt myself blush. Daddy finished off. “Okay, baby, I’ll see you tonight. I love you too.”Daddy hung up the phone. “Sorry, sugar. My boss wants to meet with the new management today — he’s taking us to a ballgame.””Well, duhhh,” I replied. “I kinda figured that out. Tell me what Mom said about dinner — what does she want to eat?” I thought I already knew the answer, but I was hoping Daddy would tell me.Daddy came up and gave me a kiss and a hug, his hands cupping my ass cheeks. I could feel his cock, already getting stiff in his slacks. “Your mother said that she would like to have you spread-eagled on the dinner table, your pussy full of my sperm.”I feigned shock and said, “She did not!”Daddy laughed. “Oh yes she did. I don’t want to shock you, but your mother likes pussy as much as I do.” He pulled me close and kissed me again. “Maybe you will soon be ready to find out.” We kissed again, this time both of us putting a lot into it — our tongues dancing together. Daddy’s a great kisser. My former boyfriend never made my knees weak.I placed my palm against Daddy’s bulge in his trousers and was fumbling with the fly when we both heard a horn blow out front. “Oh well,” I said sweetly. “Out of time.” I kissed Daddy on the nose and slipped out of his embrace.Daddy stood there for a moment and then sighed. “Damn little cock tease.” He tried to adjust his trousers to conceal his hard-on. He gave me a look that made my pussy tingle and grow hotter. “Tonight — after I made love to your Mom — will you want me to find you?”I licked my lips and toyed with the hem of the summer dress I had on, raising it up so Daddy could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. “Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll find you.” I said in a husky voice.Daddy’s mouth hung open and he stared hungrily at my wet cunt until that stupid horn blew again. He shook himself out of the sexual daze I had put him in, kissed me and hurried out the door.The rest of the day I spent mulling over how I was going to approach Mom and see how far we could take things. It was funny. I knew she wanted me, but I was still scared to start anything. There’s no merit badge for learning how to get Mom to eat your pussy in the Girl Scouts, you know. When Mom got home, she found me busy in the kitchen fixing us dinner, which was a pleasant surprise to her. I told her that the Chicken casserole would be another hour so she should just take it easy. I found her fifteen minutes later sitting on the couch, feet stretched out on an ottoman. Mom had switched out of her doctor/nurse clothes and looked sexy in a short summer dress.”Tough day, Mom?” I asked, coming up from behind. I began kneading her shoulders with my hands.”Mmmm — no, just getting used to working again. Ohhh yesss, Pam, that feels wonderful,” Mom moaned as she let her head fall back against the cushions. “My day was okay; just learning a new office’s operation. Oh yeah, right there, sweetheart.”I found a knotted muscle in Mom’s left shoulder and went to work on it. It was an interesting view from above and behind her. I had a clear view down the low cut front of her dress and could see most of her breasts clearly. I smiled down at my mother as she smiled up at me. “You could be a masseuse, Pam — your hands feel wonderful.””Thanks, Mom. Anything I can do to make you feel good; all you have to do is ask.” I said it in an innocent tone; as if I was completely ignorant of any other connotations. Still, I hope that my facial expression conveyed more than innocent interest.Mom smirked and then she smiled and closed her eyes and sighing, replied, “I’ll keep that in mind, Pam.” I was positive I had hit pay dirt as I watched Mom’s nipples begin to swell and bulge against the light yellow fabric of her dress. Mom was having some naughty thoughts.I continued to massage Mom’s shoulders for another ten minutes or so, making her sigh contentedly before I had to stop and go check on dinner. Mom groaned when I stopped, but when I leaned over to kiss her on the cheek she responded with a quick kiss on the corner of my mouth and said, “That was delightful. Maybe I can repay the favor later.”I gave Mom a hug, my hands brushing across the exposed upper halves of her tits and then as I walked away, winked and replied, “I think I’d like that, Mom.” I put a little swing to my hips as I did knowing Mom was admiring my young ass in my short denim skirt.We ate dinner, Mom praising me for my cooking skills (hey — I didn’t burn it!). Afterwards, we both curled up on opposite ends of the couch in the living room, Mom reading a magazine and me watching some evening soap opera. I was getting nervous and horny and anxious to get something started with Mom, but still not a clue as how to do it. Then a silly idea came to me and I began running with it purely on impulse.”Mom, can we talk?” I asked, turning off the television. I was proud of the nervousness in my voice — of course, I wasn’t faking it.Mom looked up from her magazine, her mother’s instinct picking up on the tone in my voice. “Sure, Pam. What’s up, honey?”I scooted down a bit, till I was just a foot or so from her. I hesitated and then blurted out, “Have you ever kissed a girl, Mom?”Mom’s eyes widened and she laughed, more out of nervous reflex than anything and said, “Why in the world would you ask me that?” She tossed the magazine away and sat up straight.I looked away from her and felt my face burning with embarrassment. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe her naughty talk with Daddy about me was just that, naughty talk. Still, nothing for it but to plunge ahead. “You know Vicky, right? I miss her a whole lot.”Mom nodded. “Sure, sweetheart. I know it was tough leaving your friends behind.” She scooted a little closer to me and reached out for my hand, squeezing it affectionately. “What does this have with asking me if I’ve ever kissed a girl?”I didn’t reply for a moment — building up the suddenly appeared tension in the room. “Mom — for a while now…Vicky and me, well we’ve been kissing, making out with each other.” My face was on fire now and I felt that flush of sexual excitement spreading across my chest. I was embarrassed and turned on with my confession.”Really?” Mom sounded surprised.”Yes, ma’am,” I replied. “It’s been bothering me for awhile and I’m not sure there isn’t something wrong with me.”Mom’s face softened with motherly concern. “Ohhh, Pammy. There’s nothing wrong with you. You and Vicky didn’t do anything wrong.” Mom slid over next to me and put her arms around me, kissing me on the forehead. I could feel her unfettered breasts mash against my arm.”I don’t know, Mom,” I said. “When we would kiss, it made me feel so strange and weird. I liked it but I’m scared it wasn’t right.”Mom tightened her embrace a little and said, her voice a little bit strained now. “What do you mean, kissing her made you feel strange?” A quick glance down revealed her nipples again hardening and poking through her dress. A second glance told me that my nipples were doing the same. I felt a liquid thrill of white hot heat burst from my pussy and I squirmed a bit in my seat.I acted confused and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know, Mom — it’s hard to explain. I just know how it feels when I would kiss her — it would be easy to show you, but…” I stopped talking and looked Mom in the eye, seeing desire and excitement and curiosity struggling across her face.”But what, Pammy?” Mom asked, edging a little closer. I ducked my head and looked away, not completely feigning embarrassment. “It would be a lot easier to show you if I — if we were kissing.”Mom giggled nervously and looked around as if to double check that we were alone. “Okay — I don’t think there’s any harm in that. I really want to help you explain what you’re feeling, so let’s kiss, Pammy.”Mom brought her face towards mine, giggling again as she did so. Mom puckered her lips and closed her eyes. My heart was pounding as I felt her lips brush mine. Mom’s lips felt so soft as they pressed against mine. I felt her hand squeeze mine tight. I kissed her back and then not quite believing I was doing it, parted my lips and brushed her lips with my tongue.Mom groaned a little and I felt her mouth open and then her tongue was probing against mine — curling and dancing. I shivered with delight as I realized I was French kissing my own mother. I leaned into her, turning her to face me more directly — our breasts mashing against each other, separated by two thin layers of cotton fabric. My arms came up and pulled Mom closer against me. Our kiss went on and on until we had to part, both gasping for breath.”Wow!” Mom whispered, her voice husky. “Well, Pam, did our kiss make you feel strange? Can you explain it for Mom now?”I nodded and said, “I can’t explain it in words, Mom, but I think I can show you.” I leaned in and kissed her again while taking her hand and moving it downwards. I parted my legs and pulled Mom’s hand between my thighs, letting her hand cum to rest on my almost hairless and very wet pussy. We both moaned into our kiss as Mom’s fingers slipped between the folds of my aroused flesh.Mom broke the kiss and gasped, “Pammy, you are so wet!” Mom didn’t pull her hand back — in fact her forefinger probed deeper inside me, making a circle as she caressed my cunt walls.”Kissing you made me wet, Mom,” I said softly back. “I like kissing you, Mom — even more than kissing Vicky.” We resumed kissing and I whimpered a little as Mom added another finger inside my cunt. I hunched against Mom’s hand, urging her to take her fingers deeper inside me — deeper inside my burning womb.When we both came up for air, I was lurching towards an orgasm as Mom’s fingers fluttered inside me and over my labia and clitoris. Any doubts I had ever had about Mom loving women were blown away. Mom was an expert!”Mom — oh Mom, you’re making me feel sooo good!” I panted. My hand fell to her knee, my fingers scratching upwards towards her upper thighs. “M-Mom, do you like kissing me? Am I making you — are you wet, Mom?” I moaned. I moved my hand up under Mom’s short hemline and when Mom didn’t stop me, I slipped my hand between her thighs, sighing happily as Mom quickly parted her legs and I found myself cupping her bald, slick and steaming hot sex.”You are, Mom!” I exclaimed. “You like kissing me too!””Ohhh, no, I — I love kissing you, baby,” Mom cried out as I slipped my middle finger inside my mother’s pussy. Mom was creamy and hot and so buttery soft. We kissed again, tongues dueling as my finger swirled inside Mom’s cunt, then I curled my finger up, probing the roof of her cunt for the secret spot Vicky and I had discovered about each other. Mom stiffened, sobbing against my mouth as I found her G-spot and teased it while she responded in kind.Our bodies pressed into each other while we finger fucked, our free hands caressing arms and faces and slipped into the bodices of our dresses, awkwardly cupping and squeezing each others breasts — finding hard, rubbery nipples and pinching. Mom added a second finger inside me and I slipped a third finger into her cunt. Our kisses became frantic, hungry things, sloppily licking and sucking each other’s tongues while our pussies became fiery, clasping things being sweetly and agonizingly teased, probed and fucked by knowing fingers. Mom in those hot, sweaty moments taught me more about my own pleasure spots than I had dreamed possible and while I was an amateur next to her, I was nevertheless pleasuring my mother as my fingers played and explored the pussy I had come from.Our orgasms came one atop the other and we finally had to end our kiss as we both clung to each other and sobbed and shrieked our way to heavenly pleasure. We both collapsed against the couch cushions, our hands still between each other’s legs as we kissed and cried together as our orgasms slowly waned.”Oh Pammy, I can’t tell you how long I’ve dreamed of making my little girl cum!” Mom gushed as she reached out and caressed my face. “I’ve always loved you, but now; to really make love to you.” I leaned in and kissed Mom. “I love you too, Mom!”A lot of the barriers that had been erected between us over the last few years — by puberty and secrets and age fell apart over the next few hours as Mom and I talked and talked and discovered things about each other that we had never imagined possible. Mom confessed that she had been bi-sexual since her teenage years and that she had several women lovers over the years including her old best friend Karen.I confessed that all Vicky and I had done was finger each other and play with her Mom’s sex toys including the dildo that had broken my hymen earlier in the summer. Mom enquired about boys and I told her that I had fooled around with my ex David, but that I was still technically a virgin.I shyly asked about Daddy and was he a good lover and Mom blushed and said, “Oh hell, yes! Your father is the best lover in the world — he would make you scream with pleasure with that big cock of …” Mom clapped a hand over her face and then began giggling again like a school girl telling secrets.I pretended to be shocked and then I whispered back, “I’ve dreamed of fucking Daddy — of him being my first. Is that bad, Mom?”I felt Mom shiver and against my palm I felt a trickle of fresh cream spurt from Mom’s pussy. Mom’s face got redder and then she replied. “Not if you want him and he wants you, Pammy. It would be no more wrong than what you and I have been doing.” Mom paused and let her fingers slip from me. She held her glistening fingers up in the air and smiled before saying, “What I hope you and I will keep doing if you want.” Then Mom brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them off, taking her time and sucking each finger slowly.I released my grip on Mom’s cunt and brought my hand up to see Mom’s cunt cream covering my fingers. I slowly lapped my digits clean, savoring Mom’s strong, sweet taste before replying, “Oh yeah, Mom — I want to keep making love with you, kissing…” and I leaned in and kissed my mother, marveling at the mixed flavor of our pussies on our lips. “And kissing and touching and more, Mom. I want it all with you,” I added.Mom groaned and suddenly she was tugging off my dress, pulling it roughly over my head. “You’re beautiful, darling!” Mom sighed as her hands roamed over my body. She leaned in and I quivered with delight as my mother rolled her tongue around and over my erect right nipple before sucking at my breast, her teeth making me squirm and gasp as she bit down on the rubbery knob. As my head spun with the carnal pleasure Mom was inflicting upon me, I found myself on my back, Mom’s breasts dragging along my inner thighs, thick, swollen nipples teasing my sensitive flesh while Mom sucked and nibbled my breasts.”Oh Mom!” I gasped as I felt Mom’s tongue blaze a trail down my chest and across my stomach, moving ever downward until I felt the velvety wetness of her tongue rolling between my labia, swirling about; tasting me — drinking of my juices. I thrust my pelvis upwards against Mom’s face as she began to lick me — making my head spin as for only the second time in my life, a person ate my pussy!Mom’s tongue seemed to be everywhere, rolling up and down my labial lips, dancing across my clitoris and driving deep inside my folds of cunt flesh even as Mom sucked and chewed my pussy meat. Then fingers pressed into me — one, two, three fingers and I begged for more. Mom pressed here and there, already having memorized sensitive spots, teaching me how to really touch a woman’s G-spot. I screamed as my pussy exploded in a white hot flash of orgasmic power. My cunt felt full, like I had my cucumber dildo crammed deep inside me. Mom’s tongue and her thumb were doing things to my clit that had me convulsing, her lips clamped over my pussy as I creamed her face again and again — feeling the powerful sweetness of ejaculating my juices into Mom’s hungry mouth. I surrendered to the intensity of my Mom induced orgasm and was destroyed and reborn in the wonderfulness of it.When I was myself again, I was in Mom’s arms and she was kissing me tenderly as I cried and kissed her back. I was vaguely aware that I loved the taste of my own cunt on Mom’s lips and face. I babbled almost incoherently about how much I loved her and what she had done. Our naked bodies, sweaty and slick were pressed tightly together. I realized that I had no clue when exactly Mom got naked!Mom laughed güvenilir bahis and kissed me some more, finally saying in her best motherly voice, “Oh Pammy, just wait until you are filled with your Daddy’s cock and that big thing is making you cum and cum and when he fills you with his sperm, it makes you cum some more — sweetheart, you aint seen nothing yet!”I sniffled and said, “Mom, do you think Daddy would really fuck me?”Mom shivered and said, “Absolutely. Your father knows he has a sexy little daughter. You’ve been driving him crazy for ages!” Mom kissed me again and added, “We can surprise him tonight. I bet he’d love to find his favorite two girls in bed waiting for him.””I don’t know, Mom?” I sounded unsure and I thought it was a pretty good acting job. “Can we…can we wait. Keep this our little secret for now?”Mom smiled at me as only a mother can and said, “Sure, Pammy. Whenever you’re ready — you will be welcome in our bed.” Mom hugged me, pulling my body against hers. I found my face between her breasts. I turned my head and my lips brushed a nipple. I gobbled it, bringing my teeth down almost hard enough to break skin and made Mom yelp.I began to suckle at my mother’s breast, sucking and tonguing her blood engorged nipple like a hungry infant. Mom began to sigh — her sighs turning to groans every time I took a notion to bite down on her nipple again. It was my turn now and I was almost shaking with excitement as I took girl-girl love a step farther than I ever had before. Vicky and I had never worked up the nerve to go this far. I kissed my way down Mom’s stomach and over her pubic bone until I was face to face with Mom’s shaved pussy.”Oh baby, you’re making your mother soooo happy,” Mom cooed as she eased back on the couch — throwing a long leg upwards to rest on the top of the cushions; opening herself up to me even more. I inhaled and Mom’s strong aroma made my head swim with carnal delight — her cunt juices were like perfume to me, drawing me in. With my hands, I spread Mom’s already blooming labia further apart, revealing more of her glistening, slick pussy flesh. I touched Mom’s cunt lightly with one finger, marveling over how quickly her juices coated my finger.”Yessss, make love to me, Pammy.” Mom moaned, rolling her hips upwards, offering her bald cunt to me, practically begging me to lick her. Her clitoris had escaped from its hood, swollen and long. I licked my lips and ducked my head and then as Mom cried out with pleasure, I ran my tongue from the bottom of her wet, pink slit to the top, rolling it over her clitoris…then I made a return journey, savoring my mother’s delicious taste. As my tongue finished its travels, for the first time in my life, I imagined just continuing down the path and licking Mom’s ass. Another time, I told myself as I plunged my face against Mom’s pussy, driving my tongue into her folds as deep as I could go.I could feel Mom’s hands getting tangled in my long, dark hair and pulling into her groin, trying to get my tongue deeper, to allow it to swirl and lick her in places rarely reached by a woman. I licked and sucked and drank from my mother’s pussy, loving her up purely on instinct, trying to take measure of her responses and remembering the sweet spots that made her cunt gush cream or make her moan and cry out in i****tuous pleasure.My fingers found their way inside Mom’s molten hot pussy, making her squirm as I wiggled three fingers in and out of her clasping cunt while I licked and sucked at her folds and her throbbing clitoris. Mom’s legs arched over my shoulders and I felt her crossed feet against my back as she bucked and twisted against my face, urging me to fuck her faster and harder with my fingers as my tongue danced over her little penis-like nub.”YESYESYES!” Mom screamed and then it was all I could do to keep my face between Mom’s legs as she orgasmed hard — flooding my mouth with a torrent of her steaming pussy juices. I lapped it up as if I was starved — cherishing each drop of Mom’s delicious cream. After what seemed like a sweet eternity, Mom finally seemed to calm down except for pushing my face away from her now overly sensitive pussy. I lifted my head to find Mom looking down at me, tears streaking her face, smiling lovingly at her naughty daughter. “That was a fantasy come true, honey,” Mom said in a scream hoarsened voice. She held out her arms and waggled her fingers and I climbed upwards and snuggled with her, kissing her with my cream soaked lips and sharing her own juices with her.It felt so right being in Mom’s arms; so safe and loved. I was sure that I was going to love getting fucked by my Daddy, but I realized that Mom and I had just shared something that was beyond a man’s understanding, something so intimate that even having experienced it, I knew that language could not convey it properly.We napped there for a while, both exhausted yet exhilarated by what had occurred. We were woken by Daddy phoning home and telling Mom he was about ninety minutes away. Mom bantered with him a while and I knew that from her joking that Daddy was saying something about his little blue pill and that he would be looking for something special when he got home.Mom was grinning and replied, “Well, I’ll be ready if you are, John. Tomorrow is Saturday and we both can sleep in if we’re up all night.”After Daddy hung up, Mom grinned evilly at me and said, “You sure you don’t want to join us, Pammy? I bet your father would love to find you naked with me in our bed.”I felt myself blushing and shivering and said. “Maybe, I’ll join you later. When I’m ready, Mom”After some last, lingering and very sweet kisses, Mom left me to go get showered and prettied up for Daddy. I was feeling both very pleased with myself and almost bewildered. I had now fooled around with both my parents. I had sucked Daddy’s dick and licked Mom’s pussy and both had now invited me to join them both in bed. I had begged off from them both, but I knew even then I was lying through my teeth. There was no way tonight would end without me joining my parents and making their fantasies come true.My knees were shaky as I retreated to my bedroom, realizing that having already passed a point of no return, I was about to embark on an even wilder carnal journey. My pussy throbbed with anticipation as it dawned on me that tonight I was going to get my first cock fucking and that it was going to be with my own Daddy! I found myself almost unable to keep my hands off my pussy as the thought of Mom eating Daddy’s semen out of my cunt was more than a distinct possibility and maybe within just a few hours. After Mom got out of the shower, I took a long, hot shower myself up in my attic room. I toweled off and stopped in front of my full length mirror. I posed naked for myself and nodded. I beheld a young woman, barely an adult and more than ready to become an i****tuous slut with my parents. I brushed my long, dark brown hair dry until it almost gleamed. I found some of the perfume David had given me as a going away present and dabbed a little between my melon sized breasts and then between my legs and behind my ears. I had to giggle to myself. Wouldn’t my ex boyfriend be so jealous? He had never gotten more than a handjob from me and here I was, about to lose my virginity to my father!I was torn from my thoughts as a car pulled up into the drive. I could hear a few men’s voices calling out to my father — lots of laughter and then I could hear the car pull away and the front door open and shut. “Cathy? Pam?” I heard my daddy call out and then just barely, I could hear a soft murmur and then Daddy saying in a loud voice, “Wow!”I hurried over to my bed and tossed aside the throw rug and made myself comfortable. A few minutes passed before I saw Daddy carrying Mom into their bedroom, his arm muscles corded and strained as he carried her like a new bride. He eased Mom onto their bed and I licked my lips as I saw that Mom had on a sheer peignoir, her treasures barely concealed under the light green fabric.Mom and Daddy stared at each other hungrily as Daddy quickly stripped his clothes off. Mom scooted to the end of the bed as he did so and had Daddy in hand, looking up at him with love and desire as she stroked his semi hard cock.”How was your day, babe?” Daddy asked as he ran a hand through Mom’s hair. “Anything interesting happen today with Pam?”Mom opened her mouth to reply, but then grinned and took Daddy between her lips and began to suck — her eyes watching him as she bobbed her head back and forth…her hair swinging as she blowed him.”Ohhh yesss, sweet Cathy,” Daddy moaned as Mom sucked his cock.I knew the time had come — I needed to join my parents and make everyone’s fantasies come true. I went to my dresser and in the bottom drawer, pulled out an outfit that I had secreted there. Something I had bought when Vicky and I had visited a Victoria’s Secret store back in the summer.I slipped it on and then checked on Mom and Daddy. Mom was on her back now, her legs d****d over Daddy’s shoulders as he fucked her fast and hard. Mom’s face was scrunched up with ecstatic bliss. I felt a little dizzy as I watched Daddy standing over Mom, kissing her shapely leg as he plunged that big cock in and out of her. I was scared and horny and I couldn’t wait another moment.I hurried downstairs and turned for their bedroom. It was closed, but I could clearly hear Mom moaning happily as Daddy made love to her. I didn’t bother knocking, but opened up the door and stepped in. Mom and Daddy both turned and looked at me as the door creaked loudly as it swung open on old hinges. Both were caught up in the pleasure of the moment and also stunned I suppose by me.I had on a sexy little babydoll negligee made of sheer white silk — the hem ending just above my mound, exposing my pussy — my labia lips swollen and flowered, exposing my pink cunt flesh in the middle of my wispy, dark-haired muff. The top of my negligee lifted up and exposed my melon sized breasts rather than hide them. My nipples, so much like Mom’s — were the size of nickels and so engorged with blood that they were standing up almost an inch and throbbing and aching with the need to be bit and sucked.I stood in the doorway, feeling embarrassed and aroused as my parents gazed and admired my mostly naked body. Mom licked her lips and said in a throaty voice, “Pammy? Baby?”In a quiet, little girl voice that quavered with excitement, I said, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m here to make your fantasies come true.” I began to walk toward them, growing more excited and confident with each step. As Mom watched in amazement, I pressed up against Daddy and standing on tip-toe, kissed him hard — my tongue seeking out his while grinding my wet, flowered pussy against his thigh and running my hand up and down Mom’s d****d leg.Mom groaned as I think Daddy actually grew a little inside her. Our kiss ended with me sucking on Daddy’s tongue. I turned and knelt on the bed, my hand slipping between Mom’s legs to find Daddy’s cock embedded inside her vagina. I felt a trickle of my own juices run down my leg as I brushed my hand over Daddy’s slick shaft and Mom’s folds, drawing a gasp from her as I teased her swollen clitoris. My hand moved upwards as I leaned down, feeling Mom’s muscles fluttering in her stomach and them cupping her breast as I kissed her. Mom’s tongue slipped into my mouth and I groaned into our kiss as I could taste Daddy’s cock on her lips. The bed began to gently rock as Mom and I kissed and I knew that Daddy had resumed his thrusts into Mom’s steamy pussy. I felt his hand reach out and caress my ass cheek, trailing a finger down along the crack of my ass and under to where he explored my wet, sparsely haired cunt.The fire inside me was too demanding and I had to have some relief between my legs. I ended the kiss with Mom and moved around. “Are you ready for me, Mom? Are you ready to live your fantasy?” I whispered, my voice raw with lust and need. I straddled Mom’s face facing Daddy who stared with amazement. “Eat my little girl pussy, Mom. Make me cum with your mouth! Put that nasty Mommy tongue as deep up my pussy as you can.”I cried out as Mom lifted her head to meet me. I pressed down, grinding myself against her face as her tongue speared me and began to swirl and dance inside my pussy. I was on the edge of orgasm immediately, creaming into Mom’s face — each touch of her tongue, each kiss of her lips taking me a little closer to the abyss of pleasure.I felt myself began to waver, the room seeming to spin and I steadied myself by reaching out to Daddy, my nails digging into his shoulders as I rode Mom’s face and Daddy fucked Mom. All three of us began to move in a group rhythm, each of us deriving pleasure from one another. Dad leaned in and we kissed again, almost bruising each other’s lips as we rocked and bounced on Mom. Daddy’s hands cupped my swinging breasts, palms scratching across my aching nipples as he kneaded my tit flesh.Mom’s tongue swirled in and out of me, seeming impossibly long as she probed my cunt one second and then slavering over my clit as she dragged her tongue across my folds and scooped up my copious pussy juices. Mom made frantic gobbling noises, smacking her lips as she ate me, gulping in deep breaths whenever she had a chance and making me moan and quiver as she exhaled into my fiery cunt.I felt myself coming as Mom tortured my clitoris and I sobbed into Daddy’s mouth as I squirmed on my mother’s face. It must have been too much for Daddy and he pulled away from me and groaned, “Oh yes, cumming — cumming in your mother’s pussy, Pammy!”He arched his back and growled fiercely and plunged his cock deep inside Mom. I think his cumming triggered Mom’s orgasm and I heard and felt her muffled screams against my cunt. I dropped to rest on Mom’s belly, raising my ass up as I did so. It allowed Mom more air and now gave her access to my whole slit which as she sobbed in orgasmic delight, she ran her tongue up and down the length of my slit and a little ways beyond, almost teasing my asshole.I find my lips at the top of Mom’s mound and I eased down until I could lick her folds above Daddy’s thick penis, fluttering my tongue over her clitoris and the small portion of Daddy’s shaft that was still exposed. I moved my face forward and let Daddy’s pubic hair tickle my nose and then my lips and chin as I rubbed my face into his and Mom’s co-joined loins, inhaling their pungent, arousing scents.”Oh god, that’s wonderful,” Daddy gasped as he began to withdraw from Mom’s pussy. My mouth was right there, lips smearing in their mixed fluids, my tongue rolling up globs of pussy cream and semen as Daddy slowly pulled his cock from Mom’s clasping labia. When the head of Daddy’s penis emerged with a wet plop, I acted quickly and had him in my mouth, savoring again the sweet taste of my parents’ cum.I sucked my daddy clean, well aware that Daddy’s cock did not appear to be shrinking — that he was hard and swollen and big and long. I looked up into his loving eyes, telling him with my own brown eyes how much I loved him and how much I loved having his cock in my mouth. As wonderful as it was to feel my father’s life pulsating between my lips, I knew the moment had arrived for more.Letting Daddy slowly slip from my mouth, I looked up at him and implored in my little girl voice, “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl and make me a complete woman.” I gave Daddy a last long lick and wiggled my bottom against Mom’s face. “Fuck me with your big dick now, Daddy!”Daddy got that ferocious look in his eyes and he climbed up in the bed, situating himself behind me. I was shivering — mostly from Mom’s incessant tongue, but also in anticipation of receiving my first cock. I felt Daddy’s hands on my ass, lifting and turning my butt upwards to get a better vantage point of my pussy. Mom’s mouth pursued me, her tongue fluttering over the upper flesh of my cunt, taunting and teasing my throbbing clitoris.I felt the velvety head of Daddy’s cock brush my lips and then press slightly into my pussy, just enough pressure to feel a slight entry into my most special place. I looked over my shoulder at Daddy who looked almost mad with passion. “Fuck me, Daddy. Make me scream just like Mommy!”Daddy grinned and said, “I love you, Pammy. Daddy’s going to make you feel so good!” Daddy flexed his hips and I screamed as I felt him sink inside me. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t. Daddy moved deeper into me. It barely hurt as there was no hymen to tear, but Daddy is sooo big! I sobbed as my father filled me up, inch after sweet inch of hard, thick cock. My cucumber paled in comparison, Daddy was so much bigger and longer. My pleasure seemed to swell up like a balloon until Daddy’s penis was nudging my cervix, then I seemed to explode as sweet ecstasy burst inside me and expanded.I couldn’t remain on hands and knees and my face dropped again to Mom’s lower stomach. “DADDDYYYYY!” I sobbed as my first cock induced orgasm swept over me. Then I felt Mom’s tongue continue to work over my fleshly lips, spread wide by Daddy’s throbbing meat pole. For what seemed an eternity, I was helpless in a haze of orgasmic delight, intense, i****tuous pleasure spreading out from between my legs, through my body all the way to the tips of my fingers, toes and hair.Nothing — not my fingers, not my cucumber dildo, nothing had prepared me for the overwhelming delight of having a man’s erect penis inside me, especially the sweet, sinful sensation of having my Daddy’s cock pulsing and throbbing and snugly buried in my pussy! Now I truly knew why Mom was such a happy woman!Waves of tremendous pleasure swept my body again and again as Daddy wormed his thick dick in and out of my pussy while Mom continued to tongue me, swiping it from side to side, teasing my labia lips and rolling it across Daddy’s long shaft. I was happy to be riding the currents of i****tuous orgasm, cherishing every moment.Then, piercing the bliss of my pleasure came an intoxicating aroma — so familiar and so strong and so enticing. My nose twitched and I moved my head slightly and let my eyes focus and discovered the source of this bewitching scent. I looked down and beheld Mom’s well fucked cunt — lips gaping open, her pink folds frosted with splatters of Daddy’s semen. Thicker wads of semen were beginning to drip from her swampy wet pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her and I was suddenly consumed with a ravenous desire to lick my mother.Mom cried out as I mashed my face into her crotch, sucking her labia into my mouth and licking her swollen lips clean of her and Daddy’s cream. I felt pussy juice and sperm smearing my chin and cheeks and I gobbled hungrily, licking her glistening, frosted folds of pink cunt flesh and then delving deep into her pussy with my tongue, finding the thick deposits of Daddy’s still hot semen mixed with Mom’s pussy juices and eating them with abandon.As I did, Mom rallied to again begin licking me, her tongue flat and wide as it sawed back and forth against my clitoris and Daddy’s always in motion cock. Daddy increased his pace after hearing Mom’s moans and seeing me lap hungrily at her cunt. His hands kneaded my tight ass cheeks as he fucked his little girl and the room filled with the sounds of slurping mouths and the wet slaps of his body against mine, mixing with various moans as the three of us were locked together in our carnal and i****tuous embrace.Another orgasm swept over me as Mom was unrelenting with her tongue and Daddy twisted and rolled his hips, seeking to bury his cock deeper inside me with each thrust, always seeking virgin territory. I was sure that Mom joined me in a mutual orgasm as her pussy drenched my face in a new flood of her hot creams, confirmed by her wordless moans that rose and rose in pitch until she was screaming shrilly against my and Daddy’s joined bodies.Every inch of me seemed to be radiating pleasure — each sweaty slick movement of my body against Mom’s was ecstasy. I trembled with erotic joy with the scr****g of my hard nipples over Mom’s stomach and then there was Daddy’s cock and Mom’s mouth, each working separately, but together to build and build the orgasmic delight between my legs. I trembled as my pleasure reached new heights and continued to climb. Daddy was fucking me hard now and there was some pain, but it just seemed to enhance my carnal ecstasy.”Oh, Pammy, I love you, baby,” Daddy moaned as I felt his cockhead swell deep inside me. I felt his cock pulse powerfully within me and then it was like he exploded inside me as he suddenly began pumping streamers of white hot semen into my young pussy. I screamed in sheer i****tuous pleasure as my cunt literally seemed to be filled with liquid fire, generating an orgasmic fire that spread throughout my naked, sweaty body, incinerating every fiber of my being only to reborn in the power of i****tuous love. The tiny, still rational part of my brain marveled at the sensation of my pussy being filled with my Daddy’s baby making seed and that there was so much of it and that it felt so wonderful to feel so full of his cum.Daddy was calling my name over and over as he ejaculated his load into his little girl’s womb, “Pammy, Pammy, Pammy, Pammy!” I felt him move a little backwards so he could thrust into me again, seeking to get his sperm in me a little more deeply. I heard Mom moan and whisper, “Sooo sweet,” as her tongue slathered its way over Daddy’s cum covered cock and lapped at the semen that I knew was being forced out of me with every sweet thrust of Daddy’s erect penis.Daddy just seemed to be unable to stop — I felt thick wad after thick wad of spunk paint my cunt walls. My body seemed to be on fire, a hot burning fire of pleasure that became my very existence — all my world centering on the fiery joy that was my pussy. I couldn’t breathe, my limbs seem to disconnect from the rest of me — even my voice abandoned me, allowing only cries of pleasure to emerge from my lips. I was swallowed up in my orgasm that just continued to build until my body seemed to dissolve and I was pure orgasmic energy transformed by my daddy’s cock and my mother’s tongue. The world disintegrated and I was simply part of pure i****tuous joy and pleasure.It took me a minute to realize that I had actually passed out and had now regained consciousness. I was still in the wonderful throes of orgasm, but it was ebbing to the point where I regained coherent thought. Daddy was breathing hard and had stopped moving, although his cock was still hard and throbbing inside my pussy. My face was resting between Mom’s thighs, lips pressed against Mom’s quivering flesh. Mom was still teasing my pussy — now focusing mostly on rolling her lips up and down along my labia, spread wide by Daddy’s still blood engorged penis and dripping with our mingled juices.”D-Daddy?” I moaned softly, my voice hoarse from screaming.”Yes, baby?” Daddy replied, gently stroking my back. Even that slight touch sent delicious shivers racing through my body.”Daddy,” I said, my voice breaking up with emotion, “I love you. That was — you and Mom, it was — I love you both so much!” I began to sob then, overwhelmed with the sheer wonderful intensity of my orgasm — of the new intimacy I had experienced with my parents — of the sheer magnitude of love and lust that I now had in my heart for my parents. In a short space of time, I had bridged the gulf between love and sex and for the first time understood the tight link between the two. I had never imagined the intensity of the intimacy that people could share in the act of making love until now.”Ohhh, sweet Pammy, we love you too,” murmured Mom beneath me. I felt her shower my inner thighs with little kisses. “We never dreamed that this could be sooo wonderful either!”We all rested in the afterglow of glorious sex, me becoming slowly aware that Daddy was beginning to shrink inside me until finally he slipped free of my clasping lips and with a happy, but weary expression on his face, collapsed beside Mom and my intertwined bodies.”Good lord, Honey!” Mom exclaimed. “It’s like you used a fire hose. How much sperm did you pump in our naughty little girl?” Mom chuckled to herself and then continued, “Hang on, Pammy. Mommy’s hungry and her favorite snack is between your legs and dripping from your pretty little cunt.”Mom reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me down against her face. I groaned happily as Mom began to tongue my hard fucked pussy — her impossibly long tongue delving deep inside me to gobble up Daddy’s thick streamers of tasty semen.I clawed the sheets as Mom’s ministrations sent me back to the edge of orgasmic delight. My head swirled and in an effort to keep myself grounded in the moment, I tried to focus on Mom’s pussy again, resuming my tonguing of her dripping wet flesh, savoring her taste — knowing full well that I could never get my fill of her sweet pussy juices.Mom was thorough, making sure that she licked my pussy clean of every drop of Daddy’s sperm and then starting all over again just to make sure that she had done the job right. I tried to match her lick for lick and kept up as we both stormed through another mutual orgasm, but eventually, I was simply overwhelmed and could only helplessly kiss Mom’s slick flesh as she tongued me to another toe curling orgasm.It took all my strength to roll off her. Somehow we wound up face to face, both our faces shiny and smeared with semen and cunt cream. She had raised me not to waste, so we spent several minutes kissing and licking each other’s face clean, sharing our treasures with each other in a long, passionate kiss. Mom and I then turned our attention to Daddy and gave his cock a long, leisurely tongue bath. His cock struggled valiantly to rise to the occasion, but we had worn him out, at least short term. We all cuddled then, under the sheets, Mom and Dad listening in wide-eyed wonder as I described how I discovered their lust for me through the old grate.”Omigod,” Mom exclaimed when I pointed out the grate above their heads. “I never even noticed.” Both were amused at how handily I had managed to seduce them both, Daddy just shaking his head and saying, “And imagine all that fantasizing when all we probably had to do was ask!”I kissed Daddy and then Mommy, taking my time and telling them how much I loved them using only my tongue and then I said, “You never have to wonder again. I’m your slut daughter whenever you want me!”We then fell asleep, exhausted from our lovemaking. It was the best night’s sleep I ever had, interrupted only once when I awoke in the dark and found myself on my back, legs spread wide and Daddy already several inches deep in my pussy. Daddy rode me long and hard, showing me just how knowledgeable he was in pleasuring a woman with his long, stiff cock. Mom snored away through most of it, oblivious to the good, hard fucking her husband was giving their daughter. In the end, I woke her up with my screams of orgasmic pleasure as Daddy pumped another tremendous load of spunk in my young pussy and as Daddy fell asleep, Mom once again licked my pussy clean and the last thing I remembered was thrashing on the bed as Mom made me cum as she sucked and nibbled on my clitoris.We all slept late into the next day, my dreams filled with wonderful visions of family love, visions that were made true the next morning as my parents and I made love again and again.I am now deep into my senior year at my new school. I look to graduate with honors and am mulling over my choices of colleges. I’ve abandoned any thought to returning out west to attend school. My heart and my pussy are determined to remain here in the loving bosom of my family. Mom and Daddy and I are so very close now — as close a loving family as is humanly possible. I am as happy as a daughter can be. I have new friends and a new life and I am the lover of the two people I love and adore above all others. The only thing I really miss from my old life is my old friend Vicky, and Mom and Dad say I can invite her out this coming summer. I can’t wait to share my new life with my best friend. Mom was licking my pussy when I asked her if Vicky could visit. Mom raised her head up, my juices glistening on her chin and she smiled and replied, “Why not, Pammy, the more the merrier!”The End

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